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  2. I fish multiple species and sometimes just sitting there waiting for a bite is pretty relaxing.
  3. It's okay. I'm constantly having to cinch up my skirts too.
  4. LM -10 lb, 1 oz, caught on a black/blue flake Ribbit frog. Great fight. Released to fight again. SM - 5 lb, 2 oz, caught at night on a 1/2 oz black single-spin with black Colorado blade and black skirt
  5. Check on Youtube there are tons of reel maintenance videos.
  6. Lots of us prefer 2 strokes. When I repowered my Lowe ( we moved and I no longer had a hp restricted lake to fish on) I jumped from the 25 hp Merc to a 75 hp Merc. I chose a 2 stroke on purpose. Realize you will not get the kind of gas economy that the four stroke will get you, but a 50 won't be bad. If the boat is all good jump on it. Take care of it and it will last a long time.
  7. Aren't UV rays one of the first wavelengths to get filtered out by water? Most of what I've seen is bunk science, coating an object with some phosphorescent coating, and shining a black light on it to show you what something might see. Total fake science. Now, some older red paint getting replaced by another red paint, and all of sudden the lure doesn't work.....I've heard that tale before, and I believe there may be something to it, something we can't detect, but perhaps the fish do.
  8. Black and Red and Purple and Red are very popular colors up here. I generally do not talk to much about colors of jigs. It seems to really vary by water. My favorite jig color is a mix of colors, meant to pair with Ragetail's Bama Craw color.
  9. Go online and search "animals that can see ultraviolet" just might open your eyes! Tom
  10. I think the confusion lies in what each eye can physically detect, and what that brain connected to that eye can perceive. No one really knows, though some assumptions can be made. The rods and cones aspect tells me more about why bass are very active during crepuscular periods - dawn and dusk - and their ability to adjust to changing light levels, and seeing "better" than their prey, but I'm not so sure specific color plays as big a role as bait companies will have you think.
  11. I don't know if I would trust any scientific info coming from the king of Cryptozoology! lol
  12. Different strokes for different folks...
  13. I read enough about how good a color Bubblegum is - I would have to work on my confidence in order to throw such a color ! As for the color black (as well as green pumpkin) - I reason that it is so opaque with no light passing through it that bass bite on the shape alone ?
  14. Yea ~ LOL. That's pretty Funny. The few times I actually travel with rods were international deals (Mexico) Learned a lot right away. First time I went with the Massive Bazooka tube (the one with the wheels) The looks on the travel agents faces were Priceless - Sheer Terror. Initial flight was a puddle jumper and they had to "rearrange cargo to get the thing on board - Rest of the domestic connectors were OK. But them came the Mexico & customs both ways (In & Out of CONUS) PIA to say the least. Since then I've given up on the full one piece stick strategy in lieu of the travel rods. Made my own little carry one rod case (that fits in the overhead space) and haven't looked back. I will admit to still doing some R & D to find a 3 piece stick that I don't blow up on the hook set - I'm pretty certain Jeff H @00 mod would appreciate that as well. Incidentally, the GLoomis travel sticks seem to hold up very well. A-Jay
  15. I plan to have a custom made casket with rod holders, tackle box storage, and maybe even a depth finder (so I can keep from going too deep-if you get my meaning). Are you asking what depths are most effective? If this, the answer depends on where the fish are, obviously. The shallower it is (assuming there isn't too much vegetation), the easier they are to fish using a standard retrieve. The deeper they are, the further you'll probably need to cast to get to the desired depth and retrieve. I understand that Redeye shad is more effective using a raise and drop retrieve than, generally, the Rat-l-trap (brand name) is but I have not much experience with this.
  16. I caught more fish on lipless cranks this year then ever , the Strike King Red Eyes though .Largemouths , white bass , channel cats , blue cats and drum . Every single fish came from 10 to 20 foot deep along the bottom . Sometimes I would just raise the lure off the bottom and hold it there for a second and lower it slowly , hop it like a worm , rip it or reel it in slowly then kill it . I hope it wasnt just one of those fluke things because it was a whole lot of fun .
  17. Thanks for all the replies! This place is awesome for learning!!!
  18. obviously you are not the builder , so you are asking what you should expect to pay ?? your best bet is to get ahold of a few rod builders and get quotes once you actually know what you want and can understand what is involved ..
  19. As has been stated the IPT doesn't change with handle length. However, a shorter handle will tend to pick up more line in a shorter time period because it tends to spin faster because of it's shorter radius. The trade off is a loss of torque. One can consciously slow it down. Hope this makes sense.
  20. Lipless cranks are one bait that I pay little attention to water temps. At least as to when to use them. They are so versatile and cover water so well, that there's never a good time NOT to try them. Ripping them off grass and yo-yo-ing at or near the bottom are my two favored ways, but I've also learned to work them around docks and even through tips of brush sometimes.
  21. My prices start at $130 over the cost of parts. Split grips, skeleton reel seats, etc. take more time and cost more. Marbling, etc. is $40 an hour, marbling goes fast though. A custom rod is a melding of the minds between a very knowledgeable customer that knows what he wants and what is wrong with the factory rods out there that he wants to not contend with, than the rod builder needs to know how to get there, or explain to the customer why that's not a good idea. I've turned down lots of rod builds, my name is on that rod. Having someone build a rod just like a factory rod isn't a custom rod, rods where you walk in and have no definite idea of how exactly you want it built aren't custom rods either. All rods are hand built, knowledge, attention to detail, proper component prepping, etc. is what your paying for. Decals aren't extra unless you want something special done that takes more time to set up like your own graphics.
  22. I've never caught a fish on a rattletrap, but I've gotten hung up and lost lots of rattletraps.
  23. Good luck Way2slow. I hope it gets better.
  24. Black & red jigs are the staple colors at the California (San Joaquin) Delta. I use black/red skirt jigs with barn red trailers at night and during the winter in 30' to 50' depths. Another over looked color combo is black $ chartreuse. Tom
  25. If an eyeless, brainless bear s**ts in the woods, is there any moonlight? You can absolutely measure and discuss light without any assumption about brains, whether belonging to humans or fish. If I want to measure the temperature of a pot of water, I don’t have to stick my hand in it, I can use a thermometer. The temperature is the temperature. Underwater light is underwater light (including UV, X Rays, whatever – all measureable). I don’t see what the confusion is with this.
  26. I love catfishing .
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