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  2. I have read a few Yamahas that did have the fuel line issue causing it to collapse internally. I have also read about issues with tank vent issues occurring. Every manufacturer can have a problem with a primer bulb and its internal valves. I suggested a simple way to eliminate the entire fuel tank to engine components.If the engine runs the same, then the problem must be engine related. If the engine runs right then you have the parts to replace the entire system. Last April I spent 10 days on Dale Hollow. The mechanic at the resort and marina said he fixes those issues on all brands regularly. His personal favorite parts to use were the primer bulbs that Johnson made and some aftermarket blue colored ethanol rated fuel line he stocked by the box loads.
  3. Hit Melvern Sunday and got straight up blanked... Threw lots of jerkbaits, underspins, neds, bladebaits, dropshot, etc... I marked lots of fish suspended in the 30-40 fow range without getting any response from them. There were a handful of boats out there, maybe someone figured them out. Still a little cold- water temps 39-46. -Jared
  4. For sale is a Shimano Curado 200HG Baitcast Reel 7.2:1 Right Hand 200HG in GREAT condition with the box, all that came in the box and even spooled with Seaguar Floroucarbon line. Great real, super smooth and pretty fast. Cosmetically in great shape as well. Only used 4 times last year since I mainly fish Calcuttas. For sale only and located in Edmond. $130 PayPal
  5. Saltwater "no motor zone" that thing would rock! Freshwater, no so much
  6. Hank grew up on the other side of the Catawba from us here in Mooresville, but his piedmont drawl is as genuine as they come!
  7. That's a negative for me.
  8. Scored a KVD tour casting rod (MSRP 150) for $31
  9. Sounds like they woke up for a day.
  10. Try P Line CXX in 8 or 10 pound test moss green copoly for leaders. I use 4 foot leaders and that is all I need. The 10 pound line breaks around 23 pounds.
  11. I use clear blue fluorescent mono filament when bouncing lures in deep water such as steep pints . Its a lot easier technique with a visible line . Let the lures fall on a semi tight line . When the lure hits bottom it will slacken up a bit . It wont take long to get the hang of it . Windy days will require a heavier lure and a lower rod position .
  12. Great fish!!! Did you weigh it? tell us the story about it. I haven't been able to get out and it's killing me!!!
  13. Interesting ~ Even a little cool. But no. A-Jay
  14. PM sent
  15. Is the NRX for sale? I am very interested.
  16. Depending on what camera you have learn how to use the loop record feature if it has it, and if not, it might have a hightlight feature that allows you to mark points of action in your video so when you go back to edit the footage it doesn't take nearly as long.
  17. I would get the motor checked first before you start messing with setup. Throwing time and money at setups only to find out that there was an issue with the motor to begin with and then you get to start the process all over again, it's not worth it. Just get it checked out first.
  18. Wal-Mart is no longer the title sponsor of FLW, and the word was they'd have a dramatically reduced presence on Tour this year, so not surprising they're scaling back the fishing section, IMO. As for Wal-Mart in general, they built a store and stocked it with merchandise. They didn't force anyone to go there and shop. You don't buy, they don't make money. People chose to go buy there instead of supporting smaller existing operators. They made their mind up that cheaper prices was worth more to them than supporting local business. Blame your neighbors, not the store...again, just MHO. I buy almost nothing from their fishing dept, myself. -T9
  19. My personal best that I set in mid September was a 9.8 caught out of a kayak in a pond that ranged from 12-17 feet deep that is actually fished by a lot of people but only from the one side that is accessible from the bank.worst part was is that I was by myself and had no way to get a picture of me holding the fish to actually show the scale of the fish, but I have pictures of it that I will post. Also measured 24 inches even.
  20. I've been hearing there is no significant difference in casting performance,is it worth the extra 50bucks?
  21. I was asked why 6' 10" & not 7', my answer is simple, "I comfortable with how it balances with my reel". I start fishing cover as soon as I get within casting distance, as I get closer I start pitching, & then flipping when I'm up close.
  22. Would you fish off a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)? What if it has Mirage Drive that you "pedal" instead of "paddle"? Check this out:
  23. If I need to pitch more than 10ft, 2"- 3" more in rod length isn't really gonna give me that big of an advantage. To me it's all in the reel setup, thumb disipline, and the rods handle length. Use what you're comfortable with Mike
  24. Well, It's been awhile since I've posted here with work and just life in general... But we managed to get out on Saturday and stuck a few 25 to be exact. No big pigs yet. Man it was nice to be on the water!
  25. A little physical therapy can't hurt right?
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