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  2. I think it's one of the best reels ever made. You did real good!
  3. You DIY? Seems risky. I would have charged you $90 and a day on the water of your choice to install it! But seriously, that looks tough as nails. Please report back on how it holds.
  4. i have a few 6.4:1 pq's if u r interested
  5. Erie,Guntersville,Falcon,Dale Hollow,Toledo Bend................oh god there are so many.........
  6. I am also a fan of the IMX. I have several rods built on these blanks. LOVE them!
  7. Nice promotion. They will even refund you the cost of buying the Stealth reel. I have no real hope of winning $1000 but I would jump at the chance at a free reel. The fine print is the killer for me on the refund: Qualified Entries – The KastKing® YouTube Tournament is open to anglers in the 50 US States with 400 or more subscribers on their YouTube fishing channel. USA Youtubers with less than 400 subscribers are welcome to participate for prize money, but are not eligible for product reimbursement. I have a grand total of 0 subs.
  8. Get her on the water, and let's see some catch pics!
  9. I love my Maxxums, but I didn't think it was you wanted. They still make them.
  10. The one knocker has it's place due to the unique sound it creates - but as an additional choice the RES tungsten model could be viable .
  11. My first fish of last year was on a Rage Tail Craw. Third cast, never hit the bottom.
  12. It looks like KaRu re-designed their baits so they no longer infringe on Z-Man's patent. They now have a split-ring between the blade and the jighead, similar to what D&M had to do with their Piranha.
  13. I will be throwing pictures everywhere if I ever hook into a 10lb bass. People would be sick of seeing all the pictures :-)
  14. im curious how the bow panel on boats(such as a nitro)hold up over time with a HDS 7 or 9 gimbal mounted to the panel?
  15. Smoke red flake Kalin's soaked in JJ's chartreuse. It looks perchish and the smallies eat em up.
  16. Bucket D is rough, none of them have very good records in Texas.
  17. I use 1/4 oz but not the junk ones produced since Zman was the brand, and rarely 3/8 oz. None heavier. If I need more weight for casting distance, I use a Live Magic Shad trailer.
  18. Good idea. Thank you for the number
  19. Well, I have never tried the lines you listed, but I consider Seaguar Smackdown the Gold Standard and the KastKing Mega 8 is at least competitive. I will follow up after fishing the line HARD at Toledo Bend in a couple of weeks. I will also be fishing Smackdown on another rig , so I should have an interesting comparison. Smackdown retails around $24 for 150 yards vs the same price for 300 yards of Mega 8.
  20. I fish ballhead around rock, for openwater i dont care what the shape is.
  21. Today
  22. Not terribly surprising if you study and understand Buck. It's not that he didn't "embrace" sonar as he built and used his own units (needle) before Lowrance developed their small affordable (and portable) freshwater flasher units in the late 1950s. And in later years you sometimes saw him with a commercially produced flasher. But he regarded them as "aids" to help you check things out on occasion, not to have your head buried in one or to spend all your time looking for fish. He believed the best tool was what was between your ears, and that when combined with what your Spoonplug was telling you, you'd learn more about your lake trolling and casting and following procedures than you would just driving around with your face glued to a box...and eventually you still had to put a lure downstairs sooner or later to actually catch a fish and give you that final interpretation. Things we seem to take for granted these days like side-imaging and such didn't come out until the mid 2000s, the year he passed at the age of 90. All that said, many of his "assistants/instructors" did use them regularly to more quickly help define specific structure situations. -T9
  23. To be honest it has been years since I was up there. There is a boy scout up there that we used to park at. All I know is that anywhere from where interstate 90 crosses all the way to Lake Erie is good. However at some point it turns into Pennsylvania. I will do some research and get back to you. If you get on google earth you can find access to the creek starting at lake erie and I was wrong it turns into Pennsylvania a long way from where you want to be fishing I have always had luck with in-line spinners and floating jerkbaits in 3 inch models for both smallmouth and steelhead the stream is nice and you can wade pretty much all of it with pockets that have deeper holes
  24. I do not have a AR platform build in the works, but I do have a RPR in 308 that I am working on gathering funds to start the build. I am now SAVING for a scope/rings/bipod
  25. YES! Forgot about that one!
  26. I have a lot of success doing it with a Red Eye Shad . Hop it until it is right below the boat , lift it and hold it still .
  27. its up to you on whether to spend more on a rod or splurge on a reel, imo with spinning you dont need the best reel, most cast the same distance in my experience, retrieve and drag smoothness is the biggest difference. i would say go for the better sensitivity, especially for a finesse rod. i will say im not the biggest fan of micro guides.
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