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  2. I am guilty of using my bathtub as a testing tank as well. I actually use Nail Weights in Senkos and other soft baits when I want the bait to fall in a certain direction. For example, say I want to get my worm to drift slowly under an undercut bank or deep under a dock, I will stick a Nail in the back so it falls into areas where people rarely get their baits. If you put a Nail in a fluke you or swimbait you can also get them to glide and change the action as they sit on bottom or when Twitched. I love Nail weights for Senko's especially. I also use them for Flick Shake worms which work well at times and not sure why but some days a Flick Shake worm just flat out works and I always put a nail in one end since they seem to work better when resting that way. I have never actually used the Neko Weights, I use the Lunker City nail weights or Nails, only issue is nails rust but not a big deal.
  3. I must be lucky, being in the north, as our BPS has nearly everything on hand. Bought an Ike rod (had to actually pick between 3 different models I'd been reading about). The have Saints, G(ee I'm over priced for not being a fly rod) Loomis, Shimano, and a bevy of house rods and the ubiquitous Ugly, Berkley, et all.
  4. Strengths: Fishing in clear water, topwater and any finesse tactics. Weakness: Deep cranking
  5. I have never owned or used a Dobyns rod and was wondering how the Fury stacked up against the latest Mojo rod. Im also specifically looking at adding a swimbait rod maybe FR 795SB, and another texas rigging rod FR 703C? I see mentioned that these Dobyns run a bit light and St. Croix a bit heavy. If you're use to a Fenwick where do they fall in on the Dobyns? I have a couple of St. Croix Mojo 1st edition. One is a flipping rod so it doesn't relate much and the other was a MH Spinnerbait rod that seemed a little on the heavy side before I made it worse shutting the locker door on the last 3". Anyone use both the Fenwick and the Dobyns? How do the power ratings compare?
  6. I'm looking for a specific casting crankbait s-glass, for medium lures and depth is to fish from float tube that does not exceed 150 dollars in price, I would like you to advise me, I'm new to the world of crankbaits, thanks and greetings
  7. I like to fish them in Winter or after cold fronts as a Shaky head and cast toward a good area and barely move it as the swinging hook gives the bait more motion. I really like to use simple baits like a Trick worm but brush hogs work great. There are lots of companies making good Biffle bug style Texas rig jigs that are good for grass, Ledges etc. You really can't fish them wrong, the key is getting the right weight, not to heavy, not too light but I like them as shaky heads/Fished Slowly when I know fish are in the area but I can't get bit. hope that helps.
  8. Interesting!! Doesn't look like the Orra SX though. Are they discounted Reels?
  9. I order my 1/16oz weedless hooks from a guy from around Table Rock I believe. They have one small strand of wire for a weed guard. Works great and a good looking jig.
  10. If your boat and trailer are under 2k pounds you don't need a tag. I have a under2k tag on mine and I'm pretty sure it's over but the last owner never tagged it so the title is still in the previous owner before hims name or I would tag it.
  11. Anyone live near Emporia Va.? I was wondering about a lake called Slagles Lake off of Rt617 and Rt614.
  12. Tubes skip really well, so do any jigs with a flat head like a flat rock, a good example would be the Booyah Bankroll jig, but there are so many. I like a shorter rod when skipping into brush on the shore, I would watch the videos that people have posted. Skipping a Fluke for example just in "Open water" can turn the fish on when you are not catching them, so it is good that you are trying to learn, I also find when fishing shorelines if you can get the bait way in the back, especially when you have undercut banks, you will notice you can fish behind eveyone and still catch fish. Most people are afraid to lose lures, I like to skip the lightest weight possible, even weightless. Tubes and Flukes skip well, the key is having hooks and baits that stay on the shank well. Super glue is your friend. I like to skip Pegged Texas rigged baits or Weightless since Jigs tend to snag at times but for docks Jigs are a great way to skip, same with brush. Weeds and other structure I always go with a compact bait with 3/16 as a start, Sometimes I use a spinning rod which I can skip way better than a Casting rod for distance and precision. A bitsy bug jig on spinning rod can be deadly. Same with a 3-4" Flipping Tube with a Tube Style worm hook. If you make a cast and the skip is really loud "it happens" but it lands in a good spot, I like to let the bait settle for maybe 30 seconds at times, bass will get spooked but often circle around to investigate & they will often just stare, then if you hop it gently, they will attack. One bait that skips awesome are the Solid Tubes like the IKA from GYB. Kind of a Senko/Tube Hybrid. The Strike King Swim texas rig jigs or swim jigs in 1/4 are great since you do not have to adjust the weight and you can change the profile. Hope that helps. I have watched videos of Dean Rojas fishing a frog and literally skipping it every cast and it would seem like it is overkill but sometimes it really helps, It just takes practice but a Spinning rod can handle most situations and I find is easier, or a 6' Casting rod as I am short.
  13. Apply alcohol externally and internally in that situation
  14. That sucks. He's a favorite of mine
  15. I camped/smallmouth fished below Wilson dam last march. Epic fail but there were about 50,000 other bass boats that reported similar results so I didn't feel too bad
  16. Welcome to the site. As a fellow Florida Angler, I would suggest becoming confident fishing soft plastics both weightless as well as pitched into structure since most lakes/Canals fill up with weeds in Spring, many are full of weeds all year round so the general rules of fishing are often different in Florida. I grew up fishing in NY until I moved to Florida 10 years ago, and you can still use the same baits but learning to Flip/Pitch, as well as learning how to fish Lipless cranks in sparce grass, Skipping Jigs, Bladed jigs, Spinnerbaits all have their place but you will find that you can almost always fish a Plastic Worm or Creature bait all year long. Some of the soft baits I would have with me at all times are the following: Stick Worms in 5-6"-Black and blue for stained water is most popular along with Junebug, but colors like Red Shad, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon red are always popular as well as laminates with contrasting colors. -Flukes- Rare that fish will not strike a Zoom Fluke rigged weightless and fished over or through weeds, Whites, Greens work well, but there are many that are good, I favor the Strike King Caffiene shad cause they cast far, and sink with a shimmy like a Senko Few other must haves at all times. You don't need much. -Zoom Speed Worms, Ultravibe as a weedless buzzbait, or for pitching. -Brush hogs, Beavers, and a pack of lizards for this time of year. -Soft swimbaits-Yum Pulse, Skinny Dippers, Swim Senko, lots of great articles if you google florida bass and soft baits -My favorite Lipless cranks are the ones that hunt with the head down like the Spro Aruku Shad, Fall slowly like the Red Eye shad, and Cordell Super spot for shallow, also the Suspending Spot works well for weeds. One Knockers can be good for working a spot, right now in Tampa FLorida area Lipless Cranks have been helping me locate fish and catch numbers as they are aggressive already. Buzz Bait, Floating Minnows like Bomber Long A, Rapala Floater, Rebel Pop"r, Devils Horse or torpedo Prop baits work great during the spawn. Spinnerbaits are good on windy days but I prefer to swim a Jig or Bladed Jig like the Chatterbait, but in Spring you NEED a spinnerbait in an Orange/Red color as they will often produce more fish than any other color. White in Spring summer, Chart all year long for stained water. Lastly, You can fish toads like the Stanley Ribbit, Zoom Horny toad most of the year, then a few hollow belly frogs like the Booyah pad crusher. If you want to catch bigger fish consistently, Check out Videos from Scott Martin and Gene on this site on how to pitch, locate the right types of weeds, and even from shore it is hard to beat a Texas rig. Also have a light spinning rod ready at all times for Finesse tactics like small 4" Worms, Jig head and Worm-Slider/ned Rig, After Cold Fronts and on pressured lakes and ponds, smaller baits often produce baits, then something that mimics the giant Wild Shiners we have in most Lakes/Ponds. I guess my point is you can do everything you need all year long with some soft baits like a Power Worm, Senko, FLuke and craw style baits, and colors are pretty basic. I love buying tackle and have enough to last 10 lifetimes but I find myself fishing Texas Rigs and Jigs of all types 75% of the time then Minnow baits like the Long A over weeds the rest of the year. Frog fishing is the most fun and will often get bigger fish before you look for them under the weeds, the bigger fish are almost always Deep in the cover when you are catching them on the edge where 99% of Fisherman target, very few guys really fish deep into the cover since it is hard to learn but if you start with plastics, all the rest become easy to fish imo. Hope that helps, I type fast but wanted to give you a breakdown, most guides on their sites tell Fisherman that in Florida you should leave 90% of your tackle home since the weeds are too thick to fish like you do in the north in most lakes. Deep is relative, average depth in most Lakes is say 4-6', so 8' would be deep unless fishing Pits, and Various Strip Mines or areas where they d**n a river/Canal that is often deeper than usual. You can find info on your area using google and searching for lakes or ponds you see on Google Earth, Never discount Public parks even if you read that they are terrible, Many people writing those reviews want you to think it is a waste of time. Urban Parks managed by the DEC receive little pressure from Serious Bass Fisherman and have Big Fish in good numbers since they are managed and stocked yearly.
  17. I have the same boat and it is great imho. I don't use it on the bigger lakes but for small lakes and large ponds it is awesome. I dont have the inside of mine done up like yours mine is about as factory as it gets. I use a cheap used 30lb thrust TM and it does fine. Everything fits easily in the bed of my truck. I agree with no pedestal seats under the seat storage is great. I store my tackle bag (extremely easy access) under me and usually have a cooler in the center that also doubles as a excellent table, refrig, cup holder, etc. I did upgrade the factory seat using one off of my bigger boat that was a center(3rd) seat. Once I upgrade my other boats seats i'm moving another to the prowler. Did you upgrade these tie down eyes? That is one mod I did to mine. I picked up some really heavy duty ones from Home Depot and used nylon insert nuts to make these really rugged on mine. For some reason mine had really light weight ones. They were just small cheap 1/4" ones made of soft metal. Like something you would see on a clothesline pole heck maybe not even that stout. I didn't trust when pulling the boat up out of the water to load and the boat still had some weight in. My fishing partner and I do the same thing with 4 rods generally each get a side. I did think about getting some rod straps the small bungee cord looking ones and adding that little insurance. It is amazing the payload these Pond Prowler boats can carry and never even feel remotely unstable. Standing is not a issue at all if you want to stand but I also am like you and find it relaxing/easy to kick back and fish sitting. And you're right it's very easy to reach over and lip the fish with no worries of tipping. I am 6ft 250 ish so to just about anyone else it's going to be ok. Personally I wouldn't trade it for a yak. I feel likeyou have much more freedom of movement. Just looking it appears it would be more stable than most average yak, and i'm guessing more payload than an average yak. I couldn't stand to be shoehorned into a yak maybe i'm claustrophobic. I really like that cover especially since you have that nice carpet floor. It looks factory
  18. I'm not sure what your budget is, but if you're in the $200 range, the new 70 size Curado should be right up your alley. I was flipping 3/16oz. texas rigs with mine with no problem, and I've flipped 1oz. with it and had no problems as well.
  19. not sure will try to find out. I know is his dads web page. nick may have face book account don't know but will try to find out will try to find out. his dads web is nick may have face book
  20. How do you go about snagging them? Just cast out and reel back in really fast?
  21. Same scIII material, but they are definitely not the same blank. Different actions/tapers, rolled on different mandrels, avid blanks are made in the usa...mojo blanks are made in mexico.
  22. Think I might have to wait until the wifey calms down, she just shook her head when I bought it. lol..boys and their toys
  23. These are as good as they come. Shop around though, there are huge differences in price for the same battery through different suppliers. This is also the same battery as the BPS, Deka makes their batteries. The best way to compare how long a battery will run on a TM is by using the Reserve minutes capacity. Make sure they are using the same rating, some will use 23 amp or even 20 amp instead of the standard 25 amp rating. CA, CCA, MCA mean nothing for deep cycle use. Usually the higher those ratings are, the worse the battery is for deep cycle TM use. A true deep cycle usually will not even have those ratings listed.
  24. SAVE BIG!!!!!! 2 year old 8 foot silver Minn Kota Talons (2 for sale) also 2 minn Kota made sandwich style mounting brackets. Comes with 3 wireless remotes. Great Condition and work like new! asking $1,050 a piece for talons (retails for $1449.49) asking $250 a piece for mounting brackets (retail for $339.99) Located in Indianpolis Indiana text for more info and pictures John (812)701-9259
  25. They look really good. I have replaced several of my lipless crankbaits to single hooks. Let us know how you do.
  26. My opinion....BPS is a big business. Probably understaffed to save money. All corporations are doing this. Just enough employees to get by. Less employees= less expenses.
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