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      Read Me Before Posting! This is critical!   12/17/2015

      If you're new here, welcome! We're glad you're here, and encourage you to participate. That said, we do have different policies and rules than most forums, so it's absolutely critical you familiarize yourself with them. Otherwise you may find yourself wondering why you were banned. Before Posting Read the Forum FAQs & Policies <-- this is critical! You might get banned if you break a rule! For the members to be able to help you as efficiently as possible please do the following before posting: a) Search the boards. Often, your question will have been asked by someone else, and they answers they received will help you too. The search field is on the upper right, which performs a general search on everything. Clicking on the options to the left of the search box helps narrow your searches.  Clicking "advanced search" will give you many options to fine tune your search. Search the FAQs. Many commonly asked questions are already answered in the FAQs. Forum Policies & FAQs General Bass Fishing and Site FAQs TREAT OTHERS WITH RESPECT!! We set a higher standard of conduct for our members than other sites. We expect you to treat others with respect. We ban anyone who is disrespectful, disruptive, caustic, or is otherwise rude and confrontational. We also reserve the right to ban anyone without warning or explanation. This IS your warning.   Posting If you are unable to find your answers in the FAQs or by searching the boards, or if the answer was incomplete or not quite correct for your situation, you should post your question. Please follow this procedure 1) Create your own topic. Do not jump into another persons topic. This only creates confusion and makes the board harder to search. Even if the problems seems similar to you, more often than not, the answer to your request will be something different from the original post. 2) DO NOT double post. The most knowledgeable and helpful members read all the boards and help in anyway. Double posting only marks you as an annoyance, and does not help you get answers any faster. Post your request in one board only. 3) Make sure you post in the right board. Otherwise, your post will be moved to the appropriate forum and/or deleted! While we truly are thrilled you have chosen BassResource.com as your bass fishing resource and would love to answer your questions, please ask them in the appropriate boards. This will not only help you get your answer faster, but may help others who may have the same question/problem. Please read through the different forums and descriptions, and then select the appropriate forum before posting. This is the single, most important thing you can do to ensure your post is answered! Before assuming your post was deleted, assume it was moved (even if you don't see a "moved" notice - we often remove those notices after moving a post). 4) Use a descriptive subject line, and format it properly.  "Need help" , "Help me", etc is not useful to forum members. At the very least, your topic will be re-named, thus making it difficult for YOU to find it again. And typing something like 'HELP ME!!!!!!' as a subject line is pretty much a guarantee that your post will be read last, as most people prefer to take care of the post they know something about first (Those with a descriptive subject line) 5) It's not mandatory, but it's often a huge help to you if you list your location in your profile. Often it will prompt a response from somebody who fishes the same lakes and rivers as you.
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      Member Benefits   12/19/2015

      If you aren't a member yet, it only takes a couple of minutes to register! Members get these benefits and more!   Sign in with your Facebook or Twitter accounts Update your Facebook/Twitter accounts directly from your profile Sharing your best photos with friends and family is as easy as pressing a button! Store, create and share your photos with the world, or privately with a few friends Create photo albums and slide shows Add rich information like tags, locations & people Upload your photos once to BassResource.com, then easily and safely share them through Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs and more.   [*]Create your own profile and network with other anglers [*]Start new topics and reply to others [*]Subscribe to topics and forums to get automatic updates [*]Make your mark on the member's map and find anglers near you!     If you're not a member - you're missing out! Please read the Forum Rules and FAQs!

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