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  1. Great fish and a well executed plan to get the state record.
  2. Ol' Blue

    Happy B-Day Clayton.
  3. For You Antares DC Fans

    Sweet acquistion. They did away with the conventional cast control on this one.
  4. PB smallie

    Congrats on the new PB.
  5. Glide Baits

    Gan Craft 178 jointed claw.
  6. Jenner Connector

    Has it got anything to do with Bruce?
  7. Check Japan tackle website for fit or email them with your question. They are very helpful.
  8. Mh/M rod

    You can use it for all treble hook baits like topwater, jerkbaits & cranks. It could work well for frogs, blade baits/chatter baits & jigs if you are using braid.
  9. My advice might not be very popular but as a college student with other expenses/debt I would not finance a boat. Try and get involved as a non boat angler for tournaments. Once you graduate & find a full time job it will be more manageable to finance a boat or better yet pay cash.
  10. Ruff water

    Look at a deep V walleye/bass boat.
  11. Lucky Craft Stock Hooks

    I leave all LC hooks on & replace as they wear. I do understand your thinking about a lighter wire hook like the Gammy since you are using a lighter action rod with fluoro.There is nothing wrong with changing things up do better match your other tackle selections. LC does use a much heavier hook on their cranks than they use on their jerk baits.
  12. Found another Springtime Fatty!

    Sweet piggy.
  13. Spring Football Season!

    Sweet payback.
  14. Lost a PB today

    Losing a PB that you could see is extremely painful. But as others have mentioned at least you know where she is.
  15. Kistler Helium 3 Question

    I have that same rod for 3/8to 3/4 oz jigs and it does the job well. I think you will like it. It handles bass well in the brush & weeds of Florida lakes. Great quality blank & good build for a factory rod.