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  1. Lets Talk Seagaur

    I run Abrazx and Invizx for all my floro needs.  50% of my 12 rods are set up with floro.    I have limited experience with the Abrazx as I just started using it.  But I can't say anything bad about Invizx.  I have been using it for cranking, t-rig in the rocks and brush, Jerk baits.    I am trying the Abrazx as I have heard it has less stretch than Invizx.
  2. I've fished both. There is a time and place for both. Open water Terrova all the way. But rivers, shallow water, slop cable steer every time. Fishing in current around rocks & obstacles only way to go is cable. That remote is a disaster waiting to happen in my experience.
  3. Livewell Pump

    x2 on the Flow-rite system. I installed one last year. Great product!
  4. Tournament Cheating

    I've seen cheating 3 times in the last couple years that resulted in eliminations. Fishing outside marked boundaries x2 same team both times. Another time I took second to a team that accepted 1st on a clerical mistake on the leader board. After it was all said and done they knew it was a mistake and didn't bother to say anything. The mistake was an even 10lbs....they weren't even in the top 10. The boater in this one was involved in the two cases prior also. They have been banned from several clubs now.
  5. Sell Me A New Rod?

    It is going to come down to what you feel is reasonable for you own budget.   I also look at it like this.  Any time I need to be in contact with bottom or drop shotting I want a sensative rod.  In cases like this then yes spend the money and find a rod that you like.  And the deeper you are fishing the more this becomes important along with the type of line you are using.   If I am dead sticking a senko what do I need a sensative rod for?  It is falling on slack line so constant contact is not necessary. 
  6. Senkos

    Great rod and yes you will be able to fish Senkos with it just fine.
  7. Anyone Use Mudhole To Build

    Every rod in my boat I have made myself. A majority of them are Mudhole MHX blanks. You won't be able to build a rod for cheaper than you can buy one. But once you get the hang of it, if using the right blank & components you will be able to build a high end rod the way you want it set up.
  8. Tournament Decoys And Other Dirty Tricks

    Last year my partner and I won a tourney with a big bag. At the weigh in the local paper was there they interviewed us. We actually gave bogus coordinates & told them we were using purple x-raps in 14 feet of water. The story ran & purple x-raps were impossible to find and there were boats all over the location we had given. On another day I pulled into a community hole with 30 minutes left and I so far had been skunked. I filled the live well in that last 30 minutes and took 3rd. All the guys were asking what I was using I told them leech colored tubes. That night I got a call from the winner all upset because he heard me tell everyone what I was using. It appears he really was using leech colored tubes....
  9. Bass Boats And Tourneys?

    Lol! I will add a few things to this. I fish a 1983 Starcraft bass 170 with a 1975 Merc 650 (65 horse). I really started tournement fishing hard last year. I fished 3 tourney trails last year. One other guy had a 18 foot tin. Every one else glass boats. There were a few guys chuckling, scoffing. I believe the term live baiters was thrown in there. In the end I finished 1st in one series, and second in the other 2. And wrapped up angler of the year in the one. No one talks about it now. My boat is what I can afford. And inside that boat is good gear and a boat that is well taken care of. Not so easy to say you would be upset about riding in a small boat when you are beating the bank or riding in a big boat with no fish. That all being said I would love to have a bigger boat. It just isn't a priority or me or my family.
  10. Bass Boats And Tourneys?

    Check the rules in the leage or club.  Most around here have a minumum length of 16' because of the possibilty of going on big water.  Lake Michigan or Green Bay.  Usually the other is requirement is a working livewell.  Probably the most important necessity, in tournement fishing is a good livewell.   With that being said, fishing a smaller boat has it's advantages and disadvantages.  Like said above though, the boat doesn't make the fisherman.
  11. Lowrance Lms-480M Fs

    PM replied to.
  12. Lowrance Lms-480M Fs

    For sale Lowrance LMS-480 gps fish finder. Good working graph comes with every thing needed. Transducer, mounting bracket, power cord, and external gps antenna (puck). This would be a great starter unit. The mounting bracket to the GPS antenna broke, I have been using Velcro tape to hold it in place. $125 tyd paypal. Also have a Navionics hotspots Wisconsin chip 2004. $40 tyd   Willing to take resonable offers too, if my prices are off. I can upload more pics tomorrow. Any questions feel free to ask.
  13. Humminbird 798Ci Si Hd Combo

    So I just bought this graph tonight.  Super stoked.  I have been wanting to get a new graph price was right at $599. Now I just need to hire Wayne to show me how to use it. 
  14. 2001 Procraft Pro185

    Yes it is.
  15. 2001 Procraft Pro185

    Only getting rid of it because upgraded to the ProCraft 210 Super Pro DC.