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  1. Donegal 051012 4lb C

  2. Cable Steer?

    That clears everything up, thanks a lot guys.
  3. Cable Steer?

    So they both use a foot pedal but the electric has a remote option also, and whenever you remove your foot from the pedal of a cable steer unit it returns to the straight forward position?
  4. Cable Steer?

    I keep seeing things about cable steer and electric steer trolling motors. I can guess just from the name what each one is but I was wondering if you guys could give me the specifics. What is cable steer? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  5. Bow Mount Trolling Motor

    I don't have any pictures right now, but it's a 1992 I believe and at the bow it has a solid section that extends about a foot back into the boat but that's it. The gunwales are just like any aluminum v hull, only about two inches wide. I'm pretty sure I'll just have to build a platform. Not a big deal though, it'll give me something to think about over the winter.
  6. Bow Mount Trolling Motor

    I have an old '92 sylvan sea monster and I want to put a tolling motor up front. Do you know if there are any bow mounts that make this easy or would I have to build a platform to put it on.
  7. Fish Finder Recommendation ?

    I'd save up for a while and buy a cheap jon boat if you can find one. Being out on the water without electronics is definitely better than being on shore with a fish finder. So if you have something to transport it with I'd try for the boat.
  8. Hi I'm David, smpen's son. I'm on the Marshall County Bass Fishing Club and trying to get some ideas about what kind of rods I need for different lures and what to do to get the big ones in. What does it take to get a fishing scholarship for college?

  9. Hi I'm in college and I just recently started fishing for my bass club. Tell your son to start a profile on here and I'll answer any questions he has about college fishing or anything else. It's a great sport and I'll do anything to see it grow. I'm actually going to be president of our bass club here at Psu for next year so I can give him some insider information.

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    throwin spooks to feeding bass at dusk
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