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  1. I was correct with my earlier post from a few weeks ago. The ramp on the Interceptor canal is MM51. It borders Big Cypress. The newer ramps on the West side of the canal werecompleted in2012-2013.
  2. Sun gloves?

    I have been wearing Columbia's sun gloves for a while now, don't even know I have them on.
  3. RIP Prince

    Passed away today. I grew up listening to his music. May he RIP.
  4. Good frogs

    ^^^ This pretty much sums it for me.. ^^^
  5. Walking the Dog

    Add a split ring to the line tie. There are plenty of videos out for walking a spook. You will be pro in no time. But you have practice alot. Goodluck!!
  6. 0119 if its closer to Collier county, then no, this is not the ramp I was talking about. I guess they opened another ramp further WEST. I will keep my eyes open next time I head out to the West Coast. But as far as the other ramps along the alley, they have once again been re-opened. Best of luck to you if you get to go fishing.
  7. I don't know how long ago this was, but a couple of monthsback the ramps were closed along the alley due to high water. However for the last 4 weeks the ramps have been re-opened and reports are starting to trickle in from this area again. The newish ramp you saw was probably Mm 51ramp, this ramp has been around and completed for over 4 yrs now.
  8. Looking for spots

    Welcome to BR, Google earth will really help you out.
  9. MH or H for Gambler Big EZ?

    I throw a Big EZ or EZ swimmer on a MH rod and aScorpion reel all the time. You will be more than fine with your rod setup. I personally wouldn't throw with 12lbs line, but then again you and I fish in different places. I have to throw it on 40lb braid. 12lbs wouldn't last a second in the cover I fish in.
  10. Bluebird skies and some wind

    Don't be afraid to throw the HB frog around the vegetation. You might be surprised at what happens.
  11. 734 would be perfect for this application.
  12. Yo-Zuri it worth it?

    Go with Yozuri Hybrid Original. You won't be sorry. Treat it with KVD line conditioner and it will last you a very long time. Great stuff, and very economical. Good luck!!
  13. Everyone so far has mentioned it. Lighter, nail clippers, tip of a pocket knife blade. Very easy and quick.
  14. Loxahatchee Federal Preserve

    Thanks for the report George. Amazing how you came across the same fish twice!!