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  1. poppin frog line type

    For open water applications, 40 lb braid  will suit your HB frog fishing just fine. 
  2. Thanks for the report Big G. Sorry you couldn't stick any today. As long as they keep pumping, we are going to have a long year.  
  3. Broward County suggestions

    I understand where you are coming from. The miscommunication,  I am having with you, is the fact of what a good report entails. I good report provides general location,not specifying exact location. For example, I went to Amelia today and caught a 5lb fish. By a grass line. I didn't say, I caught a 5lbr by the 1st set of soccer fields on the west side of the lake. Also the pic will not show the lake in the backround showing the ski boat. However, a pic of a  bass with a little tree in the backround is not giving you away. As far as baits are concerned saying you used a soft plastic is pretty general.  I am/was not asking for your "spots" I know this park like the back of hand, I don't need your spots. I will applaud your efforts on keeping the meat hunters away however.  
  4. Broward County suggestions

    Very convenient response, and I expected this answer.  You are very quick to boast your fishing achievements, but til this day 0 reports and or pics. Here is a tip for you in regards to pictures. Don't have the area you don't want to show in the backround. Also, there is a feature on smartphones that allow you to crop your pictures. 
  5. Broward County suggestions

    When was the last time you were there?  And if I fished the park wrong. Please be so kind to enlighten us with a report and pics. I have yet to see one from you since you have become a member on here.  
  6. Lily Pads

    I completely blanked on what this thread is about because this picture is absolutely gorgeous!!
  7. Dealing with bait fishing pressure

    I have been experiencing this problem at local fishing spot of mine for several  years now. The fishing has become harder and harder where in years past the fish quality was pretty good. If you have what I call the "meat hunters" coming in, keeping all the fish they catch, and fishing a relatively small body of water at that. Then imho, you're spot may have been fished out. My advice is to find another spot. 
  8. Broward County suggestions

    Yep... and because of that, the fishing at this park has deteriorated quickly over the years. Even park staff don't know the fishing rules. Lol!! 
  9. Unpopular

    This is because the topics were not posted in the correct place to begin with. So mgmt is actually doing us favor by moving these threads in the correct forums.  
  10. South Florida swimbaits?

    I throw alot of  Gambler Big EZ's and EZ swimmers, mainly when I fish on Lake O. Locally however,  I haven't had too much success with them compared to other non swimbait baits. 
  11. A day at the Holey Land

    @Dalde003 we were out of there by 330pm. And no I don't drive a big silver truck. 
  12. A day at the Holey Land

    That was pretty cool of you Rick. 
  13. Broward County suggestions

    I have fished Amelia for more than 18yrs. Sadly, I have seen such a great fishery quickly decline. With the ski boat and water park in place. The remote control hobby boats and meat hunters coming in with their live bait and decimating the fish stocks, the fishing is has gotten to be terrible. I haven't pulled out a decent fish (5lbs +) in more than 6 months. And I fish this park often. 
  14. Holey Land Reports?

    Hey... I was out there in the afternoon too!!  I had the same results as you unfortunately. Lol!!  I was in the little tracker on the big lake West of the bridge. What boat were you? They weren't that many boats out there so I must have seen you.