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New To Fishing Electronics...

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#1 ROG3R



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Posted June 23 2013 - 10:24 AM

Hey guys, I've been a weekend, texas rig worm, farm pond type of fisherman for the past couple years and haven't strayed too far from that method until this year.  I've recently put a trolling motor on my canoe and have been heading to some of the small to medium size lakes in Kentucky.  I've also been reading both of KVD's books and watching a lot of "The Bass Pros" DVDs to try and learn as much as I can.  Through all of that, I'm coming to the conclusion that in order to really be successful, it may be a good idea to start looking at fishfinders.  I'm not looking for anything too crazy (as I said, all I have right now is a canoe) but something that will help me know depth, temp, structure, etc.  I like the Lowrance Elite4x and Elite4xDSI but should I get a combo deal with chartplotter/mapping software as well.  I'm a little confused at how all that works.  Also, would I be able to hook it up to the same battery as the trolling motor somehow or do I have to have two battery's.  Any and all info would help!  Thanks

#2 Scott F

Scott F

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Posted June 23 2013 - 10:36 AM

Seeing that you are just fishing from a canoe, I think the Elite 4x would be a very good choice. It has a very good 2D sonar and thermometer. If you were able to cover a lot of water the GPS would be helpful, but with the canoe I think GPS would not be very useful. You can get by with one battery but a small rechargeable battery that only weighs a couple of pounds and will last for days on a charge would be a good option.

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#3 WRB


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Posted June 23 2013 - 10:57 AM

This inquiry will more than likely get moved and some of the kayak/canoe anglers can better answer your specific small water boating questions.
Because you are limited to where you can fish with a canoe, I don't see any reason to spend a lot of money on a GPS sonar unit. What you may need is a simple color sonar unit that doesn't require a lot of power to operate. Lake maps are handy and a unit with maps & GPS are great bass fishing tools, however the small waters you plan to fish may not have GPS maps if the lakes haven't been surveyed by a GPS mapping service.
I wouldn't use 1 battery to operate both the trolling motor and sonar unit together for 2 reasons; interference and changing battery power both impact the operation of the sonar unti. Weight is an issue for a kayak or canoe, so a smallerer motor cycle battery can operate the Sonar unti effectively.
You will be fishing mostly near shore and should be able to use land marks to relocate your position on a lake map and make notes for returning to those spots. The surrounding above water terrain usually extends under water and that should help locate features you are looking underwater. This type of visual awareness will help you to understand your electronics and a good learning experience.
Good luck.
PS, I recommend Don Iovino's book Finesse fishing and the Sonar Connection for anyone who uses sonar, plus good tips on finesse bass fishing.

#4 ClackerBuzz


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Posted June 23 2013 - 01:31 PM

this is my first season using electronics on my canoe. its not all that is cracked up to be. granted i'm still learning but i'm using all of my past knowledge about reading above water clues to find fish.  and then try to search those areas deeper with the FF.

the number 1 thing i would recommend is getting out with other fisherman. nothing will expose you to so many new tricks, tips, techniques, lures, knowledge etc. you can learn more in one day with another angler than being out 50 days by yourself. try to find some members from ur area.

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#5 lucasrd



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Posted June 24 2013 - 10:44 AM

I have the Hummingbird fishin buddy 120 - I mainly use it for depth and locating structure...  The actual "fish finding" is not too reliable.  My best fish finder is my eyes and a simple bobber/worm. Istop  spot where I want to fish, toss out a bobber and worm..if I get a sunnie/bluegill bite within 10 seconds, I stop and fish there and will typically have a productive day.  No bait fish = no bigger fish.


My motor and depth finder allows me to get into these spots (and find these spots) quicker.

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