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After it rain when is the best time to go fishing?

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#1 bassman22


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Posted May 13 2005 - 07:13 PM

It just got done raining when is the best time to go and fish for bass wait until the sun gos down our what? Any help would be great full
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#2 Muddpuppy


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Posted May 13 2005 - 08:18 PM

In lakes I don't think it matters that much before, durring or after.  If it is a long  hard rain and the water is riseing I think it improves.  I really like to fish when the sky is cloudy and/or it is lightly raining a little bit, and it isn't cold or storming.
I do have one exception - there is one small pond that is close by, and I am not sure I have ever caught anything out of it after a rain.  Mostly I just fish lakes and just use the pond  to try out tackle, practice or playing around so even if I was catching a few along on a certain bait, before it started, and they suddenly stopped after it quit.  I wouldn't normaly try useing something different.  I am not sure I have ever caught a fish out of it after a rain, or many even the next day, regaurdless of when I started.

#3 bigbill


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Posted May 13 2005 - 09:56 PM

Well after the heavy rain it makes the PH rise and the bass become tight lipped so bad you couldn't buy a bite thats a fact.  If your fishing from shore this can be a really tough time.  From a boat you can move to where the PH is more around 7 which is perfect.  Or from a boat you can find the PH breakline too where it changes.  Measuring the PH is another key to success.                BigBill
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#4 Sam


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Posted May 15 2005 - 07:03 AM

I never heard of measuring the Ph factor.  How do you do it?  Is there something you use to measure the Ph factor?  Thanks.
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#5 Muddpuppy


    I Love Bass Fishing!

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Posted May 15 2005 - 08:46 AM

They used to make a variety of temp and ph meters for fishing that you could use at different depths. It was a widely practiced techniqe to locate fish before we had the electronics of today,. I haven't seen any for a long time. I couldn't even find a retractible temp meter a while back and I looked. You may be able to find one somewhere that sells aquarium supplies,acuacultural supplies, and possibly swimming pools if you can not find one for fishing.