How To Adjust A Baitcasting Reel

Learn how to adjust a baitcaster so that you won't get backlashes!
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Hi, this Gene Jensen with  This question comes up all the time on the forms.  People are always asking, "How do you adjust a bait casting reel?"  So what I've got here, I got two different bait casting reels.  I've got the REVO S, which has a centrifugal braking system.  And I have the REVO STX that has the older magnetic braking system.  Okay. 

Let's talk about the centrifugal brake first.  Since there's a lot of reels our there, no matter what company that  have this type of braking system.  It looks just like this on the inside.  And you have all these little brake pads that either pop in or pop out.  There's usually six of them, okay.  I haven't seen any with anymore, there may be.  And one thing you need to remember when you are setting the brake pads up is always make sure it's even all the way around.  In other words, you can either pop out two, three, four, or all six. 

But if you pop out one it makes the spool uneven when it brakes.  If you pop out five, same thing, it makes it uneven.  The reason I say you can pop out three is because it is a star shaped.  And that's actually the way I like to pop most of mine out.  This is my frog rod.  And I don't think I have any out.  But anyway when you pop all of them in.  Okay.  And then you pop, let me see if I can show you.  Get up a little closer,  okay.  You pop one, one out, this my favorite way to set it up. 

And it's the way I set it up for everybody that's learning. Pop out two, pop out three, so you pop out every other one so you have three of them out, okay?  Then go ahead and put your face back on, your plate back on, tighten it down.  Okay.  And that's how you start it out. 

Now the magnetic braking system is pretty easy.  All you do is you turn your dial all the way off before you get started.  Okay.  Just like that. 

Let's start off with the centrifugal braking system.  Okay.  This is the REVO S and you crank this knob until your lure stops to fall when you push the button, okay.  Once you get that knob all the way cranked down, okay.  Let about 6 inches of line out of your rod.  And you slowly loosen your knob until your lure just barely starts to fall, okay.  Then you check it.  Make it a little bit looser.  And that's it.  That's how you set that one up.  It's all ready to go.  Okay.

Now the magnetic braking system.  Turn that knob all the way off.  Or turn your magnet all the way off.  Crank it down fairly tight.  Okay.  Let about 6 inches out of your reel.  And then slowly, oops, that's too fast.  Slowly start to adjust it.  Just like that, and when it just barely falls, you're ready to go. 

Now once you get done with that, you just take you magnet and turn it up half way.  Just turn that dial up half way and you're ready to go.  You should be able to get a nice smooth cast with no backlash. 

As time goes by, you get better and better at it, your thumb gets better at it and your able to loosen it up even more.  I like mine quite a bit looser than that but that's because I've been doing it for awhile.  And then you'll find  yourself almost free spooling.  Like I've always said, visit for all of your bass fishing questions.  And please subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Thanks.  Have a great day.

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