How To Cast A Baitcasting Reel

Learn how to cast with a baitcasting reel without getting backlashes!  It's all in this video!
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Hi, guys, this is Gene Jensen with I'm going to do a real quick video on how to cast the bait caster. I know there are a lot of videos out there like it, but I just want to put one on my channel just to have it on there.


   But what I've got here is I've got a Abu Garcia Black Max combo. I've got a lot of subscribers who are just getting into bass fishing so I decided to go out and pick out three or four or five entry level rods and this is one of the rods I picked out. I'm just going to try out the reel. It's been a pretty good reel so far. The rod on the combo is not that good but if all you can afford is $70, or I guess it's $60 or $70, then I would recommend this reel, pick up the rod, if you can't afford another one and save your money for another rod because it's not a bad one.


   But anyway, how to cast a bait caster. First of all, let's talk about how to set one up. When you put a new lure on the bait caster you take your brake, turn it all the way off. And you tighten that knob down right there, that's your spool tension knob. Hit your button and you're going to loosen that knob until your bait just starts to fall. And you take and you turn that brake about halfway up, and that's how you get it started.


   Now, how to cast it. Here's your button. You push your button down, you hold the line with your thumb. If you don't hold the line with your thumb, it's going to go out. Hold the line with your thumb and then it's a smooth back cast and smooth front cast. You don't want to whip it like you would a spinning rod. It's just a smooth cast so I like to start off with side arm and when I'm teaching people I also have them start off with side arm. It's just easier. You have less of a tendency to whip it like you would a spinning rod. So I recommend you go out in the yard, and you practice this using a practice plug or a weight on the end or a jig without a hook. Something that's safe. Something that you're not going to break a window with.


   Anyway, nice, smooth back cast, nice smooth front cast and you feather the line with your thumb the whole way. That's what you do to start with until you get better at it. Now we're going to do that one more time. Nice smooth back cast, release it with your thumb just enough to let it go and then just feather it with your thumb. All right. Let me do that one more time. Back cast. I'm feathering it from the time I let go to the time it hits the water. Just like that. All right, like I said, take it out in the yard, practice it, give yourself plenty of room.


   If you don't have a big yard, find yourself a field or something like that, practice it for several hours. You'll find yourself getting better and better at it. Figure out what your release point is with your thumb and be patient because it's going to take you a little while to figure it out. You're going to get some backlashes, but if you remember just to barely release enough of your thumb to let it go and to feather it, and train your thumb to do that, that's all it takes.


   And like I always say, visit for the answer to all your questions about bass fishing and have a great day.

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