How To Fix Line Twist In 60 Seconds

Ever have line twist and tangles when using spinning gear?  Here's how to solve it!
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You know there's one problem that all us of have had who use spinning reels, and that's line twist. Now, there's one trick that I always use, it's about the only one I know that actually gets the line twist out, and it's pretty simple.

All you do is take your lure off the end of your line, and you let some line out, and you put your boat on idle speed.

And you just keep letting line out, just keep letting line out, several hundred feet of line.

And then after that, you just trip your bail, and just let it drag behind the boat for a hundred and fifty, two hundred yards, doesn't matter. Just for a few minutes. Okay.

And what that'll do, that'll just get rid of your line twist. It just works the line right out. You can go back to fishing.

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