The Rage Rig

Here's how to fish a new killer tactic that's sweeping the nation:  The Rage Rig!
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Hi guys, this is Gene Jensen with Let's talk about a rig that's not very well-known in the fishing industry.

Most of you know what a swim bait hook is, or a keel weighted hook, if I can pick it up. It's got the lead molded around the shank of the hook, and it has a little hitchhiker on the eye of it.

Most people think it's only used for those hollow-body swim baits and things like that. But there are guys that for several years have been using it for just about any saft plastic. Specifically Rage Tail products is where it's gotten to be popular. It's called a Rage Rig.

I'm going to show you how to rig it today, and I'm going to show you how to fish it.

What the deal is, when a bait falls, it falls on the horizontal, and that's what these do. That weight pulls them straight down so they fall on the horizontal and you get the claws that flutter.

The phenomenal thing about this bait is that it's virtually weedless. It will go through grass, it will go through timber, you can pitch it into the thickest cover and get it right back out. Just hold on tight. The bass will snag it on the fall, because a lot of times it has a slow fall rate, even with the 3/8 ounce, it has a fairly slow fall rate.
The way I rig it is, first of all I start with a very good swim bait hook. These are heavy wire weighted hooks. They're made by a company called Moaner Hooks. The reason I use Moaner Hooks is because they were designed specifically for the Rage Rig. So the guy that owns it, Matt,  he loves that rig so much that he said he wanted to make the perfect hook for it. That's pretty much what he's done. You get a nice heavy wire hook, a nice stainless steel hitchhiker, and the lead is perfect on that shank of the hook in that it's not too far up, it's not too far down that it causes that hook to fall or the bait to fall horizontal.

Excuse me, I just ate breakfast and it's killing me.

It's got a nice wide gap so there's plenty of room for that plastic to fall into when the bass bites, there's plenty of room. So you get plenty of bite. It's hard to shake the fish from these hooks. I tried to shake a few yesterday and they just hooked themselves. Very good hooks. I guess you could use any keel weighted hook. The main reason I use a Moaner hook is because it was made for this.

Let's take it out on the water, I'll talk about it more out there. Let's fish it, show you guys how to do it, and we'll go from there.

Alright, I got out here on the lake. What I'm fishing here is a Rage Craw. I've put it on a 4/0 quarter-ounce Moaner hook. It is a phenomenal rig. I'm going to try to show you how to fish it.

It looks like the bass are getting up and getting ready to spawn so I don't know how many females are still going to be here. Water temperature is 62 degrees, so they may already be up in the shallow spawning.

I take my Rage Craw and I rig it like I showed you in the cabin, then I dip the claws in chartreuse JJ's Magic. So this is a green pumpkin craw with JJ's Magic Chartreuse on the claws. That garlic smell and that color really seems to drive them nuts. They can pick up on that chartreuse a lot better and as many of you know, chartreuse is a color you find in a lot of bait fish, in the gills and shad. There are no shad in this lake but there's plenty of bluegill.

I thought that was a bite but it's a piece of grass.

Now, when you throw this thing out, this rig is so versatile, oh, a fish. Whoa.

It wasn't grass, it was a fish. A nice fish. Right where it needed to be, right on the top of that drop heading back into a spawning flat.

I'm fishing this on 15 pound test, IzorLine XXX with a Dobyns 702c.  It's the same thing I'll throw a light Texas rig on.

Nice chunky male. At least, I think that's a male. These Moaner hooks are pretty good. Like I said, they're designed for this rig. Nice and strong, and sharp. Even on a 15 pound test, I can get a good hook set in this fish.

There he goes. Thanks, big guy.

The Rage rig is pretty easy to fish. If you've ever fished a Senko or you have confidence in a Senko, you should be able to pick this up pretty quick. You just cast it out, let it sink on a slack line, it falls in the horizontal position just like a Senko, it just has all those appendages that kick on your bait.

You can throw a lizard, you can throw a Space Monkey. A Rage Space Monkey is one of my favorites on here.

Basically, that's it for a Rage rig.

Like I always say, visit for the answers to all of your questions about bass fishing. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the like button on this video. It helps people find the video better.

Thanks, have a great day and enjoy this new rig.

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