Tackle Tips: Keeping Organized

Here's a quick tip that will help keep your tackle organized.

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Hi, guys. This is Gene Jensen from BassResource.com. I'm really excited. I got a new camera. It's the brand-new GoPro Hero2. What that means for you guys is you'll be able to see more of my videos in full 1080p HD. It's going to take some getting used to. It doesn't have a viewfinder on the back so I have no clue what it's looking at. I'm playing around with distances and trying to figure out what this fish eye lens is going to do because you can see way over here and you can see way over here. I've just got to get used to it, but it's going to be fun. I'm going to get a second one next month as soon I sell a few more things online. I've got some tackle that I'm trying to get rid of.

I decided I'm going to do something a little bit different today. I'm going to start a series that I am going to call my tip of the day. The reason I'm doing this is that it's mid-January and I realize that a lot you guys in the country have ice on the water or it's too cold to go out or things like that, but it's not here in Georgia. It's great here, so guess where I'm going this afternoon?

With these tips of the day I'm going to cover things that I do in the off-season to get my equipment ready for the next season so it lasts. Your rods and reels and things like that tend to get worn out.

The one I'm going to start with is the one that I came up with about five years ago. It's one of those little things you do to make your life a whole lot easier.

I had that problem with my crap falling out of the compartments, so I went to Walmart to the Housewares department and found some shelf liner that looks like this. It's basically a net that is sprayed with some foam. I brought it home and cut it out to fit the inside of the lid of my Plano box.

At Walmart I also bought some spray adhesive. You take the spray adhesive and spray one side of the shelf liner and stick it inside your box lid. Let it dry, put it back together, and it keeps the crap in the right place.

This is the shelf liner that I put on five years ago. It's still sitting in the right place and everything stays there, even in the roughest water. I'm on my second tin boat. I have got a Triton Aluminum with a 90-horse on the back so it goes quite a bit faster. It's plenty rough and I don't have a problem. So try this out. I promise you you'll love it and you probably will never go back to anything else.

Like I always say, visit BassResources.com for all the answers to your questions about bass fishing. Visit my YouTube channel. Check out my new channel design. I'm kind of excited about that. I'm real proud of myself. I've never done anything with graphics design or anything like that. That's never interested me until right now. I went and I got Photoshop Premiere Elements and redesigned my channel, and I really have enjoyed doing it. I'm going to keep updating it and doing cool things with it. But check it out, subscribe to my channel, and don't forget to like my videos. Take care and have a great day.

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