Water Works Wonders

Water Works Wonders Just learning how to fish? There's a whole organization devoted helping new anglers and boaters get started. Find out about it inside.

This campaign is dedicated to creating awareness of the many benefits of recreational boating and fishing and the importance of environmental stewardship. Why Water Works Wonders? To help Americans of all ages step back from their hectic daily lives and reconnect with themselves, their families, and the natural world. Designed to increase angler and boater participation by positioning boating and fishing as unmatched leisure activities for true connection with family, friends, and the natural environment, The Water Works Wonders campaign features a number of components designed to encourage American families to get out on the water.
   www.WaterWorksWonders.org, a state of the art campaign website is designed to help new anglers and boaters get started and makes it easy to find out how and where to fish and boat. The site also focuses on educating people about how to fish and boat in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. National Fishing and Boating Week, a national hands-on public awareness effort, to be held from June 1 - 10. A series of national kick-off events will take place in Washington, DC and hundreds of events are scheduled throughout the week in communities across the country.
   For more information please visit www.WaterWorksWonders.org.

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