Fishing Lures

Learn how to catch bigger bass with spinnerbaits, crankbaits, plastic baits, topwater baits, and many more bass fishing lures!  An excellence resource for every angler.

How To Choose Lures

Learn how to choose fishing lures for different conditions.  From the top selections to making better decisions, we have you covered.

E.A.S.Y. Baits

The reason for having these baits tied on at all times is that these baits always work. Find out what they are inside!

What's The Best Lure?

What's the best bass fishing lure? This is probably the most often asked question we hear. We give you the answer here!

What's On The Menu?

When selecting lures to use for the day, try to envision what you think should be on the menu for the bass you are going to try to catch.

If They Could Only Have Four Lures

We asked top pro anglers if they could only have four lures for the rest of the season, what would they choose?

Six Must Have Bass Lures

If you can only have 6 fishing lures to take with you, which ones would you pick? We reveal them inside!

Go Big or Go Home

Large lures can be the trick, whether searching for big bass, matching the hatch or treating yourself to the fast fishing of fall’s feeding frenzy. Here's how!


So how do you find that elusive Go-To bait? More importantly, YOUR Go-To bait? Find out inside.

Seasonal Lure Selection

Learn how to break down each season into fish activity to understand the lure selection, size and colors.

Color Perception

How do you choose the right lure color in a world full of millions of lures? We help you unlock the mystery of color for you inside.

Color Selection Simplified

When it comes to buying lures, there's more choices than ever before. This article helps you decide which colors to use.

Baits That Trigger Reaction Bites

By preying on bass’s predatory and reactionary nature, you will catch more fish – even on days when they aren’t biting.

Pick The Right Lures For Spring

When you head to the lake this spring, use these tips and your fishing success is bound to improve.

How To Improve Your Fishing

If you want to improve your fishing, you may try to increase the time you spend fishing doing this.

Favorite Power-Fishing Lures Have A Softer Side

Small worms aren’t the only option when conditions force you to finesse fish. Here are five lures that you should throw when the bite is tough.


Discover effective crankbait tips, tricks, and tactics.  Anyone can catch a bunch of bass with these techniques!

Iaconelli's Crankbait Tips

Classic Champion Mike Iaconelli tells you his tricks for top crankbait action! A Exclusive!

KVD Isn’t Always Reel Fast

VanDam offers simple crankbait advice for all anglers about the correct speed of retrieve.

Any Time is Crankbait Time

Having a hard time selecting a crankbait amongst a sea of choices? Which one should you use and when?

The Right Crankbait

The crankbait is one of the most important tools in bass fishing, but they’re a lot like screwdrivers – you need the right style to get the job done.

Find 'Em and Catch 'Em On Crankbaits

With the right equipment and a good retrieve, you can use crankbaits to find bass AND catch them. Here's how!

Crankbait Fishing

If you have tried to use a crankbait for catching bass and had little or no success, read on.

Crankbaits – Keeping It Simple

Keeping it simple when it comes to crankbaits is easier than you think! Here's how.

Deep Water Cranking

Classic Champion Mike Iaconelli tells you how to effectively search deep water and elicit a reaction bite at the same time.

Working Deep Cranks

Deep cranks are just as versatile as more commonly used shallow-water baits. We reveal how to use them!

Crashing Crankbaits

The next time you hit the water and the old standby's aren't paying off, try "Crashing Crankbaits". You might be surprised.

Gnarly Crankbaiting

Keep the plastics in your pocket, it's time to start cranking with this unusual technique. We reveal what it is inside.

Trapping A Bass

There's a good reason everyone you talk to has a few in their box, the Rat-L-Trap simply catches fish.

Lipless Crankin’ Tips From A Classic Champ

Learn how to use lipless crankbaits in early spring from Classic champion Alton Jones!

Gettin’ Lippy With Crankbaits

Here's how choose and use different crankbait styles and designs.

Lipless Crankbaits

Rattling crankbaits are a mystery to some anglers. Here are the tools you will need and a few tips to catch more bass.

Don't Give 'Em No Lip!

Lipless crankbaits are excellent fish finders...and fish catchers. Their secrets are revealed inside!

'Trappin' Bass In The Jungle - Part I

Learn lipless crankbait techniques and presentations, the habits of bigger fish, and how to catch them with crankbaits.

'Trappin' Bass In The Jungle - Part II

Here's essential information to fishing lipless crankbaits successfully, including a mind blowing presentation you won’t believe.

'Trappin' Bass In The Jungle - Part III

Learn lipless crankbait colors and patterns, sizes, casting, scent usage, split-rings and speed-clips, line, rods, reels, and more!

'Trappin' Bass In The Jungle - Part IV

Here's a close up look at Bill Lewis Lures’ manufacturing company and some of the developments going on at Rat-L-Trap.

Rat-L-Trap Colors

The truth is that we do need a good selection of lure colors, but let's not get out of hand. Here are a few tips to keep it fairly simple.

The Care and Maintenance of Crankbaits

Caring for, changing colors, and getting the most out of crankbaits will require a little effort, but it has rewards.

Crankbait Basics

Here are some basic things that you can do with crankbaits to improve your catch that even experienced anglers ignore.

Crankbait Retrieves

Using the right presentation can improve your day's catch. Here are three of the very best techniques for crankbait fishing.

Crankbait Selection: Removing the Mystery

If an angler will keep these crankbait selection guidelines in mind, it will take some of the mystery out of the process.

Don’t Overlook Crankbaits in Fall

There’s not a better bait in your tackle box than a crankbait for catching aggressive fall bass roaming over structure.

Wake 'em Up with Lipless Crankbaits

They’ve caught a ton of fish over the years, and they still catch a ton of fish today, but to catch giant bass on them, you need to do this.

Feel the Burn for Smallmouths

Warming temperatures and consistent weather patterns put smallies on full attack mode. Here's a great way to search and destroy!

The Crawdad Connection

If you’re headed to any of the country’s top smallmouth waters better go prepared with a good assortment of crawdad imitating lures. Here's what you need to know.

Crankbaits For All Depths

Overwhelmed by the different crankbaits and how to use them? We make it easy for you inside.

Tackle Making and Lure Modification

Check out these tackle making tutorials and tricks, plus learn new ways to tweak lures to make them perform even better!

Making Crankbaits

Do you want to make your own crankbaits? Here's detailed instructions on how to make your own crankbaits!

Making Crankbaits Part II

Here's how to make your own crankbaits at home. Part 2 in a series.

Creating Crankbaits

So you want to make your own crankbaits but don't know where to begin? This article instructs you how to create your own lures.

Where It All Begins And Ends

Discover how Strike King designs, tests, and creates lures.

Painting Masterpieces

Tim Hughes' custom painted lures are winning tournaments everywhere and are in high demand by the pros.

Lure Make-Overs

An old lure can offer new catches with just a little modification. Here are some top tricks to catch more bass!

Lure Modification

Here's some simple modifications to lures that can result in differences in both visual appeal as well as enhancement of their action.

Making Lures Glow

Glow-in-the-dark colors could make a difference. If you like to modifiy your own lures, here's how to make them glow.

Hand Made Tackle: A Fine Art

When you catch your first fish on a piece of tackle that you have created, pride will fill every inch of your body.

Pouring Plastic Worms

There can be a lot of fun and creativity in your leisure time pouring worms. Here's what you need to know to get started.

Plastic Worms and Creature Baits

Productive fishing tips and tricks for plastic worms, lizards, and other creature baits.

The Lowly Worm

How did this by-product of modern chemistry make its way to the fishing world in the first place?

Plastics Baits

Plastic baits come in enormous varieties. This article covers the different plastic baits and how to fish them.

Soft Plastics...A Breakdown

What about these new plastic baits these days? How do you rig them and what do you do with them? It's all explained inside.

Fishing Like An Idiot

At times unusual techniques will produce when no other will. When it comes to worm fishing, sometimes it's best to fish like an idiot.

Blobs And Squiggles

They may look odd, but one thing is for sure -- learn how to use these baits because they do catch fish.

Going to The Creatures

Creature baits are here to stay. If you are not making them part of your bass fishing you are missing out.

Being Frugal With Soft Plastics

Why do we break the bank when buying plastics? It doesn't have to be this way. Here's why.

Worm Basics

Plastic worm fishing is one of the toughest arts to master. Pro angler Charles Stuart helps you get started with these tips.

Worm Fishing

If you are new to sport, you need to know about worm fishing. Learn the best tips straight from this article.

It's How You Wiggle Your Worm

Fishing plastic baits requires practice. Here are some tips to jump-start your learning curve.

Those Tantalizing Floating Worms

If you’ve never tried floating worms, you’re missing out on an exciting way to catch bass.

Floating Worms For Suspended Bass

Suspended bass can be attracted to strike using a trick I’ve found to be incredibly successful, as well as a lot of fun.

Tips and Tricks for the Do-Nothing Worm

This bait is easy-to-use and catches fish. It practically works itself. You – do nothing.

Texas Rigs Top to Bottom

The Texas rig is one of the most versatile ways to fish for bass. Here are some of the most productive ways to fish it.

Floating Worm Trick for Spawning Bass

The floating worm will produce both numbers and quality fish during the spawn. Here's how!

Fishing Finesse Worms with John Murray

Discover how you can use finesse worms in any body water to catch tons of bass! Pro John Murray reveals his secrets!

Six Ways to Trick Out a Finesse Worm

Use these tips to help you put fish in the boat by adding just enough flair to get you noticed.

Texas Rigs for Soft Plastics - Brent Chapman

Any time he is flipping or pitching into heavy cover, B.A.S.S. angler Brent Chapman favors using a Texas rig for his soft plastics. Here's why.


Excellent swimbait tips and tricks. Take these lessons and apply them to your own fishing!


Records have been shattered, monsters have been caught on swimbaits during the spawn, but did you know they work all year long?

Swimbaits – How and When to Use Them

Swimbait fishing is often hard to learn, but the rewards are amazing. Learn from the pros here!

Swimming Into Summer

To fish swimbaits in the summer requires some extra planning and at least a couple of different baits tied on at all times.

Swimbait Gear for the Beginner

Swimbaits can be a fun and awesome world to step into. Here's how to gear up and get started!

Swimbaits For Smallmouths

Smallmouth bass are wired for speed and can spot a fake a mile away. Therein lies the beauty of the soft-plastic swimbait.

Rigging The Huddleston Deluxe

This step-by-step rigging technique will help you to land a bunch of big fish on the Huddleston trout lure.

Seven Swimbait Tricks You Should Know

Swimbaits are here to stay and will produce at times when other lures don’t. Use these tips to catch huge bass!

For Numbers AND Size, Try Swimbaits

If you haven’t tried swimbaits yet, you need to grab some and try these tips!

Swimbait Secrets

Good things come to patient anglers who use swimbaits, as long as they do this...

Tube Baits

These tube bait techniques will catch them throughout the year!

Tube Baits Explained

The tube bait today is not the same lure it was 10 years ago, and it catches fish! Rediscover the tricks inside!

How To Fish Tube Baits

If you haven’t fished a tube lure lately you’re ignoring one of the best lures in the country. Here's how to effectively fish tubes.


Tubes have all the qualifications of a top-notch bass lure. They have the feel, appearance and action that make them appealing to a bass.

Tubing On Big Water

Tube baits have undergone some changes and are making a big comeback. Here are some tips on fishing them.

Gitzits: An Angler's Favorite

Gitzits are one of the deadliest baits a bass fisherman can use. They can also be one of the toughest to master.

Tube Tactics

With virtually unlimited rigging and presentation options, tubes deserve a place in every bass angler's tackle box.

Tubing For Bass With Glenn Browne

Flipping tube tactics is what this article is about. Pro Glenn Browne reveals his tricks and tips!

Jarrett Edwards On Tube Fishing

The tube is a phenomenal underrated bait for bass fisheries across the country. Unique tips and tricks are revealed inside.

Tubes: They’re Not Only For Smallmouth

Largemouth love tubes, too. Here are five ways to use these versatile soft-plastic lures to catch them.

Finesse Baits

Finesse bait tips and tricks. Take these lessons and apply them to your own fishing!

Finessing The Worm

While they may lack the pizzazz of more colorful lures, bass find the French fry quite tasty.

Jig Worm Fishing with Guido Hibdon

Many touring pros have dubbed it shaky head fishing but Guido Hibdon likes to call it jig worm fishing. Find out why inside.

The Hubbub About Grubs

One of the original soft-plastic lures, grubs consistently produce bass. Learn the tricks in this article.

Swimmin' For Smallies

There are several tricks that have proven successful in any smallmouth haunt. Try this one the next time you go fishing.


Grubs are tiny lures that can catch big fish, especially big smallmouth bass, but experienced anglers are finding they work just as well on largemouths.

Fishing A Westy Worm

This lure, the double-hooked, pre-rigged worm, is probably responsible for more big bass than any other lure in this state.

Tips and Tricks for the Do-Nothing Worm

This bait is easy-to-use and catches fish. It practically works itself. You – do nothing.

Finessing Finicky Smallmouth

Here are three sure-fire approaches that will put the weariest smallmouth in the boat.

Fishing Finesse Worms with John Murray

Discover how you can use finesse worms in any body water to catch tons of bass! Pro John Murray reveals his secrets!

Six Ways to Trick Out a Finesse Worm

Use these tips to help you put fish in the boat by adding just enough flair to get you noticed.

Favorite Power-Fishing Lures Have A Softer Side

Small worms aren’t the only option when conditions force you to finesse fish. Here are five lures that you should throw when the bite is tough.

Jerkbaits (Hard and Soft Plastic)

Excellent tutorials about jerkbaits, Senkos, and other minnow baits. Big-time producers throughout the entire year!

Stickworm Fishing with Stephen Browning

Despite its homely appearance, the stickworm appeals to both bass and anglers no matter when or where it is applied.

Plastic Cigars

Want to catch bass the easy way? Use a Senko! We reveal Senko tips, tricks, and secrets inside.

Effective Soft Sticks

In the hands of a skilled angler, Slug-Gos, Flukes, Senkos, Centipedes and more become incredibly alluring.

Burning the Banks

Many anglers have a lot of confidence in jerkbaits. Here's how to maximize your results with both hard and soft jerkbaits.

The Versatility Of Jerkbaits

In the case of jerkbaits we often think of them as topwaters. We show you some new ideas in this article.


Jerkbaits have been proven over and over to not only catch bass in numbers, but catch quality bass as well.

All Year Jerkbaits

Top pro Mike Iaconelli reveals his winning jerkbait patterns for every season - a original!

Dingy Water Jerkbaits

When the fishing action gets slow, you may have to get down and dirty to find the real keepers.

Vertical Presentations with Horizontal Baits

You'll be amazed at the results that can be obtained by presenting your confidence lures with a horizontal look.

Weightless Worms

If you're after a trophy bass, the worm is probably the best type of lure you can use. Here's a new technique to try!

Keeping Senkos Simple

How do you fish a Senko? If I had to guess, I would say Senkos are probably one of the most misused baits in the fishing industry.

Chillin’ With Jerkbaits

Fishing just got better and better as the morning went on and temperatures climbed. It was obvious that jerkbaits were the ticket for spring smallmouths.

Topwater Baits

Awesome instruction on frogs, buzzbaits, Zara Spooks, and other topwater baits for giant topwater blowups!

Topwater All Day

Catching bass on topwater lures is exciting, to say the least. But sometimes it's tough to get a topwater bite going.

Topwater Baits Explained

Here's an overview on how to use the most popular kinds of topwater baits from a professional guide.

Topwater Tips

Most people alter topwater baits to increase their performance. We reveal our most productive tips inside.

Timing Topwater Bites

Learn when certain topwater baits work, and which bait is right for your particular circumstance in this article.

Topwater: A Really Misconceived Type of Lure

Top bass pro Mike Iaconelli explains the most common misconceptions with topwater baits. A exclusive!

Go Early, Stay Late Topwaters

Don’t limit your topwater fishing to summer. These tips will let you enjoy those exhilarating strikes nearly year-round.

Walk The Dog For Topwater Thrills

Old pro Charlie Campbell show how he walks the dog with his Zara Spook, and reveals his secrets!

Fishing The Zara Spook

Do this, and you will be enjoying the excitement that only comes from a bass exploding on YOUR Zara Spook.

Oh Rats!

Here's a great guide to fishing rat lures that produces big fish!

Hangin' Six

Fishing topwaters in shallow water can reap rewards, if you play the game right. We reveal top tips inside.

The Devil’s Horse – A Propbait Served Southern Style – Part II

Learn propbait modifications, as well as where and how to fish the famous Devil's Horse!

The Devil’s Horse – A Propbait Served Southern Style – Part I

Does this bait catch fish? Oh ya! Discover the true secret to fishing a Devil’s horse here.

Buzzbaits & Other Topwaters

These topwater baits are often underutilized. So make noise and splash it up on top to catch more bass!

Churning Bass

A buzzbait is built to cover water and catch bass. You’ll do more of each if you follow these tips.

Bass On A Buzzbait

There's nothing better than watching a big bass blast your buzzbait out of the water. Here's how to make it happen!

Buzzbait History

Buzzbait fishing is not only fun, it can load the boat as well. We reveal top tips to help you catch lunker bass!

The Real Thrill of Bass Fishing

Most bass angler's agree: Topwater fishing is the most thrilling kind there is. Here's how you can get in on the action.

Working The Top

There's nothing like a topwater strike! Inside you'll find a variety of tricks to try the next time you tie on a topwater.

Take It To The Top Pt.1

Popper baits: When, why, how, where, and what - we reveal everything you need to know.

Take It To The Top Pt.2

Walking baits: When, why, how, where, and what - we reveal everything you need to know.

Topwater Bass Fishing

What are the top ten topwater baits for bass fishing? We reveal them, and why you should use them inside!

Big Bass Are No Fluke

Doing this sometimes give your fluke the subtle zing that is it needs to catch big bass.

Weightless Worms

If you're after a trophy bass, the worm is probably the best type of lure you can use. Here's a new technique to try!

Frogs Catch Bass

Imagine the water's calm surface exploding as a bass violently swings its head back and forth with your frog in its mouth.

Froggin' for Bass

Discover what rods, reels, line, lures, and techniques are needed to fish a frog successfully in this article.

Those Tantalizing Floating Worms

If you’ve never tried floating worms, you’re missing out on an exciting way to catch bass.

Floating Worms For Suspended Bass

Suspended bass can be attracted to strike using a trick I’ve found to be incredibly successful, as well as a lot of fun.

Topwater Know-How

When bass seem to be ignoring everything you're throwing, tie on a topwater and use these tips!

Topwater Lures for Summer’s Dog Days

You’ll rarely see me this time of year without at least one topwater within reach. Here's why.

Late-Season Buzzbaits

Don’t forget the buzzbait this fall. It might catch you the bass that you’re missing with other techniques. Here's how!

A Look At Frogs In Detail

Frog baits are big bass baits. Discover the secrets of successful topwater fishing with frog baits in this revealing article.

Spinnerbaits, Umbrella Rigs, and Underspins

Awesome tutorials about Spinnerbaits, Umbrella Rigs, and Underspins. Excellent ways to catch some bona fide giants!

New Spin On Underspins

A Bassmaster Classic win refocuses the spotlight on a regional lure that catches as many Northern bass as Southern ones.

Spinnerbaits And Buzzbaits

This article contains some informative tips to help you catch more bass with spinnerbaits and buzzbaits.

Spinnerbaits! A Bait You Should Really Try

Here are some of the most effective spinnerbait presentations found to be successful time after time.

Bulldozin' Blades

The versatile spinnerbait can be fished in a variety of ways. Two tactics the pros employ are "slow-rolling" and "dead dragging".

Spin City

Big spinnerbaits can produce big bass. Learn the techniques from spinnerbait specialists Art Ferguson, Rob Kilby, and Kevin VanDam.

Spinnerbaits - A Bait For All Seasons

Spinnerbaits are one of our most versatile baits, but often underutilized. Here's how to expand your spinner savvy.

Spin Meister

Here's how you can maintain high spinnerbait productivity under heavy fishing pressure with these deep water tactics!.

Selecting The Proper Spinnerbait

Develop a simple checklist for choosing the appropriate bait and greatly increase the number of bass you catch on spinnerbaits.

Good Vibrations

While willowleaf blades are all the rage, pros in the know still use the Colorado when times get tough.

Spinnerbaits! An Overview

Spinnerbait blues got you down? With these tips you should be able to land more big bass with spinnerbaits.

Are Spinnerbaits Dead? Part 1

Spinnerbaits aren’t nearly as en vogue as they once were along bass fishing’s most high-profile tournament trail. But does that mean they're dead?

Are Spinnerbaits Dead? Part II

VanDam got his first professional win 19 years ago using a spinnerbait on Lake Lanier in December of 1992. Does he still use them?

A-Rig Changes Fishing To The Fifth Degree

Will the A-rig bring more changes to bass tournaments and fishing in general? Will its place in fishing history to be cemented?

Fishing the Alabama Rig

What type of fishing rod, reel, and line should you be using to fish the Alabama Rig? We tell you inside!

Spinnerbait Basics

If you've never used spinnerbaits, this article will get you started. Soon you'll be catching bass in no time!

Experiments With Spinnerbaits

There are days when any spinnerbait will work. By experimenting, however, you may discover a way to catch more and bigger fish.

10 Spinnerbait Tips

It’s no secret I love to fish a spinnerbait. Here are 10 tips guaranteed to help make you be more successful.

Try Spinnerbaits in Muddy Waters This Spring

The spinnerbait probably is the greatest tool in fishing for fooling muddy-water fish.


Excellent jig tips, tricks, and tutorials for big bass throughout the entire year! Take these lessons and apply them to your own fishing!

Jigs and How to Use Them

Here's how to fish jigs for bass. Reels, line selection, trailers, techniques, and more - it's all here.

Learning To Love Bass Jigs

Anglers either embrace or detest fishing bass jigs. If you’re in the latter group, here are some tips to build your confidence in one of the best big-bass baits.

A Case For Jigs

Jigs are arguably one of the most productive bass lures of all time. Find out how to get the most from jig fishing in this article.

The Jig Is Up

Want to catch more bass? Use a jig. Great tips for catching more bass are revealed inside!

Denny Brauer's Jig Tips

No doubt that Denny Brauer is king of jig fishing. He reveals his jig fishing tricks and secrets!

Jig Fishing Specifics

Luremaker and jig expert Craig DeFronzo provides plenty of insight and ideas to make you an expert at fishing the jig!

Jig Tactics for Bass

Give these tactics a try this season and you will see that there is never a bad time to use a jig.

Deep Water Jigging

Jigs aren't just for shallow water. Move a little deeper and it could really pay off! We reveal deep jigging tactics inside!

How To Fish Jigs In Deep, Cold Water

Don’t put your jigs away once shallow summer spots stop producing. They catch deep bass in late fall and early winter, too.

Why Ike Throws Fur When Things Get Hairy

Bassmaster Classic Champion Mike Iaconelli reveals why he reaches for a hair jig when things get tough.

Big Jigs

When it comes to tough fishing conditions, which is better, small or large jigs? Find out inside.

Swim Jigs for a Subtle Alternative

Here's how to catch fish on swim jigs, from somebody who clinched a tournament victory on them.

Jig, Worm or Tube?

Jig, Worm or Tube - can't decide which to use? You're not alone. Two pros reveal what to use and when inside.

Multiple Uses of the Jig

The simple jig is so versatile it can be used throughout the year. Here's a seasonal breakdown of how to catch bass on jigs!

Jigging For Success

Once you master a jig-and-pig, you will catch more bass. Here's how to excel with such a seemingly simple bait.

Jiggin' It

Never fished a jig before? Here's a simple guide to acquaint you with this wonderful lure called a jig.

Hair Jigs

Hair jigs are really an unbelievable bass bait – especially under super tough conditions. Here's how to use them.

Swim Jigs Are Not Just For Largemouth

After spending the long winter in the depths, smallies cannot wait to get into the shallows to put on the feed bag. Here's a unique way to catch them!

The Money Bait

Denny Brauer, David Walker, and Tommy Biffle reveal key jig fishing tips every serious bass angler should know.

The Crawdad Connection

If you’re headed to any of the country’s top smallmouth waters better go prepared with a good assortment of crawdad imitating lures. Here's what you need to know.


How-to information about weedless spoons and jigging spoons. Take these lessons and apply them to your own fishing!

Top Five Ways To Fish Spoons

If you think of spoon fishing as simply a lift and drop operation, think again. Stop missing out and give one of these tricks a try!

Bass on Weedless Spoons

For many anglers, weedless spoons often get overlooked. Which means they miss the perfect situation for them.

Jigging Spoons Explained

The simple jigging spoon is often overlooked by anglers. But it can be deadly on bass when no other lures work. Here's how to use it.

Hard Metal Rap

While these lures clang for more respect, one of America's most respected anglers already knows the tune.

Small Spoons, Big Bass

Today I’m going to talk about smaller spoons, which are different than the larger structure spoons that most people are familiar with.

Brian Snowden on Spooning Docks

Spooning for dock bass produces both numbers of fish and quality bass. Here's how to do it.

The Scoop On Spoons

Spoons may be one of the oldest styles of lures, but these lures still catch bass, from top to bottom.


Do scents work? Do certain scents turn off fish?  These articles tackle those questions and more!

The Impact Of Odors On Bass

Does gasoline residue actually repel bass? What about "fish formulas"? Dr. Ronald Dodson brings us his findings inside.

Scents and Nonsense

We all try to do everything possible to make the artificial lures we fish with as real and as lifelike as we can. What about scent?

Scents and Attractants: Do They Work?

Do scents give you an advantage, thus putting a few more fish in the live well? Read this article to find out.

Fish Attractants, Are They Really Worth It?

There has been a lot of controversy over Fish Attractants, or Scents. Some people swear by them while others never use them.

Four Offensive Factors

We reveal four of the biggest, and most common, foul-odored culprits that can keep you from catching fish.

Tommy Biffle on Fish Attracting Scents

Using fish attracting scents makes a lot of sense to Bassmaster Elite Series pro Tommy Biffle. Here's why.

Smell Of Success

Longer lasting and more powerful, today’s fish attractants help you catch more bass. Here’s how to use them.

Making Sense of Scents for Smallmouths

Should you include scents in your fish-catching equation? If so, why? Discover insights inside.