Tackle Reviews

Here you will find the latest on tackle, boats and other products as well as informative reviews by pro anglers. We tried them and give you our reviews here.

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Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 and Optimus XT Review

Check out this review of the 7-foot Tournament Class Perfecta DHC5 micro guide rod, paired with the Optimus XT spinning reel

Pinnacle OP30 Spinning Reel and DHC5M-701SPML Rod

A candid, unbiased, indepth review of the Pinnacle OP30 spinning reel and DHC5M-701SPML rod combination.

Pinnacle Perfecta, Optimus Xi HS Review

How does the DHC5 paired with an Optimus Xi HS perform? This field test tells you!

Review Of The Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 Rod and Optimus XiHS Reel

See how the Review the Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 Rod and Optimus XiHS reel perform!

Flippin’ Switch? We Don’t Need No Flippin’ Switch!

A thorough review of the Pinnacle Perfecta Micro DHC5 Tournament Class Rod and Optima OP10XiHS Hand Tuned Reel

Pinnacle Optimus XT / Perfecta DHC5-701CAMH Combo Review

We put the Pinnacle Optimus XT and Perfecta DHC5-701CAMH Combo to the test. Here are the results!

Pinnacle Tournament Class Perfecta DHC5 Rod / Performa XT

We tested the Pinnacle Tournament Class Perfecta rods and reels. Find out what we discovered inside!

Pinnacle Optimus XLT/ DHC5-701CAMCB Review

We tested the Pinnacle Optimus XLT and DHC5 combo. Is it right for you? Find out inside!

Jackall Cover Craw Review

We recently reviewed the Jackall Cover Craw. Is it worth a spot in your tacklebox? Find out inside!

Strike King's King Shad

So you've heard the hype. But is this lure effective and if so, how do you fish it? We answer your questions inside.

Kevin VanDam Line & Lure Conditioner

It's supposed to improve your line, but does it? Find out if this product lives up to its claims.

ICAST 2007

Get a sneak peak at the new tackle for 2008 in this unique review of new and innovative lures, rods, and equipment.

Thunder In The East

When buying your next new reel, you may come across some impressive Japanese reels with hefty price tags. Are they worth it?

Tag And Track The Bass You Catch

Want to learn more about your local lakes? Discover how to track and study the bass you catch and release inside.

Pro's Soft Bait Glue

Looking for something that will extend the life of those expensive soft plastics? This just might be the ticket.

Organization Is Critical

Removing the piles of leftover fishing equipment got you spending valuable time doing something besides fishing?

Mizmo's Grande Tube

What makes this tube different from other tube jigs? We field-tested it and brought the results to you!

Pflueger President Baitcasting Reels

Looking for a good reel at a decent price? We reviewed this affordable high-quality reel inside.


Have a lot of rods and don't know how to organize them? Here's our review of this storage system for multiple rod owners.

RediPulse Helps Batteries

RediPulse helps batteries provide maximum performance by preventing main cause of battery failure.

Pro-Cure Scents

Do scents work? We tested Pro-Cure Scents to see if it really worked. Find out the results inside.

Spring Crank Blitz

After months of on-the-water testing and targeted conditions, we found truly a gem in the crankbait market today.

Leverage Spinnerbaits

As a professional angler, the first thing you learn is to leave as little to chance as possible and to always use confidence baits!

Assalt Lures

The West Coast seems to be one step ahead of the pack on lure inventions. Check out this one.


There's a lot of lines out there. Ever tried Izorline monofilament? We did! Discover the test results inside.

Megabait's Charlie

Megabait has done something to make many awestruck with their new soft-body crankbait. We reveal it inside!

Megabait Charlie Review

A recent review of the Megabait Charlie. Is it worth a spot in your tacklebox? Find out inside!

Keitech Live Impact Worm

Is the Keitech Live Impact worm worth a place in your tacklebox? We tested it and tell you here!

Mann's Stone Jig - Reviewed

Mike Iaconelli took this jig to the world championship and won. Will it work for you? Our results are inside.

The Buzzy Rod

The Buzzy Rod is fairly normal looking except for the tell-tale button for "buzzing." Discover what we mean inside.

Tyger Leader

Stainless steel leader that's as flexible as mono, yet strong as steel? We put it to the test to find out.

Pro's Soft Bait Glue

Why do you need fishing glue? Discover why all anglers should have a bottle or two of this in their boat.

Illustrated Encyclopedia A Winner

Here's an excellent book that belongs on the shelf of any pond owner or builder. We reveal what it is inside.

Gulp! Super Baits

We so many new Berkley baits available today, we give you this overview of all the various Berkley Gulp! baits.

Lucky Craft Live Pointer 95SP

Unlike many other baits on the market, the Live Pointer should not be viewed as one to catch fisherman and not fish.

PowerPro Fishing Line

There's a lot of braided lines to choose from. Which should you use? Here's a pro's review on PowerPro fishing line.

Hand Poured Baits

Are expensive hand-poured plastics better than mass-produced? Some pros think so! Here's our thoughts.

Mizmo Baits: An Interview With A Leader

We interviewed the owner of Mizmo Baits. Take a look at the work involved in becoming a 'tube bait' standard in the industry.

Increase Your Catch with the Lipless Vibrator

Lipless crankbaits are favorites amongst pros. Here's our review of the Lipless Vibrator from Lucky Craft.

Kinami Baits: The Tradition Continues

An interview with Derek Yamamoto having to wrestle with the perception that he's hanging on his dad's coat-tails.

Glowing Reviews

Mirror Glow spinnerbaits reflect a positive finish. But do they catch fish? We tell you inside!

The Eyes Have It

You wear polarized glasses, so you should be seeing everything under the water, right? Maybe not. Here's why.

Preserving The Resource

Preservation and conservation has been the goal of bass anglers for years. Now it's become a whole lot easier.

Worms And Craws

Bonita Staples tests new lures and reveals secret techniques that are sure to help you catch more bass.

Fishing Yamamoto Baits

These batis are becoming buzzwords in the fishing industry. Here are some tricks and techniques you can use with them.

The Power Bait Dropshot Lures

The dropshot technique has taken tournament trails by storm. Now, Berkley has introduced a new line of dropshot baits.

The Silver Buddy

Few lures stand the test of time to earn the status of being called a legend. The Silver Buddy is one of them.

Open Water Frogging

An angler who only throws The Frog on top of emergent weed beds misses fantastic big fish opportunities over open water.

Catch Fish With Maps

If you can read a lake map accurately, you will catch more fish. See inside to learn how to read topographical maps.

Recycled Squirrel Tails

What do squirrel hunting and fishing have in common? You might be very surprised. We reveal the secret inside.

New Product Trends

Let's look at some basic products for tournament fishing. All of them have changed significantly in recent years.

Water Safety Breakthrough

The key to saving lives is getting people to wear a life vest. Find out how this new product will revolutionize the way we wear life vests.

Using Science To Catch More Fish

Do scents really work? If so, then what about MegaStrike? We reveal the truth inside.

The Secret Is Out!

Jeremiah Bagwell explains why he likes Megastrike fish attractant. You might be surprised!

Fishing The Senko Worm

The Senko looks like a dull and unattractive bait that won't catch fish. Find out why that can be no farther than the truth inside!

The Rapala Husky Jerk

In this review, we give a thorough seminar in this neglected but productive approach to connecting with shallow water bass!

Normark's Risto Rap

Pro-staffer Larry Gonczy field tests Normark's Risto Rap crankbait and explains why this year may be your "Year of the Crank"