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1 Week in Japan with Gamakatsu

Join us on an unforgettable journey to the heart of Japan with Gamakatsu! In this exclusive adventure, we travel with Glenn May to explore the legendary Gamakatsu headquarters, meet the CEO, and dive deep into the fascinating world of one of the largest fishing tackle shows on the planet.

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"With every trip I collect new momentos, though few are collected in scrapbooks. And all who fish for bass across the land collect them too. They are the images from first light to last and from first fish to last. And we'd share them in a minute. Some recall particular triumphs, often preserved in snapshots and clippings, while others we tend to hide, at least until we're ready to laugh about them. Daybreak, canebreaks, heartbreaks, muggy nights and foggy mornings. A hundred things that worked, and a thousand more that should have. That's bass fishing." -- George Kramer