Bass Boats & Boating Care

A bass boat is an expensive investment. From buying a boat to keeping it in top shape, we help you save money end-to-end.  Here's how to get the most from your investment. 

Best Practices For Loading And Towing A Boat On A Trailer

For all aspects of boat loading and towing, it pays to do your research. Here's how to handle all aspects of the work.

13 Must-Have Products for Your Boat

Make sure you have these items on your boat for more enjoyable time on the water.

Where To Begin?

You finally decided that this is the year you start fishing from a kayak. Where do you begin? Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Boat Ramp Etiquette

Launching and retrieving your boat can be an easy and orderly process if you follow these tips.

Buying A Boat?

The decision to buy a new or used boat can result in a lot of trials and tribulations. It's easier if you keep these tips in mind.

Boat Stuff You Should Know

If you can learn just one new thing about boat maintenance or towing, then this article is worth reading.

Fish Big in a Small Boat

There are tons of options for getting on the water no matter what your price range might be. You may be surprised at how affordable and compact they can be.

So You Want To Go Kayak Fishing?

Here’s what you need to know — the benefits and challenges — if you want to try it but have only fished from a boat.

Kick Boats: Big Boat Fishability In a Small Package

Kick boats pack plenty of benefits, including ample room for tackle, the ability to fish small and large bodies of water, and a comfortable seat. Best of all, they are easy on your wallet.

Straight Dope On Life Jackets

We can’t eliminate risk, but we can certainly minimize it. Here's everything you need to know about life vests.

Kayak Angling – 7 Tips For Mastering Control And Catching More Fish

Once you’ve mastered these seven kayak fishing tips, you will be a master on the water, fishing laps around everyone on the bank and the boat!

Kayak Bass Fishing Growing in Popularity

Bass anglers are discovering they can now fish competitively without having to buy an expensive bass boat.

Energize the Fish-Catching Power of Your Kick Boat, Kayak or Float Tube

Maneuverability and low cost are standard features on kick boats, kayaks and float tubes. But with a small investment of time, money, and wire, they can offer much more, from running lights to fish finders. Here’s how to add their power to yours.

Five Accessories You’ll Want For Your Fishing Kayak

Kayaks are a popular platform for bass fishing. While they are fish-catching machines right out of the box, adding certain accessories make them even better. Here are five you should consider.

Where To Place Your Electronics

Today’s fishing electronics unveil the underwater world in ways thought impossible a few short years ago. Here’s how to place them in your boat so those views are always clear.

Make Your Electronics Pay Off Big In Skinny Water

Today’s electronics are vital for uncovering hidden hot spots in deep water. These two bass pros say they’re just as powerful in shallow water, with a few adjustments.

Create A Complete Picture With Your Electronics

Fishing electronics are full of functions — traditional sonar, scanning sonar, side imaging and mapping. Bassmaster Elite Series angler Josh Bertrand explains how to harness the collective power of these functions to catch more bass.

Don’t Fish Blind in the Winter

Your electronics are as important to fishing success in winter as summer. Three Bassmaster Elite Series anglers tell you where to use them and what to look for when water temperatures plummet.

Electronics Power Up

Don’t let price or technophobia keep you from updating or adding to the electronics on your boat. Invest in a modern unit, you’ll be paid back in more bass.

Staying On Bass with Garmin’s LiveScope

Garmin Panoptix LiveScope sonar provides both down and forward imaging in one transducer. Here's how the pros use it.

Paddle Open Water In Search Of Summer Smallmouth

Kayak fishing isn’t limited to quiet backwaters and shorelines, especially when chasing smallmouth. Here’s what you need to know to successfully and safely chase them into open water this summer.

Kayak Bass Fishing On Big Lakes

Kayaks aren't just for small lakes anymore. Use the following tips for kayak bass fishing the big waters.

60 Point Boat Checklist

Once you have a helper or two around, use this checklist as a basic guide to giving your beloved bass boat that once-a-year checkup.

Get Serious About Depthfinders

An in-depth article explaining how depth finders work, and how to use them to catch more bass.

Setting Up Electronics with Tim Horton

Professional angler Tim Horton explains how to set up your electronics, whether setting up the sonar or GPS features of your electronics.

How To Install And Use Your Fish Locator

Depthfinders are expensive investments. We reveal valuable tips and tricks to help get the most from depthfinders.

Electronics: Identifying Forage

Top pros reveal how they use their fish finders to identify both fish and their prey. Discover their tricks inside.

Electronic Warfare

This information will provide you with a better understanding of the capabilities of the depth finder.

Reading Electronics

Use your electronic eyes wisely and don't get wrapped up in chasing after every blip and bleep you hear or see. Here's how!

Choosing Electronics

Confused by the myriad of options available on today's electronic equipment for bass boats? You're not alone.

GPS: Where Do You Want To Go Today?

Fishermen aren't likely to do away with their paper maps, but GPS can be an aid in finding that exact spot.

Finding Your Way Home

Getting lost on a new lake is more common than you think, but it doesn't have to be that way...

Boat Positioning

Bass Pro Mike Iaconelli explains how to position your boat for executing perfect lure presentations. A exclusive!

Stormy Weather

Remember - it can happen to you, so here's a quick review of boating safety that might just save your life.

A Lesson In Respect

Sometimes we forget how dangerous boating can be. This is a true story about a harrowing trip that could have turned out much worse.

Dispelling Drowning Myths

Think you know when somebody is drowning? Contrary to what's portrayed in movies, drowning victims usually don't...

Courtesy Is Free

There are too many boating accidents each year. Most accidents can be prevented by following these simple steps.

Surviving A Fall Overboard

Falling overboard is the number one boating accident that leads to the most fatalities. Find out how to NOT be a statistic inside.

Boating Tips

From launching, safety, and on the water, here's how to make your fishing day more enjoyable.

Boating Deaths Reduced

Boating deaths have been reduced by nearly 50% in Alabama. Find out how they did it and what you can do on your waters inside.

Boating Etiquette

Before heading out on the water, read these suggestions that will make your time on the water more meaningful and fun.

Safety First, Fishing Second

If you take the time to perform these tips, there will seldom be a tournament missed due to a mechanical malfunction.

Boating Pre-Trip Checklist

These basic lists will help you to enhance your boating experience and aid in maintaining the safety of you, your family and friends.

Don’t be “That Guy”

If you’re reading this and you aren’t absolutely confident that you’ll be a thing of perfect efficiency when you get to the ramp this weekend – well, then – fix what needs fixing.

Boat Maintenance

The more you do to maintain your rig, the longer it will last. Here's how to keep your boat in top shape.

He Keeps Them Running

Outboard Marine service guru, Dan Anderson reveals some important boat maintenance tips inside.

Winterizing your Boat

Getting a boat ready for winter is more than just throwing a tarp over it. Discover how to store your boat properly until next spring.

Winterization and What You Need to Know About E-10 Gas

Putting a Boat Away for the Winter? What You Need to Know About E-10 Gas.

True or False? Take the Boat Winterizing Quiz

Will you destroy your boat this off-season? Take this quiz to find out!

Winterizing Your Boat

Winterizing: This often-overlooked chore can mean a great deal of disappointment and money come spring.

The Dull Boat Blues

Has your boat finish lost it's luster? We show you how you can end up with a boat that looks almost like it did the day it was new.

It's In The Details

No one has time to clean a boat every day, so here are some tips and tricks that will help it retain that brand-new look.

The Tidy Boat Man

Here's a collection of unexpected boat cleaners and solvents that do the job quickly and inexpensively.

Trailer Basics

Here's a crash course in safe trailer habits, as well as offer a few tips to make a usually dreaded task a little bit easier.

Tips For Trailering

Want to win the tournament? The first step is making sure you and your boat get there. Here's a checklist you'll need.

Towing Your Boat

Towing is easier than you think. Here are some terrific tips for getting your boat to and from the lake!

Three Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Fish Finder

Here are the three biggest mistakes made when purchasing a fish finder and tips to avoid them.

Installing New Electronics

Here, we illustrate the basic steps for installing new graphs in both the console and bow.

Eliminating Interference

Do you have interference between the trolling motor and the electronics? What causes interference and can you do about it?

Battery Maintenance

Here are some battery maintenance tips that can help make your days on the water more enjoyable.

Choosing A Trolling Motor

We help you understand critical issues in order to confidently select the right trolling motor for your boat and fishing style.

Trolling Motor Electrical Issues

This article covers the most common electrical issues and questions that arise when choosing and installing a trolling motor.

Trolling Motors

Trolling motors and electronics are key tools we use in our on-the-water fishing and boating experiences.

Proper Props

The correct prop is one of the most important ingredients in the performance of your boat. Read this to demystify prop selection.

Where The Horsepower Meets The Water

We reveal how to keep your propeller in top shape and for its maximum potential, and why it's important.

Boat Organization with Kevin Van Dam

Knowing where that bag of finesse worms is in the boat could give you those couple of extra casts needed to land that lunker!

Tips For Buying A Boat

If you're searching for that perfect boat, there are several factors to consider while you're looking. We explain inside.

Buying Your First Bass Boat

Buying a boat is an exciting time. But before you head out to purchase that boat, read this article. It could save you headaches later on!

A New Year A New Boat?

When looking at buying a new boat, a person should consider the following three things. We reveal them inside.

Boat Show Buying, Blessing or Curse?

A boat should be a source of fun. So when you go to the boat show to buy a boat, come prepared. Here's how.

Pitfalls When Buying Used Boats

If you're not careful when you're buying a used boat, you could end up in prison plus a $10,000 fine!

Bass Boat Evolution

Today's boat builders have escalated the tradition of quality and improvements well beyond the original bass boat designs.

Ranger's Success Story

Forrest L. Wood said he had a very simple formula when he founded the company in 1968...

Small Pond Boats

Good pond boats come in a variety of sizes and styles. We review several types to help you find the right boat!

Getting Afloat

There's no reason you have to be limited to fishing from on the shore. Here are several economical options for you!

Kayaking for Bass with Hank Parker

Bass fishing legend Hank Parker can catch bass from small or big waters while fishing from a kayak. Here's how!

Kayak Fishing

Confused by the dizzying array of fishing kayaks available today? Discover how to choose the right kayak for your needs!

Get Out the Plastic

Kayak fishing offers unlimited fishing potential, minimal startup investment, outstanding exercise benefits, and no maintenance fees.

Finding A Used Jon Boat

You won't believe how easy and inexpensive it is to find a used Jon boat after reading this article!

A Perfect Boat

Only a few wood boat builders exist. Their passion and tradition will leave a legacy of beauty that speaks for itself.

Picking A Boat

For each thoughtful boat on a pond, there are several others which didn't fit the needs of that particular owner.

Picking the Right Pond Boat

Think about what you want and know your boat is out there. It's your job to find it. We'll help you.

Project Bass Boat

This is the first in a three-part series in which we take a used aluminum boat and convert it into a practical and fun fishing boat.

Project Bass Boat Part 2

The second in a three-part series in which we take a used aluminum boat and convert it into a practical and fun fishing boat.

Project Bass Boat Part 3

The final installment in which we take a used aluminum boat and convert it into a practical and fun fishing boat.

Deck Carpet Redo

Any boat will look 100 percent better with a fresh deck of carpet. We reveal tips to make the job easier.

Oh, My Aching Back

Many anglers are affected by back pain after a day of fishing. Finally there's relief in sight. Just read this article.