Bass Club Articles

Discover how to start, improve, and expand your bass club with these exclusive articles every bass club needs to succeed! A valuable resource for every bass club.

Starting a Fishing Club

Are you sure you want to look at starting a fishing club? Take a look at how to do it inside.

Recruiting and Retaining Bass Club Members

Many clubs struggle with finding and keeping members. Discover proven techniques for solving this problem inside!

The Next Generation

Starting a youth fishing club isn't as hard as it seems. You'll be surprised at how much fun it can be.

What Makes A Good Bass Club?

Discover the key ingredients to recognizing and creating an excellent bass club in this informative article.

60 Point Boat Checklist

Once you have a helper or two around, use this checklist as a basic guide to giving your beloved bass boat that once-a-year checkup.

Bass Club Bylaws and Tournament Rules

Download this template as a foundation for building your own club bylaws and rules. Excellent for starting a bass club!

Bass Club Profile: All American Anglers

The All American Anglers from Killeen, Texas are different from most bass clubs. Learn more inside.

Bass Club Profile: B.A.W.S. Bass Club

Like most bass clubs out there, B.A.W.S. started out as some buddies getting together a few times during the year.

Bass Club Profile: The Birmingham Bass Club

The Birmingham Bass Club (BBC) was founded in 1992 so that its members could fish BASS Federation tournaments.

Club Profile: West Coast Christian Anglers

The membership is small, made up of members from Ventura County, California, but the goal is huge.

Tournament Etiquette for Rookies

New to tournament fishing? We offer the following tips for newcomers to bass club tournaments.

Weekday vs. Weekend Bass

Don't get stuck on weekday fishing patterns when the weekend rolls around. You'll probably need to...

Pre-Tournament Practice

Efficiency is the key to successful pre-tournament practice. Here's how to maximize your prefishing time.

Safety First, Fishing Second

If you take the time to perform these tips, there will seldom be a tournament missed due to a mechanical malfunction.