Bass Club Profile: All American Anglers

Bass Club Profile: All American Anglers The All American Anglers from Killeen, Texas are different from most bass clubs. Learn more inside.
All American Anglers

The All American Anglers from Killeen, Texas are different from most bass clubs in the manner that lakes are chosen and fished. Annually, we pick 13 lakes (one monthly/one backup) from as far west as O.H. Ivy reservoir, east to Toledo Bend, south to Falcon and north as far as North Fork.
   Our monthly lake is unknown to the membership until it's drawn at the meeting on the Tuesday prior to a Saturday tournament. The lake is drawn from a container that contains all 13 lakes chosen for that year, and can only be fished once until 12 have been drawn throughout the months.
   Our intension is to get back to the basics of fishing instead of relying on community holes and information from local lakes fished all the time, or having some members pre-fish every day before the remainder of the club has an opportunity. Most of the club members rarely get the chance to pre-fish so this has been good for the club to even out the field a bit. And it will make the members do their homework first and learn from it!

All American Anglers

This format has proven to be challenging, competitive and more fun than one would think. Half of our members are military or retired military which brings a good diversity in the group. We have a chance to discuss and apply different methods and techniques from different areas of the U.S.
   Although we do have members that fish competitively on other trails and some are pro staffers for companies, we maintain a very friendly club without any "I'm a pro" attitudes.

All American Anglers

 In the beginning, all of the members just started going to eat a good meal after the tournament, it became a habit and within months, the club voted into the by-laws that we continue this tradition of fellowship.
   We are a BASS Federation Club and fall under the North Central region. We support several events throughout the year such as youth programs, Fishing for Freedom, local boat dealers and the Texas PVA tournaments.

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