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  2. River Smallmouth in Sub 40 Degree Water

    Well in my case for my. Local moving waters, hard to beat suspending jerkbaits. I let them. Drift after I get them to the depth I want. Also a tried and true classic black and blue tube when I say Slowly dragged, it takes me minutes to retrieve it. Like others said the number of fish won't be there but quality is. Also depending on your area sometimes you'll catch monster trout on bass tackle.
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  4. Lexa 300 or 400?

    Ok thanks that's all I needed to know !
  5. The used avid x was a little bit cheaper than a new Hmg or bass x, so it was hard to say no I figured that my mojo bass 6'8" m-xf spinning and the avid x 6'6" mh-f casting should be a fairly versatile combo for bank fishing. I do prefer shorter rods due to the terrain and trees. Also accuracy is more important to me than distance. I still may have to pick up a new Hmg though... this bait monkey people speak of is real.
  6. Looking for article/video

    Google search for 3-must know fluke rigging
  7. Bait monkey, but worse...

    I’ll keep my eye out, thanks! That’s one thing I love about the Tatula CT. It feels solid and makes no noise when I’m fishing it.
  8. Rod applications

    It is telescoping. Says Limited Tour and is branded by Aaron Martens with it being an Ito design? Great feedback. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to post some answers for me.
  9. St Croix Bass X vs Fenwick HMG

    That's a huge upgrade! You'll love that rod, especially for bank fishing.
  10. The Road To The Super Bowl 2018

    The Eagles have been bad for so long its hard to trust them. Its like if every day someone walked into your house and slapped you and then one day that person walked into your house raised their hand and patted you on the head.
  11. Looking for article/video

    It could have been. Do you have a link or anything?
  12. Finesse Jig in Grass

    Mega nailed it
  13. This is awesome

    A few things from my Christmas list. I hope Santa reads this forum. First one is personalized luggage. Second should be on everyone's list. A bacon-making toaster. Finally, who would not want one of these stylish hands-free umbrellas.
  14. Bait monkey, but worse...

    If you like the Tatula and don't wan't a T Wing then the Fuego CT is a good choice. If you want to try a Shimano then shop around and try to find a Curado 70 for $140 or under. Casitas are great reels for $60 or $70 but are too geary and noisy to command their msrp IMO.
  15. Finesse Jig in Grass

    I think you’re actually approaching your problem from the wrong angle. You THINK you have to go small/finesse to get bit in a highly pressured lake. You dont. If grass is the main cover, you just have to go in after them. id take the opposite approach and learn to PUNCH. Find the thickest, nastiest mats you can find, the kind of stuff other anglers are throwing to the edge of or frogging, and send a bunker-buster sized tungsten weight through it. I like a 1.5-2oz Strike King weight, 4/0 Hack Attack flipping hook, and a Rage Menace. 50-65lb braid, 7.5’ XH rod minimum. if you want to stay with a jig, the Hack Attack Heavy cover jig comes in a 1.5oz. D&L makes a 1.5oz jig too that’s pretty good.
  16. Thanksgiving Day Sale 15% off everything

    Just ordered me some stuff! Thanks
  17. Finesse Jig in Grass

    Let me start off by saying I absolutely have fallen in love with fishing a jig. If I could only have 2 Lures, they’d be a jig and a lipless crank. Needless to say... the pond/lagoon system I usually fish gets a ton of pressure, so here I am looking for some finesse advice. What jig would you guys recommend for a more finesse approach when it comes to grass? I’ll be fishing submerged coontail and the edges/points of floating hyacinth mats.... AND... GO!!!
  18. Never again wonder why baits cost so much

    Even mass produced wood baits are expensive. One i would like to have
  19. I forgot all about that thread. I took a beating there...haha. To me modifying my NRX like that isn't a big deal. 20 minutes with it while sitting in front of a TV watching a fishing show is about all it takes. The end result is a slice of fishing Heaven.
  20. Leaders and fish loss

    Agree with tom 100% if you dont have to use flouro then i would give it up sooner than later. Some people deal with zebra or other problem and decide its worth the pain. If your not in that situation then flouro is just a pain... Jerkbaits is just about the only reason i use it now a days because of suspending...
  21. WTT Shimano for Lews

    I've got a lews super duty 8.0 gear ratio. Lefty spooled with 65lb braid
  22. The latest sale thread

    How does one order rods off of the St Croix website? I don't see an "add to cart" next to any rods. Do they only add that during deals? EDIT: Sike, I figured it out
  23. Best Squarebill Crankbait

    I think most guys have fished more brands of squarebill's than I have but for me this past season it's been a mix of a few different baits. SK 1.5, Luck-E-Strike RC2 series 1 & 2, XCS100 and H2O CRS all produced very well.
  24. Lox??

    Was out on Sunday as well from 630am through 1030am. Had a little better luck but I was in my kayak and headed back pretty deep into the flats. Didn't fish any of the main canal or spoil bank. Caught 10 lm on the day, 3 decent sized over 3lbs and lost 3 others. Biggest may have been 4 pounds. One pickerel as well. Caught most of them on a green ribbit frog, but also caught them a swim bait, and rage craw as well. The construction is due to some new pumps they are putting in apparently to better control the water levels. Have it all chewed up. Supposed to be done byh end of November but that isn't happening from the looks of it. S3e article below. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/palm-beach/fl-reg-boat-ramps-closure-20170818-story.html
  25. Yes, I'm well aware, but I had to see for myself first hand. Otherwise, I would've never got the monkey off my back. I'm glad I did. NHBull, don't feel like you ever have to get an NRX because you might think it's a step below the NRX. I don't think it is. It's mainly personal preference. Lucky Craft Man, I have seen your post... ...on what you did to modify your NRX to make it into a balanced rod with a full handle. Man, you went to great lengths to modify your NRX rod. For me, personally, I wouldn't go through that. I also think that adding a balancer to the end of the rod dampens the sensitivity. I also feel that if you pay top dollar for a rod, it should already be balanced. I don't know if you have the new GLX, but if you don't, you should get one!
  26. Pressured stained pond help

    There's a pond near me that's exactly the same, stained water and very pressured from spring through September. But I can always count on catching bass using a drop shot with a wacky rigged Zoom Trick worm, or a nose hooked KVD Dream Shot. Both in Green Pumpkin, or a darker color if the water is heavily stained.
  27. Leaders and fish loss

    The simple truth is bass anglers used very few knots before FC line became popular. Blood knot was used to join line together and clinch knot followed by Palomar knot to tie lures and hook. FC has created more different knots then any other line because of knot failures. If the original knots; blood, clinch and Palomar knots worked for FC we wouldn’t ’ be having this discussion. Simple solution is use a premium mono/ copoly leader and give up FC. Tom
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