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  2. Hi Folks, LOOOONG time lurker and first post. I currently have 4 St. Croix rods. 6'6 ML with an Okuma trios spinning reel. 7ft M with an Okuma HX35 Helios spinning reel. 7ft Avidx with Tatula SV and 6'4 AvidX with a Curado 70. My issue is the 7ft Spinning with the Okuma HX35. The reel works great but is BIG and the balance with the set up is off. I know The St. Croix Premier is a bit tip heavy but the balance is so bad I reach for the others and this set up gets no use. It feels like a very heavy setup compared to the other 3. What do you recommend, replace the reel? I mostly fish from a Cumberland float tube here on Long Island as that works best for me. Fits in my suv, easy to get on the water during the week etc. 3 set ups is about what I am comfortable taking out on the water. So, what do you guys recommend?
  3. The heart breaker here is that for some reason the Tuf Domin8 can often be found super cheap. I should add that I have more issues with lighter lures. I've turned up while flipping to hit a set back brush pile... the stuff casts great. My terminator walking frogs are a little heavier than some and dont give me too much trouble. The poppin pad crashers are lighter and are the most problematic. I guess itll be trial and error to get to the bottom of it.
  4. Thanks everyone, I'll probably bite the bullet and order one, but it bugs me that what everyone says is such a popular rod is not carried in stock. There are times I am less than pleased with the world we live in today.
  5. Back in the day left hand baitcasters weren't popular so we all learned on rh reels. I've tried to use lh baitcasters but years of muscle memory makes it really hard to switch. The balance between lh and rh reels is different and the way you have to grip the rod changes. I can cast, switch hands and thumb the spool while the bait is still in the air, it is just as fast for me to use rh reels. All that said, if you are right handed and can use a lh reel, it makes sense to do so.
  6. One quirk I have had with the assassins is, occasionally they get a little noisy and i start losing casting distance. To fix this, take off the sideplate and lightly oil the centrifugal brake ring with a cotton swab coated with reel oil.

    Need Help, Reel Spool Eating Line

    Trust me, you're not missing nothing! You know which ones you have to really try! Just do it bruh. To the OP, might be a dumb question but, is your line through the line guide on the reel? I've done this before and it does what you're describing.
  8. gnappi

    Bank Fishing in Fort Lauderdale Area...

    If you have an older Garmin GPS, their maps used to have EXCELLENT waterway details and I have found some of the best honey holes in and around industrial parks and commercial strip centers in Broward and Palm Beach counties in So. Flo. Unfortunately the most recent maps (sometime after 2011) Garmin lost most of the waterway areas of most interest to me so I bucked up and bought a 7 year old GPS on Feebay to use. The recent OSM maps are better than the new Garmin samples if you have a newer Garmin but they're not quite as good as the old Garmin maps were. Since you're near the Hillsboro inlet, go west of there past (west of) the tpke, and there are scads of lakes that are easily reachable on foot. Also these lakes "generally" do not have snakeheads in them (yet) so LMB and Peacocks are still there in abundance. Any canal or lake that connects to water that ultimately leads to snakehead territory will have a vastly depleted population of bass in my experience. Anyway... On foot the large canals like the Stranahan, Hillsboro are heavily fished and are hard to get a good sized fish on. There are lots of snook moving about the Hillsboro and believe it or not the inlet area really doesn't get much foot or boat fishing (see below the HEAVY traffic comment) because access is limited to basically one spot on the north east side of the HBI and the ditch. If shrimp were running you likely won't catch anything, the fish are gorged. if shrimp were not running and you did not have live shrimp or decent looking shrimp lure you were starting at a disadvantage. The HBI has HEAVY boat traffic, from big boats (powered and sail) with skippers who don't know how to handle their boat. You couldn't pay me enough to navigate to or fish there with a paddle, unless you could safely get to and sat anchored in the HBI cove on the south side well out of the channel.

    Cork Sealer Alternative

    Meet me on Okee next weekend and I'll give you some U-40 😁. Not sure why but I have like 3 bottles of it.
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  11. I tried my Assassin as well this morning ! Little harder to dial in but once done, cast like a champ and weight next to nothing
  12. WRB

    Getting Deeper into Cranking

    What rod, reel and line do you plan to use with deep diving crabkbaits? My personal favorite deep diving crankbaits are Norman DD14 & DD 22's, Bomber 7A's and Poes 300 because they work. The Poe 300 is silent and Norman DD22's have rattles both run 14'-16' or so. The DD14 and 7A run about 8'-10'. Tom
  13. Member kbeeb374 and I have made plans to do a face to face local sale of this lot of baits sometime in the next week or so. Consider it "on hold" until then,. Mods., could you please leave the ad up just in case kbeeb374 and I can't make a deal? I won't leave anyone hanging, and will post an update ASAP. Thanks.
  14. This^^ I picked 2 up from eBay brand new for $128 each.
  15. GeekFisher

    Crankbait rod power

    I have one, 6'9 but spinning I amn looking for a baitcaster combo, reel Will likely be a KK Royale Legend Elite 5ish:1. As for line I honestly dont know, maybe Light fluorocarbon since it sinks ?
  16. If it’s a Dobyns I’d go Med. The ML is real whippy and their rods IMO are over rated so a Med is like a ML elsewhere
  17. If you fish 5" & 6" Senko's and 1/4 oz shaky heads with 6"-7" worms then the 3 power is a good choice, mostly drop shot and 1/8 oz darts or Ned's then the 2 power maybe slightly better. I prefer going up in power when undecided, each to his own likes. Tom
  18. Porkrind

    Lipless Crank Pattern

    Where at are you fishing? The learning curve is really quick as long as you don’t get bored working by yourself and taking your time slowly until you understand the basics. So when you say white bottom or dark red bottom are you talking like a solid bright white, transparent bright white, or a pearl white? That’s one of the problems with color is taking something from your imagination and making come to life but that’s where I have some of the most fun.
  19. Angry John

    Getting Deeper into Cranking

    Slow roll a keitech 4.8 fat.
  20. Yeh I know, but trying to do my research now so I am prepared:) I don’t normally spend this much on a reel and there are a lot of good options. Reading a a lot of the replies I am guessing I really can’t go wrong whichever I choose, and there of course is some brand loyalties:)
  21. Matpuncher


    Hi, i was wondering if anyone has fished the US Open on Mead? I’ve never even been to Mead before and was wondering if anyone has any tips? What’s the main baitfish on the lake? I’ve never fished a lake with such clear water either. I’m usually on the Delta or Clearlake in Ca and Clearlake is anything but clear. Any tips are greatly appreciated.
  22. While I'm partial to MLs for a lot of finesse stuff, given the baits you mentioned, I'd definitely lean toward the M in your case. Sounds a bit more appropriate.
  23. Dens228

    Fall crankbait fishing

    Mine would be don't be afraid to change colors and depth. I don't get to crazy, a dark and a light, work the column and find the fish and what they want. Today I went out with a 2-5 ft and an 8-12 ft diver. They wanted to hit the 2-5 foot. As luck would have it I got the color right on the first try.
  24. govallis

    Telescopic Rods

    I used to dislike multi-piece rods, such as the Shakespeare Travel Mate pack. Now I like them, because I can make it 2-pc, 3-pc or 6-pc. Most of time, I unplug it to 2-pc for fast un/plug. When I carry them in a Yoga bag, I unplug it to 3-pc. When I really have to put this rod into a small bag, I unplug them to 6-pc. BTW, the Travel Mate Pack 6'6" is a good one. Quite light at 4.75 oz, action is perfect, ceramic guides. The telescopic version is crap - soft like noodle, guides are like with the ceramic inserts removed, and actual length is only 6'3".
  25. dgkasper58

    Getting Deeper into Cranking

    I catch a ton of fish with a carolina rig down there- Its just weeds throughout. Lake gets down to 45 feet I mark fish 20' all day just want another way to go get em. I would not be hitting much structure other than bottom and weeds.
  26. Log Catcher

    Lipless Crank Pattern

    I think it looks fantastic the way it is. I wish I had the talent to do that kind of work.
  27. rickyg

    The Mighty Rappahonock

    I live close to the Rapp. I doubt it's fishable with all the rain we got yesterday/last night. It was high and a bit muddy on Friday. You might find some water down around Tappahannock that's fishable, but I'd guess it won't be much better. I'll get a look at it later this afternoon and let ya know for sure.
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