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  2. Daiwa spinning reel

    I have two Daiwa reels for sale in the classified because I bought three of the Sterling Silver Tatula LT reels. I have a Revros 2500 that is still NIB and an RG 2500 that is spooled and essentially brand new in box. Both have stellar reviews. Both can be had for $75 TYD if you want them. That's a steal considering both retail for $60 each. I just need to move them. My loss is your gain basically but I would rather have them being used by someone than sitting. Let me know. Thanks!
  3. Looking for a new fishing spot nearby

    I’m about 2-1/2 hours north of you so I can’t recommend too many places close to you but have you tried around the Toronto islands? I know some guys that get some nice pike there in the spring and good bass in the summer. Not sure about shore access but with a kayak or canoe you’d be able to get some fish I’m sure.
  4. Daiwa spinning reel

    Daiwa BG 2500!! You won't regret it.
  5. War eagle spinnerbait colors

    I like the colors of spot remover, mouse and blue herring shad. I like the screaming eagles better but I do have and use both sizes. I have not had much luck with gold frame spinnerbaits.
  6. Makes sense. I'll probably go brown. Somehow it seems a bit more natural.
  7. Guys, My wife has planned a vacation to Florida in the middle of April. It will be in the Sarasota area. I didn't know if anyone near there or lake occachobee would want a fishing partner for the day. I will have my own rods and gear. Just looking to fish a lake I have always wanted to fish. If this would be a possibility please pm me. It will be just myself.
  8. ROAD TRIP!!

    I’d like to make it on one of these trips. Hope you all get on em and it’s a safe and successful trip!
  9. Ideas for a new Rod/Reel

    You are asking a lot for one rod. However, if you aren't fishing heavy cover I imagine it could be done. I wouldn't want to use my dedicated frog rod for any treble lures (a HF rod). Take a look at the Daiwa Tatula 7'2" MHR. Rod lists for about $150, but you can find it for less on ebay. There is one at $120 right now, but I paid less than $110 for mine. That rod and a Tatula CT reel will keep you within your budget, and you will have a very nice combo that is pretty versatile.
  10. Lets do a real Piscifun Review

    Just gotta say you are playing the blue collar, new to bass fishing role, to a tee. Can't wait for on the water reports.
  11. Red?

    Here in Louisiana I've seen them red, brown, and green
  12. Yesterday
  13. Red?

    Several guys will drop a craw trap the night before going out and try to match it the next morning.
  14. baitcaster for light plastics

    I have a rod that I use for the exact same thing. I had Mike at DVT build it for me, it's an MHX Pro Elite series blank, with a Shimano Core 51MG or a Shimano Aldabaren 51 on it depending on the line/day. Works wonderfully.
  15. For Us KC Area Guys - Fishing Reports

    going on at Rogers this weekend. Sales start tomorrow Pm me and I’ll send you the ad if you haven’t seen it. Won’t let me post the link for some reason
  16. This lake will not beat me (again)!!!!!

    Raccoon Lake in Rockville, IN never fails to show me how terrible of a fisherman I am.
  17. New Sweetheart On The Way!

    This xbow is my Valentines day sweetheart { Cause of the sale} and I SURE HOPE that I have better luck with her than I have had with women.
  18. I haven't had a backlash in four years. Practice practice practice. High quality products and line help as well. I like both J Braid in the lower end market, and Smackdown in the high end market for braid. Tatsu for Flouro, and I have no use for anything but Yo-Zuri Hybrid. It also helps my cheapest reel is a Chonarch MGL. /e because I remembered the date of my last backlash.
  19. All Purpose Custom Rod

    Sounds like you are looking for a GLX MBR
  20. Help Me Spend Some Money! (NEW ROD)

    Have a rainshadow Eternity blank built by mike at DVT. ETEC72M-SS
  21. Red?

    I’ve done well with red up here (Ontario), in the past. A red skirt/red double willow 1/2 oz spinnerbait screaming along just under the surface can be deadly for big, mean northern smallies. My partner and I won a pike tournament years ago ( big tournament, 100 boats), throwing large, red rattle traps over cabbage beds. We were right in the middle of about 20 other boats in one bay and would reel right up to the rod, lift it up as fast as we could and in one motion cast it back out so no one else could see what we were throwing. I culled pike almost nonstop for about an hour while my partner hauled em in one after another while almost no one else hooked up around us. Sometimes, they get on a certain colour and it can be lights out.
  22. Very true, my post wasn’t intended to be negative on Rainy lake overall. There are a lot of quality Smallmouth there just not a ton of true trophies. However that is offset with the multi-species action. Kind of fun to cast for a bunch of 16-18 inch Smallies and snag the occasional 4 foot pike/muskie!! Lots of walleyes and huge crappies to eat for shore lunch too
  23. New Sweetheart On The Way!

    I thought he got a new dog.
  24. Best jerkbait under $15

    The Jackall Squad Minnow is a staple, and the new Rerange is going to be the worst kept secret here soon. I absolutely crushed it this fall with the 110 size.
  25. I need a gopro hero 4 silver that is used but in good condition for a fishing trip, Just reply or PM me if you want to sell one
  26. WTB: Froggin Combo!

    7'3 heavy lews tp-1 and a curado 200I spooled with 65lb braid. 140 shipped
  27. Anyone know what the new TW code discount is?

    I had to search up my own post to save $5 on my TW order. Keep the LTBSAVESQ1 code in mind
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