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  2. When the water temps are approx 55 degrees at the depth they burrowed.....generally Jan-feb. Tom
  3. Thanks all for the suggestions so far. The issue isn't that she's on the boat and needs to go. If that were the case, a She-wee and bottle would be my solution for her. The issue is that the only boats she's interested in me owning are ones that are big enough to have a bathroom. Toxic hits the nail on the 'head': That was the implication on saying bathroom. Basically a boat with a head will probably have a bed too. At that point, you're pretty locked in to a style and that style isn't an aluminum fishing boat. BUT, she said bathroom so I'm eventually going to figure out something clever. At the last stadium concert/tailgating we did one of the people brought a tiny bathroom tent, maybe 4' tall, in case the portapotties were awful or a long walk away. This might be my lead candidate so far. The thought of a pontoon boat has crossed my mind. I can't fit a full size one, but the mini pontoons would be interesting. depends on the trailer a bit. Lots of newer boats/trailers have been moving the boat forward on the trailer and shortening the tongue. Then putting the pivot right under the nose of the boat. As gimruis noted, you get about 18" back that way. On an older trailer with a long tongue you can put your own pivot in and save a little more. At the end of the day though, 16' of boat plus 2' of motor is about the limit on my garage if I want to be able to slide past the front of it. Also, a 16' boat normally will have a trailer width less than 8'. When you start hitting 17 or 18' boats the trailers get wide. A tracker TXW 175 would just squeeze into the width and be a touch long (might fit if its turned diagonal). I really wanted a TV18 and was ready to get wheel sliders to turn it diagonal across two bays, but the wheels are right on 96" wide.
  4. Perhaps these socks are insulated with Norwegian Goose down. 😁
  5. Capt Phil, I am one of those old farts that's why I said that. I'm about due for my third roto rooter on the prostate. My brother just had a new style laser surgery done that's supposed to be one and done I'm going to check into. It's not your standard laser deal, something new and only two places in GA that do it.
  6. It's amazing what you see, isn't it? Good stuff Deleted account I'm done here
  7. I would. I'm interested in how well it does work.
  8. Doing the electrical work in the house (I had an Apprentice License years ago), I'd call some one instead of trying to track it down yourself unless you have training/experience. Oh - you did that. Ya - electric space heaters are a huge waste of power...lots of current used for very little output. If you need heat in a small space, get a propane heater rated for indoor use...ya, they're out there.
  9. So, BPS has rod socks for $7.99 on their website. What is different about yours? https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/bass-pro-shops-xts-rod-sock
  10. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any experience with Fitzgerald rods? Specifically the okechkbee rod 7’6 heavy? I’m in the market for a new rod here in Florida and am between this rod and the Ark invoker pro series. The application is for big ez on the top with the occasional swim jig and chatterbait. I don’t see many posts about Fitzgerald so I figured I would start a new thread.
  11. It's the old doctor advice: You tell your doctor that it hurts when you do a specific thing and the doctor tells you not to do the thing then. I have an electrician coming tomorrow and he said the exact same thing regarding the space heater. They draw so much current and don't produce much heat to begin with.
  12. I dont know the brand I use probably Eagle Claw octopus .
  13. Unfortunately, I'm no help with your electrical problem, as my knowledge is very limited. What I would say is to avoid using that space heater again. It probably burns up a ton of electricity anyways, and provides minimal heat.
  14. those big reels are set up with stout magnets and soft SV springs for extra centrifugal effect casting heavy weights. I suspect you can tune your mag brake number lighter for more distance.
  15. I wish mine were so simple. The majority of the outlets in my house are so old they don't have the third prong for the ground, let along a GFCI.
  16. I don't know how to count it because I fish every day on my lunch break. So that's 260 days a year, where I fish for maybe 15-30 minutes. Then add to that probably 3 weekend days a month on average where I'll spend, on average, 6-8 hours fishing. So on one hand, I could say I spent about 300 days fishing last year. But it may be more accurate to say I spent 36ish days fishing.
  17. I'd bet it's a walmart-only deal.
  18. Table Rock has a great winter bite and isn't a bad drive from Iowa. Don't believe anything you read about the powerplant lake in Kansas, you'll leave disappointed.
  19. This occurred to me back in August. There is a GFI switch in my upstairs bathroom that was toggled, and it turned the circuit off in my garage, which controls my garage door openers. 7am arrives and my wife can't open the garage door to get out and go to work. No big deal, I just release the opener using the manual pull rope, and raise it myself so she can back out. Took me several hours to figure out the source of the problem with this circuit, because no one would think that a GFI bathroom switch would affect a circuit in the garage. As it turns out, my 4 year old boy tripped it the night before. d**n kids, I tell ya.
  20. I've had the same experience with the 4.8 bullflat. Catch larger than average size largemouth vs. any other soft plastic presentation. I do prefer free rigging the 4.8, hopping/stroking, and getting hit significantly harderthan with most other soft plastic presentations. Agreed too. Amount of bites significantly decreases with the 5.8.
  21. Just got back from Florida and 90 degree temps. Personally, I wore AFCO, HUK, Mossy Oak, and whatever brand the DIAWA shirts are (I think HUK). No more Mossy Oak for me, it was the hottest of the group. Some wore Columbia PFG and liked it but I find that to be heavy as well. They wear it because they get military and firefighter discounts. We used it not only for the sun but for the millions of teeny tiny grass gnats that would infest every exposed body orifice.😂
  22. The foam pool noodles will compress, and you'll want to replace them periodically. As you can see, I used four. Two were strapped down at the far ends, and the two in the middle rolled freely. I've put them at the back when loading, so they'd roll forward with the kayak. But with the upside down kayak cart strapped to the tip of the trunk, I could easily lift this 90lb kayak, even with my herniated disc. Here's a link to a video that shows the basic idea. They're doing it with an SUV, but it's the same principle, only the cart lays flat instead of hanging. https://youtu.be/s7gQKKBV648
  23. I use the Steez A for mostly 3/8-1/2 oz bladed jigs and spinnerbaits with standard trailers. Not impressed with casting distance. So the the Steez A II is a noticably farther caster for 1/2-1 oz baits?
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