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  2. You are like the bizarro me, I have a zillion sv tw that I would love to trade for a second SV103. The Zillion SV feels so plasticy and loose compared to the SV103. It is a lot lighter, which is mostly why I have not gotten rid of mine, the rod I have it on feels really unbalanced with the SV103 on it.
  3. Spartacus Plus has the rubber cork handles with the Kastking logo. It also mimic's the paintjob of it's big brother, The Spartacus Maximus. The regular Spartacus has the foam handles. I had the Spartacus and loved it. It's retired now as I took it apart to clean it and dropped it and all the pieces. I put it back together but like Humpty Dumpty it will never be the same. I upgraded to the Assassin and couldn't be happier.
  4. I believe what he is doing is tying a Uni Knot with the line doubled (which gives you three tag ends). Two of the tag ends you cut, one tag end is threaded back down through the eye of the hook (this tag end gets the weight). I suspect the difficulty in tying this knot is that your tag ends need be be fairly long and that makes it harder to handle your Uni Knot wraps.
  5. About a decade ago when I was 13 or 14.. I was bobber fishing in a state park in Michigan. Just trying to catch anything I could... I ended up having a huge take on my bobber! It was a giant splash not even 10 feet from where I was standing. I reeled in out of excitement and the fish ended up taking my worm... I battled it on my little ultra light and got it to the walkway I was fishing off of...and at the time it was the strangest thing I've seen.. the fish was about 20+" , had an eel like body with a round head and had teeth ! Not only that but it made a very strange grunting noise out of the water. I had no idea what I had... My step father was a paramedic and was sitting outside of the park on call, his buddy told me it was a dogfish... Which made sense to me cuz of the weird noises it was making out of the water.. I know today that it was a bowfin. And it's not so strange after all... But at the time, it was very exciting and odd.
  6. I use the double uni for everything....except the drop shot, where it's easier for me to just tie a Palomar for the tag end. Both are great knots. Just remember to put your tag end back thru the eye coming in from the hookpoint side. If your problem is just tying a double uni, google fish-n-fool knot. It's the same knot.
  7. Yea, I've seen the videos Glen, but I've been getting lazy with up-keep and just added grease to the Bearing Buddies rather than clean and repack the bearings the last couple of years. Paid the price, too
  8. The Ned rig is pretty simple to me. Mushroom style jighead and a TRD, half a Zinkerz or other stick bait for the non-purist. Shakey head on the other hand... While simple in its presentation, the jigheads used: screwlock, football, swinging, non-screwlock, etc. can be confusing. I had to watch videos on rigging these various style heads before I found the one I liked. After watching Justin Rackley's 4 ways to rig a plastic worm vid I realized I liked what he did with the Biospawn Exostick. He took a Strike King football head jig hooked it sideways through the Exostick's first jointed segment. He then rotated the head 180 degrees and then buried the hook. This quickly became my favorite bait and jighead to shakey head fish with.
  9. The problem would be securing the floor, it's below the water line, to support you're sitting on a pedestal seat. A floor to walk and stand on could be spot secured with epoxy. You'd need much more secure mounting for what you mention. Are the benches riveted in place, or tac welded? Removing rivets puts you in the same situation with holes at, or near the water line. What about that area under the bow for storage? The other thing, if you really want swivel seats is to add them to the bench. They even make removeable mounts. just some things to think about.
  10. If it can be texas rigged it will catch a ton of bass .
  11. So I am getting all hyped for drop shotting lately and have been watching a ton of videos. I found a few with Aaron Martens where he talks about using a doubled (not double) Uni-Knot to attach his hooks. The problem is, I cannot for the life of me figure out what he is doing in the videos. I am with him (I think) up until he starts cinching the knot down. Does anyone use this rigging method and could shed some light on how this knot is tied?
  12. Just had several 'unauthorized purchases' made against a credit card.  Instant notifications are received via email.

    Caught super early while all were in 'pending mode'.  Hate getting hacked but love knowing early.  

    Still had to canx card and have new ones sent (express mail). but Scumbag Cyber Thief won't be getting free stuff on my tab.  PIA but seems to be the way of the world today.


    If you are not getting some type of an alert (text, e-mail, carrier pigeon, something) for any & all of your bank activity - credit / bank cards & checking accounts, you may want to consider it.  



  13. No sir sold
  14. @FryDog62- I do agree that a Medium Light is to light and hook penetration is shaky at best.
  15. That is a hell of a nice find, congrats.
  16. Dean's a hammer on the river and Ontario for sure. The river can be tough because you can basically fish from 3 to 50 ft deep all year round and catch smallmouth. There are usually fish on just about every shoal you find. Drop shot and tubes fished on the bottom or you can throw jerkbaits and spinnerbaits in 8 to 15 ft in heavy current and grass. Covering water is key. Black lake is fishing very tough right now. It's my absolute favorite lake up there (35 mins from my parents place). I was there last sunday and could only manage 9 bass. The grass is really messed up and has been all year. If you can find any clean milfoil in 5 to 8ft you should get some bites. The islands in the main part of the lake are always a good start too. And yes.....poutine is delicious.
  17. yes. I have rigged a pole with an orange flag with lights. Thinking of buying a commercially made one, though. Was really in to making my own gear for a while.
  18. Only to Kumar and his BassBlaster buddies, but he's slowly losing the war on this one I'm fine with the jokes. J Francho dogs me all the time about matching shoes, socks and Ned rig colors - lol The frustrating part is still the lack of understanding about the whole thing despite everything we've posted, which I largely place the blame at the feet of Zman.
  19. I use homemade leashes on all rods on my kayak. I do unleash the one rod I am using, since I don't like the leash (paracord) when fishing. I've dumped and lost a rod/reel, so lesson learned. I may try to pipe insulation thing however.
  20. The Keitech crazy flappers work *very* well for pitching flipping and dragging. Never tried it on the back of a jig.
  21. Would be a great choice. Also a good pick for big fishing too especially those half once plus jigs.
  22. Too bad I just ordered a bunch off Keitech's website before I saw this..paid $2.75 -$2.99/pack + $5 for shipping. Sucker
  23. d**n! you Midwest finesse guys are pretty fanatical. That was a joke btw
  24. About 11 years ago my wife and I were night fishing. She had never done it before so I was excited to take her. It was over cast and extremely dark. She was using a Pop-R. She lost sight of her lure as a swan was swimming by. She panicked and started reeling in so they wouldn't cross paths. She felt a tug followed by a honk and flapping of wings, followed by a giant white bird flying right by us with her line! It quickly snapped and she worried about the bird. Needless to say that was the end of the night and she hasn't been night fishing since.
  25. Keep in mind that Bluebasser fishes more than most. I am lucky to get out once or twice a week for 3 or 4 hours. I bet he fishes several days a week or more with plenty of full days in the mix. He uses his equipment a good amount so if he seems to be impressed by something (especially since he has been using a few of those reels for months now) I would value his input. It is not like he fished them once or tossed them around in the backyard and then wrote a review. Plus he bought a few on his own dime which to me says something and it is much more than a mod pumping a sponsor product. Also a few YouTubers I follow have been using the KastKing reels for a while and one as a frog set up. These guys are hard on their gear and fish a ton as well. They seem pretty satisfied as well. For what you pay for them I think folks would be pleasantly surprised. Will they last for years...that is the only question I would have but if they dont you aren't out much. Other option would be to buy a used reel something that would have retailed for $100 can be had for $50-80 pretty easily.
  26. I have two of the exact same rod. for me it does a lot of things real well. light tubes drop shot wacky rigs grubs. I even use it for light jerkbaits and topwaters. very useful rod for me. now for a heavier tube like over a 1/4 I use my 7ft medium ltb.
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