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  2. NEW BOAT question?

    I can tell you that with my 2008 Tracker 175 TXW with 60hp Merc, after I upgraded to a 24v TM, with a full live well, a full tank of gas, and a passenger with all his fishing equipment it takes a good bit before it planes out. Once it gets on plane I can still run about 36mph on the GPS which is the same as when the tank is half full, the livewell is empty, and I"m by myself. Probably takes a good 100' or more to get up on plane. I usually don't run with a full tank of gas though or a full livewell.
  3. Cast over tree branch, then unfortunately caught a Bass

    It happens to everyone eventually I'd suspect. Just be glad it was a little guy. I had one in the 6-7 pound range do that to me while bank fishing a pond by myself. Nothing I could do but wait for my line to break or the fish to come loose. If I get over a small limb near the water, I'll actually leave the bait in the water and lift it up and down several times or splash it on the surface. I've caught lots of fish doing that.
  4. Roboworm 3" Ned Worm

    They float, after the salt has dissolved from the head of the worm. The tail always floats.
  5. Whopper Plopper

    Loon is probably the only one that makes a big difference in color since it's black and all the other colors are a silver or white color. I have used monkey butt at the same time as my fishing partner has been using loon though on a stained lake and we were both catching fish. In clearer water the dark vs. white may make more of a difference with the WP.
  6. Whopper Plopper

    I've seen in this and other posts that there are a bunch out there that have never had much - if any - success on the Whopper Plopper and there may be a simple reason for that. Color choice. When I bought my first two WP's I bought one in bone and one in Loon. That was last spring and to this day I have not even had one strike on the Loon while on the same sized Bone I've caught a ton of great sized fish. But if I had only purchased the Loon that day I'd be one of those saying it's not such a great lure. So if you're not having any luck you may want to try it in another color before you give up on it.
  7. I throw my Booyah PC further than I really need to. Are you throwing it on braid ?
  8. Newby at Painting Cranks

    I've never done this before so you'll have to excuse my ignorance. What exactly is layering as far as painting goes? I think I know but figured I'd ask.
  9. I accidentally cast through a treee, and as soon as the lure hit the water a Bass hit it. After I took the picture I then lowered it back into the water, and my fishing buddy was able to snag my line and reel it in. The bass was released and seemed to be OK ! (the camera is zoomed all the way in, so it appears closer than it actually was)
  10. NEW BOAT question?

    $1600 is the difference between the 60 and the 75hp.
  11. You will quickly find that a 12 volt Trolling Motor will not last you very long on that rig especially if you load it up with others. Guys that I know who ONLY fish electric lakes have 3 that's right 3 trolling motors on their boats. Normally 2 in back and 1 in front and these are not large lakes either about 200 acres average. That being said, what's in it now? A good 24 volt system may wire right up to what you have. As for the gas motor it's a 4 stroke so there's really -0- hassle to owning and running it. Just some basic maintenance. If the waters you fish are HP restricted (normally 9.9) then by all means keep it. Your trolling motor will thank you if you want/need to make a longer move. As for chargers, it is best to match what your battery setup is. 3 batteries = 3 bank charger, 2 = 2, etc. As for charging them in the house, I wouldn't, if you buy a portable charger you can hook it up with the batteries still in the boat and an extension cord.
  12. She still want's to fish w/ me though.

    This past August hooked wive in finger joint fly fishing, after removing it swelled up like a big pea for 30 minutes then went to normal, she was ticked.....I still think not smart to walk behind someone casting. Years ago hooked daughter when she was 8 in head, she still tells people about this....:)
  13. Today
  14. Prop Baits

    Heddon Baby Torpedo in bullfrog pattern, followed by a Devil's Horse, and then if I need a real finesse bait also throw a Phillips Crippled Killer (I have a couple of these, and buy more on "the Bay" when I get the chance)
  15. NEW BOAT question?

    The 75hp is the same block as the 60 and the upgrade cost should be minimal. Good thinking upgrading the trolling motor since you will be running that 90% of your day. Don't skimp on the batteries to run that bad boy.
  16. New B.A.S.S Rules

    Slippery slope is right.....What's next? Competitors can only use XXXX Rods, XXXX Reels, XXXX Boat manufacturer. XXXX Baits and can only tow with XXXX trucks? While I agree, there is a need for "off-limits" areas, I would have a problem with a boat restriction beyond a USCG Tagged hull including the proper HP outboard. So is someone going to complain that one brand of hull is faster and more fuel efficient (Like Allison for example) and can therefore go further and faster unleveling the playing field? Hmmmmmmm.........
  17. NEW BOAT question?

    Too much power! Ain't that like having too much money or a car too fast. If you have it, don't mean you have to use it all the time, but it sure sucks when you need it and don't have it. The miss conception most people have with boats and motors is horse power is for going faster. That's actually completely the wrong way of looking at it. In stock motors, more HP usually means more torque or better yet, more CC's/CI's. That boat has got to get on plane before it can go fast and since boats don't have transmission, getting enough torque developed to hop out of the water is a lot harder than pushing the boat down the lake once it's up and going. It takes torque to get you going, and HP to go faster. Boat might run 100 mph but if it struggles for five minutes or have to have a passenger step to the front of the boat to get on plane, it still totally sucks having to drive it. Your max out the hull for it's rated HP for the power to get up and go, not just because it will go faster. Actually in the 55 years I've owned boats, I've never owned one that I did not over power and that's from my canoe to a 20' bass boat. Shoot, I once had a 15' ProCraft rated for an 85 with a 225 Merc on it. I Need a motor, already had that one so why not. I would take a 17' boat with a 150 on it any day of the week over the same boat with a 50, (provided it ain't against the law where I needed to use it). Same thing with props. That's the only thing that motor uses to transfer it's power to the water yet 95% of boat owners give very little consideration to that fact and put the cheapest, crappiest thing they can get on the motor. Then run over rocks, limps, stumps and everything else, and beat the heck out of it and start asking what's wrong with their motor when it will barely move the boat.
  18. Hello from southern Maine

    Welcome to Bassresource!
  19. I really like my Diablo Spec R, but it hasn't seen near the use I wish it had. Haven't been out much this year. Never handled the Tatula 7'2" HF, but if it is anything like my Tatula 7'4" HF then it will be a bit too stiff for some of those baits. The Tatula 7'2" MHR is a very nice rod and I am becoming a fan of that action. These Tatulas are all the original models. The original 6'10" MHF is one I'd like to have as well. Guess I'd better check out that Amazon price. I think you would really like the Diablo. The Extreme Mission Type F seems like a great rod from what I've read, but the only reason I have a Megabass rod is because of the generosity of a fellow member. I don't foresee any more in my future.
  20. bait monkey got me. I will post pics later but here's a list... Rebel Pop-R Foxy Shad S.K. Tour Grade Swim Jig Green Pumpkin 1/4 Gamakatsu Treble Round Bend Hooks Black 6 12pk Gama Feathered Treble White/White 6 Zoom Swamp Crawler Green Pumpkin Berkley Havoc Skeet's 4" Pit Boss Green Pumpkin Berkley Havoc Skeet's 4" Pit Boss Black Blue Zoom Baby Brush Hog Green Pumpkin Zoom Trick Worm Green Pumpkin Zoom Trick Worm June Bug Keitech Swing Impact FAT Silver Flash 3.8" Zoom Baby Brush Hog Watermelon Seed Yum Dinger Green Pumpkin 5" Booyah Boss Pop Bream 1/4 FREE Tackle Warehouse Sticker Orders Over $50 S.K. Tour Grade Swim Jig Black/Blue 1/4 Bagley Shakey Heads Green Pumpkin 3/16 Storm Arashi Cover Pop Green Gill 08 Yum Dinger Junebug 5" Lake Fork Frog Tail Hook 2/0 Booyah Pad Crasher Bullfrog Jr.
  21. Heading out to what is likely be one of, if not the last trip, in the Lund Pro-V for this 2017 season.  A mission out of town the first of next month will demand that it goes into winter storage sometime next week. 

     Either way, the 30-40 mph S winds yesterday - have caulked up the local waters here pretty good, but did finally come back around to the W and diminish to 10 mph or so.  That's fairly fishable.  Have no idea what I'm getting into but hoping the recent & consistent warmer air has kept the smallmouth in an eating mood.  

    More to follow - I hope.

    I'm out . . . .



  22. So Yall Want To Learn Toledo Bend?

    Not good. We caught 4 small fish. 3 on main lake points and one on a point in slaughter. Hopefully today will be better.
  23. Nice surprise catch

    Nice fish...good fighters
  24. She still want's to fish w/ me though.

    Never have hooked my gf/wife of 44 years. All I remember is every time I took her fishing it seemed to rain. (she did not like this) Last time so hard you could hardly see your hand in front of your face. So......basically she doesn't fish any more. But...she loves golf like I do fishing....so I golf (try) with her. Life is good
  25. best budget buy under $80

    You do any saltwater, or is it a strictly freshwater setup you’re looking for?
  26. Newby at Painting Cranks

    Good ones.
  27. Buying some punching gear

    Yeah out of a yak might get tricky with a longer rod. The HD I suggested is indeed a Tatula. I picked both of mine up on eBay from authorized dealers for $105 each.
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