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  2. Rumor is: St Croix to announce next week they will discontinue the sale of USA rolled sc2, sc3 and sc4 blanks. USA rolled SC5 blanks will be available exclusively through Rodgeeks.
  3. Maybe a nice Classic IMX sjr782s would do.
  4. redmeansdistortion

    How necessary is a baitcast rig?

    I have some old In-Fisherman magazines from about '91 or '92 that have full articles about finesse bass fishing with spinning tackle. A couple of them even go into detail about similar tactics for pike fishing. If I remember right, the train of thought at that time was to throw finesse baits for fish that were slow to bite or when fishing cold water. We have come a long way since and methods and tactics change as we learn more.
  5. scaleface

    Bass Fishing Memes ***PG ONLY***

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  6. I used 2 spring locks on the right side attached them where the boat 1/2`s come together and made a pole out of 3/4 pvc sharpened 1 end filled it with sand made a handle for it like a flats boat push pole...oh I filled the sharp end with in with jb weld....I tie it to the bracket right rear and have had no issues...it kinda works like a power pole Sept way cheaper....if you can't push it in the bottom ot the lake it will at least float..it's 8 foot long....shoulda made it 10 ....if I go deeper I just drift....my g/f occupies the front so not to bad in the wind....hope this helps
  7. Bluebasser86

    LC Pointer 78 replacement hooks

    I put Owner ST 36 #6 on mine.
  8. Steveo-1969

    Swim jigs

    Those look great! I was thinking about attending the show but with the storm coming I'm probably going to wimp out and stay close to home this weekend. Good luck with your sale!!
  9. Hey everyone. I am pretty familiar with Dobyns rods and what I am looking for is other comparable options out in the market to a 6 powered Dobyns, like say the 736. I would use this set up for hollow body frogs in the thick slop. The Dobyns 5 power seems very comparable with a lot of other heavy action rods out there, but it seems harder to find something slightly more stout than that. I prefer cork and want it in the 7'-7'3" range. No budget constraints because I am sure I would get that question and don't want to limit any suggestions. Considering the technique, however, I don't think something ultra high end would be worth it though either.
  10. Almost the last of my shipments - just waiting on the rod for the President BC in this picture. Also add a Plano Weekender bag to this list - that's going to be my plastics bag...the Cabelas will be for everything else. Only 2 chatterbaits (Green Pumpkin, Shad) because I already had a Black in my bag. Leashes are for my rods and anything else I want to secure - paddle maybe even though I've got a TM for the canoe...need backup.
  11. Bass anglers are a unusual breed of fishermen and only adopted spinning tackle country wide about a decade ago for finesse presentations do to the light line spinning reels excel with. That doesn't mean spinning tackle can't be used with heavier lines, they make salt water spinning reels and rods that cast 30 lb mono effectively, they are bigger reels. Bill Murphy the author of In Pursuit of Gaint Bass used special custom spinning rods and salt water size spinning reels so he could cast unweighted live crawdads and split shot weighted soft platic worms using 15lb to 20 lb mono. Bill knew how to cast baitcasting reels and believed the over size spinning tackle gave him an advantage for his specific presentations. I am not a fan of spinning tackle for general bass fishing and prefer baitcasting reels but use spinning tackle for finesse applications like most other bass anglers do. Why....that what I have always used and very comfortable with both baitcasting and spinning tackle. Use what you like to use. Tom
  12. Exactly! You beat me to it. I got a spinning combo somewhere that I used when I started the kids fishing and took it away. I bought them thier own so they can use both if and when they ever felt the need. Mike
  13. A-Jay

    The Road To The Super Bowl 2019

    When the Chiefs and Patriots face off in the AFC championship game on Sunday, they’ll do so on a fresh playing surface. The Chiefs grounds crew has been hard at work the past several days to get the turf at Arrowhead Stadium in good condition after a snowy divisional playoff game against the Colts. The Chiefs hadn’t planned on resodding the field, but they weren’t left with much of a choice on account of the condition the field was left in following Saturday’s game. https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2019/01/18/kansas-city-chiefs-arrowhead-stadium-resod-field-afc-championship-game/ A-Jay
  14. Happybeerbuzz

    Why I Don't Buy Tackle From Ebay

    I try not to pattern my behavior based on the exception rather than the norm, and I don’t believe the majority of sellers or even a large minority of them are criminals.
  15. Another critical thing to consider!!!!!!!! Choose a casting reel with the retrieve on the same side your spinning reel handle is. You readily admit you’ve been spinning for years so if you retrieve left handed, get a left handed casting reel ... The type of reprogramming required to get casting down opposite handed is not something to focus on when learning to use a casting reel for the first time. I will wager a Rapala size 5 floating minnow that you will prefer by 10 country miles a casting reel with a retrieve on the same side you’re already accustomed.
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  17. punch

    Why I Don't Buy Tackle From Ebay

    It just looks like a normal picture from latest purchase thread.
  18. NYWayfarer

    Inexpensive spinning combo

    That reel would look real nice on one of those new Shock rods. To the OP another suggestion is the Kastking Centron 2000 combo on Amazon for $59 https://www.amazon.com/KastKing-Centron-Spinning-Reel-Stainless/dp/B07D6NH8TR It is one of the better sub $30 reels I have ever handled.
  19. Drewski73

    Dobyns Champs & DX for sale

    $150 on the 763 C $140 on the 702 S $270 for the pair
  20. scaleface

    Bass Fishing Memes ***PG ONLY***

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  21. Munkin

    Why I Don't Buy Tackle From Ebay

    I was around BR to see the surveillance footage of "The Natural" on the news. The State Police post the mug shots of the people they catch shoplifting at Wal-Mart in South Hagerstown on Facebook. Wal-Mart is like 100 yards from the barracks and people still steal. Shaming them on FB has cut down on the theft though. Allen
  22. Gundog

    Bass fishing Vs other sports

    I don't consider "skateboarding" to be a sport since my grandfather broke his hip because of one. He was drunk one night and came home and his great grandchild had left his skateboard on the floor. He went upstairs, slept off the night before and came down the next morning. He had a hearty breakfast, took out the trash, fed the dog and took a nap. When he woke up from his nap he did some dusting around the house, rehung a crooked picture of Elvis standing next to Richard Nixon and wrote out some checks for some bills. Then, as he was walking out of the house, it happened. He fell over trying to pick up the skateboard that was lying around. And that is how he broke his hip because of a skateboard.
  23. Glaucus

    Inexpensive spinning combo

    Berkley Cherrywood rod and Pflueger Trion reel
  24. haleywp

    Percentage Triangle

    Is this what you are referring to: https://www.bassresource.com/fishing/hope_chronicles.html It's at the bottom of the article, although the hole article is a great read.
  25. rippin-lips

    Show off your Stuff

    I’d say roughly about 8hrs total. 1-2hrs in taking it apart and prepping all the parts. 1hr worth of cleaning all the parts for when it was finished. 5hrs in the whole paint process. Then another 1hr to put it all back together after it sat for a week.
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