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  2. C-Rig vs drop-shot

    Dropping the trolling motor and towing the C-Rig at a predetermined depth will find you fish. Bottom contact is a must.
  3. What’s your favorite tube?

    Lunch Money Tubes. Color? All of them https://fishingcompleteinc.com/brands/Lunch-Money-Lures.html
  4. Don't worry about what your boater is doing unless he's on a distinct pattern. Fish your strengths and your water. Don't press and be ready to Improvise, Overcome and Adapt to any change. Good Luck Mike
  5. Color and style aside, I will say I tried for many years to avoid the high cost of Rx sunglasses. My eyesight was never bad enough that I had to have Rx glasses for driving or fishing and so I just bought quality manufacturers. I decided to "splurge" since my prescription program through work would pick up "some" of the cost and I found out a fishing friend was a Lense maker for a chain glasses company. They also carried many of the premium sunglass brands. Him giving me a 50% discount also helped. I must say, it was well worth the $$. I still ended up paying about $300 out of pocket after the discounts and insurance were applied. Per my friend, some things that he strongly suggested. 1. Poly Lenses. Many prefer glass but in fishing situations, even the best glass when hit with a jig will put glass shards in your eye. Not pretty. 2. Get a tint that works for your needs. 3. Get a frame that fits your face. Big deal!! A bad frame fit will give you headaches and make you miserable. I required wrap around style due to using them when running the boat. 4. If getting Rx, choose a manufacturer that makes their own lenses. I chose Oakley because the retail outlet where I bought them had to send them to Oakley to have the lense made. Even some of the top brands once you choose a Rx lense, they send them to the retail chain's lab to have the lense made. You end up paying big $$ for a frame and a lense that is only as good as the lab they sent it to. Just some things to consider.
  6. What’s your favorite tube?

    Tube A, AKA Tuba.
  7. Daiwa Exceler LT or BG

    I hope the BG isn't just for saltwater cuz I got the 1500 to put on my new-2-me Benkei finesse rod. Got it over the winter for about $75 if I remember correctly. A good enough price for you optimator?
  8. What’s your favorite tube?

    Strike King coffee tube in varied colors.
  9. Fantasy Fishing 2018

    So I rolled with... Litner Ehrler Evers Herren Tharp
  10. What’s your favorite tube?

  11. Knockoffs vs Original Cranks

    The one thing that makes a difference in any lure is confidence!! If you have confidence in a lure more than likely you are going to catch fish on it unless it breaks or has major problems. You are not going to catch fish on a crank that breaks the bill off on the first cast or fills with water. I think we may all agree more than what it appears because we are blending terms. To be fair, we would have to compare them in their respective categories. 1. High priced JDM baits. 2. Custom built 3. Mid priced Originals 4. Store brand of Originals 5. Knockoffs Now what hasn't been discussed is the difference in blanks from different suppliers. If the supplier has quality blanks and you add a quality paint job and hardware you will have a good bait IMHO...But did you save any money? Normally that falls in the "custom" bait definition and is much more expensive. A true knockoff as I am referring to is a no name cheap bait with cheap components/hardware. I will say this, my friend that I mentioned in my post above who designs baits told me (and showed me pictures) that if you know where to go in the overseas market, you can walk through the door with ANY hardbait and in 1 week you can have 3,000 boxed up blanks. Bottom line it's your hard earned $$ spend it where you like.
  12. Post a photo a day!

    Another sign of spring here. Picture quality isn't the greatest but if you look closely you can see two little chicks. We happened upon them at a pond just down the road from us. I've never seen their chicks before.
  13. Targeting big bass

    So the 35 double digit bass I caught on smaller lures don't count? Some "trophy" bass anglers throw nothing but swim-baits, some throw nothing but larger than normal lures, some fish nothing but deep water structure, some fish nothing but shallower water, but all catch "trophy" size bass. Lure selection for any size bass is totally personal preference. I do agree catching larger than average bass is a mindset.
  14. What’s your favorite tube?

    Dry Creek...watermelon candy....done
  15. Curado K

    I'd take a fuego ct, tatula ct, or tatula sv over a curado all day. Not to say the curado isn't a great reel just prefer daiwa
  16. So Yall Want To Learn Toledo Bend?

    Hello all, hope all is well. I will be returning to Louisiana after being away for awhile. I am a casual weekend fisherman who is looking for a partner or friend to fish with and maybe a learn a thing or two. I have been fishing a few years so you won't have to worry about being hooked during one of my cast. Lol. If you have a boat that's great and I would pay for gas. I typically fish near pirates cove (Florine) . Thanks
  17. Toledo bend fishing partner

    Thanks, I will
  18. Rod Blanks - Cheap Cheap

    check with Mudhole.they have closeouts all the time.
  19. Today
  20. Toledo bend fishing partner

    Jason how y'all are? Welcome 😉 Check out this thread on Toledo Bend, it has over 1 million views & might give you a better chance to meet someone. https://www.bassresource.com/bass-fishing-forums/topic/41658-so-yall-want-to-learn-toledo-bend/?page=283
  21. New Boat/Trolling Motor ?

    Where do you live @Further North? I did a lot of research this morning and it's looking like 2 Garmin echomap chirp 93sv plus might serve me well. Only because it comes with everything and networking is simply one cable. The only real downside to this setup is follow the contour feature with my Terrova. HB just requires too many accessories for my liking. Transducers, cables, hubs, and mapping. When it comes to mapping. I'll be fishing mainly Ohio water but I'll be fishing in Central New York and North/South Carolina this year. I think that would be 3 different lakemaster chips
  22. Siebert Outdoors review

    Siebert jigs are the Real Deal!
  23. How do you rig horny toads and flat craw baits?

    I'll bite, what's a flat craw? 😉
  24. Keitech Swim Impact alternative

    The Rage Tail Swimmer has replaced Kietech in my line up. http://www.strikeking.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=733&Itemid=1259
  25. What’s your favorite tube?

    River Rock Custom Baits 3.5" pro tube in dark melon candy. It is a hand dipped tube that is really soft and it gets bit even in tough conditions and the fish don't spit it, they eat it!!
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