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  1. Last week
  2. From the album: A-Jay's Stuff

    This guy is always on a mission . . . .
  3. A-Jay

    Kya & Tank Feb 23

    From the album: A-Jay's Stuff

    Thick as thieves these two ~
  4. Awesome color on that spot
  5. Earlier
  6. From the album: 2017-2022

  7. Jar11591


    Thanks. My one and only tiger muskie. I’ve still never seen another one that has a similar color!
  8. Jar11591

    4# on the Pop-X

    From the album: 2017-2022

  9. From the album: 2017-2022

  10. A-Jay

    Megabass LIVE X 1LBO

    From the album: A-Jay's Baits

    Looks like there's a new kid in town ~
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