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  2. teethmarks

    Latest Catch Pics Thread

    went out on the local rezzie today with my brother in law to test out a new piece of gear he bought. i dont think we caught one fish there the whole of last season and not for lack of trying. the fishing there is tough. well today was a different story. i hooked into five fish of five different species one after the other. beautiful evening not sure what was up with this guy, abnormal coloring smallie up on the bank. if you didnt get your bait close in to the bank you didnt get a fish this next fish i threw a morning dawn yum dinger wacky rigged up against a rock face near the bank. as you can hear my bro was amped. i was frozen in disbelief. did not end up landing the fish. we were completely unprepared for this guy. my wacky fishing rig is a 6'0 fenwick eagle medium-light strung with 10 lb spiderline braid and 8 lb super silver thread copolymer leader. it lasted much longer than i expected. he didnt inhale the bait i actually had him lip hooked with a 1/0 finesse wide gap. but he eventually turned and got his mouth around the line and sheared it off. was hard to fish after that, that was the first time i ever hooked into a musky. didnt know what this was but im told it is a white perch. this thing inhaled a 4" cinnamon yamamoto, and took a dump on my leg pickerel on the bagley minnow b took a swipe at it hooked him backwards through top lip was pretty shocked to get 5 species like that in a row. managed one more before the wife summoned me home to help with bed time.
  3. Ksam1234

    Tubes help please

    I plan to use 3.5-4.5 inch tubes
  4. JustJames

    Need Help Catching Bass

    Give Texas rig and dropshot a try. Get a bag of Senko and 4/0 EWG hook. Try to slow down.
  5. Video added of my daughter falling in lake havasu. This could have gone way worse if she wasnt wearing one.
  6. Dponchay

    Other Species Latest Catch Pics Thread

    I caught a turtle! He smiled for the camera.
  7. Best advice, keep the line tight between the rod and lure and you should be able to feel any bites. That is the key to setting the hook at the right time.
  8. Bdnoble84

    Lure swap

    Really liked your chatterbait bluebasser. Unfortunately, i managed to snag it on the 5th cast and had to break it off. Pretty sure i coulda pulled it out but i was using a reel with a pretty wimpy drag. Really bummed me out as i saw it drawing some seerious northern action in the little stream that i kill them in. Those colors and that vibration i think would get them going in the next month.Thats the only thing ive been able to try. I’ll post pics as i get a chance to use everything. Hopefully i dont lose anymore of these gems
  9. If someone buys an expensive set of $200 polarized sunglasses, is the quality of the polarization the same as a $15 pair? I'm sure the sharpness and clarity could be better with the higher end glasses but is the polarization the same? If I look at water with 2 sets of polarized glasses, expensive and cheap, will I see the same thing?
  10. Yes I too have run into such people. My road bike is so old it only has 6 gears, old school cantilever brakes and the clicking latches and treads on my mid end blue sidi dominator shoes have broken off due to being too old, lol. There was was nothing sweeter than smoking them on a ride and it’s even sweeter when you smoke them on a mountain bike without slicks... on the street. It’s the engine, not the bike. Miguel indurain would kick their rears with a huffy. It’s the angler, not the gear. In the words of Warpath, BAM! POW! Conversely, I also won’t judge them and be a reverse snooty dude and look down upon them for using higher end gear. To each his own.
  11. I find I can cast farther with a baitcaster all else being equal, assuming the lure is on the heavier side. Esp if I am fishing down wind with the brakes eased off.
  12. Ahh, never had that happen. I actually rarely have the braided line get tangled in the hooks for whatever reason.
  13. Robert Riley

    Top water rod thought please

    I would check out the TP1 from Lew's. They've got a 6'8" Medium Fast (it's an extra fast in my book). It's light, has the cool new microwave guides, Lew's fantastic customer service and it's even got a shorter handle for working the rod. I've got the MH crankbait rod and I love it.
  14. FlukeJr

    So Yall Want To Learn Toledo Bend?

    Just looked at the fish totals and total weight for the Sealy Splash over the last few years. There is a noticeable crash in total fish and weights. Gotta think the killing of all the vegetation by the Authority is starting to take its toll. Hope I’m wrong but the evidence is sure compelling.
  15. Jmp_37

    Six gill Rods

    Anyone know if there rods are any good? Just bought 2 myakkas using there buy one get one free code.
  16. Beetlebz

    The latest sale thread

    You can always get 10% off using MF10 I think. Ben Milliken mentions it frequently in his videos. I use the code a little too often 😳
  17. I believe you are taking too much time and the bass spits out the lure while you are getting set the hook set. 2 methods I use are the reel set with rod sweep, see Hackneys vedio and vertical hook sets with jigs I snap set. Snap set is quick tip drop and snap upwards into the slack line driving the heavy wire hook home. Reel set is crank the reel handle quickly and sweep the rod back, use this with more horizontal hook sets. Tom
  18. KSbass

    Manhattan KS area fishing

    Another good couple hours at Pot 2 this morning. Got an ok one early on a spook. Nice getting my first top water bite of the year today. Couple 2-3 pounders in small coves off small main points hiding in the lay downs. Bites been good last couple times out there, surprisingly.
  19. Today
  20. RichPenNY

    Personal Best Brown Trout Today ~ video

    That was really cool. Thanks for sharing the great video. Especially great that you didn't even need to measure or weigh, as this one is on video and in your memory as a special catch.
  21. That's what I was referring to. Was just curious what brands everyone was using I know they claim 8-10 years but didn't believe it. So 10 yrs and still going strong hub
  22. Catt

    What seems to never work for you...

    I got confidence...in baby brush hogs! Don't own anymore brush hogs...have no intention on buying any!
  23. 2 rods are med fast ,1 is med Heavy Fast
  24. Kjruiz

    Central Park (NYC) Fishing

    I was guilty of the same thing, I actually only found out about fishing in Central Park when I had gotten a new rod and reel and wanted to find where I be allowed to cast it out. After a little googling I found myself watching one of Lunkerville’s fishing videos, and he has several in the city. There are some decent size fish in the Meer, especially when considering where you’re fishing.
  25. S Hovanec

    Drop shot rod blank

    No lie there. I have at least a dozen in the rack waiting for me!
  26. Chronarch is sold, thanks! Price drop on Metanium ($210) and Curado ($120).
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