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  2. Some observations....

    Like some of the above posters, I too like to start outside and work my way in to the mat. The outside edge may sometimes be under water!
  3. Pemmi river. Nh

    About 1.5 miles downstream from the launch is a dam that you can not get around, but due to that, the water is much deeper in this area then the rest of the Pemi so you will have no trouble navigating. Going upstream it gets more shallow the father you go. Good luck!
  4. Almost never. But then, every gamefish species here like my jerkbaits. So I do take an occasional break.
  5. Help LMB fishing

    Please let us know how your adventure goes.
  6. Fenwick warranty

    If they say the damage was your fault just take the discount and buy a new rod and tell them you still want your old rod back. Its still your rod after all so you can go and get it fixed.
  7. Tournament MB BNIB -Price Lowered-

    Price lowered
  8. I highly suggest a Lews Mach speed stick, fro TW. 79.99. A 6FT7IN, M/L, 1/16--1/4oz. I have the president 6920 on it with 10lb braid on one set up and 15lb braid on the other.
  9. Just wanted to share this

    Good job..... This is "one step forward for mankind"
  10. Lefty Baitcasters for Sale

    Reels are used not abused. The Lews has gotten the most use out of the bunch. It was my first baitcaster but I purchased reels often and upgraded. All reels are in great mechanical condition. The Tatula has very little use, I could not find a single mark on it. Which reel(s) are you interested in? I could take more detailed, high quality pictures.
  11. Today
  12. Xcalibur XR50 & XRK75

  13. Best knots

    I don't want to be the guy that says use the search function, but there are dozens of threads on this. If you only want to use 1 knot for most purposes, the improved uni is it Side note....most knots tied properly will work. Find one that you can tie in your sleep with mittens one after having a couple beers..
  14. It sounds like a Jon boat would fit the bill but I have seen deals on Craigslist that might allow you to get more boat for the money, but 1000.00 doesn't give you much room. I have seen some used kayaks that are bug enough to stand on.
  15. big plastics for big bass in deep water

    I fish out of a kayak too. Its a luxury being able to get where the boats cant. I was stuck below the 5lb mark as well (i lost a few i knew were over, just couldnt land them). Then i landed a 6lber on a 10" worm just before dark in the shallows near pads. They are starting to roam. To touch on what wrb said regarding down hill vs uphill. I too like throwing swimbaits. I havent gotten into the real big ones as i need a swimbait set up. But i fish the 5.8 keitech. I try to read as much as i can on swimbait fishing for big bass. When targeting those big bass that are looking for trout for example, articles say the fish will set up looking out to deep water, where the trout come from. So if you cast from deep to shallow you may bri g it right by them and they wont see it until it passes.
  16. New pond owner needs help!

    Yup, don't waste them. I am a catch and release angle except when visiting relation in Florida. We always have a big fish fry before heading home. Two of us have a mini production line. Dip fillet in egg (salt and pepper), flour, back into the egg, coat with crumbled up Saltines, layer on cookie sheet. Cook in deep fryer 3-4 minutes. Apply desired amount of tartar sauce. Yum!
  17. Jigs in stained water

  18. Post a photo a day!

    I don't think they took people with guts or bad knees in to account when they design them
  19. The craws in my area are definitely very red (raw) but it makes sense that the jig can also imitate a bluegill or some other fish making them effective. Still I think i'll buy some red jigs and trailers and see how that works. Thanks for all the responses
  20. Bottom Contact Confidence?

    I used to dread fishing weeds until I tried a weightless Zoom Trick Worm (candy bug). I like slowly dragging it along the bottom and discovered that it hovers effortlessly above vegetation. When dragging along sometimes, often you encounter a vertical patch of grass; you just finesse tug it through and that's when you also get a lot of bites too. I fished a swimjig with a paddle tail trailer for the very first time last Sunday and caught a nice bass within 15 minutes. I was surprised how well that cut thru vegetation and will use that more as a search bait for weedy Ponds ditch the weight on your TX rigged worms and see if you get similar results. Bonus feature of the weightless trick worm is the initial deadly fall too!
  21. WTB: bait casting reel

    whats the most your willing to spend?
  22. 90 and 110 I fish on a 7' M/F baitcaster with 20lb braid, no leader 130 goes on a 7' 3" H/F 50lb braid, no leader
  23. I have been humbled.

    Raider, kids see things for what they are. You're a good dude.
  24. Boom boom swimbait

    I have the rigged ones. Not as big as I though they were, kind of disappointed there. They've been good fish catchers though, and pretty durable.
  25. Where do the Fish go during draining water?

    Rapidly dropping water levels will pull them off the banks and often makes fishing very tough.
  26. Most consecutive days?

    I use to fish 300+ days a year before I was married with kids. Now it's probably closer to 100 days a year. I keep rods in my car and have a 45 minute drive back and forth to work each day, and I drive past several bodies of water in doing so. Combine that with the fact that I work nights, so I'm driving past these bodies of water in the morning when the bite is often at it's best, I do a lot of quick 15-30 minute stops to try the high percentage areas.
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