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  2. Bluebasser86

    Spinnerbaits...buzzbait...0 fish.

    A very basic rundown of how I begin my selection; Painted blades-cloudy or dirty water copper blades-muddy, tannic, or lowlight conditions gold blades- sunny and stained to dirty water silver- sunny and clear to moderate stained water Colorado blades-dirty water or cold water Indiana blades-stained water Willowleaf-clear water, fast retrieves, or for fishing deeper Tons of variables that will make me adjust these accordingly, but this is how I begin the process.
  3. Bluebasser86

    Where did you catch them today?

    Worked all night, slept all day, repeat until Thursday.
  4. govallis

    Telescopic Rods

    Telescopic does not necessarily mean fragile. Even a cheap one like Quantum Telecast, Shakespeare Travel Mate or Eagle Claw Pack-it are as firm as a 1-pc rod. They might break like other 1-pc or 2-pc rods, but they never break at the joints. The joints are actually much stronger than the blank, because that's where the guides are bonded to. But you must be careful each and every time when collapse, to not break the guides. Once you know how to do that, it becomes second nature like driving a manual car.
  5. Jrob78

    TWing,gimmick or worth it?

    I notice the most difference while pitching.
  6. Shimano Sahara is really good real for under $100 price point. You won't be disappointed with its performance.
  7. LxVE Bassin

    Palomar knot failing

    Never had problems with a palamor knot or double palamor knot. Maybe it’s the line you are using. What technique are you using that requires a swivel? Multiple connections make a weak point no matter the line.
  8. I have a Daiwa Ballistic LT 2500 and I would put up against any Stradic. For $100 bucks you can get the Daiwa Fuego LT, aluminum frame and its mag sealed. I always wondered why the Tatula LT is not mag sealed and it costs more.
  9. LxVE Bassin

    Dropshot vs shakey head rods?

    My dropshot rod is an Enigma HPT 6’11 M/F. The rod is designated for shakey heads which I never throw. I use bigger hooks than most and I like to Texas rig my dropshot baits so I tend to pull a lil harder to set the hook before I start reeling. ML rods seemed to be under powered for my liking. It’s personal preference.
  10. Stephen B

    To my Yankee friends

    I woke up today and it was 75 degrees at 7 am already. We don't get much of a fall or winter haha
  11. kenmitch

    Fall crankbait fishing

    Grind away!
  12. Is Shimano and Daiwa even included on the sale?
  13. JackKlassen

    e6x, avid x, tatula elite

    Avid x all the way. I have 2, one spinning and one casting and they are awesome for the price. I've fished a lot of my buddies e6xs and personally think they are way below the Avid. Less sensitive, less powerful and heavier. Haven't fished the tatula elites but I have a regular tatula as well as a zillion and they are both awesome sticks.
  14. MIbassyaker

    Latest Catch Pics Thread

    Best of 11 from a rare (for me) evening excursion tonight. Also the best bass I've had in at least a month...it's been dink-city here, otherwise.
  15. FishTank

    Favorite 1.5 Shallow Diving Crank ?

    Lucky Crafts have always worked the best for me. My favorite is the Flat Mini MR. They have been getting harder to find these days.
  16. The op had a specific question, not a over all general question about being a back seater. 3 anglers in a 20' bass boat, 2 are younger angler with the boat owner being the experience older bass angler. This is a training outing for the 2 youngsters and should be an enjoyable trip. Have a good time and all will go well. Tom
  17. Hey all. Looking to Join a bass club in northeast ma or southern nh. Looking to meet new people who enjoy this sport as I am.
  18. Koz

    Topwater - what to throw and when?

    If there is a bunch of heavy weeds or vegetation then obviously I'm going to throw something without treble hooks like a Pad Crasher or Sprinker. But if I don't have to worry about vegetation then I don't worry about unwritten rules or anything like that. I'll size up the weather and water conditions, but mainly I throw the baits I like or if I have a hunch I throw that one. I'm not a pro angler worrying with every cast about putting money in the bank. I just enjoy being out there and relaxing.
  19. FishTank

    worst thing a non boater has done?

    I asked a friend at work to fish in a tournament with me..... He forgot his buy-in money and showed up with a zebco 33 (not knocking this reel), a broken rod that was duct-taped together, a styrofoam box of night crawlers, one bobber and two hooks. He had been out all night at a bar and was still lit with no sleep. It was a short fishing trip.
  20. r83srock

    Best rod for crankbaits under $100

    Berkley shock, 7’ m casting.
  21. FishTank

    Worst thing a BOATER has done to you

    Went flat out in a no wake zone in front of the DNR guys. Made for an expensive day.
  22. Harold Scoggins

    Post a photo a day!

    Winning Hearts and Minds, or rice planting...
  23. looking45

    Bunnies....bunnies EVERYWHERE in my neighborhood

    this same video was posted on an air gun forum under a different name, different city. You guys have been trolled
  24. Matt_3479

    New rod for the old man

    Well rolling through the store today while getting some tackle for my upcoming annual moose hunt and walleye fishing trip the e6x was on a wicked deal for 130.00 off retail. So I grabbed the 845c cbr and another daiwa tatula sv tws, spooled up 15lbs invisx and through a nice little squarebill picked up my dad and gave it too him way early seeing as his birthdays not till January lol! We headed out to a local pond to give it a shot and he was loving it! He was Picking up large mouth like It was going out of style lol! We are heading to a lake next weekend where we have done really well the last few times and when I saw the deal on the e6x I couldn’t pass it up
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