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Manns Jelly Worm Monster Birthday Bass!
© Eric Jackson
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Manns Jelly Worm Monster Birthday Bass!


8" blueberry Manns worm against a warm, sunbaked cliff. This monster nailed the worm on the first twitch- where it was dropping off the cliff wall into deep water, likely at 8' when he hit it. Never caught a big one there before, but small ones tend to hang out there. Was super fired up when I set the hook and it took off running! It was my son-in-laws birthday. I gave him two days in a sweet cabin where he could go fishing (and i could come with him!) My daughter, Emily, went also. Nick took this photo with my GoPro Hero 4, the new one. The birthday boy caught about 8 fish that day, but I got the trophy bass. This one was pushing 15 pounds by my guess. I don't carry a scale with me, prefer to let the photos do the talking. Might consider it soon, as everyone always asks me (how much did that one weigh?) and I can only tell them what I think. Under any condition- a bass this size will put a smile on my face any day!


© Eric Jackson

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