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Buckeye Jig takes this trophy bass from the shore!
© Eric Jackson
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Buckeye Jig takes this trophy bass from the shore!


After filming a TV Show with Charlie Ingram, I stopped at a small lake on the way home to try out a few casts using the Buckeye Jig that we used in the show. I had fished here before, crystal clear waters, but had been using larger lures, heavier line, etc.. and didn't have much luck. I tried what Charlie suggested, which was light line, a Buckeye Jig with small chunk. 3rd cast from a rock on the shore, pulled the jig into some weeds, let it drop and Bam! Had to fight this fish close to the shore but he was tangled in weeds and my line was going to break, so I waded in and retrieved it. I wasn't prepared to take a photo, so I ran to the car, got my phone and did the best selfie I could, but it was hard holding it up and getting the photo at the same time! Released it back for another day.


© Eric Jackson

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