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  2. The Road To The Super Bowl 2018

    He's got a point.
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  4. Best Budget Crankbait Rod

    That's the price I got mine from an eBay seller. I got the 7' 10" big plug/crank rod. Super light and balanced for the price.
  5. Back to the Basics

    Enjoy the learning time, spring will be here soon.
  6. Fishmas 2017

    I’m in!
  7. For Us KC Area Guys - Fishing Reports

    We fished Shawnee for a few hours today, got on the water mid morning. I started off throwing a jerk and didn't put it down until we left. Tubes and turds also produced some nice fish. The bass were holding on specific breaks and once we dialed in you could rinse and repeat around the lake. Water was 49
  8. Whopper Plopper 130s FS

    Price drop
  9. pull the trigger or wait.

    I'd pay a few more bucks and get the CT. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Daiwa-Tatula-CT-100HL-6-3-1-Left-Hand-Baitcast-Fishing-Reel-TACT100HL-/302283400858?hash=item46617ea69a
  10. I am looking for a new casting rod for pitching jigs and some topwater Frogs. I am trying to decide between the st Croix bass x mh-f or the newly redesigned fenwick hmg mh-f. Does anyone have experience with either rod? Also torn on length as I usually fish from the bank, trees and bushes can be an issue. Considering 6'6" - 7'1". Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. Bait monkey, but worse...

    There are a lot of tat fans but the twing is nothing I am in rested in. Test the waters for sure it's only fair. Use a non twing daiwa before making a final judgement. A very cheap amazing daiwa is the advantage htsa or htsl.
  12. Back to the Basics

    Welcome aboard, Ty!
  13. Rods

    Thanks for the advice man
  14. Rods

    For me it would be too heavy for that. That’s a personal preference. It’s broom stick-ish. Makes a good frog/flippin’ stick. I’ll say it is very light (weight wise) for its power.
  15. Shasta Lake Fishing Report 11/18

    Nice fish and thanks for the report. I'll have to get back up there for some fish and visit the caverns, it's been a while.
  16. Bait monkey, but worse...

    I own a Casitas and it's a really good reel cast light baits with ease and heavier baits even better you'll love this reel. Down side is what it's made of, plastic, but it is worth the money there is no equal to it in its price range.
  17. Looking for article/video

    It wasn't that one. I feel like there was a video embedded. If I recall correctly the 4/0 was described as being the perfect size for the plastic it was paired with as it was almost the length of the body. I know it's a long shot but I have hope!
  18. pull the trigger or wait.

    yep sale has been going for a few days
  19. Honestly you will probably be paying more getting the gear from BPS. With Black Friday sales and EBay you could save at least 20% off if you purchase the items online. Plus you don't have to drive hours to BPS so you save both time and money.
  20. Rods

    Too funny dude. I'm looking for a solid rod to cast and pitch jigs 3/8 to 3/4 jigs. In your opinion, would it work okay for that?
  21. Looking for article/video

    Perhaps this one? https://www.bassresource.com/fishing/Texas-rig-reel-lure.html
  22. pull the trigger or wait.

    Link says this item is out of stock? Someone got a good deal!
  23. Rods

    Bought the champ xp 765 flip to replace it. Bought an extreme to replace that lol.
  24. Does Profound Square Boss = Xcal SB?

    The xcaliburs were good because of the quality components and great paint jobs also the xcs100s casted really far they were a half ounce in a 1.5 body I continue to collect xcalibur lures and they are still available on the Internet even though they are discontinued. I never used the 200s
  25. Leaders and fish loss

    What did you find worked best for you?
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