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  3. Rate the song above you

  4. Need some value priced polarized sunglasses

    Strike King S11 are very nice for the money. Bought 3 pairs somewhere on the interwebs for $49. Allen
  5. Big swimbaits vs small water

    Keitech recommends a 10/0 for the 7.8" and a 6/0 for the 6.8" but it is not an exact science. I would bet those 8/0 would work on both baits. I like the Owner Weighted Beast and the Lazer Trokar Magnum Weighted. You just need to make sure you have a wide enough gap for these extra fat swimbaits. https://www.keitechusa.com/keitech-swimbaits/keitech-swing-impact-fat/keitech-fat-swing-impact-7.8/keitech-fat-swing-impact-7.8-silver-flash-minnow-clone.html
  6. I would put the topwater away and use a jig and craw.
  7. Overusing a bait?

    If it were me fishing I would keep mixing up the baits. I would use my confidence bait only if nothing else is working.
  8. What software to edit GoPro footage

    If you have a MacBook iMovie is free and surprisingly a great program to edit videos, especially for beginners!
  9. Enormous size differences.

    Great stuff above. Genetics, food, growing season, and age all play roles. FOOD may be the one least understood, or better, the sheer amount and quality of it required. The amount of food of the right composition and size required to grow small fish into huge fish is almost mind-boggling. And it's something that is extremely rare in nature, and darn hard to accomplish in managed waters. Growing season plays an enormous role not only in the the duration of growth periods for bass but, more importantly, in the sheer amount of prey fishes a given water can produce. Southern waters commonly produce multiple broods of prey fishes, while northern waters rarely do. All are important but the best genetics, clean water, and age structure will go nowhere without one heck of a lot of food of the right composition and size for bass from fingerling through... monster. As to the genetics part, genes are potential, heavily influenced by the environment. There's a point in every fish's life where they must "choose" whether to chase pounds or gametes. All choose both, however, the environment makes that choice for them. A dead bass does not contribute to the future. If there is not enough appropriate food to go around, bass will mature -start developing costly gametes- at 10" in length, and still "win the game".
  10. Need some value priced polarized sunglasses

    Checkout body glove pretty decent polarization for the price and VERY comfortable as well.Seen a rack of them at bps in Dania beach fl not sure if other bps carry them.
  11. Ggggiant bass! (video added!)

    Those are some nice bass.
  12. 7'8 Medium Heavy Rod.

    Well you are in a pretty area. Be careful or gentle with my test. No need to give it the gorilla test, just bend it easy it gives you an idea how it will play. Casting and retrieving baits will tell you a lot more.
  13. Got a yak

    Haven't gotten to this thread in a few days. Does anyone in the area have any suggestions for any good lakes in the greater Orlando area to take out a kayak for the first time? Something with decent launching and where I can maybe catch some fish without going out too far. I was considering Lake Toho, but I've heard of large gators and dirtier water.
  14. How could they make braid nearly invisible? Why would having guides closer together increase casting, wouldn't that be more guides thus more friction? Or do you mean less guides friction?
  15. Ggggiant bass! (video added!)

    Oh I plan on it Lol!
  16. Big swimbaits vs small water

    4/0 is a good hook in the 4.8. Think the largest is using a 10/0 so you 8/0 might work well in the second largest. Yet to fish the new ones.
  17. Enormous size differences.

    How do bass become trophy size? How long do bass live? Does keeping a big bass harm the fishery? Can 100% catch and release be worse than keeping a few? Can bass spawn more than once per year? These questions and more are answered by the nation's top warmwater lake manager, Bob Lusk, in this video.
  18. Ggggiant bass! (video added!)

    Keep 'em coming! Those are some amazing bass.
  19. I haven't seen the boat in person, but I think it's kind of cool. The real cool part is all the new members interest in this boat has brought us!
  20. Big swimbaits vs small water

    What hooks are you using for those plastics? I just won an eBay auction for about a half dozen packs of weighted Beast hooks in 4/0 and 8/0 and want to find some plastics to use them with.
  21. Enormous size differences.

    Genetics, food source, environment, which includes water quality. A long growing season sure helps too.
  22. Enormous size differences.

    I'm glad we can agree now because your comments yesterday left me scrathing my head.
  23. Good boat for the feeble

    You could jump up to a Lund Pro Guide for that. That's what I'm lusting after. At any rate, good luck in your search.
  24. Rate the song above you

  25. ratman

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