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  2. Downsizing (lot of 30 hard baits) **price reduced**

    Any SK KVD 2.5 in there?
  3. It's funny how different fisherman see things differently as I don't consider the 130 to be a big lure at all , I recently had one of my best days in a long while fishing for largemouths in SW Michigan with my best 5 weighing about 22 lbs which is a very nice stringer for my area anchored with a 6lber & 4lber . If it's not too big for our fish I 'm sure it will catch fish anywhere in the country . That said I also throw large swimbaits at times and when you see a 3lb bass choke down an 8" Hudd it changes your perspective on what a large fishing lure is to a bass especially largemouth .
  4. Most consecutive days?

    I can get on board with this statement
  5. I love topwater!

    KVD sexy dawg jr., my new mostist favoriteist lure of the year.
  6. I love topwater!

    You know I have never had any luck with frogs, I tried frogs the first time this summer and never even had a blow up, I have spros and livetarget , maybe next year. But I do love all topwater
  7. I love topwater!

    Nice one! I love top water myself. I'm more of a frog guy but I've been contemplating breaking out the 'ole buzzbait and pop-R next time out. If they miss ALWAYS throw it right back!
  8. I don't change my tackle much between shore and boat/kayak. If grass becomes an issue and you have to fish through it then go with some weedless stuff. I did a lot of bank fishing back in the day and one thing I did change up was putting my tackle in a backpack. This made it easy to move around a lot and work a lot more of the bank. If you are fishing in the river, then a waist pack is best. I lover wading in rivers for smallmouth. I still do that up where I'm at in Iowa/Illinois.
  9. Yes it is a new one. It is a Boca Bearing, and it does not rotate near as well as the one that was not lodge too tightly now. It almost seems off balanced currently.
  10. I don't own a boat or a kayak/canoe. I wade fish year round in a river when the water level is low enough to safely wade, otherwise I fish from the shore. Occasionally I'm a guest one someone's boat. When wading I carry one rod and all my tackle fits in a small over-the-shoulder bag (half the size of a bread loaf). When shore fishing (or a boat guest) I carry one spinning and one casting rod with the same small tackle bag.
  11. You will want to put the trolling motor on a different battery than the fish finder. The trolling motor causes all kinds of interference with the sonar.
  12. I love topwater!

    Soooo today I got to go out this morning, 5:30 am, slight wind.. sun has barely started to come up.. pick up my new cavitrons and booyah buzzbait and start slinging them.. well I had 3 blow ups and 3 fish all pretty good!(idk what it is about buzzbait but they just produce big fish) .. so I keep following the weedline with this random tree sticking out, of course I cast over and BOOM! I thought a shark hit it.. got hooked up but it buried itself in the weeds and lost it... so I keep tossing the buzzbait and what do you know he strikes again! This time no hookup.. I tried for another 15 minutes but nothing. So I keep fishing, it's been about an hour now and I decide to try once more for that fish.. I changed buzzbaita for a different sound and omg! Came flying out of the water a good foot and smashes back in! This time I know she is hooked up good .. after a few minute battle this 4 1/2 pound beauty comes out.
  13. Military service

    Army vet here. 23+ years and will be retiring soon. I'm currently stationed at Rock Island Arsenal in IL. It's right on the Mississippi River.
  14. How would you fish this? Or would you?

    What if it was than 5 feet at most
  15. How would you fish this? Or would you?

    Not much in the way if zigzag lines there . The mouth of the cove , as Catt stated , has those two areas that act like mini points . I've ran patterns fishing mouths of coves .
  16. Suggestions for crawfish drop shot

    any z man craw would float too
  17. You need to lower the seat pedistals so your feet reach the boats floor boards, center of gravity is above the original boat seat plate forms the pedistals are mount on. Most bass anglers fish from the front seat, if you plan to fish from the back seat move the sonar unit back where you can watch it and the kids. Tom
  18. How would you fish this? Or would you?

    I understand now. Fish it like I would if the trees weren't there. That makes sense, thanks to all!
  19. For Us KC Area Guys - Fishing Reports

    Submerged weed beds. out in the sticks. nobody there. Good bass population. I will throw a guess out there and say Leavenworth state fishing lake. sometimes ramp can get tricky, but not a bad lake. Pretty decent bank fishing lake. Several jetties. dam can produce good fish. only downside is there can be a lot of trash around the shore. Some people are slobs. Def not leavenworth although the one time I fished it was worth the short drive. I had a few nice bass follow the wobblers to the boat before giving me the stink eye and turning away. Maybe they will be more willing on Saturday/Sunday The double buzzer was the best topwater lure, bringing the GoPro to grab some footage this weekend. Weather is looking stable with some rain on Monday so the setup is looking good.
  20. I use this same rod and same line. I think it's perfect for the 110.
  21. How would you fish this? Or would you?

    ^^^That pretty much puts together my plan. There has to be some oddball structural element - spot on the spot - in that mess. You have put a mental image together in your head using the graph. I mean, think about it, how many times have you walked through a stand of trees, and the terrain is completely flat, with with no grade change, creek channels, or whatever.
  22. MH st croix mojo boss for every plopper just adjust brakes as needed. And I tie 30 # braid. I always use braid for everything. Between 15-30# braid
  23. Suggestions for crawfish drop shot

    Good idea, I think Damiki has one too..
  24. I used a flipping stick for the 130, 7'6" Heavy, extremely stiff rod. Definitely was not ideal, IMO a swimbait rod fits the bill for the 130/190 sizes
  25. Most consecutive days?

    Nice to hear how everyone does ! During the summer I was going out in the mornings prob 4-5 days a week but eventually the misses stArts getting upset after never being home. So I keep it around 2 days a week now. Once on a weekday for 5 hours in he early morning. Then on a weekend I'll fish or try to fish from sunup to sundown ! Never gets old @Sword of the Lord @roadwarrior @BuzzHudson19c @Catt @IndianaFinesse YwH even a couple of hours a day just makes for a better day
  26. Most consecutive days?

    While my girlfriend was in law school in DC, I lived back in our hometown in northern NY. During those years, I fished 8-10hr days 3 days a week from late March to the end of November. That included upwards of 20 tournaments a year. Since the move to Arlington, VA (almost 2 yrs), I'm down to fishing maybe 15 to 20 times, half of which are tournaments. I need more time on the water.
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