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  2. Darren.

    New member from Central Ohio

    Welcome aboard, Joe!
  3. Drew03cmc

    Toadrunner durability.

    The tails are going to be attached via 3way swivel on mine...asap. I dont trust the glued in swivels.
  4. kenmitch

    Having trouble with landing a Fish while in my Kayak

    I keep the Bass Pro shops gold series folding landing net (GSF25-35) behind my seat for those times of need. Easy to one hand flip open with practice and it's large enough to scoop up a world record size bass if needed. I use it more like a coral or safety net and don't lift the fish out of the water with it. The handle is long enough to reach into the water while resting on the side of the kayak so I just kind of lift it up from under the fish and rest my arm on it as I put my rod down. It usually goes on sale during the spring and fall for $20. Mixed reviews but I don't see anything wrong with the model I purchased in the end....Other than it likes to grab treble hooks just like most nets.
  5. mattkenzer

    Boat project pretty much finished!

    Looks great. Well done! .....
  6. Bird Dog

    New member from Central Ohio

    Welcome to BR!
  7. Just about finished with the deck project on a 14' aluminum. Still have a bit of work to do but for now I'm fishing with it. Boats very stable for its size, have no complaints yet. Also added a Lowrance Elite 9 ti with the totalscan transducer.
  8. WRB

    Jacob Wheeler disqualification

    My question without knowing any details other then what's been written is why did the marshal accommodate Jason if it was breaking a rule? Nearly every competitor I have ever known wants to win and if the rules are vague enough to allow misinterpretation they will bend them, not intensionally break them. Tom
  9. Mirage sans reverse starts around ~$620 on up to ~$840 for the 180, at least that's what Austin Kayak lists...
  10. Scarborough817

    Spinnerbait Help

    thanks i will read through that as well
  11. Right now we don't have any plain nylon, that will probably be introduced in the future. It's our job:) If you're able to sell a custom rod or two as a builder that could help, shows the Mrs. that it's an investment into a future business... then go back to building for yourself.
  12. Dwight Hottle

    Car problems right before my summer camping trip.

    Dean try drinking room temperature liquids thru a straw. It is supposed to help the effects of oxaliplatin.
  13. grub_man

    Rod Sensitivity

    Stephen B, The type of sensitivity that we are all talking about I like to call 'feel-the-bite' sensitivity. It is essentially how well a rod transfers signals in the line to the rod. The signals that we are feeling for are changes in tension of the line. If you have hands large enough to palm your reels and keep direct contact with the line, then more power to you. I have small hands, so that doesn't work well for me. In order to get the changes in tension to the rod, you want your line to be at a 90˚ angle to the rod tip. This will be the angle that results in the most movement of the rod tip for the force applied. This is why we fish 'feel' baits with the rod held around the 2 o'clock position. When you feel things in your rod, you are feeling impulses (small changes in the motion of the rod tip). As your lure is moving, changes in its motion result in changes in the tension of the line. The line will then pul the tip down ever so slightly and then the rod reacts and tries to rebound. It is these small changes that you feel. As mentioned, the stiffness to weight ratio is the property most closely related to the sensitivity of a rod. Over the years rods have been made from different types of wood, metal, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Each of these materials has different elastic properties, i.e. different stiffness to weigh ratios. You can build rods with identical powers and actions with any of these materials. The most sensitive ones will be the lightest. The NRX is more sensitive than the E6X because the material in the NRX is higher modulus meaning that the fibers are stiffer and lighter than those used in the E6X material (or a lower density resin is used). I know this is an abbreviated explanation, but I hope it helps. If you have more questions, I'll be glad to help clarify some things or go into more detail.
  14. Junger

    Toadrunner durability.

    The swivel hasn't come out of mine yet, but the wire has popped out of the tail multiple times now. I probably have to order replacement tails, since the superglue will probably not work after the next rip.
  15. NathanDLTH

    High End Frog Rod

    Daiwa Tatula Elite 7’4 H/F, if you can get past the color it’s a great rod. Can bomb frogs and pull them through the thick stuff. Otherwise id start looking at the Steez rods.
  16. Chance_Taker4

    High End Frog Rod

    That Helium 3 was the exact rod I was going to suggest.
  17. Drew03cmc

    Toadrunner durability.

    They're sending replacements before I send mine back. Just had that discussion. I didn't know the swivels were just glued in the body. Seems cheaply done, doesn't it?
  18. Wesley Owen Purtee

    Best lures to use to catch gar

    I’m going to go fish the hocking river in Ohio Friday and I always see a bunch of gar and want to try and catch one what’s the best lures to use for them?
  19. Brett's_daddy

    Spro Vs SG 3D Rad rat

    I have no experience with the Savage Gear rat but I do have a couple of the Spro's and love them...very good producers!
  20. A-Jay

    Spinnerbait Help

  21. Perfect mod! If you buy the Mirage separately, I think it's around $850. I don't have the pricing in front of me, but it's in that neighborhood.
  22. Brett's_daddy

    Toadrunner durability.

    I would explain just that to Booyah! Say look, I've shown you pictures, I only paid $8 for this bait and you want me to spend ANOTHER $4 to ship it back to you. I don't think that's reasonable and if you don't replace this bait free of charge i will just go buy a Teckel Sprinker and never purchase a Booyah bait again. See what they say to that!
  23. WRB

    FLW says goodbye to co anglers

    There is 't a pro on the tour that wants to win the event to help the marshal earn money, they want to win a paycheck. Trying to find a way to give a cash incentive to the marshal is only going to create doubt. If everyone of the competitors is honest no need for a marshal. The pro bass fishing tournaments are going through an evolution to remain competitive between the venues and will keep what works. Team events, co-angler events, shared weight, 5 bass total weight and catch & release total weight of unlimited number of bass are all in play. Without sponsorship none of the venues will survive and it's back to pot money turkey shoot derbies. Tom
  24. MaineBassFishin

    Looking to start pouring some jigs.

    Hey thank you, I really appreciate it. Pm sent.
  25. reason

    Spinnerbait Help

    I throw a lot of Stanley's, Booyahs, SKs, Mann's, Humdingers, and a few others, but I find that the weight/size and blade combinations is really the key. I seldom fish spinnerbaits stock, I usually change out blades and skirts. I almost never not have a spinnerbait tied on.
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