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  2. Help estimating fish weight

    I'm going tp guess 5 to 6 lbs . Thats a healthy looking bass .
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  4. 1 or 2 piece?

    One of my favorite rods is 2 piece.
  5. Shad rod (noodle rod) for the Delaware

    Used what they called "noodle rods" out west for steelhead. They ran from 9 1/2 to 11 1/2 feet or so. My favorite was a 9 1/2 with 6 lb test. Used it a lot for shad out there too and was a blast. I liked the length due to the fact I could hold more line off the water in current. Lamiglas and Loomis were the brands I used at the time. Good luck
  6. Lure swap

    Works for me
  7. 15.48 lb Bass

    Lived there for 60 years and have loved the state and still do. But enjoy the attitudes of fishermen out east towards their fishery's much more. Columbia river was my favorite river for smallies....and last I heard they were managed very poorly. Tenmile was awesome yes.....Siltcoos I hear is coming back...awesome. Tack was a gem.....Green Peter was amazing once...These waters are all so small compared to waters I now fish...so it's each to their own....sincerely glad you enjoy those fisheries....I'm thankful for these new amazing adventures.
  8. Chatter bait colors

    I throw 2 colors. Solid white with a silver blade and solid black with a silver blade. I change color of my trailers to accent my bait a certain way. But if you could only have 1, green pumpkin would be my choice
  9. Best swimbaits for beginners

    S-waver or a Hudd 68
  10. Latest Catch Pics Thread

    Caught this 9.44 lb Hawg night fishing with a big black and blue spinnerbait!
  11. Another night time PB!!

    Wow that's a fat one! Congrats!
  12. Best swimbaits for beginners

    S-waver 168, g2 shell cracker, hudd 68. This will all lead to more expensive and bigger baits, rods, and reels
  13. Another night time PB!!

    Went out night fishing tonight, threw a spinnerbait a little bit but switched over to a zoom curly tail junebug worm. Fished for a good while and caught a 12 incher but didn't seem to be getting the response I was hoping for so I switched back to the big black spinnerbait and moved further down the bank. I was just rolling it along, not burning it but not slow rolling it either when at about 5-8' out from the bank it felt like my spinnerbait was just sucked in....well I loaded up on her and here we go!! I clicked my head lamp on and when she got close to the bank and I saw her I was scared to death I was gonna lose her! It didn't actually take long to work her to the bank and I was able to lip her. She went 9.44 lbs. 23" long and 20.5" in girth. I tried to make the pics snappy and get her safely back in the water where she swam away strong! Man what an awesome night!!
  14. Missing spinnerbait bites

    I would suggest maybe trying something other than braid for the spinnerbaits unless you're fishing heavy vegetation. I also don't like trailer hooks, but sometimes you just have to use them.
  15. I am assuming you want a rod and reel based on your wording? I use a kast king royale legend for lighter presentations like ned rigs... just saying! It's another valid option if you're on a budget. It's a good reel to learn on and it may well surprise you. Pair it with a decent sensitive rod like a carbonlite and you have a killer combo that can do a lot. For carbonlites, I would recommend a 7' medium with fast action for an all-around use. Mine is a 6'6" medium-lite that I use only for weightless or lightly weighted presentations.
  16. Chatter bait colors

    If I could only have 1 color it would be green pumpkin with a black blade.
  17. Best swimbaits for beginners

    Most of the Savage Gear line up would be good places to start. What is your price limit? Just going off of the fact that most beginners don't want to just straight into spending $100 on a bait or really large baits, I'd say baits like a Shine Glide, S-Waver 168 or 200, Optimum Thumper Tail 6", 7" or mini Slammer, Spro Rat 40 or 50, Savage Gear Line Thru or 3D trouts, Trash Fish, or a Jackall Gantarel.
  18. In search of favorite floating jerk bait!

    Thank you guys for helping me locate this lure! I've found it as either a Renegade Honeycomb series or a Renosky "Crystalina". Unfortunately, neither one is made anymore. I think I can get a newer model Renosky online that looks pretty similar. Thank you for all your help!
  19. Lure swap

    Does April 15th work for everyone? Should be an easy day to remember to get your taxes and baits done
  20. Ned rig

    The Ned Rig works great around grass when you keep the weight 1/15 of an ounce or lighter. Like others have said, when you snap it out of the grass, that's when you get bit. They usually inhale it, so the strike is pretty soft usually, you will feel the bass when you take up the slack. I fish it on the bottom some, but I get most of my strikes as the bait is falling, so I use a lift fall type retrieve usually. The less active the fish, the shorter the "snap" I give the bait on the retrieve. Here are a couple of fish just under two pounds on the Ned Rig I got on a rip rap bank last time out.
  21. Crankbait question

    Hold onto the hooks CAREFULLY and shake the bait.
  22. Interference on My Helix 5 SI GPS

    No, no band at deeper depths. The band is always constant in the 2 to 5 foot range. I took a screen shot but it was too big of a file to post here.
  23. Daiwa fuego ct. Save some $
  24. Rate the song above you

    Sorry A-Jay. Can't give it more than a 5. He's no Steven Tyler. Straight from below the streets of Chicago
  25. New member

  26. Hmmm who made it political?
  27. 15.48 lb Bass

    I 100% disagree with that. I live in one of the "Mecca" areas of bass fishing now and I would take Oregon back in a heartbeat. The bass being non-native, living in deep water, and handed trout every six weeks most people there just don't know how to fish for them once they are over 2lbs. It also has minimal pressure outside of Tenmile and compared to a real bass lake Tenmile has minimal pressure. In Oregon if there are fifty boats are on a lake fourty of them won't be fishing for bass. Oregon is an absolute gem if you aren't a bank beater.
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