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  2. Because many anglers believe bass are this amazingly powerful fighter capable of spooling your reel. They aint! 😉
  3. There is a fella here who fishes the Potomac and claims that after years of experimenting, he has found the kicker combination. A small gold Colorado on the back and a bright red Colorado on the front. I could not resist, so next week I am going to try it and see if they jump in the boat..
  4. Not as good but very close. Close enough you could say
  5. anything can break that thing off... caught in a limb and tugged too hard? gone. tried to skip under dock but nailed it up against it? gone. smash on a rock on shore while casting to it from a boat? gone. that being said I still buy the hell out of them because they simply preform and usually if i do manage to hit that tight spot instead of slamming my $25 110 the fish is usually where I thought it would be and it is worth it. i learned to take better care of my 110's and if i plan on tossing it into the **** i throw an old one or a knockoff
  6. Very interesting interview on the last BTL. Boducket seems like a very slippery person, deflecting and dodging questions. I really don't care what they do... but will it affect us, Team tournament Anglers. Even though the fish we chase and weigh in are a renewable resource… from BASS to FLW and all the way down the line, I believe we love the fish we catch and do everything possible to make sure they are released in good condition. But is the “new tour” intentionally or unintentionally going to use some kind of political correctness as a weapon to attack BASS/ FLW and to eliminate their weigh in’s? They do use their "superior fish care" in some of their advertising. And they say they have no competition?? They may be hoping to influence states to outlaw the weigh in’s and flat out eliminate their competition. I think they are fundamentally trying to change the sport… if you know what I mean. That could trickle all the way down to our weekend team tournaments…. No weigh in’s? In the end will this new wave of kinder and gentler bass tournaments really grow the sport, or destroy it? If BPT is not intentionally using the fish care to eliminate their competition, will there be un-intended consequences on the tournament scene from the good intension of these type of tournaments? Do we mange our lakes and rivers with science or not? And where will the first weigh in’s of a renewable resource be outlawed? What takes more fish from a lake, a non tournament person catching a limit and killing them or a 25 team tournament releasing all the fish they weigh in? We all pay for a license to use the resource.... so just asking the questions.
  7. i'd like to know the same kind of thing on the spinning front.. are the new sahara's (seeing as they have x ship and hagane) as good as a stradic from say 5-6 years ago?
  8. I haven’t been able to get out with them enough to give a definitive opinion. I have the perfect pitch and the diablo spec-r. So far I really like the perfect pitch, has enough tip which I like in heavier rods but still has a lot of backbone. The Diablo I haven’t fished much yet honestly. I will say the build quality and detailing is definitely what you’d expect from megabass. They’re beautiful rods.
  9. Around her the general thinking is to use silver blades in fairly clear water, gold in stained water, and painted blades in really dirty water. This time of year I like a short arm spinnerbait with a single Colorado blade on it.
  10. Yes I'm trying to compare apples to oranges here but I wanted some thoughts on this. Are the low end slx reels as, better or not as good as the old green curado 200b's new? Times has changed and technology has grew leaps and bounds since the green tanks we released. Thoughts
  11. https://postimg.cc/gallery/2k6adyzne/ Figured it out, so here’s my biggest of the year, was out snakehead fishing in blackwater refuge. Thanks @J Francho
  12. We use oil to heat our home. Oil is used for heat only and our yearly costs are low. Everything else in the house is electric, the hot water heater, the stove/oven, the clothes dryer, etc. Using oil for heat is great and with the newer high efficiency burners the costs are comparative to our neighbors that use gas (propane, no NG in our area). Their home is also gas for heating only with everything else being electric. We have a neighbor across the street that uses gas for heat, hot water, cooking, dryer, etc. The gas company is at their house monthly filling the tank. When we compared costs recently their gas bill was way more than our oil bill. When we added in electricity costs for a year, they had significant savings. Knowing this, I would look for a house with gas in the future.
  13. I use barrel swivels all the time on my spinning rods just to help stop problems with line twist. I use about a 2' leader then tie on my hook and soft plastic.
  14. If I am tubing on a bait caster, no swivel with a 3/16 slip sinker. If on a spinning rod like a fluke, line from reel, tiny swivel,18" line to hook with a 3/16 slip sinker..
  15. People seem to gloss over that fact when they recommend certain brands *cough* Vibe *cough*. Then complain about quality issues. I was interested in a Sea Ghost 110 until this years model came out with a $100 price increase and don't come with a paddle now. I'm sure they're still great kayaks, but for $900 there are great American made options in a similar price range.
  16. You want to know why? Because of all the spammers who attempted to skirt the rules and then cried "FOUL!!!!!" because it wasn't absolutely 100% explicitly outlined or said in the rules. They knew they were wrong, but tried to argue it anyway. So I made the rules extremely explicit. Sorry it's so long, but you can blame the spamming jacktards that want to nitpick everything. Also, J Francho is right, we can't micro-manage the filters. Besides, they're in place because of spammers - who have hammered the PM's in the past with spam. So it negates the effectiveness of the spam filters by removing them from PMs. And AGAIN, to make it crystal clear, the filters are there because of spamming. If a brand is filtered, it's because they spammed the crap out the forums, and you (the members) complained about it. That's why the site is spam-free, which y'all love that.
  17. Red Baby 1-, Red/firetiger lipless, tubes greenpumpkin gold fleck, Black/blue chatterbait, gold Colorado spinnerbaits
  18. That's next on my list of lines to try. Right now I am using Sufix Promix 6# for trout and it is excellent. I got snagged a couple of times and I find this stuff way harder to snap then my 8# Stren and Kastking Flourokote lines.
  19. Just pulled the trigger on the following combos: American Legacy: Shimano SLX Combo (6'10" medium and 150HG reel) for $125 shipped after 10% off. Use jerkbait fishing. Sportsmans Outfitters - Daiwa Tatula 100 and Daiwa Tatula XT 7' ML casting rod - $185 shipped. Use light crankbaits. Pretty excited to get 2 nice combos for $310.
  20. We pulled a 250 gallon tank out of the basement in our Wisconsin home when we converted to NG. Left it outside and it was gone the next day
  21. Lipless cranks, chatterbait, weightless senko, Biffle bug/swing head and keitechs.
  22. Next you will be asking her to check if those shirts come in green pumpkin color
  23. Today
  24. The filters are a site wide setting, there's no way to control individual forums. Pretty sure it is already a feature request. Maybe someday we will be able to do it.
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