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  2. Dock Rockers from Siebert is what I am gotta get when I need more. I have those arky that I got from Northstarbaits . c o m ages ago .. I am thinking of doing this for fun. Do you guys think this will work? or should I just grab a thick paper clips and wrap it up. another trick ---
  3. As others have said, I'd pick a Texas rig worm or T rig craw. It's hard to beat a t rig for fishing around wood cover.
  4. Haven't used the SLX but people seem to love them. I have a few MB and those will be hard to beat at $105. I absolutely love mine.
  5. I have the M 7’ Aird and use it for 1.5 squarebills. Its about as stiff as a whip. I would say the MH for your neko. Good inexpensive rod.
  6. No thumb, but I keep my index finger under the line for all my bottom contact presentations. I have actually cut my index finger on the hook set a few times.
  7. @Mobasser Like I said it's 100% possessive! But like @papajoe222 stated about his grip I use to box which has taken it toll on my wrists, so I need all the additional help I can give them. Holding your index finger under your line absolutely helps if you can do it comfortably.
  8. First large mouth of the year from Murphy lake michigan on Easter Sunday. Makes it even sweeter that I caught it on a chatter bait I poured ( do-it mold), painted, cured, and assembled. Jig is silver, skirt silver and black, with a 2.5 inch twister tail for a trailer. I lost another about the same size. Made it all worth while is both nailed the lure as 2 separate group of guys came motoring up to ask how I was doing Heres a close up of the chatter bait . Now I just need a differnt mold to enminate the split ring
  9. Catt, Yes, use to run monochrome finder but now run color. i am confused about what a hard spot is and why bass like them. Some say rock, some say hump, some say spot where grass is missing. I really need help to clear the fog.
  10. I have used the Joe Bucher Slopmaster spinnerbaits. Some of them aren't too big and are made of heavy wire. You can find them online for around 10 bucks a piece. Besides the heavier wire, their shape makes them much more durable. I have also used Northland's. The Bucher's are much more durable.
  11. @Paprhead Do you know what the "grey line" on your depth finder is? @Dougw That's pretty good sizes even though the numbers weren't great!
  12. Catt, I don't do this at all times. When things get really slow, and the fish are striking very light, it's made a difference in fish landed. It may not work for everyone, it's just my own opinion. The opinion of an aging plastic worm dude.
  13. Who ya' got and why? I'm trying to finish updating my reel arsenal and this is an interesting decision. The SLX is holding steady at about $99 while I can get the Tournament MB off eBay for just $5 more at $104.95. The SLX version I'd want is the 6.3:1 while the Lews is 6.8:1.
  14. All my rods are cork (loomis. Megabass, Dobyns, Kistler, Powell). and I use u40 on all of them. I don’t feel a difference. I recommend u40.
  15. While I agree 100% it's something I don't do because of how I hold my reel.
  16. Got out on Honeyoe for about 2 hours around lunchtime on my kayak. Had three in the first six casts. I didn't get another one for about 30 minutes, but ended up with seven. All on bottom presentations in 6-10 feet of water--six on a wobble head with a rage bug and one on a finesse jig. Nothing else even got a sniff. All of them between 1.5 and 2.5.
  17. yeah, I've always held my rod ( even spinning) with my middle finger, it just feels more comfortable to me. Thats actually a good way to see it Thanks everyone for the input! I'll keep educating my thumb and slowly pushing the limit as I improve!
  18. Seriously thinking about trying U40 cork sealer. Got a couple of rods that I want to protect, but have always been under the impression that using a sealer would change the feel of the handle. Does it? No? It seems like an affordable way to protect my investment but definitely not interested in changing the way it feels. Thanks for any input.
  19. Welp.... fished Wed.-Sat. With results all over the place. Wed. I stayed in Pirates Cove / Caney Creek. Stayed dirt shallow except for two spots I c-rig on a regular basis. Caught one around 4#s off a dock with the jig. Then 4-5 others throughout the day with the biggest “maybe” two pounds. Pitched a 1/4 oz. jig most of the day. Chunked a 1/4 oz. one knocker quite a bit as well. Worked Caney front to back and just wasn’t happening for me. I figured it was going to be a stellar day when I got to the Army ramp just before 7am on Wednesday and there were already 6 trailers in the parking lot. Got on the water and I’d of swore Oilmans was holding their biggest tournament in the last few years - boats everywhere!!! Thursday... Nasty... front hit around 6am. What there was of it. For all the moaning and mashing of teeth... as storms go it was pretty mild - except. It did rain by golly! Literally rained all day. Hard at times but always raining. I hit the water in the rain aroun 8am. Started out with the 1/4oz jig dirt shallow. Wasn’t long I put a 4#er in the boat and shortly after that another’n Just like it. Took about a half-hour before the next fish came aboard, around 3#s. Then... it got tough. Did the same thing I had been doing for next 1-2 hours - nothing. Pulled out the c-rig on a spot I usually fish wasn’t there long then put a 6#er in the boat. Another hour or so of doing the same thing yielded only one short spot. Pulled up the trolling motor and scooted to the back of Big Bass Marina/Caney creek. Actually my map has it as Canely Creek but the locals say it’s Caney. I say... whatever. Threw the one knocker and jig all over the back of the creek. Did go under the bridge but it was pretty dirty back there so I didn’t stay long. Ended up pulling one more, around 2#s, off a lay down. Ended up with around 18#s in 5 fish for the day. Friday... WINDY!!! Never left Caney/Pirates Cove. Don’t think anyone else did either. Fishing sucked and I was off the water at 1pm. Saturday... A bit of wind early but then it actually hit the infamous “ light and variable”. Went to the dock I’d caught the 4#er on Wed. - not a bite. Went to a near by brush pile I’d gotten a bite at on Wed. - nothing. Pulled up the trolling motor intending to head to Big Bass Marina creek. Got near Blackland Cove and a spur of the moment deal put me at the mouth of that Cove slinging a 1/4 oz. one knocker. Had made a half dozen or so cast when I hooked up. That fish ran me all over the boat. Front to back and side to side. Pulling hard... such that I backed off the drag some to let’er run. Then I was afraid it’d wrap around something I couldn’t see so I tightened the drag back down and took my chances. Finally got it in the boat. Scales at weigh-in said 4.58#s. That was the fightenest 4.5#er I’d ever seen - well maybe except for some 3#ers on Falcon. Stayed in that area for 30-45 mins. And only managed one dink on a 1.5 square bill. shortening this up some.... spent the rest of the day around Big Bass Marina caught a few short fish but nothing close to what I had done there Thursday. Soooo... that’s it until the 11th of next month.
  20. I don't do it all the time, but only when I'm fishing very slow with a jig or worm.
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