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  2. If "realism" is important, please tell me why a bass would hit a fluorescent pink jerkbait? That pattern Rapala has caught me a lot of smallies in clear water. I'm most confident that there are no pink baitfish roaming around.
  3. Usually the only time of year I throw hard baits on my lake , lipless cranks and jerk-baits ...the water stays cold here until late spring time.
  4. I would start with the Plopper because they seem to like topwater during rain but you can always switch to a jackhammer/lipless later on if they don't want a topwater. Good luck! Edit: Actually, I just read the part about the water temp. With it in the low 50's that actually sounds pretty cold for a topwater to me. A lipless (especially a red craw pattern) might be better.
  5. ^This When people go nuts on the internet over how great the most expensive rod is, it sounds the same as needing the newest pair of jordans to me.....
  6. As soon as I put the car in park it starts raining hard. What to you guys think. WP110 or jackhammer, never caught a chatterbait fish here just thinking it will thump hard in the rain. It’s 68 degrees out I’m gonna guess the water is low to mid 50’s. I could also go lipless.
  7. I had some blades that needed to be put into service . These baits were made inexpensively probably less than a dollar each .The one on the left has a Strike King blade . I picked up a whole bunch of these with the ball bearing swivel years ago for a quarter a pack . The middle one has Excalibur offset blades . The original bait the wire broke off last week. On the right, i dont know what the main blade is or where I got it . Stanley Wedge , maybe ? The skirts are Terminator skirts that I found on clearance . Unpainted heads .
  8. Wicked weights Clara heads. Tungsten and very affordable.
  9. Caught a bunch of them. This pond holds decent fish to, I guess none of them were hungry. Caught them on a 4.8 fat impact on a 1/2 ounce head. Little buggers gave it there all.
  10. I have been surprised at the times I caught fish on a Texas rig on the rare occasions haha I got a birds nest in my reel and had to pick it out. Just leaving the bait alone has caught fish several times for me. As for fishing fast in hot weather forget it. I fish one lake that has had water temps of 90+ degrees. When it gets that hot you won't get any bites up here. I doesn't matter what you are throwing.
  11. Hello and Welcome to Bass Resource ~ A-Jay
  12. I tie a fluorocarbon leader to my braid. Leader is sold with less yards on the spool and is priced higher per yard than fluorocarbon line. Is this just a marketing ploy or is there a real difference?
  13. 20% off at Gander this weekend
  14. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  15. Many good observations already. I'd only add whereas fish will only "sometimes" hit fast moving presentations, they will almost "always" hit something slow or dead in the water. So, for example, those energetic schooling teen aged LMBs, chock full of energy and actively chasing a school of shad darting around at high speed trying to survive? The bass are keyed in to react very fast, too, but they will also see and be attracted to what appears to be a wounded or shad in shock just sort of floating in the water. So, they'll bite a fast presentation at those times when they are all wired up, but they'll bite a slow one, too. On worm fishing? For me, if I cast a T-Rig, a weightless worm, a drop shot and so on, if the fish blast it soon after it makes contact with the water, I know they are feeding aggressively higher in the water column, else chasing it down and biting it fast as it makes bottom contact. In these cases, I don't want to soak my worm, I understand the action is focused differently so I want to re-create that action and that means more casts quicker. On other days when I am not getting bites quickly, this is when I really slow down, give fish an opportunity to snoop around, eyeball the worm. You know, when it takes them longer to commit. Brad
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  17. I'd be getting the pro for $1100 (overstock on sale). So, an extra $400 for the XC is a bit much. It's a great boat though
  18. Will somebody test this for me and tell me if it's true? lol
  19. From where I am seated now, I am 180 feet from Lake Athens, 20 minutes to Lake Palestine, 20 to Purtis Creek, 15 to the Neches River and also close to the Trinity River, 30 to Cedar Creek, then within an hour of Richland Chambers, Fairfield, Tyler lakes, Lake Fork, Tawakoni. I'm getting writer's cramp and I could go on listing literally dozens of others. One of the densest collection of fisheries in the country, not the only certainly, but one of the best! Brad
  20. It sounds like you fish really similar settings to me. The Rise is starting to sound the strongest, but I'm not counting out that Slayer. I initially started out with three boats in mind - the third was an Old Town Topwater 120 and its hull design looked less-than-hydrodynamic. Thanks for the input! I'll be standing a ton in my yak, too
  21. I think slowing down, when you need to, is a skillset. Just like casting, tying good knots and everything else in bass fishing.
  22. Gosh, I think I'd consider the new Native 12XC for almost the same money. It has a retractable skeg, chain anchor chutes, under-seat storage, high/low seat, and it's 36.5" wide making for a very stable platform. I also like the horizontal rod storage which is very nice for river fishing near banks with trees overhead. A whole lot to love here. It is heavy, no doubt, but other than that, it just seems like it has a ton of features for the places you describe fishing.
  23. I looked into NuCanoe Flints, too. They may be too bare bones for me. I wish my preferred kayak shop carried them so I could really give them a good once-over. I'm in Milwaukee and the nearest dealer is in Rockford, Illinois!
  24. Up your budget a little bit and you can get a airdx medium light or medium rod and a revros 2500. $100 combo that feels like a more expensive combo. I have 4 of those combos and they are awesome
  25. fin

    Slowing Down

    Slower is almost always better, no matter what time of year. Big bass are lazy, they aren't going to chase your bait. They sit and wait in ambush. It's very hard to slow down after you've been fishing faster. Counting helps if you're fishing soft plastic. I've found that 3 seconds is a good pause.
  26. A lot of guys around here have been using Tactical Anglers power clips. They are super strong and can handle any bass. They are using them to catch monster snook and redfish at the inlets.
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