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  2. This past event I won. I was about 200 yards from the launch and repeatedly trolled the same 50 yards bank flipping the same 3/8oz jig for 7 hours and weighed in a 12lb bag to win. Never cranked the outboard.
  3. Based on ergonomics and price the Helium 3 gets my vote. I have an FMJ - gorgeous rod, but I’ve learned to hate the trigger on the reel seat and how thin the grip is. Sadly I likely won’t buy another MB rod until the change the reel seat. I also have a GLX 844MBR and agree it’s an awesome rod, reel seat on this one is great for me for casting but not awesome for pitching so for pitching the Helium 3 or one of my Gen 1 Orochi XX rods is what I prefer. I got my GLX on a deal as a rep sample. I have no objection to high end expensive rods but the Helium does all I need, I think if I were to ever look at a $400 rod like a Destroyer again I’d seriously consider a custom.
  4. Coming from Ohio I have to drive crazy hours to get to any Classic. I really loved the fact it was in Knoxville this year as it was only 8 hours for me. Sadly I will not be making it to this Classic as I was there in 2014 and not interested in making that journey again. I say push the classic back about 6 weeks and bring it to Erie.
  5. Around what hours on a gas boat motor that things really start to go down hill, I found nice boat for a reasonable price, just to find that the motor has 422 hours on it, its an 07 skeeter skeeter zx225 with an 07 yamaha Vmax 225. To me 422 hours seems like its sure seen its life, but on the other hand if she has run this long it leads me to believe that she has been well taken care of to keep going as much as it has... opinions, thoughts any help is appreciated. Thanks
  6. Next time you're up at Table Rock, if you find this lure around the Aunts Creek area, put it away for me. I lost it several years ago and would like to get it back. It was my goto lure.
  7. Stripers get after it pretty good, you will want some slip from the drag if using braid. They tend to be line shy so if you go braid a leader may be involved.
  8. So what do we make the winning tickets out of?
  9. I knew gators were big but dang! Hope you post a report or two.
  10. Worse... I’m a kayaker. I almost paddled the entire lake that day and never caught a limit. One of em said he caught almost 15 fish pitching 1 (ONE!) flooded tree.
  11. Produces big bags and saves you a boat load (pun intended) because your not running all over the place wasting gas.
  12. I placed an order to ship to NH, there was no sales tax. My company sells and ships items to states with sales tax and we (pass it on to the customer) have to pay based on where it is being sent. I would have to believe that the new laws regarding internet sales to states that have a sales tax are being put into place. Any item sold/shipped to a state that has a sales tax is going to be taxed accordingly.
  13. 1st and 2nd place in my last tourney never went further than 300 yards from where we launched.
  14. Doesn't matter. I like the DD22 for those times when I want to crank down into that structure and not worry about losing it. A lot cheaper than the LC and MB deep cranks and just as effective. I've got LC and MB divers, but sometimes that bottom structure gets gnarly, and that's when I tie on a Norman.
  15. Like Kidflex said, if you're maxing out at 3/8 oz jigs & t-rigs you'd want a 3 power loomis like the 853 or 893 for best sensitivity. The US Destroyer doesn't have a 853/893 equivalent casting rod which really bothers me because I think it's missing such an essential technique in the lineup... Megabass newly added Brigand to the Destroyer lineup but it's in Spinning... Really wish they made it in casting instead... You're probably best going with GLX 853/893
  16. As mentioned above the annual sale is here. Tackle Warehouse has the Lew's Mach 2 Metal Speed Spin on clearance for $49.99 With the sale that brings the reel down to $42 before tax and shipping! As close to half price as anyone can get. -Aluminum body and sideplate -Lightweight high strength C40 Carbon skeletal speed rotor -Stainless steel bail wire -S-curve oscillation system -Lightweight anodized aluminum spool -Quality solid brass pinion gear -Durable stainless steel main shaft -External stainless steel screws -Braid ready knurled spool -Smooth six-disc drag system -Die-cast aluminum handle -Winn Dri-Tec paddle knobs -6.2:1 gear ratio (30+ inches a turn)
  17. Catt

    C-Rig Weights

    @Todd2 Weight hits do happen occasionally with any kind weight. Back when I threw lead weights they would become shiny from teethmarks.
  18. Thats a female bullfrog in your picture. On the males, the ear drums are larger than the eyes. Also males have a yellow throat. Males usually dont have the spotted patterns either. They normally have a green head with a brown/greenish back.
  19. I'm the opposite of some of you, I enjoy Dave Mercer. I find he deals with 70 - 100 anglers coming across stage better than any other MC I have heard since Ray Scott. He is miles ahead of the Scarecrow in Skinny Jeans who does the post game show for BPT, that dude has not learned the cadence of when to raise your voice for excitement and when not to. He sounds like a 4 year old on a sugar high. For BPT, there are hits & misses for me. For the coverage, the team is not bad overall. The straight man has a voice that you can put up with for hours on end, JT Kenney is funny in a realistic, down home way. Covering fishing is very different than other sports, there is so much dead time. The closest analogy would be golf. Where I see BPT missing it is in the event format & acting fake. If you are going to fish the same lake for multiple days, why drop weights? What sense does it make for 40 people to fish Table Rock on Day 3, then only 10 fish it on Day 4 starting from scratch? They are setting themselves up for situations where Angler A catches 80 lbs on days 3 & and 80 again on Day 4, but comes in second to Angler B who catches 50 lbs on day 3 and 81 lbs on day 4. Dropping weights only makes sense if you are changing bodies of water. I would highly suggest the first 2 days (4 overall) of fishing happen on a large lake (like Table rock), Day 3 happen on a nearby medium sized body of water and day 4 on a smaller body of water. That would justify dropping the weights and also not give any angler a reason to do anything other than catch as many fish as possible every day. As far as acting fake, I'm talking about the "news conference" at the end of events or the award ceremony. There is no press there and there is nearly no crowd there either, quit acting like there is. I understand the slogan "Fake it til you make it", but they are taking it to ridiculous heights. BASS anglers get excited and emotional on stage because of the interaction and reaction of the crowd that is there for the weigh-in. If BPT can't draw folks to watch a post game show, don't pretend like they have. Make it a sit down interview in a room instead of having these anglers try out their acting skills in front of a non-existent crowd.
  20. I have a Hummingbird 999 with the installed maps. I fish 3 small private lakes here in SE PA. The original map software in the unit does not depict the actual lakes. The maps are inaccurate and many times indicate I'm on land when I'm actually on the water. It doesn't hurt anything but it bugged me. I used my new Lake Master card the other day and to my surprise it depicts the actual lakes in detail except for contour lines. Now I have one less thing to complain about. 😊
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  22. It appears there is sales tax now. I just checked my last order back in Mid-April and there was sales tax on that order as well. I'm not certain that there is sales tax for everyone now, but it does appear that way...You can always just put items into your cart and "proceed to checkout" to determine if there is sales tax or not.
  23. Hello and Welcome to Bass Resource ~ A-Jay
  24. "The desire for vitality is not age denial. 

    We are not defying age when we live with strength, passion, creativity and purpose. 

    These qualities have nothing to do with age. 

    They are about state of mind - not a date of birth." 

    Marc Middleton


  25. I'd bet there are a lot of monster bass in those Ohio farm ponds. And they are fishable from the shore.
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