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  2. Minn Kota rope cord

    Didn't now that thanks
  3. Super tuners or reel tinkering

    Excellent article. This is the first article I ever read on supertuning and I think it is still good. http://super-tuning.home.mindspring.com/i1.html However, I have to mention that I do not work on my own reels. No room of my own to do the work, and young grandsons that wouldn't stay out of my stuff if I did. Also I am not a tinkering type of person.
  4. @Senko lover You know why ~ A-Jay
  5. Minn Kota rope cord

    my boat is less than a year old so not really an issue but just an fyi. The Ultrex comes with a metal core pull rope. No dealing with regular cord
  6. https://www.bassresource.com/fishing/supertune-baitcaster.html
  7. Super tuners or reel tinkering

    Not a bad idea, but I have bought quite a few used reels that were just fine. I did have problems with two of them. One seller forgot to mention...among other things... that 1) it didn't have the correct spool in it, and 2) you couldn't spool line on it. At this point I sent it to a professional. He also discovered the drag had been replaced with something inferior and a couple parts were missing. What was a good deal turned out to be my 2nd most expensive reel (my cost). The other reel had a spring come off a post after about 45 minutes of use. Handle locked up. Destroyed the gears. I can only assume it happened because someone did their own maintenance. Still it hasn't kept me from buying used. Received 2 more this week...one a gift for my brother to get him started in baitcast reels. OP, do a search for supertuning. There is a very nice article written several years ago explaining how to go about it properly. I will see if I can find it again and will leave a link here if I do.
  8. I was thinking about this today. I try not to yank on mine too hard - it's not young in age.
  9. How many of you have replaced the original rope to deploy and lift up your bow mount? More specifically, I think its the rope that comes on the maxxum, fortrex, edge, and ultrex. I still have the original rope on my maxxum but I can see that its starting to wear out and I may need to replaced it with a heavier duty cable cord.
  10. When bank fishing I'm also a proponent of one rod .My gear fits neatly in a vest and I can cover water . I've walked miles in a river before and had 100 fish days doing so .
  11. I believe the new President Has a graphite body and upgraded corrosion resultant bearings
  12. Dremel sells a polishing kit of small components, including a tube of polishing compound. That compound is all I use. Sandpaper has no place in this procedure. A small,felt wheel and the polishing compound is all that is needed. Keep the sandpaper away from your reels!!!
  13. To All You "Ned Rig" Users

    Nice, I ordered a pack of the new nedlockz jig head and I will report how they work after they arrive and I try them. I had a couple of the original jigs bend out on large fish but it was my own fault because I had the drag set too tight on my reel.
  14. Help with bladed jigs

    I think not feeling so much vibration might be why I lose confidence in the action. Thanks for the great points.
  15. Lol, I wonder why you're getting those?
  16. Help with bladed jigs

    Part of fishing bladed jigs (for me, at least) is forcing myself to pause, let the bait sink, and reel slowly. Other times, I burn the bait almost as a subsurface presentation. A lot of times I have to remind myself that just because I can't feel a crazy fast vibration doesn't mean the chatterbait isn't working. A slow presentation feels more like gradual thumping and you can still have good connection to the bait even at slow speeds. @Bluebasser86 could tell you a lot more than I could.
  17. Today
  18. e-clips aren't that hard to manage. Keep a finger on them when removing them like most videos show and they should stay under control. I used to be in office machine sales and service back in the days before computers and electronics took it over (yeah, I'm pretty old), and if you want to see springs and small parts that love to fly all over, take apart a typewriter sometime. You need the right tools and technique and it becomes fairly straightforward. The key for me is making sure that I keep the pieces and parts in order as I disassemble them so that they all go back together the same way they came out. It sucks to finish putting something back together only to find that you have a left over internal spacer or washer that was hiding under your bottle of oil.
  19. Super tuners or reel tinkering

    http://www.alantani.com/ oe

    Way to revive this thread @emowens! I'm out in Athens, OH for the next few years (except for the summers). I'm in the first year of my PhD at OU. I'm hoping to get my kayak out on the water at least once a week until it gets too cold.
  21. West Arkansas guys

    It's been tough here on ouachita lately. How many of y'all from my area are experiencing the same thing? I think those couple of weeks of fall weather followed by this stupid hot couple weeks has em caught in between.
  22. To All You "Ned Rig" Users

    I bought a pack of the new heads and the keeper works extremely well. It is based on a keeper by...TT Lures I think? They are an Australian company and had been making heads for Z-man lures down there for years. I don't like the look of the heavier hook, nor the fact that the heads are way heavier than the standard Shroom heads, but I have yet to fish them.
  23. Rough Day

    It was like that here on ouachita today. Fished a small tourney and caught 1 keeper. 7lbs won. It was close to touching 100 today here though. I think the 2 weeks of cool weather followed by brutal heat has got em caught in between.
  24. You're a good man, uh, maybe woman... boss! oe
  25. Justin has matured nicely, remember him as a young teen working for J & T Tackle in Simi Valley. Glenn next time you see him, tell I said hello. Tom
  26. also get a long magnet...........you can find e clips better........lol
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