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  2. NorthernBasser

    New kastking baitcasters!

    Looks like the Memorial Day 15% sale is done already. Interesting.
  3. So there is this small lake near me about 25 minutes away , it’s 45 acres called new Albion. The water has been in the lower 60s the past few weeks like 60-62 degrees. Now I haven’t been there at all this week and the air temps have been between 75-82 during the day and 60 during the night. I was thinking about making a night trip tonight and see if they are eating top water. Or just hungry in general. Max depth is 15 ft , lots of weeds for them to hang out in shallow and figured today’s high was 82 and tonight’s low is about 66 .. anyone think it’s worth the trip or if the bass would eat topwater .. would be nice to have my first explosion this year
  4. You need to spool the line on as tight as possible when you're first spooling the reel. Take the line thats on there and spool it onto another spool or reel and then wind it back on.
  5. sarcazmo

    Scrimless NFC

    Well hell, now I feel guilty for ordering two of these. I ordered them the first day they were listed, still haven't received a shipment notification. I figured they wouldn't list them if they didn't have them in stock. I'd like to think they will somehow compensate their loyal distributors but it doesn't look like that will happen. Next time I'll try point blank.
  6. Cool project. I'm not sure that I'd bother to upgrade a motor that is as new as yours is, but I can see why you're doing it. I'd like the the switch from 2 stroke to 4 stroke. If you had to summarize your prime motivations, what might they be?
  7. Jmhalvo

    Minnesota Fishing Reports - 2018

    Yes, added weight to the fluke...they were not hitting on top or I would’ve gone weightless fluke. To me it was not “clear” water but just not quite stained
  8. Dtrombly

    PB on my first senko!

    The reason I use Trick Sticks!!! Nice fish OP 😁
  9. Do you have a bow trim switch? There is a trim switch on the throttle, side of the motor and optional bow switch, check them before fooling with relays. Tom
  10. NorthernBasser

    Native Eyewear

    Thanks. I got some Native Bombers (gray lens) in the mail other day. I like them. But today I was at Cabela's and I tried on some Native Sightcasters and I really liked how they fit. SO I think I may return the Bombers and order these in the green.
  11. I've got 3 spools of braid/superline to go thru, but I'll take a look at the Nanobraid, is it limp like normal braid or does it have some body like Nanofil? I dont like the limp braids. Thanks for all of the responses.
  12. Today
  13. geo g

    PB on my first senko!

    Way to go, the 4" variety will catch big ones along with all the rest. Use as little weight as necessary to get the job done. The less weight the more realistic the movement. Good luck!
  14. Maybe it was a bad batch from the factory, I have no idea I'm just saying I have seen many that are straight or at least straight as far as the eye can tell and not bowed like yours so it doesn't apply to all Vengeance rods. So it be worthwhile to get a replacement through warranty.
  15. Boomstick

    Estimate the weight on this cow!

    I wish I thought of that now too!
  16. Beetlebz

    Favorite Pocket 9mm?

    I pocket carry my xds rarely and an lcp... but I have holsters for both. Not a big fan honestly. My daily carry used to be an XDM compact in .45. I love it, I still shoot it, but for the size and the weight I wind up grabbing either the xds 9mm with the +1 mag and a spare +2 mag in my pocket or grabbing the XDM full size .45 and the owb holster. No point in full size 9mm in Connecticut, I can only have 10 round mags 😔
  17. Avalonjohn44

    Mercury Trim Up not working

    Good Idea, did not try it, will do so after the rain quits.. Even though it's still under warranty, replacing both of them is cheaper than just the gas to get back and forth from Bass Pro twice...
  18. Brad in Texas

    What's wrong with Nanofil?

    I don't have any Nanofil on a reel now but I always liked it for finesse fishing, never any issues to speak of compared to other lines with "their" own issues. And, knot strength? I think what Nanofil really did was expose how bad some anglers tie knots. If you tie good, accurate knots, it is just fine. One thing: It is the only line on a spinning reel that did that giant "slip" where the whole spool of line rotated. In its defense, I hadn't tied on a backer line or used any tape in that instance. *** If you do change, could I make a suggestion? Try Sufix Nanobraid in a very light test strength. If you can find a bass that can break this stuff in 6 lbs. test, I want to see a photo of the fish. So far, on finesse reels where I have its 2 lbs. test spooled on, inadvertently catch the occasional bass or catfish, I am up to 4 lbs. fish with no line breakage. 6 would be beyond what is needed and just so thin, casts a mile. And, 14 lbs. Nanobraid, the largest available, has the same diameter as 10 lbs. Sufix 832, another line I really, really like. Nanobraid is the strongest braid, thinnest diameter braid I have ever used. This would keep me from going back to Nanofil. But, it works very well for a lot of us. It certainly acquired a rather quick group of "haters" and I think this might be because the company really over-hyped the line when it was introduced. Happens all the time. Brad Brad
  19. Bigbruce

    Latest Catch Pics Thread

    Went out yesterday evening and tried some new spots. Game wardens were in full effect as they talked to me at the first pond I went to. Nice guy and told me about some areas I hadn’t been to. The first pond had about 15 people already fishing at it and I caught nothing as I couldn’t hardly fish any of it. The second spot I hit was almost at dark and another game warden found me. As he was talking to me I started to see the bass hitting the top. Threw out the whopper plopper and caught the bass in the picture. Think I may of found a nice morning and late evening spot.
  20. MichaelCopeland

    Latest Catch Pics Thread

    I need to be fishing where you are. Nice bass! 😎
  21. MichaelCopeland

    Latest Tackle Purchase Thread (Bait Monkey Victim Support Group)

    Bought the Texas toad colored Lunkerhunt Prop Frog today. Now I've got a white one and a black one. Just waiting to get to try them out now. 😎
  22. Hook2Jaw

    Latest Catch Pics Thread

    The picture doesn't do this girl justice. She had a lower jawbone like a porkchop. Actually went 9 pounds, 6 ounces on the scale. I think my scale is broken. Gonna test it later.
  23. Here in Texas we are experiencing some early hot temps approaching records this weekend. So, I fell into my "summer" pattern a bit early today where I got up early to avoid the heat. I ended up fishing from around 7:30 AM to 10 AM, just dropped my Meyers canoe in the water on Lake Athens and started catching them pretty fast. Two rods on deck but I never even got the second one wet. What has worked for me with the drop shot on Lake Athens which has a ton of grass is to use a longer leader down to the "drop shot" so that the worm isn't lost in it and is sort of floating above it. It worked well today with 7 or 8 LMBs, most in the 2 to 3 lbs. range, one over 4 but under 5. I have become a real fan of Rebarb hooks over the very fine Gamakatsu swivel hooks I have used in the past. For the latter, I used a nose hooking method but for the Rebarb hooks, I T-Rig a Roboworm plastic and leave the hook embedded. My hook up ratio is much higher. Always a reliable presentation for me, the drop shot, and today it worked so well I never got off of it to try other things. Lessons learned: longer sinker leaders on fuzzy lakes, bass will get wound up on lily pad stems but seem to work loose if you give the time. Some pics. Brad
  24. 12poundbass

    Heaviest bass of the board

    Dude you're long arming your 7 pound fish the wrong way! LOL j/k. 😝
  25. Brad in Texas

    A Hula Hoop-like swivel?

    I think this is essentially what it is, too, a main line attachment, then two attachment points. I suppose the difference and what sort of caught my attention was that with a standard 3-way swivel, if one ring is used for a sinker, it "fixes" the location of the other ring and its attachment. For this hula-hoop design, it can pivot 360 degrees. ***Although, with currents and a taut line, my guess is the hula hoop ring and its attachment will likely stay, more or less, oriented in one direction. I think the first thing I'll try with it is sort of a mocked up drop shot rig with the hook off on its own longer leader . . . this, instead of the drop shot hook being attached as they are typically (tight to the main line). I'll post results. Brad
  26. The speed of the worm drive has a lot to do with this along with the size of the braid. Pe models have a faster worm drive to prevent this.
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