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  2. can't tell if they are 4 or 5 lug with the hubcaps on.
  3. Richmond Fishing Expo

    I feel for you, I am finally at point where weekends are free from school activities......
  4. Newest discovery

    You never cease to amaze me My friend! LOL
  5. What lure caught your biggest bass in 2017 ?

    10th (give or take) EVER cast with whoper plopper 90. Only 5.5lb, but it was (is?) my PB.
  6. Have you seen this recent boat crash?

    I read a more detailed article on it. The operator of the big boat said he couldn't see the smaller boat because he was sitting down while driving the boat. Doesn't make any sense to me. Even if you are sitting down that doesn't mean you can't see boats ahead of you.
  7. Newest discovery

    Put some short legs on this and you have a beautiful piece of furniture.
  8. Boat vs boat

    Good. Lord. They're lucky to be alive, and the fact that the captain of the speeding boat is pleading not guilty is beyond my comprehension.
  9. The latest sale thread

    I stopped by Dicks/Field and Stream store in Urbana (IL) last Sunday and they had a decent selection of Buy 5 get 5 free. Lots of plastics and quite a few Rapala lures.
  10. The latest sale thread

    Anyone else seeing more buy 5 get 5 deals at Dick's lately?
  11. Afraid to use....

    Not because I’m afraid to loose em, because......
  12. I have read post for days and I am still debating on what to get. I am wanting to get a good sensitive dedicated jig rod, for mainly 3/8 and 1/2 football jigs plus trailers. Mostly rock bank dragging but maybe some close structure work too. I have an IMX 843 that I love for worming and was looking at the IMX 844 but was thinking that I might can get a rod for less than $250 that’s just as good. Would like to be around $150. I prefer full cork handles but split grips are ok. Not a big fan of foam. Any suggestions???
  13. Amazon can be your friend... oe
  14. Just type in "precision oiler" in your go to online ordering site and pick one that you think you will like (also check reviews). You should be able to get something under 10 bucks.
  15. Good boat for the feeble

    Well, thank you kindly. Going to a boat show tomorrow. Hopefully, will find good info, as both of the manufacturers I posted images of are going to be at the show! Looking forward to it. I have a good idea what would make the ideal boat for the types of fishing we do. I don't know if I will pull the trigger but I'm closer to spending the money now, lol. Can't take it with you.
  16. Rant

    The most drastic change I've seen is the sheer amount of information available. Combined with the massive advancements in technology (gps, side/down-imaging, mapping, power poles, spot lock, rods, line, reels, super realistic baits etc.. ), the learning curve has been dramatically reduced from 20-30 years ago.
  17. NC OBX Charter

    Wow, sounds like a great time. No help from me, alas, but if you went saltwater, I know there's a ton of stuff for charters and all that. Bass, probably a little more inland. I just did a quick Google search and came up with this outfit. CanNOT say anything other than I found it on Google. :-) http://www.backwateradventures.com/
  18. Fluke style Baits for smallies

    Sounds interesting... I checked BPS site but couldn’t find. Plz share if you have the link. Thx
  19. Afraid to use....

    I love a happy ending!
  20. Upgrading My Gear!

    All about that Stradic! Great reels. Though I'd only use a 3000 for saltwater . For me it's 1000 for bass!
  21. Today
  22. Richmond Fishing Expo

    These shows always seem to fall on weekends that are chock full of stuff for me. Indoor soccer (futsal), stupid and sudden house fixes (kitchen sink replacement), high school swim meets! Another year, another miss for me at the Richmond Expo. Maybe next year....
  23. From Boat to Hobie pa 14

    I love kayak fishing, fresh or salt. Your Hobie PA14 is an awesome "boat" for the job. I'd actually love a PA12 with the new 180 Mirage drive to put my legs to work! Alas, no $$ with 4 boys, a house, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and snakes. My wife would permanently make me sleep on the couch if I snuck a PA12 into my kayak arsenal. In the meantime my Native Ultimate 12 + 30# thrust trolling setup does the job well Good luck in your endeavors. My advice, most importantly: 1) ALWAYS wear your PFD 2) See #1 (Life is too precious to assume you're always safe)
  24. For Us KC Area Guys - Fishing Reports

    Thank you for the heads up! Wolf it is...
  25. Upgrading My Gear!

    Is the Z as smooth as a reel with ball bearings?
  26. It got me again I picked up my first A-rigs, found them on sale. I got one for $3, and two more for $5 each. Barely over $14 total.
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