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  2. This is awesome

  3. Looking to thin out the herd a bit by selling a few rods. First up is a Gen 1 Daiwa Zillion 7' MH/F casting rod rated for 1/4-1 oz, 10-20 lb test (model TDZL 701 MHFB). Rod is in very good shape, no repairs done, no damage to the foam handle. I never really understood why this line of rods didn't get a bigger following, as to me it was a terrific jig rod. I just don't use it enough to warrant keeping it. Second up is a previous generation (green blank, 2nd gen?) Kistler 6'9" MH "All Purpose" casting rod rated for 1/8-3/4 oz, 12-17 lb test (ode MGAPSMH69). Rod is in very good shape, no repairs done, no damage to cork on handle (sealed with U40). This rod has been by "swiss army knife" combo that I take pond hopping and to stay versatile. To sweeten the deal a bit, I have two rods that I'll throw in as freebies (one for each of the above). One is a Shimano Clarus 6' M/F casting rod rated for 1/4-5/8 oz, 8-17 lb test (model CSC-60M). The second is a Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier 6' M/F casting rod rated for 1/4-5/8 oz, 8-17 lb test (model PRQ60MT). I'd like $100 shipped for each of the Zillion or the Kistler. $190 shipped for both. Paypal only. First buyer gets to choose their preference for the freebie rod.
  4. The latest sale thread

    "Rage Bugs". They don't even try to hide it... Usually takes 2-4 weeks to get stuff from here. Curiosity got the best of me when ordering some stuff from Ray's Stuido for reel dress up parts. Found some identical knock offs of the Evolve Kompak Craw that is hard to find too that I really like I'm going to try, too.
  5. Braid to leader with jigs?

    This says it all. I fish all rocky lakes and you wouldn't throw straight braid for more than 1 fish up here.
  6. Tarnished spinnerbait blades

    Be careful using metal polish on the brass tho. I've had it take the color off. The acid in ketchup works pretty good. You just have to make sure they don't want mustard that day....
  7. LC Pointer 100XD

    That Duo looks good. I currently use and all work well Staysee 100dd KVD 110+1 River2sea Jerk shad D78 D88 I have a Rogue Top 20 but never tried it.
  8. Yes, my favorite structure is a small flat located on steep banks. Tom
  9. For sale: TWO Gen 2 Revo STX L

    Looking to thin out the herd a bit. For sale are TWO Gen 2 Abu Garcia Revo STX L left-handed models. These reels have been regularly maintained. I've put swept handles from OG Daiwa Zillions on both, and each comes with original handle, spare spool, box and paperwork. One is a 6.3:1 ratio, and one was purchased as a 6.3:1 ratio but I upgraded all the gearing and the drags star to 7:1 ratio. The stock 6.3:1 gears and drag star are included. Both visually and mechanically I'd rate them 9 our of 10. I'd like $100 shipped, each. $190 shipped for both. Paypal only.
  10. Tons of Plastics Various Brands

    Sold please delete
  11. Looking to thin out the herd a bit. For sale are TWO Stradic 2500 FH reels in very good condition. These reels have been regularly maintained, including service at the Shimano factory just before they stopped support of this model. I have the spare spools for both reels, but I do not have the box/paperwork. All the spools have Carbontex drag washers installed. Visually I'd rate them 8/10, and mechanically 9/10. I'd like $100 shipped, each. $190 shipped for both. Paypal only.
  12. Best Budget Crankbait Rod

    Look around for a close out sale on Quantum KVD Tour crankbait rods. Tom
  13. Best Budget Crankbait Rod

    Okay thanks!
  14. How do you fish a bowl-shaped pond? Depends somewhat on depth, water clarity, etc., but in most cases there will be no true structure, but you almost always have breaks and breaklines. In shallower ponds, "cover" becomes the defacto 'home' that replaces the depth component. The 'home', or the area, where the fish spend the greater part of their time is under the weeds, brush, or 'under-cuts' in the bank, etc.. Breaks and breaklines become your areas of initial concentration, along with the deepest water areas of cover. Every pond will be a bit different, but I fish several currently that fit the above description. How about a reservoir with silted in channels? The breaklines are still there, just (a lot) less pronounced. Not a whole lot changes in the case of a silted in reservoir. You still work the features (structure, breaks, and breaklines) as far out into the deep water as possible, but no deeper than recognizable features allow. You stop at the last recognizable features. Even small, less pronounced breaklines (to us), are easily followed (and probably very obvious) to a fish. I see this a lot in small dish bowl ponds where a small "trail" across a flat only inches deeper than the surrounding water is what the fish use to move into and away from some shorelines. Do you consider a "flat" a structure? No, I don't.
  15. Network the units and put them where it's convient for you. Tom
  16. Usually not this lucky

    That's what it looks like. I have a positive experience with them in both falls lake and lake rogers here in NC. Bass seem to love them!
  17. Best Budget Crankbait Rod

    St Croix 7ft MHM (Bass X or Mojo) Dobyns Fury or Colt 705
  18. Today
  19. I'm looking for a budget crankbait rod to replace the rod I have been using becuase the guides just went and my line is seriously getting screwed up lol. I would like a rod that is MH with a Mod-Fast Tip. I don't have an expensive reel on there so I'm not gonna put it on like a $200 rod. My price would be like $100 or below or a like $120 rod that I can find on eBay or Amazon for cheaper. I did notice the Dobyn's Colt (they're new budget line) has a MH MF, but I wasn't sure about it. I would be willing to go up to like $110 GOOD rod. Thanks for the help! -Harrison
  20. My all time favorite because I bought it with my first tournament winnings!
  21. When I first started posting and reading posts on bass fishing forums like Bass Insider the terminology used was like a foreign language. The fact That I have fished all over the country, Canada and Mexico should have exposed me to some of this local or regional jargon but it still confused me and continues to do so at times. Saying structure isn't structure if it doesn't attract bass at that moment is more than confusing. Calling cover structure because of it's location is also subjective and tends to be confusing. Pitting a old technology pioneer Buck Perry against another from a later generation like Bill Murphy is counter productive, both offer good insights into bass fishing. Looking at contours without considering water temperature and fish depths is a partial study, but helpful in focusing your effects in productive areas. You can have lots of fishing holding structure with cover without any bass there if it's too deep under a thermocline or in an area without a prey source. Lots of factors to consider that can't be learned without being on the water. Learning to find bass on lakes like fig 10B & 11B isn't easy, 10A& 11A are very easy and common knowledge with today's bass anglers. Labeling 11B no structure is more than confusing. I have caught hundreds of bass off of banks like 10B or nothing banks when wind has pushed bait onto those banks. Isolated standing timber in 11B would be worth fishing because it gives bass several depths to use and a place for bait hide. When studying maps look for areas that have several structure elements close together. My favorite styles of structure are small flat areas located on steep breaks and saddle areas located between higher areas, add both together and it's worth checking. Tom
  22. One of my favorite "structures" 😎
  23. Tons of Plastics Various Brands

    I’ll take all the plastics for $35 send me Paypal.
  24. Abu pro max or black max 1600's. 4600 c4's are also on my favorite list.those little Ambassadeur's are the toughest reels I've ever used.rock solid, easy to cast dependable as all get out.
  25. G. Loomis Conquest Spin Jig rods

    I took my Conquest 843C out fishing for half a day today. The jury is still out at this point. The sensitivity was good. I was fishing a jig and either I had a bunch of short strikers or I may not like the MBR action with the fast tip compared to my NRX with the extra fast tip. The tip may be too soft. I will give it fair shake, but I have to say that I was not blown away. I am beginning to wonder if the Loomis's JWR rod's with the extra fast tip are still the better choice for bottom contact baits. Additionally, I thought with the new technology, I would see a little increased distance and accuracy. I did not. On a the positive side, it is extremely light and the reel seat is more comfortable than my old NRX. It also doesn't have the noisier recoil guides. I will do some further testing and see if the new design grows on me. For the price, it will have to.
  26. Shane, where are you now? I’ve been away from the forum for some time and just saw this. I’d be happy to take you to one of our North East Texas Lakes.
  27. The latest sale thread

    TheHookUpTackle.com is having their Black Friday Sale already till the end of the month, 20% off. Use code SAVE20. Unfortunately can't get 20% off certain nice items.
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