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  2. All around: Seaguar #6 InvizX for spinning tackle; #12 for baitcasting gear Technique specific: Seaguar AbrazX #12 or #15 for single hooks; Sunline Armilo #11 for treble hooks. Upgrade: Tatsu #6, #12 and #15 for single hooks
  3. Questions for you is how much? And where? Lol first hand, I don’t have any experience with the reel itself but it base on 50e series with magnesium frame. It has centrifugal fine tune 8 brake blocks instead of 6 you found on 50e series. I’ve heard that it cast light lure even better than my Aldebaran MG7 (pretty much same frame) with shallow yumeya spool. What weight lure is your target? The Aldebaran in general is pretty smooth, light, small and very comfortable to palm (for me Asian small hand). I can cast my down to 1/20oz jig head with crappies lure with the right rod. Now is the price you gonna pay is not a lot cheaper than new 2016 Aldebaran bfs XG, I would look into newer Aldebaran instead. The newer one has magnetic brake system which make it a lot easier to control, and the adjustable on the fly is a plus. Another option which I almost got it myself is to get new scorpion BFS also sameness magnetic brake on 70 platform and very affordable price. Note to self, I like my scorpion 70 with Ray’s shallow spool more than, Aldebaran and pixy, it can cast same weight further than Aldebaran.
  4. For those using circle hooks for wacky rigging, I’m curious, do you use a typical hook set, or just apply steady pressure to the fish? When I think of circle hooks I think of offshore salt water fishing for grouper and the like, and a regular hook set tanks the hook right out of their mouth. Is it the same scenario with wacky rigging??? It’s hard to train myself not to load up when I feel that bump. I’ve Texas rigged senkos for years and years and have probably caught more fish that way than any other technique, but recently I tried wacky for the first time and got lots of bumps, but I was using the VMC weedless wacky rig hook and had lots of trouble with missed hooksets. So I need to find a solid dependable wacky hook.
  5. It appears the many when using casting gear tie direct and when using spinning gear they use a leader of varying lengths. Why the difference?
  6. I wacky rig Senkos and some finesse style worms with the Gammy hooks. The Gamakatsu G-Finesse Wacky Jig Head (1/16oz or 1/8oz) and the Gamakatsu G-Finesse Weedless Wacky Hook are my primary weedless dropshot hooks. I also have the Gamakatsu Wide Gap Finesse Weedless Hook, which I use for nose hooking flukes, but it is another Gammy weedless hook that could be used for a weedless wacky rig.
  7. Welcome aboard! Let me know when you can go. I have some local spots or we can run over to Pickwick for the day. -Kent a.k.a. roadwarrior
  8. Does anyone fish Boone lake? My inlaws live in Jonesboro right around the corner from there, and I’ll be visiting in July. Looking for any info/pointers. I’ll probably be shorebound, I drove by the dam and along the area near the tricities airport, looked like a few small places to stop at. Just curious what my best bets might be for that area?
  9. ^ This right here will clear up most of your setup problems. I worked on doing this by getting those practice plugs in different weights and casting them in the back yard. I would switch weights and leave then settings long then see how the reel reacted with those settings. Just be aware you will get some birdsnests. This also helped me smooth out my cast instead of trying to "whip it" for more distance.
  10. you're right. i don't use a swivel. but i fish a lot with soft plastic baits and i always assumed a swivel would mess with the subtle action of the bait. no?
  11. anybody use an inner tube fishing float? if so, what are the pro's and con's? I am considering one because currently I wade and my balance isn't what it used to be, so I'm thinking the float would keep me from slipping and falling into the lake. the lake I fish isn't real deep, but obviously it doesn't take a lot to screw you up if you slip and fall even in a few feet of water. should i be concerned about poking hole in float while on water? do you really have to get diving fins? as always, i really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
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  13. I work 2nd Shift so not much to do once I am off work. Decided to paint a few in some real basic patterns that catch fish.
  14. When the water rises and gets dirty, the fish do go into a funk for a bit, but let me assure you, they still feed. The rivers I fish are generally clear but if I had the choice I’d rather fish them high and dirty.....hands down. Why? You can power fish and the high water puts fish in very predictable locations. Behind ANYTHING that breaks the current causing a current break or downstream eddy. As far as bait selection goes, smallmouth are generally sight feeders in clear water, but throw that out the window in dirty water. You need to fish things that move water. Bladed jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, wide wobbling crankbaits, are my top 4. Target the current breaks and eddys. Just about all of my largest river smallmouth and heaviest tourney stringers have come from high and dirty water. The pics are of my last 2 events, both during high water periods, and both of which we won doing exactly what I’ve described. Hope this helps and good luck!
  15. I'm planning to sling it around a pond before I have to go to supper today. Maybe I'll stick one or two.
  16. Finally replaced the trailer light I cracked. I purchased them for $23 on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DV355Z8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_.NaVCb6AX7MCZ
  17. Fish it all day, I catch most of my biggest topwater fish during the middle of the day when you're not "supposed" to fish topwater. My biggest buzzbait bass was right around lunch time, an ounce shy of 6. Some of my best days fishing a Slammer have been middle of bright sunny days too.
  18. Buddy, I can see myself getting hooked hopelessly on topwater. It's fun fishing.
  19. I don't change the leader length, usually 3-4 feet regardless of braid color. I only use it on spinning gear, casting gear is straight braid 100% of the time if I'm using braid regardless of braid color.
  20. I was fishing a small pond with the toadrunner too. The lake I was on Friday is about 200 acres and was 60 degrees, so we're right there.
  21. Sometimes I like to show everyone that I know how to catch fish other than bass pretty well too Put 37 of these guys in the boat Friday, along with some white bass, largemouth, and a crappie. Almost all of them were caught casting in less than 5' of water in the middle of a bright, sunny, post cold front day. They were not shy at all either, had to use pliers to get my bait back from a lot of them.
  22. I've never used wax worms for them, never needed to honestly, but I'd use them to tip a small jig if I was going to use them under a bobber.
  23. I've always just used canned corn, they eat it as good as anything I've found (other than mulberries when they're dropping).
  24. Couple of my better ones at Hillsdale Thursday in the hurricane. I dumped the biggest one next to the boat. Caught a whole pile of these things Friday. All released to get bigger. I was fishing with a local writer for In-Fisherman trying to help him crack the Kansas walleye/saugeye/sauger code, I think I helped him a little.
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