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  2. LOGIX BAITS save 15% off your whole order when you use code " LC15 " at check out and free shipping if you spend over 40$ ! Great lures at AMAZING prices! https://logixbaits.com
  3. Ok I need a couple of guys from Michigan, Minnesota, or upstate NY to hold this guy down while I beat him with Mardi Gras beads...
  4. I have no EVA because many years ago I had "black foam" grips deteriorate due to UV exposure. I have no confidence that the newer materials will be any better. They must be somewhat better since no one is mentioning UV problems. I have Winn and like them. Winn grips have EVA inside, but the surface is not. I trust Winn has done its homework relative to UV.
  5. I agree with the fury 705cb. Also works well with jerkbaits during the colder seasons.
  6. Good luck to you guys tourney fishing down the Cape this weekend! The beach in Dennis Port looks pretty rough.
  7. Brand equity. Like advertising - a company isn't making money when they run an ad on TV, radio, web, but the next time you go into a store and see their product, you recognize them. Repetition is the key. Repetition is the key.
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  9. ‘Trees, that’s almost exactly the rig I’m planning on using. My rig is an old Loomis 7’ SJR 844 with a Stradic 5000 and 20# braid and 20# leader. Hooks are same 1/0-3/0 and my go to baits are a senko or Rage Craw. This won’t be finesse fishing at all, more like combat fishing if you ask me. Too much cover and obstacles to go light! What weight sinker do you think? I’m leaning towards 1/8-3/16.
  10. Zman Razor Shadz, or Yamamoto Zako's are about all i throw them with anymore...and i only buy the zako if i cannot get the Razor Shad, Razor Shad is much more durable if those aren't an option....everyone, everywhere will have a fluke style bait available!
  11. All my Dobyns rods have cork including my ultra lights. I clean my cork grips once a year with a magic eraser let dry the add a thin coat of cork sealer. Here are a couple of pros opinions : David Fritts Cork "The cork also helps the rod float if it falls into the water" Kevin Van Dam Foam "Cork is good, but it gets slippery when wet" Russ Lane Winn"I also don’t have to squeeze the rod as hard to have a firm grip,”
  12. That’s why I don’t buy rods with cork
  13. I like the feel and look of a nice cork handle.
  14. Ahhh, it sure is nice to be on the water after a long winter. The tend to be happy too. Very pretty fish.
  15. I fish ponds a lot but dog days are the time to jump in the creek for smallies. Just wish I was able to do it as well as I used to.
  16. The entire tackle box is in play in the spring. In the cold water period from ice out until the water temps rise into the mid 50's the selection is some what more limited due to overall activity levels of the fish. It's hard to beat a lipless crank, suspending jerkbait, or a compact jig for largemouth during this time. Once it hit's the mid 50's fish movement increases, and so does the selection of tools that work and work well. It's almost a fish what you like type deal, and let cover, location, water clarity, current weather conditions, and depth dictate your choices.
  17. I think that if you're going to drop shot shallow cover, might as well "Bubba Shot". My current heavy drop shot rig is a 7'5" Kistler All Day Pitchin Stick - a 50 size Shimano reel filled with 20 lb Abrazx. Favorite hook is a Gammy Wicked wacky between 1/0 and 3/0. I generally lead off with a medium size soft plastic, like a Berkley Crazy Legs Chigger Craw or the old Gulp sinking minnow. I think this set up has helped me get some shallower fish that would have broken lighter line.
  18. Do yourself a favor and get a Daiwa Aird X for $30-$50 in both casting and spinning. Check Amazon and eBay. Then get yourself a Fuego CT casting reel for $50-75 and a Pflueger President spinning reel for $30-$50, again checking Amazon and eBay. At worst your total cost is $275 retail if you have to pay full price, but you rarely will online if you're looking in the right places. Hands down the best budget rods and budget reels. And you'll be set up nicely.
  19. I've been using Suffix 832 Advanced Superline but may switch to Berkley Fireline based on one of the recommendations above. I will avoid PowerPro Slick 8 based on your experiences with it. thanks.
  20. Hey, I'm selling a couple of Lew's reels. The first is an LFS SS1SH, 7.1:1, used, with box. $55tyd. Next is a Tournament Pro TP1H, 6.4:1, great shape, no box, $110tyd. Take both, $150tyd.
  21. Own both and can't feel the difference through my fishing gloves.
  22. If I'm fishing for LMB I am slow and methodical during the summer days. If I'm fishing for SMB it's pedal to the metal baby.
  23. When it gets hot to the point I'm ready to leave the lake by 11am I'll go completely nocturnal. Big lures fished slowly whether it's 10xd, Grenade, 12" worm, 6.25" craw, colorado spinnerbait, magnum fluke, topwater, or big swimbait. I'll let the fish dictate the depth I fish but I consistently catch my bigger fish fairly shallow at night. The larger fish seem to feed shallow and then suspend out in deeper water until the next feeding window at night. Summer nights(large & slow) and blistering cold of winter(vertical spoon slow) produce for me.
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