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  2. I noticed that certain trailers don't mix well with certain jigs. The Aaron Martens jigs from Picasso don't work well with Zman Turbo Craws. For some reason the holder along with the way the plastics stretch cause the bait to slide of the jig. To the point that I need to readjust almost every cast. I'm in the process now of switching up jigs and trailers to find a combo that works well. You might also want to try some of the gel super glue to get it to stay in place. I have heard of people doing this when fishing the ned rig.
  3. Catt

    Slowing Down

    The General taught me how to fish a worm 😉
  4. Skipping Guru, The last three months, I have been practicing skipping which I am getting good at with my baitcaster for dock/trees My issue is that the trailers would slip out or whatever when I fowl or dont get a good glide. How do you guys make it stay - any tip that i should do or use.
  5. That's what I plan on doing for my first yak. Can't afford pedals but my tendinitis might make paddling tough. I want the TM foot controlled, at least a reverse and forward footswitch of some kind.
  6. Those hooks aren't overly thick. I wouldn't want anything smaller for an A-rig. A couple things that kind of bother me; 1. why run a leader to your braid? To make it easier to break off if you snag? They're eating a rig with wires, snaps, swivels, stuff sticking out everywhere, running a leader is really unnecessary imo if you're doing it for visibility reasons. I'd highly suggest going to straight 20lb mono unless you're dealing with really heavy cover, then go to 50 or 65 pound straight braid. Plus you'll have no leader knot to potentially fail that way. 2. Keep the fish's head down. That's a lot of weight (and a lot of leverage), if you allow the fish to get it's head above the water. With not getting a great hookset, although I think you got a good enough hookset on short line, the hook might not have even been driven into the barb making it even easier to toss. 3. You barely used the reel at all during the fight and applied very minimal pressure to the fish. Heavy baits that they can get a lot of leverage with a good baits to guide the fish around the boat and maintain pressure with. Reel until you have a couple feet of line out and just lead the fish around the boat with your rod tip near the surface of the water, ready to push the rod under the water if the fish tries to jump. Just being very nitpicky. You were close to landing that fish and with time more of those type surprises will make it into the boat.
  7. Broke my DC 734 on hook set. Called them to make sure that what I am seeing on the picture is exactly waht they want. so Just make sure you include the "DC XXX XX" For the upgrading to another level, give them a call. My advice: include memo if this will be the same model or whatever and check inside in the package. It will save time that you are not getting the "wrong one" otherwise they will send you what they see on the cutout rod. http://dobynsrods.com/warranty/
  8. Actually if you go to their Blog site it says MOST Rodgeeks blanks are identical to the St. Croix blanks in all respects.
  9. Anyone have any experience or knowledge on these? It’s the older Aldebaran bfs, the black one with red spool. I’ve been wanting to pick up an aldebaran bfs. I was just waiting it out looking for a deal on the newer one. Well I can get a really good deal on the limited right now but I know next to nothing about it. Thought maybe you gents would have some insight, so let’s have it. Thanks guys!
  10. Was just reading about that --- now I gotta make some order in
  11. As long as it isn't flash flood type rains, yes I've done really well right after heavy rains. It's usually very fun fishing. I'll fish a spinnerbait, buzzbait, and jig in all the newly flooding vegetation and wood. Fish move up into that stuff looking for an easy meal of something that isn't supposed to be in the water (bugs, terrestrial animals that don't typically spend much time in the water).
  12. I'm new to the area as well but from what I have been told is white spinner for clear water and darker for stained water.. Pumpkin seems to be the general color for most fish with soft plastics. Wish I could help more but I'm trying to figure things out as well.
  13. I'm new as well and I tried a different grip which has helped... Try choking up with your grip..? Instead of holding the rod with your first finger against the rod use you middle finger. This will allow your thumb further up on top of the spool. It has helped me with my thumb placement also allowing my my finger to rest along the pole as a pointer.
  14. Welcome! A lot of people don't add their location. You might check out the local fishing forums and see if you find anyone close to you.
  15. I throw most of my buzzbaits without a skirt and with a soft plastic, usually toads on them. It seems fish hold on to them as they feel something soft that they can latch onto and feels more natural. I have also used a fluke or paddle tail swimbaits. Looks more natural that way I would assume.
  16. I honestly can't remember the last time I gut hooked a bass. I remember it happening the odd time when I was first started fishing. I don't see what difference the hook would make anyway unless you were using a circle hook which is made specifically to avoid gut hooking fish.
  17. I suspect you don't use a swivel with your lures. Spinning reels will twist your line. What I suggest is to let your line out with no lure just line while you are going across the lake and when you empty you spool or at least half, reel your line back in. It will untwist while your reeling it back in.
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  19. Seaguar Red Label FC is all I use for leaders. I've seen no reason to pay more for less.
  20. LionHeart, good point! I bet there a bunch of different levels of EVA. I may have to head to the store and check more out to see what I like. I agree shamanjp. The handle material is probably just part of why I like some of my EVA type rods, but the other part is shape. Shape seems to make a big difference with my rods. Darn, now another thing to check out more and see what I really like. Good stuff though fellas. More food for thought.
  21. The biggest problems with using a EWG is that I always end up hooking them deep with them. I typically use a gamakatsu octopus hook 1/0 and the majority of the time they are hooked in the corner of the mouth. That's is my preference but to each his own. Fishing a wacky work though you will end up guy hooking more fish than probably any other technique.
  22. Gotta admire there heart and determination
  23. Would one of these be worth picking up? I've looked around online and can't find much of anything about them. I know they can't keep up with today's high dollar reels, but I've got a line on one for $20 and I'm just curious if it's worth snagging. I use H2O Mettles currently, so I'm not working with top equipment now, but if it's a huge step backwards even from those I don't want to mess with it. I'd likely be using it for lipless cranks or Texas rigs. Thanks!
  24. Oh, I sure did. This is just a subject that I wanted to see if more detail could be pulled on. It's like the potato chips. I can't eat just one. Thanks!
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