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  2. First of all, to address "four seasons". In Tennessee the winter is very short and mild, snow is rare and in 23 years I have lived here we have only had a handful of days of single digit lows. Early spring flowers bloom in late February. Smallmouth are red hot from the middle of October through early June. Summer sucks in terms of heat and humidity, but for those that can master ledge fishing it's the best time of year for BIG largemouth. Fall comes in late September and the weather is generally great into December. Some of the best fishing of the year begins in October. Nashville is a "real" city and the home of Country Music. Tennessee has NO STATE INCOME TAX! Within a 3 hour radius of the State Capital you have the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers, Dale Hollow, Pickwick and Kentucky Lake. Two lakes are virtually in the Nashville metropolitan area. A bit further out are Wilson, Joe and Guntersville
  3. Hmm, I don't care about Ike, it was a good day lots of nice bass caught and in my great State. No it's time for me to go fishing!
  4. If the spool is giving line faster than your lure is taking it, slowing the spool with your thumb does not reduce casting distance. It sounds like you have the reel properly set up, but you still need to keep your thumb at the ready. If you feel line start to fluff up on your spool during a cast, catch it early with some thumb pressure. A spinner bait is one of those lures that will slow down dramatically the longer it is in flight. You will learn to anticipate this, and apply the appropriate amount of thumb pressure.
  5. Is it or is it not considered the world record still? Has it been passed? Not tied, passed? Wether or not you believe it or found facts to ease your mind, does it not still stand as a record? Legacy or not? Japan Bass was caught on live bait, that's why I personally disregard it. And what I meant by my statement "obvious reasons" was because I didn't want to clutter a thread with a debate about world record Bass. I trolled, and it got bit. I fish the Ocmulgee river, so I'm biased
  6. Looking to upgrade to HDS live units from older gen2 and gen3 Lowrance units and wondering about transducer locations. Will have a Live unit in the console and at the bow and want Livesight and also down and side with some sort of thru hull so I can see bottom when on plane. Any suggestions appreciated and thanks!
  7. Since the rod is a medium with moderate action, it would be best for crankbaits. But I feel that your reel with the faster gear ratio may not be suited for crankbaits. The rod with a moderate action, probably wouldn't be ideal for jigs or soft plastics. There isn't enough stiffness to get a good hook set. Maybe you could change your combos around a little.
  8. I would definitely recommend a jig with a screw lock or good keeper, bbqhut if you like the jigs you have a dab of super glue will work wonders.
  9. Live on the east side.....are there lakes in middle Tennessee? Still haven't fished them all over here. Good luck and tight lines
  10. South Holston..... amazing smallie fishery
  11. BEST DAY EVER was after an epic storm at Pickwick. We had 18" of rain and the lake rose 9' overnight. 78 bass in one day, mostly using a Sworming Hornet/ LFT Live Magic Shad. My partner slayed them on a Red Eye Shad.
  12. It's been a long winter, and the weather still stinks!! After a rough start yesturday, meaning halfway to the lake Father's Toyota died, bad alternator. We had to call my wife, she drove 30 min to us picked my father up they drove a half hour back to town bought a new battery then we limped the truck back to town to drop it off at the garage. Remember this is our first trip great start? We almost said forget get it but I couldn't not go lol, so my wife drove me all the way home grabbed my old reliable Chevy and went back to garage. Hooked up the boat and went fishing. We got on the water around 1:30pm , it was 50°f out foggy, windy rain and water temp was 45.6°F. Well let's just say that on my very first cast I caught two 3 pound smallmouth at the same time on a 9ft diving crankbait!! They day ended up being awesome! We caught 35 smallmouths and 12 largemouth, biggest smallmouth was 4 pounds even, caught a bunch of 3s and high 2s. Our best 5 went 17 pounds. We fished to 6:00pm, the day ended up being way better then expected.
  13. I had one of the aldebaran bfs limited for a while, until it ended up at the bottom of the lake. It was a smooth reel. I never casted anything super light on it. Probably 1/8 oz was as low as I went. The reel was designed for smaller hands, with a more flat palming side plate than a regular 50 series. Not a bad reel though. Would probably still have it, if it didn't go for a swim.
  14. snap - one tie. I can use my hand and my mouth, but sometimes my wife.
  15. If I get a chance to get on the water......gone gone gone
  16. Look for jigs with a screw lock keeper!! i use a lot of 6th sense divine jigs, as well as a company local to me named Dem Jigs! I found the screw lock kept my plastics in place WAY better than the traditional lead knuckle or even the wire keepers. I used to play with superglue, even modified jigs to have a bigger, beefier wire keeper and i've found that a soft plastic threaded properly onto a screw lock keeper outlasts any of the other options!
  17. Since the number one plug is always fowled rumors are it may be the brains in the motor. This is an expensive part and if I do this and then a month or two down the road it needs other band aids.....well...I think I'm done. Going to talk to a local dealer that I have worked with in the past and get a better idea on options. What boat is worth...etc.... Believe if possible I'm going to go with a tin boat in the 18 or 19 foot range. Depends on cost's etc....have been doing a lot of looking....a lot. It was interesting...many many years ago I met Forest Wood...in my eye's he was and is a class act. When the Classic was here in Knoxville a while back I shook his hand and we talked a bit. I told him I had always wanted a Ranger but life had led me to owning a couple Triton's. I said I'm confused now...I told him about wanting a Ranger and thinking of the RT and now he's part of the making of Vexus.....I said I'm confused. He said .... Son....smiled...and said continue to due your research.
  18. About 10 feet. The FG knot goes through the guides and level wind every cast and every retrieve. With high vis yellow, I have convinced myself that bass see it and care. May not be a shred of truth to that but who knows for sure?
  19. You can find these at any hardware store. I use something similar for screws and whatnot in my garage. I may need to buy a second one after seeing this
  20. I personally only use braid on casting gear for topwater. Otherwise it is flouro or copoly. Most of my casting rods have micro guides and the leader knot would interfere with the cast.
  21. Yes! I usually ran 30 lb pp braid. Add a leader if you want.
  22. A weightless worm maybe, but other than that, not really. It's just going to add some weight. There's a lot of downsides to using a swivel though, and your line is still going to get twisted even using a swivel. If you don't have a boat to use to untwist your line, you can drop your line from a high place, like a bridge, or tall building, with a weight on the end. Eventually it will straighten itself out. Depending on the shape of your weight, you can tell when it stops spinning.
  23. One time fishing pads I had to put a leader onto 15 pound white nanofil to get LM to bite a super fluke dragged across the pads. My son was doing much better than I using the same lure, but he had a leader. Surprised me, but it seemed very clear that the leader made the difference.
  24. That seems to be the consensus around here. A few years ago, that wasn't the case. The thinking is that the bass can obviously see the line, but they don't have enough sense to know what it is or what danger it represents.
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    Fish Eyes

    Call me crazy, but I like that better than the red eyes for a gizzard shad.
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