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  2. IMO, crank baits load up the rod, start up the spool very quickly and fly very far because they are compact and heavy. That causes early to mid cast overruns, which magnets aren’t as good for as a reel with good mechanical brakes.
  3. Consider Lund Rebel and Fury. Quality and simplicity.
  4. Cork, cause it feels best and it doesn't compress like synthetic materials when you squeeze it. and no sealer. It's supposed to look like it gets used.
  5. Friend and I went fishing. I spotted her a few feet from the shore. She didn't want anything to do with me, but my buddy came and yanked a smaller one off the bed and she destroyed my fluke. Got her on an ultralight with 4lb test.
  6. Are you sure you didn't pay $63 for each?...
  7. I dont know? I like quality hard light EVA, cork is OK. Some days I feel like I like it, other days I don’t. I don’t like that it gets old and I don’t like that it looks so new when you get it. Have barely fished the Winn grips, but I am definitely liking it. I don’t know? I care more about weight and action.
  8. Here in Missouri the dog days of summer get very hot, sticky, and humid. I see fisherman fish the same way at that time that they do in the spring, rapid casting spinnerbaits, and lipless baits to the banks. I don't see them catching much more than a few small fish. A tackle shop owner told me years ago that the main reason some guys can't catch bass at this time is simple. Their fishing too fast. I think this is 100% true. I like plastic worms for much of my bass fishing, and over the years I've tried to train myself to slow down, sometimes way down. It's takes some self discipline and practice to work a plastic worm super slow. If I'm casting into a deep hole, I let the worm sink to bottom, then deadstick it for a bit. I can put my index finger under my line in front of the reel and tug on the line lightly, then give the worm a slow lazy lift, and repeat. Sometimes it may take me several minutes to fish a plastic worm through the cover this way, but I know from my logs that it has helped me hook more fish and some better size ones too. It takes all the patience I have to fish like this. Many trophy hunters who fish for the biggest bass are advocates of a super slow retrieve. Do you fish slowly like this? Has it worked well for you? It's one of my favorite ways to fish. With all the fast paced run and gun fishing styles in bass fishing now days, I wonder how many folks fish with a super slow retrieve? It takes patience, but can work very well.
  9. Megabass has the best eyes. They have the "oh crap, I think he saw me" look.
  10. You almost sound a little afraid ‘Growing the sport’ doesn’t necessarily mean creating more anglers, but look toward the existing college and high school ranks to see what develops and whether this new format will be the deal going forward or not. Political correctness will have little to do with changing the resource - science will.
  11. Try light weight and a large craw like a pit boss which will glide just above them. Or try a C-Rig, but use two larger size round split shots, with a curly tail worm. These glide just above the snags better than anything I know that is a bottom contact bait.
  12. Yeah Tim said he used the 7’2 heavy for frogging and such I’m pumped 👍🏼
  13. That’s what I wanted to hear! Kind of feel like I’m getting in over my head with this “little” boat but it’s a tool and I’m gonna use it as such.
  14. Ordered two of those UC 70LXF blanks to build into a pair of spinning and casting rods. Will report back on how the casting performance is with very light gear once everything is complete.
  15. Either over powering small fish or big fish do roll upside down to shake the hook. Bass are one of the only fish I’ve seen able to shake their heads up and down instead of only side to side. I think because they do that upside down, it might be that they use the jaw hinge to do it.
  16. Those are gen 2 alright, the best reel seat in my opinion. It would get some used to with bare blank, but the most comfortable you would ever feel. It has nice blank, light and pretty crispy. I would try it with LC 78 or rapala HS 08 also your choic of spook or whopper plopped 90
  17. I also like vmc's weedless wacky jig head, post spawn thru fall on non-senkos.
  18. I bought a Dobyns Champion, with cork at the end of last season to throw Chatters. It just seemed slippery to me. Felt like I had to hang on tighter. I assume that is average cork or a little better. I agree with the aged cork and battle scars. Seems to have better grip too. Maybe I just need to fish more! I do have summers off.........Mmmmm thanks guys. Just wanted to see if others had the same ideas with it. Jbsoonerfan, I do like my Winn grips a lot!
  19. How's the water temp at this impoundment? Beds is full swing?
  20. One of the best things you could do would be to join a local club as a non-boater. You'll learn a ton!
  21. I buy a rod based on two things: Is it the power and action I want and is it in my budget. The grip material is immaterial to me...both do the job. Right now I have 4 EVA and 1 Cork, and it really doesn't matter.
  22. What is everyone's favorite method to find bass during the spawn? Many different stages of the spawn and it all doesn't happen at once. Weather is a huge factor when your trying to figure out what stage the majority of the fish are in and the heavy rains and dirty water doesn't help any. I know personally that I try to follow the fish and study my map all season long. I am fortunate to not only work at a Marina part time but also as a retired Marine I get to spend lots of time on the water.
  23. Clean it up with a mild soap, let it dry, then seal it with U40. But personally, if I bought a Fury, I wouldn't expect much out of the cork. Gotta be somewhat realistic.
  24. If you have issues breaking bills on the 110's and fish around rocks/docks/etc...But don't want to give up on the 110, try the 110-FX model. The folding lip is much more durable, at least in my experience, and holds up well to those tasks. The standard 110 is my go-to jerkbait, but if I'm fishing shallower than normal or around rocks/docks I'll usually tie on the FX. That folding lip thing is pretty cool in the wind too, usually stays straight as a bullet on casts...Not as much tumbling. I actually the love the stock hooks on the 110's, but they are definitely light wire and do bend fairly easily. I bought a ton of replacements in bulk from MB-USA a few year back and just replace as needed. Unfortunately, I don't believe they sell their trebles in bulk from the factory anymore. FWIW I don't think I've heard of MB declining to replace broken bill 110's until reading this thread. I've had 2 replaced and know several others that have had them replaced as well.
  25. I just picked up a SLX 6'10" Medium with SLX 150HG reel for jerkbait fishing. Got it for $125.99 shipped! Can't beat that deal. Either a rod or reel for $26... I believe TacticalBassin recommended this combo for jerkbait fishing.
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  27. So I’ve had my Dobyns fury series rod for a little over a month and have only used it maybe 6 times and the top of the cork handle is already chipped away a bit. I expected more out of this brand. My $50 lews cork handle is still in perfect condition.
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