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  2. If I'm fishing for LMB I am slow and methodical during the summer days. If I'm fishing for SMB it's pedal to the metal baby.
  3. When it gets hot to the point I'm ready to leave the lake by 11am I'll go completely nocturnal. Big lures fished slowly whether it's 10xd, Grenade, 12" worm, 6.25" craw, colorado spinnerbait, magnum fluke, topwater, or big swimbait. I'll let the fish dictate the depth I fish but I consistently catch my bigger fish fairly shallow at night. The larger fish seem to feed shallow and then suspend out in deeper water until the next feeding window at night. Summer nights(large & slow) and blistering cold of winter(vertical spoon slow) produce for me.
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  5. Famously, 50% of everyone's advertising budget is wasted. Trouble is, nobody knows which 50%. Like all promotional efforts, getting a product known to people gives them the opportunity to ask for it.
  6. I don't target bedding fish. I'll typically head to wind blown points and fish my way into coves/pockets with topwater, spinnerbait, and flukes. Once I figure out where the bulk of the feeding fish are I head straight to same distance/depth in the next cove. I believe that we have prespawn, spawning, and post spawn fish now. I've been catching them coming and going. Been four times this week and caught four species of bass every trip.
  7. Word of caution for future reference. Never enter into a civil compromise with another driver when a collision is involved, insured or not, without a police report/collision report. An uninsured driver should or will loose their license until any damages are compensated for and if they are insured a police report goes along way in mitigating the " shared liability " that so many insurance carriers look to take advantage of. Sorry about what you had to go through.
  8. Collin, it sounds like you are ready for your first bait casting combination. Do not be intimidated by bait casters. LiionHeart's comments are much the same as mine. The Diawa Fuego CT is so user friendly. There are several good entry level rods to get started and keep you under you budget cap. A 6-6 to 7-0 medium power rod would be a great start. A great value rod to take a look at is a Dobyns Colt 703C but that's just one of several possible choices. Good luck !
  9. If you have a ml spinning rod already and you are interested in trying casting rods I would highly recommend looking at a mediums heavy rod with action and length of your choice. I have owned fenwick, shimano, st Croix, and carbonlite 2.0 rods all of which I would recommend. I only have Daiwa casting reels and they are very easy to use. Doesn't take long to get the hang of it and I have come to prefer using casting gear. Spinning still has its place though.
  10. Ned rig is mostly a feel nothing technique, so pretty much any semi decent rod would work, especially with braid to leader. The limited stretch will help with light Texas Riggs as well. Ml-M powered spinning rod should be about right. I believe Ned himself uses $20 walmart rods and reels older than I am. The simplicity, frugality, and finnese style is the real idea of the midwest finesse system from my understanding. There are some very good articles that goes more into the history and origins of "the ned rig". Basically what worked then still works now, just reborn and marketed. I love the technique of ned rigging and can't wait to try the new crawz from zman. Simple, small, and highly productive.
  11. I can second the 705 CB, I have the champion XP and it is amazing for sure.
  12. Exchange for free products? Companies are making a ton of money as is. If they can get Ish, Skeet, Ike, EE, Lee or whoever to pimp their product, they aren't out any money. Companies like Nike and UA pay athletes millions of dollars to endorse their products instead of giving them free products. I think you are confused on how endorsements and advertising work.
  13. I just replaced my Quantum Team KVD 6'10" HF for a Shimano SLX 7'2" HF. We'll see if that 4" of lenght will actually make that much of a difference
  14. I mean promotion does increase sales especially if an angler wins a major tournament, but does it double the companies money?
  15. In exchange for free products the angler uses and promotes that brand, but I don't see how companies would make their money back and then some just from the angler promoting it. How are companies making their money back from sponsorship?
  16. WRB

    Slowing Down

    If you go back 10 years or so on this site a few old timers were saying look over your shoulder and fish outside water because 95% of bass angers back then were pounding the bank no more then a casting distance length away ignoring off shore structure or long underwater points. Today a decade later the bank pounders are still a high % but more and more bass anglers have figured it out, covering water fast isn't always productive. Can't fish off shore structure very fast, got to slow down to catch those bass. Tom
  17. Summer here in AZ the surface temps are 100 and the hydrilla is jungle thick. When I first started fishing I would dropshot and pull a mojo rig nice and slow. It produced nice bass but never quantity. Last year I stuck with working reaction bite techniques and really boosted the numbers and still had quality. Much easier covering lots of water finding the small patches where they are congregated. On the massive hydrilla flats it's like finding a needle in a haystack. If they aren't responding to a lipless, vibrating jig, or Texas rig underspin finesse them with a spybait. They work great on grass flats too.
  18. I find rods to be such a personal thing. So many variables that are unique to each rod. From length, design, guides, materials, brand preferences, etc. Added to trends in the fishing industry and advances in technology and a whole lot of marketing :). I use what feels best to me. For length 6'6-6'10" is my comfort zone. Short by today's standards.
  19. I like the SLX but I don’t think it compares to the old Curados. It’s still an entry level reel. Not to say they cut corners, but they had to cut corners somewhere to get that reel built to sell for $100. That said, I’m buying another one soon. And when they wear out I’ll probably buy some more.
  20. I think you summed this up very nicely. I can relate to this in every way!
  21. For what you are throwing I would stick with spinning gear. Personal favorite with this is a Shimano Sahara 1000, 4lb or 6lb test mono, and a St. Croix Avid 6' ML or L, Fast. Shimano also has the Sedona in a 500 size but not one of my favorite reels.
  22. One of each , I use a 7'3 heavy for long cast , and a 6'11 heavy for close quarters. Kinda been eyeballing that 6'5 heavy muse rod , also.
  23. Cork handles for me. I have a rod with EVA and I like the rod by itself but the EVA has never felt right.
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