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  2. Welp.... fished Wed.-Sat. With results all over the place. Wed. I stayed in Pirates Cove / Caney Creek. Stayed dirt shallow except for two spots I c-rig on a regular basis. Caught one around 4#s off a dock with the jig. Then 4-5 others throughout the day with the biggest “maybe” two pounds. Pitched a 1/4 oz. jig most of the day. Chunked a 1/4 oz. one knocker quite a bit as well. Worked Caney front to back and just wasn’t happening for me. I figured it was going to be a stellar day when I got to the Army ramp just before 7am on Wednesday and there were already 6 trailers in the parking lot. Got on the water and I’d of swore Oilmans was holding their biggest tournament in the last few years - boats everywhere!!! Thursday... Nasty... front hit around 6am. What there was of it. For all the moaning and mashing of teeth... as storms go it was pretty mild - except. It did rain by golly! Literally rained all day. Hard at times but always raining. I hit the water in the rain aroun 8am. Started out with the 1/4oz jig dirt shallow. Wasn’t long I put a 4#er in the boat and shortly after that another’n Just like it. Took about a half-hour before the next fish came aboard, around 3#s. Then... it got tough. Did the same thing I had been doing for next 1-2 hours - nothing. Pulled out the c-rig on a spot I usually fish wasn’t there long then put a 6#er in the boat. Another hour or so of doing the same thing yielded only one short spot. Pulled up the trolling motor and scooted to the back of Big Bass Marina/Caney creek. Actually my map has it as Canely Creek but the locals say it’s Caney. I say... whatever. Threw the one knocker and jig all over the back of the creek. Did go under the bridge but it was pretty dirty back there so I didn’t stay long. Ended up pulling one more, around 2#s, off a lay down. Ended up with around 18#s in 5 fish for the day. Friday... WINDY!!! Never left Caney/Pirates Cove. Don’t think anyone else did either. Fishing sucked and I was off the water at 1pm. Saturday... A bit of wind early but then it actually hit the infamous “ light and variable”. Went to the dock I’d caught the 4#er on Wed. - not a bite. Went to a near by brush pile I’d gotten a bite at on Wed. - nothing. Pulled up the trolling motor intending to head to Big Bass Marina creek. Got near Blackland Cove and a spur of the moment deal put me at the mouth of that Cove slinging a 1/4 oz. one knocker. Had made a half dozen or so cast when I hooked up. That fish ran me all over the boat. Front to back and side to side. Pulling hard... such that I backed off the drag some to let’er run. Then I was afraid it’d wrap around something I couldn’t see so I tightened the drag back down and took my chances. Finally got it in the boat. Scales at weigh-in said 4.58#s. That was the fightenest 4.5#er I’d ever seen - well maybe except for some 3#ers on Falcon. Stayed in that area for 30-45 mins. And only managed one dink on a 1.5 square bill. shortening this up some.... spent the rest of the day around Big Bass Marina caught a few short fish but nothing close to what I had done there Thursday. Soooo... that’s it until the 11th of next month.
  3. I don't do it all the time, but only when I'm fishing very slow with a jig or worm.
  4. Tournament MB all day in 7 speed. They are 100 bucks on ebay. Only other reel I'd recommend is a Diawa Tatula CT. They have outstanding brakes and will make learning to use a baitcaster much less miserable.
  5. Put the 6 speed on your cranking rod, the 9 speed on your jig rod, the 7 speed on your frog rod. Sell the 5 speed.
  6. Hold the line between your thumb and index finger while you retrieve? I get what you're saying, and don't disagree, but that sounds mighty uncomfortable. Don't think I could keep that up for too long.
  7. When you're trying to make ends meet on minimum wage, you take all the advantages you can. I don't keep dinks, but if it's fair sized, it goes home to the freezer. I'd say 2-3 meals a week are of fish I've caught...whether bass, trout, walleye, pike or panfish it doesn't matter - if it's eating size, it gets eaten.
  8. For slow, subtle presentations I agree that touching the line will aid in detecting light bites. For fast/reaction type baits, Your rod will give you all the information you need even for lite bites. You don't need to pinch the line between thumb and index finger either. My grip isn't what it used to be, so I need my thumb wrapped around the reel, or at the least on the spool. I just place my index finger under the line, but on the reel in front of the line guide.
  9. I too don't understand why it can't be that way. You could still do the same format, weigh/release and just count the biggest 5. Maybe it has to do with the score tracker or whatever, but I don't know why it wouldn't work. I like MLF/BPT way more at this point but I think it could work. Some guys "quit" fishing when they have a 40 lb lead, but IMO everyone would have to fish hard for all three periods with no letting up.
  10. From the rodgeeks website, How do our blanks compare to St. Croix in terms of power and action? Our blanks are very similar to comparable St. Croix models with the exception of our Bass Series. These blanks are designed specifically for bass fisherman, with slightly slower actions and more power in the tips. The action section of our blanks also have reinforcing material for extra durability. Our C2 blanks are the same as St. Croix's SCII, and our C4 is the same as SCIV. We do not have a direct SCIII equivalent because our C4 blanks are even higher performance at great prices.
  11. papajoe222

    Fish Eyes

    IMO, eyes on a bait are as important as the color of the bait. 😏 Both are at the bottom of my list when choosing a bait. Are there instances when the right color or the presence of eyes on a bait make the difference in catching or not? Ask the lure manufactures.
  12. Where should I fish it because the lake isn't get deep 15 feet at the most and it has a little shallow cove. Other than the cove there is a drop off about 30 feet from shore. I'm bank fishing also mostly off a dock with 3 ft at the start of the dock to maybe 8 to 10 feet at the furthest point on the dock. And what about night fishing with that chatterbait.
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm in the market for a new rod. Currently using a Shimano Stradic CI4+ and mainly fish for bass in creeks, rivers, and the occasional lake. I've got an Abu Garcia Veritas that I like well enough but think it's time to upgrade. I'd like to spend a little more this time around but I'm not too familiar with the other higher-end brands out there. I like my Abu Garcia well enough; should I just stick with what I know? What other recommendations are out there for the $200-$300 price range? Thanks!
  14. I like many of the new bass rods I see at my local tackle shop. Super light, fast action and very sensitive, to feel those light strikes on jigs and soft plastics. Here's a simple basic concept that I hope hasn't been lost because of all this high tech tackle. The concept is keeping your line between your thumb and index finger during the retrieve. I'm sure many will dispute this, but actually touching the line can detect strikes that you would never feel with even the most expensive rod made. This is nothing new or groundbreaking. Fisherman have been holding their line between their thumb and index finger for decades, way before sensitve, light rods were ever available. Many bass fisherman like to " palm" a casting reel, guiding the line onto the spool as they take up slack, holding the line in the process. It's not so much about the type of tackle your using. It can be done with a baitcaster, spinning reel, or spincast reel. It's having your fingers/ thumb actually touching the line that's makes the difference. Regardless of what style of rod you use, your line is the first connection to the fish. Many of the very best jig/ worm fisherman do this. They would never rely on just the rod only to detect the faint, almost nothing strikes. These can often be the strike of the largest bass.For a novice fisherman, this can be a good way to learn. On those tough, slow bite days, it can make the difference in catching fish or catching none. Do you hold the line while fishing? What's your method? It's a simple concept I've been doing for as long as I can remember. It can help you land more bass too
  15. There was a time, back in the 60's, when anything of legal size I kept and ate, or my family ate. I'm 70 and I've been a catch and release angler since I was 22. I love the sport. Unlike hunting, you can catch the same fish over and over, but you can only kill a living thing once.
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  17. I won the Big Bass pot at a tournament a few weeks ago on a white/chartreuse chatterbait with a white trailer in a lake with no shad.
  18. 21 pound test Hitena braid is .006 diameter. If you want a low diameter braid.
  19. I don't fish tournaments but I enjoy watching bass and flw. I can't believe that no one ever mentions or pushes for a combination of the two, catch weigh and release best 5 fish. being rewarded for catching one lb bass makes me change the channel every single time. Might as well watch pro ball players do layup drills
  20. Largemouth for sure. I catch them with those eyes and that coloration and pattern all the time. Nothing unusual.
  21. I have three rods setup right now. On my Crankbait rod I have Revo Winch 2gen 5.4:1 I think 22 IPT. On my worm and jig rod I have a Revo SX 3gen 6.4:1 26 IPT, and on my frog rod I have a KK Speed demon pro 9.3:1 35.2 IPT. Here is my issue I came across a great condition Revo MGXtreme 7.1:1 28 IPT for $200 so I picked it up. What should I do with it? Change out one of my reels with it? Use it for a different technique (if so what one)? Please help
  22. Still have 8 10 and 12 lb left
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