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  2. Never used one, but I would assume they are quality rods as well. If I were looking for cork, I wouldn't hesitate at all to get one.
  3. Thanks. I'll let you know how my install goes. Hopefully will get to it this week.
  4. What about the Lowrider line? American Legacy has them on sale for $90 currently.
  5. What gen crucial do you have? Black or green, cork or foam? i still have gen 1 crucial dropshot 6’8 M/XF, this is in my opinion the best all around rod, I use for everything from weightless trick worm, Senko all the way to small-medium Jerkbait and topwater. If you like finesse the crucial is the best to go, and there is plenty of backbone when you need it. Don’t just look at lure rate, you should try the rod first before making any decision. I lost one of my crucial gen 2 M/F casting 1/8-3/8oz and im still crying until today.
  6. Falcon Bucoo was the first rod I thought of as that is what I use as my pond hopping all around rod. I don't have the new model, it is the black eva model. It is a 6'10" MH and I use it for a variety of baits and it performs well.
  7. Fish change color. All of them. Clear water=more natural colors, faster action Stained water= more colors, slower action. As far as water temp? I’m in central Florida so I can’t help you with that. Theres a lot of spawning done around New Years Eve....not much unlike humans
  8. Up for sale is a great condition shimano chronarch 200E7. Recently service by Dan at Reelex. Havent fished with it since service. 160 shipped. No trades Please email for pictures as my photos are high quality Boatlee@gmail.com
  9. Wait, we're allowed to talk about Spam now? Good. That stuff is NASTY!!! JK, Glenn. Love this place! You've (this thread in particular) cost me a lot of money since I've come aboard!
  10. I dont care, my rods are half cork and the other half eva. Although i think weathered cork looks great, battlescars are a plus for me
  11. Just wanted to say that I got a few diawa rg walleye rods in the shop the other day and man are they nice. Pretty much $150 for a sweet combo. I sold my last ML and I'm kind of upset I didn't take it for myself. It's got the action of a much more expensive rod. If you're looking for a sub $100 rod I would look this way.
  12. I prefer eva but cork's not a deal breaker.
  13. Eva just seems too cheap for me. Spending $200+ on a rod it better come with some cool looking smooth cork. The foam handle rods I have just seen cheap, granted they are only $150. I like how a weathered cork rod looks and the battle scars they get. Not a fan of cork handle reels either.
  14. I like cork, some really nice cork feels really good in the hand. Especially a full cork grip mmmmmmmm. However, I don’t let cork/eva get in the way of making the right rod decision when it comes to buying rods. I like cork more, but my last 6 rod purchases have had Eva grips. Go figure.
  15. Rodgeeks is not using St Croix mandrels. Their website plainly states that their blanks are a different, more moderate, taper than the equivalent St Croix blank.
  16. Looking to make some jigs and some pour some weights. I've got the entire setup at work ( melting pot, Lee pot, industrial ventilation etc) but I want to get my own mask. What brand and filter do you guys use? Part numbers would be a huge help, also I doubt I will melt plastic but you can chime in with those as well. Tried to search a few topics but couldn't get exact model numbers. Thanks.
  17. Hey all, In my search for new rods, I seem to have a preference for EVA type grips over cork. I own quite a few of each, but seem to lean away from cork. Please let me know your likes/dislikes and why. Thanks!
  18. The side imaging is great. Much cleaner and crisper. I'll play around with it some more and may try what you suggested. I've had it for months and never really tried the down imaging. Buddy was checking it out last time out and we noticed the down imaging wasnt great at all. Does yours have the CV or gt transducer?
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  20. I’ve caught a ton of fish the last couple years with one around docks. If there’s a couple inches of snot grass on bottom, it’ll keep the bait up high enough to stay clean and seen by the bass, and I think it’s something they haven’t seen much under and around docks yet.
  21. I have no issues running mine on the trolling motor. Only thing I've found on mine is the down imaging isnt good compared to the humminbird I had before. The side imaging and 2d sonar is great tho as well as the mapping
  22. I have the same unit. I use mine in a kayak though with a side mounted transducer. The DI is great for me. I can see individual strands of hydrilla coming off of the bottom and it shows branches in trees, besides fish etc. I'm thinking you might be getting some interference from other electrical or electronics on the boat. Is the side imaging lousy also? The only thought I can come up with is to try taking the transducer loose and maybe mount it on a 2x2 or something that you can stick down into the water and test it that way to see if it makes a difference. Good luck! FM
  23. I've got an 08 Triton 20x2. Dont know how urs is configured but I've got 2 trolling batteries on the left and one trolling and 1 cranking on the right. I'm OCD about weight distribution lol. If u dont have room tho I'd say wherever you can fit another tray. You'll be glad you upgraded with more power I'm sure.
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