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  2. All very helpful thank you. You're right, I did hesitate I wasn't quite sure how to best "bring her in". I was trying to avoid a surface break. She was staying down and kind of surged up last minute on me. When I felt her surging up my heart stopped. What happened was exactly what I was afraid of. The hookset also bothers me. These jig hooks are pretty stout. Here is a pic of the smaller spot from a couple casts prior. This doesn't look like a real good hookset either. This reservoir actually doesn't have a large population of LMBs at all. It's mostly Spots and Smallmouths (and a wiper here and there). Do I need this thick a jig hook for this rig in this fishery? Can anyone recommend a good jig hook option for this kind of fishery?
  3. Mother nature has not been playing nice for me. We had some nice days last week, that turned lousy just about the time I got out of work each day, so I have no evening trips to report on from last week. I did get out for a few hours this morning. Waited out the heaviest of the rain, which passed by 8:30am or so. I was on the water by 9. It wasn't spectacular. I put three average size smallmouth in the boat in the first hour, then they started getting off the hook on me left and right. I had enough of their nonsense and went largemouth fishing. They were not on fire. I caught two right away, one of them a decent 4.5lber, then a pike, then a bite off. It was not warming up much, and I was getting cold and wet from the steady mist in the air and called it a day around noon. Water temps are not coming up real fast. Still low to mid 40's, and we have had a lot of heavy spurts of cold rain making the water quite stained. Cold, high, dirty water is not my favorite. Family Easter stuff to do tomorrow, so no fishing for me. Hopefully I can get out a couple times after work this week if the weather doesn't pull the rug out from under me.
  4. I completely agree with that, practice makes perfect! That's why I was asking because my fishing partner was telling me to tighten the spool to where it wouldn't backlash when letting the bait drop then setting the brake to where it doesnt backlash at all even without my thumb. And it works great, the casting distance was good ... but if there is room for improvement, why not go for it. My thumb probably isnt "educated" enough to be better than the brakes but I'd rather be practicing right from the start than picking up bad habits. I'm all about learning, I even put the brakes on 0 and casted just to see what it would do.... it wasnt pretty
  5. I've never seen a poor review of U-40 exc one that mentioned "stained" spots. That had to be caused by something that was on the cork before it was sealed with U-40. I highly recommend it. It keeps cork looking good longer, easier to clean, and minimizes chipping if the cork has some "loose pieces." One coat only-the cork won't accept more than one.
  6. Which means, A-Jay, that you prefer a more moderate action than the current trend toward X-fast , right? The moderate actions are also, IMHO, easier to cast accurately, just plain easier to cast. Of course for any rod to cast well it has to be used with the right weight lure or it won't be loaded properly. Plus more tolerant when fighting and landing fish.
  7. I think you mean medium power-fast action. Many anglers prefer the moderate action to slow things down since most of us set the hook too soon on the strike when fishing surface. Also, if using braid, it would be good to slow it down a little.
  8. The stiffer leader material FC also offers an advantage when fishing blade baits. Its stiffness minimizes tangles of the lure and leader both in casting and working the lure.
  9. That's what I see, too. While not everyone wants to or can afford a custom rod, this is one area that custom rods with cork grips that started as individual cork rings will be far superior. Cork rings are not filled; almost all pre-formed griips are. Because really good cork is getting pretty hard to find, and when one finds it, it is very expensive. If I had this rod and it bothered me I would buy a $10 Winns grip wrap (available in many colors and designs) and wrap the grip. Will be better than new. Better grip, looks sharp.
  10. No way to be definitive, but a more robust hookset may have helped. Of course it's possible the fish was skin hooked lightly, and the head shaking surface breaking thing will often bite you. The last thing I see as bad form which may or may not have contributed to the fish getting away is the fact that as you reeled the fish to straight up and down, you then pulled it out of the water with a high stick (after hesitating on what to do) instead of leading it sideways. But hey some fish are always going to get away, and others are never going to get away. Oh and not related to loosing the fish, but the casting grip changing opposite hand bail closing thing is not efficient. Sorry, I coach tennis and cycling, and tell it Jack Webb style. Hope that helps.
  11. No one comes out of the womb with a college degree, there is grade school, middle school, high school, and finally college. Pay your dues, practice a variety of casting techniques both on and off the water. It won't take long and you will have a degree.
  12. So when I asked on here about this suit nobody really knew about it. I went ahead and got it anyway and omg ! It’s amazing. I went out today knowing it was going to be some light to medium heavy rains to test it out. We had about 15 good minutes of solid hard downpour and it kept me completely dry. It didn’t soak in at all and jsut bounced right off. I like how’s the zipper comes up diagonally at the top so your mouth isn’t stuck in the zipper. It has some nice deep pockets for phone or keys or some soft plastics if needed. Everything either Velcro’s or is pull corded to kee wster out. It’s more of a lightweight jacket and you have to layer underneath to stay warmer but it’s made with plenty of room to layer. I would recommend these to anyone. Plenty of good ventilation to when wanting to use in summer rains.
  13. What do you need to do if your thumb is a non educated like mine????
  14. An educated thumb is more beneficial than relying on mechanical braking in my opinion.
  15. I own cork, Winn, and EVA. On my Lews rod's I love the EVA. It's hard with just a bit of give, never gets slippery, and feels the warmest on my hand without making my hand sweat, and has held up great. The other thing is the fatter profile of the grip. I had a flat round EVA grip once and hated it. The one rod I have with a Winn grip is too thin and tacky and feels like it might peel over time, hope not because I do like it otherwise, I just don't trust it yet. I am not a fan of cork, I don't have a reason but I have put shrink tubing over cork on a couple of rods that had chipping and I liked the feel of the shrink tubing better than the original cork. The shape and thickness of the handle is more important than the material to me. The handle material isn't the most important part of a rod but it does make a difference. It just needs to feel good in your hand.
  16. Finally pulled the rig down to my house garage from it’s hibernation at my shop. And just checked this afternoon and the entire sound here is about 90% open water, so I guess I’ll be rigging up stuff this week and FINALLY splashing next weekend! No bass here for a while yet ( seasons closed), but lots of big trout and pike season opens in 11 days ( not that I’m counting or anything 😏).
  17. Today
  18. Mixed lot of poppers - $16 TYD (unknown brands)
  19. It looks like the bass strike was close to the boat and jumped off quickly before you had a chance to get a good sweep set. The bass may have grabbed a decoy swimmer instead of a jig hook? Tom
  20. Most fluoro lines do stretch, but they do not go back when pressure is released. It's why I don't use fluoro at all.
  21. I recently got my hands on my first baitcaster, a daiwa fuego ct. I did my research on how to cast and setup a baitcaster without getting birdsnests and to my surprise I'm doing surprisingly well. I set it up as suggested: spool has a slight left to right play and with the magnetic brakes on 10. I was using 1/2oz tube, casting North with 20mph wind coming from the North-east. The only time I got a backlash was when I switched to a spinnerbait with my brakes on 8 and did a overhead cast ( I'm pretty sure the spinnerbait caught in the wind and that's what caused it) The problem is mainly when it comes to fine tuning. For example, if I set the brakes to 8 I still manage to cast without a birdnest but I do sometimes feel the spool giving me too much line mid cast and need to use my thumb to slow it down. I guess my question is does slowing down the spool with my thumb hurt my casting distance more than having my brakes set up higher would? Am I simply "playing with fire" by trying to minimize the brakes?
  22. Keep winding them in and boat flip it. Letting a fish wallow on the surface is frequently fatal. I'd keep my hand on the reel too and keep the handle turning unless the fish is pulling hard away from you.
  23. I'd be using a Heavy Power rod for an A-Rig, heavier braid, heavier mono or fluoro, but what I notice most is that you didn't set the hook. You just kind of leaned/reeled into the fish.
  24. I probably would have kept the rod down but otherwise I don't see anything wrong with it.
  25. Hello, I'm hoping to get some insight into why I lost a bass right at the boat on an A-rig. This is likely rookie mistake(s) on my part; hopefully some insight can be gleaned by watching the clip. I don't particularly think equipment played a major role but this is it: -BPS PQ2 7' MH/F -30lb power pro to 15lb maxima ultragreen mono leader (4-5 ft) -yumbrella flash mob jr -VMC 1/8oz Boxer jigs (all three; two dummy baits). I believe these are 3/O hooks?? Fishing from a boat (this pond prowler anyway) is new to me this year, as is the a-rig. I landed a smaller Spotted bass a few casts prior. I've had trouble in the past with treble hooked fish but my landing ratio on single hooks is typically pretty high. Even though I could tell this fish was bigger when it hit I was feeling pretty confident I would land her. I definitely understand every fish can't be landed but I'd appreciate any feedback about anything you see. Hookset? Rod angle? Looking for any critique to help landing rate going forward. Thank you.
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