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    I got back into town yesterday afternoon and was jonesing to fish so despite the heat I went out there for about 45 minutes. Even at 5 pm it was still 95 degrees out there. It's going to be a hundred out there the next few days but I might try and get in some early evening fishing if I don't melt first.
  3. Don’t you love when you find a ‘spot’ and finally tell someone about it and they say “there?! We’ve been catching them there since the 80’s’ Columbus probably felt similar. You have Navionics on your phone? I always give that a glance when traveling from spot to spot as a non boater
  4. The stock spool in a PX68 will hold about 110 yards of 20lb power pro 8 Slick. If you're casting on a full spool and emptying it, that is around 300 -330ft. Extremely looooooooooong casts.
  5. The main goal is to be able to lob glides and swimbaits while standing in a kayak with a solid platform. Old Town Topwater, 3 Waters Big Fish, Jackson Bite are my current faves. However I also fish some small streams and rivers with decent current. Are these types of boats with stability type hulls hot garbage in a stream? Thanks guys.
  6. I was going to suggest a Pflueger President combo, but I am pretty sure it is above your price range.
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  8. Well, not certain what you'd anchor these to on your boat deck, but I find these rubberized wire gear ties to be indispensable and good for about a thousand uses . . . and still counting. What is great about them is just a single twist does the trick for most applications; so, they make for a super fast release, too. I usually have a few just hanging off my kayak's seat to grab if I want to secure something very quickly. They come in different lengths. If not for your purpose, great to have around a boat. Brad
  9. same model I have. I tried the putty in the hull and the transducer won't work. That particular model transducer has to be in the water. Even the chrip wouldn't read correctly.
  10. I love dobyns/slx set up. Both the blank and reel are light. I got my Sierra last christmas from tackle warehouse for the price of the fury. The only difference I notice is the weight. I feel the seirra is lighter. I am budget angler in every way possible but I want quality gear. Both combos were around $200. Man a meet up sounds great. All my fishing buddies chase rockfish so I fish by myself a lot.
  11. I'd recommend the Abu Garcia Veritas in H/Fast.
  12. should do fine, a trd and a 1/16 oz head weight just a little under a 1/4 oz. Somewhere around .222 oz.
  13. Holy smokes , I don’t like the sounds of that trade
  14. I use 12 pound Sufix Siege for most of my 1/2 oz spinnerbaits.
  15. Same thing here in central NY. I was out last weekend and didn't see any beds. Water temps ranged from 58°-62°..... I managed 6 decent bass and dropped 4, but it took 5 1/2 hours to do that....
  16. I had a friend that ran eight 225 Evinrude's in a commercial application. His bench mark was 2000 hours when he replaced a motor. He said over the years, he found that was about the time they started having failures that increased maintenance cost over normal routine maintenance. Now, these were properly maintained and cared for motors, something most boat owners seem to know nothing about. The type engine also plays a role in it also. For instance, Mercury racing engines like the 300sx etc, can require a re-ring every 100 hours. Of course they can also be turning almost 8,000 rpm and a modified one over 10,000 rpm
  17. Mustad Denny Brauer Grip-Pin Max Flippin’ Hook 😉 I've thrown this hook for many years until they added the Grip-Pin & that's when they lost me. Now that they have welded the pin on place it's on again. Mustard's UltraPoint delivers the fastest penetration of any hook.
  18. Thanks for that. The figure of 10 hz (600 rpm) is what scientists tell us about barramundi (lates calcarifer) lateral line operation in this part of the world. I believe that while they can't hear the frequencies in use by the sounders (50, 83, 200, 800 khz etc), they can hear the ping of the sounder when the transducer crystal gets hit by the sounder burst of energy. I guess that's what you're referring to. The frequency of the ping rate depends on the pulse repetition freq, I guess. Mostly that's preset automatically. There may be something in what the pros say about their electronics. Lateral line fishing is not a well known feature here. Be interested to know about US bass though. I reckon there's been some scientific study on it there somewhere.
  19. Sneaking out pre-dawn this morning.

    Hoping to be on & off the water before the masses even wake up.

    Expect the locals to be shallow - very shallow.

    We Gone . . . . . 


  20. Because it's the better tool for some techniques, just like spinning gear is the better one for other techniques like Ned rigs 😁
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