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  2. Could be possible that CA. regs don't apply to Private ponds/lakes. I.e. if you have a pond on your farm, you can pretty much fish as you want, being the size and type of fish in that pond. In that case then your POA has the authority to set the rules, even if they are somewhat ridiculous, or strict..You'd have to contact the DFG for an answer.
  3. I'm waiting for this sale to hit my location as part of the "shift" from stores that don't sell RVs.
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  5. Today I almost got a citation from our patrol officer because I have 3 fishing poles with me. I tried to explain to them the different between having in possession vs fishing more than one pole. I even give the the example of how many setups on a bass boat but doesn’t seem it help. Too bad to have someone enforce the rules when they don’t know it clearly. I even paid for 2 poles stamps. I’m going to POA tomorrow to talk about this. In our POA stated only 1 pole allow per guest and these guys just only goes by that, don’t even care if I’m a resident not a guest. I need CA fishing regulation where it shows or explain the different. BTW, I actually did get a citation for fishing on common docks. This is really stupid when you have patrols (minimum paying job) that think they are so much in power to give anyone citation. There are a lot of stories of home owners here get citations for talking back to those Patrols. This lady patrol just said I cannot fish from a dock and want me to leave, I asked her back when this rule or regulation said I cannot fish from common dock. I tried to explain to her the last time I’ve heard is “Fishing from common docks is prohibited WHEN boats and/or swimmers present”. There was no one on the dock. The next thing I know she handed me the citation to signed. I had to go all the way to POA office to fight with this citation with her captain. Of course I win, but I had to explain a lot and point to those regulation to them. Man don’t they supposed to study rules and regulations where they work?
  6. He said a bike accident.. I asked the same thing when I first saw it.
  7. I was hoping the fluorocarbon blend or coating to add low stretch, invisibility and water proof to the copolymer (C21). However, the 10# Hybrid, 12# CX and Floroclear, all 0.31 mm, are not as strong as the 0.33 mm C21 (12#). The next bigger size for the Hybrid is 0.35 mm (12#) and for the CX and Floroclear are 0.36 mm (15#), too thicker than 12# C21. Furthermore, the Hybrid is too weak to abrasion. The CX is too hard to find in stores and, although found in each and every stores, the Floroclear has only one color with a bad reputation here. So I give up on "copolymer + fluorocarbon". Went to a local store and the Izorline Platinum copolymer priced similarly low as C21 caught my eyes. The 12# is 0.35 mm, still too thicker than 12# C21, while the 10# might be too weak at 0.30 mm. They come in hi-viz color for only $1 more than clear C21, $6.5 vs. $4.8, so I still want to try and bought the 12#. It turns out to be very limp, no problem at all, even though I overly spooled the reel. It is exceptionally good on abrasion too! Fished the same rocky river for 3 hours and caught 3 fighters, the line still looks brand new, no kinks, no nicks, no frays while the two 18" leaders (12# red label) become rough. I pulled out of snags many times and lost one senko and two treble hooks (no hard baits loss), but this Izorline line is intact. It casts as far if not further, amazing, being 0.04 mm thicker! Anybody knows a similar good line that's 0.33 mm? Whenever I say "diameter", I mean measured, actual, which is almost always thicker than what manufacturers list.
  8. You beat me to this response. When the thread title is longer than the post, the author may want to rethink his strategy. The title should be just a short summary of the post. The post is used to get into the details. Doing it the other way is like trying to listen to a 4 year old telling a story. The beginning, middle & end are all mixed up, important details are left out, kind of like a Tarantino film. The title of this thread should have been "Live Bait vs. Artificials". The experiences you had talking with seasoned anglers should have been part of the post.
  9. Buzzbaits run sideways . Use it to your advantage .
  10. I did quite a few mods to my canoe to make it a fishing machine - most of it detailed here. One example is the rod-rack I made from PVC pipe screwed into 3/4" MDF which is through-bolted to the canoe side
  11. I can't offer any advice on the fishing state but I will say this. My wife and I have a small camper and have not only traveled to but toured all 48 continental states on multiple trips over the years (except North Dakota, I saw SD and thought that was enough). Anyway, being in Maine we originally thought that we'd drive south in winter to find summer for awhile each year. Each time we did it we found that it's nearly as cold in most southern states as it is in New England. We've awakened to temperatures in the 20's in Mississippi and the Carolinas and places in between. We've found that the polar air bellies down the center of the country to the gulf. The only areas that seem to stay warmest are the corners like Florida and the southwest, Arizona, NM, etc. The rest of the country has it's own version of cold to some extent. Maybe the cold time is shorter in southern areas but it's still there.
  12. I have the 7'2" med-heavy. It's a great rod that I use for my jigs. And it's one of the nicest looking rods around (if that sort of thing matters to you). I do think my Kistler Helium 3 is more sensitive, though. Not saying the Expride isn't, it is. But if you don't wanna wait around, you can get the Helium for $195 (reg. $300) right now with the sale price, plus the extra 11% off code. I'd get either the 7'1" or 7'4" in the med-heavy/extra fast. You get free shipping with orders over $199. But if you call them I guarantee they'll throw the free shipping in. If you get the Expride you'll have to order a Fuji hook keeper since the rod, strangely, doesn't come with one.
  13. I was posting on a 'tariffs' thread just now and wondered if anyone makes or finds alternatives to expensive accessory fishing gear. There are already forum topics on things like lure making and such. I'm thinking the other stuff. Like pole sleeves, or tackle box alternatives, pole holders, just to name a few obvious ones. So, do you make your own accessories? Do you find less expensive alternatives to accessories costing a lot because they are labeled "for fishing"? i.e. I use surprisingly well made multiple compartment sewing thread boxes to keep my crankbaits. Side by side they cost half as much as those labeled for fishing and seem remarkably the same. I also make my own rod sleeves out of sharkskin cloth. Really inexpensive, easy, and they are super protective. Rod holders out of PVC pipe. Etc....
  14. DanielG


    Sort of related. To avoid some of the prices you can sometimes substitute. You can't get by fishing lures/poles/reels much but I try to purchase other stuff differently. For instance. I find that sewing thread plastic boxes are often great tackle boxes. You know, the ones that are milky colored with multiple dividers in them. But side by side one is double or triple the price because it holds lures instead of thread spools. I purchase sharkskin cloth and have my sister with the sewing machine sew up the edge of a long section of it to make rod sleeves. A yard of cloth will make a bunch of them. You've seen it. It's the stuff that you often see zippered cased laptops in. It feels like wetsuit material. Tough, a bit rigid, light, and doesn't snag on the rod. If I needed a tackle bag I'm sure I could find one suitable for the job, just not from a tackle store. It would probably be half the price. I'll bet you guys/gals have lots of your own examples too. What a great idea for a thread....
  15. Has anyone any experience with these baits? The Citizen swimbait is on my radar just wondering if any of y'all are customers and what your opinion/luck has been with these?
  16. just found a youtube video on it, it controls tension on the shifter
  17. I have that rod. I mainly throw my chatterbaits on it. It's sooo good. Great for squarebills, traps and med-diving cranks as well. You can call them and they'll put your order in over the phone. You'll get it a tad later than usualy but at least you'll still get the deal.
  18. A medium heavy moderate fast rod can do just about anything. Never used an Okuma rod but academically you are in the strike zone. Own the Bucoo SR medium heavy and yeah, an excellent, excellent rod for the $. Close to a medium power though.
  19. I'm in east central Indiana, I work the bottom but many big ones have come on the initial fall. This year I've been using mostly bitsy bug jigs with a craw trailer or a bullet weight texas rig. Sometimes I drag or reel slow across bottom or I'll lift it and drop on semi slack as the current takes it down stream. I'll catch them bank or mid-stream this way. I don't think it matters top or bottom as long as you can get your preferred bait in their face. I like jigs and t rigs because I can get down in the laydowns when they're holding tight and draw them out.
  20. you can drop a player for player. You don't have to drop prior to making an add.
  21. Yeah, same here, guys. Except I'm not an old timer. Most of my rods are 6'6". A few are 7' because it was necessary and couldn't be found shorter. Fishing a 7'+ rod feels very awkward for me and I stand 6' tall. I describe it as a 3rd grader trying to grip and throw an NFL sized football. It just feels bad. I don't know why. Everyone is different. 6'6"-6'10" rods have never been a problem for any technique I've ever fished. Some say that you need a long rod for this or that. Baloney. I don't fish big swimbaits and I could see needing a long rod for that, but that's it.
  22. WRB


    Tariffs apply to 1 country regarding fishing tackle....China. The fishing industry has been sending fishing rod manufacturing to China for decades and it's evolved from a cottage industry to a higher production industry. Tariffs directly apply to products made in China and shipped to the USA, no surprise. Tom
  23. Too many variables. There is no typical answer. It's different every time.
  24. one thing that is worth noting is that the current generation IMX Pro rods are available in the MBR 903 and SJR902 tapers (ie 7'6 rods) that I do not believe the GLX's are. if you like the extra length the IMX Pros have that option. The GLX MBR and SJR rods top out at 7 feet. Once i started using the 7'6 rods i fell in love.
  25. I bought 2 loomis imx's pfd a buddy whom was looking for money. Sure enough I hate the way they feel in my hand. Great handling sticks and very sensitive. Just can't get used to them.
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