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  2. I finally got a response to my email and customer support said mail back to them and they will make a decision after inspection. After spending $25 on a lure I tried to be very cautious on where I fished it. Great action and I did catch fish with the oneten,small ones. Thanks for the information.
  3. I either look for prespawn or postspawn fish. Fish on beds are a pain to target if everyone can see them. If i can't see them, I'll drag plastics around likely spawning areas.
  4. Looking for Ranger RT188 or 198 With or Without POWER. Call Bill 321-298-2092
  5. Everyone wants to be like Mike. Buy his shoes and you can play basketball just like him. Fish like Ike, buy his stuff and you can. We are conditioned through advertising to associate the gear and clothing, athletes, TV and movie stars use and wear with status and prestige. Companies bank on this and that’s how they make their money.
  6. I was also going to recommend the Flint. NuCanoe makes great kayaks and has amazing service. If your prefer an open deck and the ability to customize more then NuCanoe is the best. Bonafide and Native are also great kayaks as well though so certainly nothing wrong going that route. Also, NuCanoe's kayaks are made in Wisconsin.
  7. Great information , after reading your post I realize I fish the T-Rig way to fast.
  8. Thank you. I’m definately set on shimano. I have 1 13 fishing, 2 daiwa, 5-6 shimano’s I think and they are by far my favorite. Like I said as long as balance is okay I’ll be leaning towards another Curado K, and if not then chronarch mgl
  9. Clydes Sister Bonnie. Yes I know Bonnie and Clyde lol Huge fan of them so my pups got named for them. Bonnie Barker and Clyde Burrow
  10. Ah, that would explain it. I knew it was simple. Thanks.
  11. Lots of good advice here. I don't work for Power Pole or Minn Kota (GPS controlled Terrova) but adding these tools to my boat has allowed me to slow way down and work a laydown or deep structure lots slower and more effectively than I used to. Last year I poled down in front of a laydown and flipped that tree for 15 minutes before a 6 pounder bit. I never would have spent that time there if I would have had to mess with holding the boat in the right spot with the breeze blowing into that laydown.
  12. If it's a black back chart. 1.5, then ye$$$$$! Yup, someone needs to binge watch Mad Men...
  13. Hi. Big Smallmouth fan here. Fish the French Broad as well as the pigeon and Nolichucky in TN. Typically by myself in my Scadden inflatable pontoon so always looking for a float partner Rob
  14. I don't think I know a single bass fisherman that thinks that. There's a reason most anglers use heavy line with the drag set tight, they don't play the fish at all. It's for the amount of line they go through retying basically.
  15. Austin Canoe & Kayak has 20% off one item over $50 this weekend. Use code RAPID20
  16. Every website, youtuber, person who is sponsored or runs advertisements is selling the product. Just look right here at BR. In the descriptions of many of videos you will see recommended gear, and it will be all Kast King stuff when it's not what was used in the video. KK is a sponsor, so the brand can be pushed on this site. It's all basic advertising, name recognition, people using it, and repetition of seeing the brand.
  17. LOGIX BAITS save 15% off your whole order when you use code " LC15 " at check out and free shipping if you spend over 40$ ! Great lures at AMAZING prices! https://logixbaits.com
  18. Ok I need a couple of guys from Michigan, Minnesota, or upstate NY to hold this guy down while I beat him with Mardi Gras beads...
  19. I have no EVA because many years ago I had "black foam" grips deteriorate due to UV exposure. I have no confidence that the newer materials will be any better. They must be somewhat better since no one is mentioning UV problems. I have Winn and like them. Winn grips have EVA inside, but the surface is not. I trust Winn has done its homework relative to UV.
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  21. I agree with the fury 705cb. Also works well with jerkbaits during the colder seasons.
  22. Good luck to you guys tourney fishing down the Cape this weekend! The beach in Dennis Port looks pretty rough.
  23. Brand equity. Like advertising - a company isn't making money when they run an ad on TV, radio, web, but the next time you go into a store and see their product, you recognize them. Repetition is the key. Repetition is the key.
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