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    Not sure if this is allowed to be here, or if I should have put it in one of the regional threads, but I couldn't help myself. New PB, baby! Didn't get a length measurement (left my tape at home like a dummy), but the scale wavered between 5.54lbs and 5.66lbs. Hard to keep her still to weigh and take a photo of. Already swapped the profile picture over to feature her. Complete photograph below. Wish I had someone with me and/or a better way to take photos. She wouldn't even fit in the frame with my arm completely extended. Anyways...Woohoo!
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    She likes to fish, but not to the point that I can't go alone or go with "the guys". And that seems to be an ideal balance
  3. 24 points
    @A-Jay calls it "mojo"... I'm not sure what it is, but crazy things frequently happen to me when I fish. Today I took my kayak to Deep Creek Lake in western MD, because my friend found a fun pickerel bite this weekend in really shallow water and had caught a largemouth too. We started out fishing a big weed bed in 5FOW that had some serious vegetation going on. I tried fishing a lipless over it, but the weeds were too big and I couldn't rip the bait out. On my last cast, a bass followed my lipless up and boiled right as I pulled the bait out of the water beside my kayak! I couldn't tell the size of the fish because it happened very fast, but it left a fairly large boil when it bolted away from my kayak. I retied with a chatterbait, paddled backwards a couple times, and cast over to where the bass came from. Early in the retrieve, it got mushy but felt like weeds. I then felt a couple head bobs but didn't feel anything when I set the hook. Fairly close to the boat after resuming my retrieve, I got thumped and gave it a nice side sweep. Instantly the fluoro started making that lovely sound as the fish dug sideways. I got a glimpse of it and was shocked by its size, right as I saw my bait pop out of the corner of her mouth. In a futile attempt to get the fish to bite again, I quickly set my chatterbait rod down and flipped a jig over to where I last saw the bass. My chatterbait was hanging 2 or 3 feet down under my kayak, and it got hung up in weeds so I picked the rod up to pull it out of the grass. But it was that big bass! I set the hook, she rolled, and came off. I knew I blew it at this point. I backed up with the paddle again and began making short casts at the spot where the fish was. As with every time before, I got thumped on the very end of my retrieve, almost beneath the kayak. This time the hook held, and after a few surges, I got my hand on the fish's jaw. 22.5" and probably in the 6/6.5lb range, I think this bass genuinely wanted to be caught by me. I spent a ton of time fishing the spot after this fish catch and did not get a bite. I am fairly confident that this was all just one big bass thinking it was in a feeding frenzy!
  4. 23 points
    You better strap in for a story because this is gonna be a long one. I spent the last 5 days on the northern end of Kentucky Lake. You would think that at one of the best fisheries in the world, early March would be a slugfest, but that was NOT the case. Winter pool on Kentucky Lake is 354', summer pool is 359'. Practice started at 361', and rose every day to reach 364' during the event. Had this happened in April, it would have been incredible fishing, but since it was still early and water temperatures were cool, it made fishing very difficult. I started off in practice fishing secondary points, mainly cranking rock, targeting fish that were starting to stage for prespawn, and fish that had moved in from the main lake to get out of the current, it was so strong that you could see eddies on main lake points. I caught tons of fish and it was very predictable, but they were ALL 10-13" long, super tiny. A keeper on Kentucky lake is 15". Water temperature was around 53-56 depending on where you were, my second plan of attack was to target the warmest water I could find, and flip flooded brush and trees. There would be acres of flooded forest in the backs of most creeks and pockets. I was able to access the backs of these because I was fishing in a 17' aluminum boat. I caught tons of fish, but still only tiny ones. My first full day of practice produced NO keepers . On day two of practice I did some more cranking, and still could not catch a keeper doing it. Most people I had talked to said they only got *** keeper bites day one of practice, and it was all over the place. I scrambled and scrambled, looking for any little trail of breadcrumbs but there was nothing. I finally got my first keeper bite, and it was a big ol' 5lber, flipping the exact same stuff as the day before. Not really a clue but I did my best to roll with it. I caught a 3lber later that day doing something kind of similar, and tried to expand on it the next day. Day 3 of practice was pretty similar to day two. Two keepers, one was a 5lber, both were in flooded brush/trees. One was in 6" of water, the other in 6'. The keepers were right alongside the short fish, and it seemed like you had to catch 10 or 15 shorts for every keeper. I started marking waypoints where we caught shorts, hoping that bigger fish were on their way in with the rising water. On the first tournament day, I decided I was gonna put my head down and flip the whole time. I didn't think I would get 5 bites, but if I did, I knew I'd have a nice bag of fish. The day started off pretty well, I put a keeper in the boat in the first 30 minutes, and caught several shorts. I had changed from the jig to a t-rigged D-Bomb, my friend had done well with it in the same area in practice, and it came through the hay, briars, and buck brush a lot better. Things slowed way down after that first keeper, and at 11:00, I still only had one fish. The wind had picked up and the sun was bright. I changed from a 1/4oz tungsten to a 1/2 oz and started dropping my d-bomb right in the middle of the thick stuff. I caught a skinny little 15&1/4 incher pretty quick, and that was a huge morale booster, I was glad to have him. I continued "punching" into briar patches and other crazy stuff, and I started whacking the short fish. I was going at a rate of about a fish every 5 minutes, but they were still tiny. I was yo-yoing the bait in the brush like how people fish heavy vegetation in Florida, and often times the fish would hit after the 3rd or 4th pickup. I finally pitched into a briar bush that changed my whole day. The bait turned to mush and I reared back on a solid 5lber. Boy did that feel good! It was 1:00, and I needed two more fish before my 3:00 check in. I really only had an hour, because my little boat is slow going, and the wind was blowing 20-25mph and I don't even want to guess on the gusts. We were on the protected side of the lake, but it was still NASTY when we had to cross the mouth of a creek. I started fishing new water, it was rough enough that it made more sense to just put my head down and fish than to try to run to a waypoint. 1:30 or so I put fish number 4 in the boat, about a 2 &3/4lber. Fished a little longer and headed back towards the ramp. 2:15 I'm running down the lake and realize it's not going to take as long to get back as I think, I start watching my GPS for a pocket similar to what I've been fishing, and when I see one, I head in. There are 4 boats in the small creek, but I idle past them and troll into the woods. I fished the whole back of the pocket and start working my way back out of the trees, pitching as I go. 5 minutes before I need to leave and I crack a big girl. I bet you every boat in that creek heard me when we got her in the net! She was 5 or 5.5ish. Got out of there as fast as I could and made it to check in with a few minutes to spare. After day 1 we were sitting in 11th place with 17lbs, 3oz. Day 2 was a different story. I stuck with the same approach but it was a much slower day. I knew it would be slow, and that fish would back off, but I had absolutely nothing to branch out on. I knew the conditions would be tough on everyone, and I probably only needed two or three bites to make the top 10% and qualify for the championship. A cold front rolled in and it snowed for the first half of the day, with high winds on top of that. Air temps around 40 degrees. Water temps dropped from 54 in the fronts of pockets and 56+ in the backs, to 53 in the fronts and as low as 49 in the backs. We were still plucking away at short fish but no good bites. At 11:00 I hooked a 4lber that came off just feet from the boat. Boy was that a tough pill to swallow. My next keeper bite didn't come until 1:30, about a 2.5lber that also came off. I was a wreck but I kept my head down and kept doing my thing. 2:30 and I finally stick another good fish! This one stayed pegged, and it was a good one. I grinded it out and fished til the last second but that is all I managed, and boy did I fish hard! I figured I would miss the cut by a few ounces, and those two I lost would certainly have done it for me. Low and behold that one 5lb13oz fish was enough to nab 24th place, the very last qualifying spot in the standings. In a field of 216 boats, only 7 caught a limit both days. There were 71 blanks on day one, and only 16 limits. 50 boats didn't even fish day two, and in 2 tournament days, 5 boats sank. Thankfully, everyone made it out okay, but the conditions were definitely less than ideal, I am surprised the event wasn't cancelled. I would guess that nearly every boat there had some sort of equipment malfunction due to the rough conditions on the lake, it was a mess. If you read this far I congratulate you!!! The first two photos are from practice, the tournament organization hasn't posted any photos yet but I am waiting to find the picture of my day 1 limit! This is the lonely big girl that gifted me with a championship berth!
  5. 23 points
    On Saturday I got the bass boat out, updated my maps on my Garmins, and generally made sure everything was good to go. I took the boat out to Smithville Lake today to mainly work with the Depth finders and peruse the lake bottom though I was prepared if I found fish. I only had 4 hours because of plans later. Smithville is 7190 acres so it takes a bit to warm up. Water temperatures varied from 39.5 to 41.5 degrees at the surface and winds were gusting to over 30 mph today. After scoping out some very large points all the way to the river bed at 43 feet and finding little to speak of, I moved to a very large creek and followed its channel. About a quarter mile from what will be the spawning beds in a couple of months, the creek channel bends sharply toward the bank to an area protected from the wind. There is a lot of timber in this lake and the channel edge was lined with it. I had a feeling that this calm water near the bank with 17 feet of water in the channel might be a good spot. I pulled up into about 4 feet of water and cast into the 17 feet deep channel, dragging a finesse jig past the largest tree which was in about 8 feet of water. I didn't feel a bite but you jig guys know how it is when you get that odd feeling of heaviness through your rod, so I set the hook and landed this decent fish. My scale was showing a bit over 6 but then settled in at 5 lb 14 oz. She was 22.5 inches long. And of course I forgot my camera so I had to use my phone. The angle kind of makes her mouth look small but oh well. She was a pretty fish though you can't tell from my pathetic camera skills.
  6. 22 points
    Cold this morning and a little windy, but we found a calm pocket behind a long point. She grabbed a blade bait on bottom about 15 feet deep. 23.5" long and 6.3lbs. Another couple weeks and she would have been alot heavier. Still, She's my new longest LMB! Shes my second citation largemouth of the year. PB by weight is still 6.5lbs (23") from a couple years ago.
  7. 21 points
    It's about time, finally my first hudd fish of 2018. She is not that big but d**n that feels good. 🎉 Caught 2 and a half today first one on Fluke but came undone while I tried to grab her. Second from hudd 68 weedless, no weight no measure just quick snap shot and released since I caught her from pretty shallow so I wanna make sure she goes back to her bed. I guesstimate ~ 4lbs. And last keeper size from Zman boar hogz on 1/16 weight hook.
  8. 20 points
    Stopped by a little pond after work to see if any of the big girls were moving up with the last few warm days. Saw several up to around 6 sunning themselves right on the shoreline. Tough casting with all the trees and sticker bushes but I got one to cruise up and eat a Storm Twitch Stick. They're all built like this in there. Finally got Lake out for a few minutes tonight at the neighbor's pond. He reeled in 4 of them like this for me, and hook and lost one on his own. Probably time to graduate from the Dock Demon so he can do a little more serious fishing and maybe help him not lose them when he does get a fish to bite.
  9. 20 points
    It was my last cast tonight from the bank, 30 minutes past sunset. She was 6.4 pounds, nailed via my trusty blue-back Rage Menace grub, Texas-rigged on a 4-0 EWG with an unpegged 1/8 bullet weight. Yahoo!
  10. 19 points
    3.7lbs on a lipless crank. He whiffed on the first strike, came back and smashed it on the next cast. I love it when you seen them wake on a lure.
  11. 19 points
    Saturday was a fun day back at home on the power plant lake! Air temps stayed in the 30s but the fish don't know anything about that. My little brother and I caught fish on; swimjig, chatterbait, jerkbait, flipping jig, wiggle wart, bandit 300, 4" line-thru swimbait, shakey head, and a ned rig! Ice appears to have checked out here in WV so I will be back after it in the kayak starting about.....NOW
  12. 18 points
    Only the second trip with the boat this year, but everything running good. Needs a good cleaning when things warm up enough, though. Surface temps just 43 deg and change, but managed 7 bass in a little over 3 hours, so everything is good
  13. 18 points
    12 bass in 11 cast thanks to this.
  14. 18 points
    The other night my wife and I were watching a late movie. There was a couple on the shore of a lake that were " getting busy ". Clothes were coming off, things were getting " steamy ". At this point my wife and I turned to each other, excitement in our eyes, and at the same time said " Man, did you see that fish jump!!. It had to be a 5 pounder!!! It's been a long winter Jim
  15. 17 points
    This is what I use every time I’m at a pond bass think I’m a tree get em every time!
  16. 17 points
    My brother caught this monster in Lake Fork fishing with me and our dad!
  17. 17 points
    Like everywhere else in this part of the country, we went from sunny and 73 to rain, wind and 34 overnight. Rain has continued for several days, some places getting as much as 5-6 inches already and still 2 more days predicted. Lots of flooding, and most all major rivers and reservoirs are getting trashed. Only thing being spared in my area are smaller lakes and ponds with little to no major inflow, and they're staining up, but fishable. Hit judt such a place after work in a cold (43 deg.) mist and was surprised by a better than normal bite. Managed 10 in about 90 minutes, including some better quality individuals. It was definitely an above average trip for these little places. Stained water had them up shallow and aggressive.
  18. 16 points
    Here's another bad pic of a good river fish. They're starting to wake up around here...she pulled like a tank.
  19. 16 points
    Conditions were far from ideal today, but I'm home for spring break so I went for it anyway! Air temps started in the 30s and there was snow on the ground, but it did warm to low 50s by the end of the day. The main factor was the 15mph wind with 20+ gusts, and the fact that I was on an electric only lake. Things started off pretty slow, the water was 44-45 degrees all day, I was hoping for closer to 50. I decided to crank rip rap alllll day since that would be (in my opinion) the highest percentage way to get bit in cold stained water. I started off with a 7-9' Spro Little John, I caught one after about an hour of cranking and I didn't even feel the bite, it was a chunky largemouth about 3lbs. Since that fish bit so soft, I decided to throw a wiggle wart instead because from what I can gather, it is further down on the temperature scale for cold water cranks. That was a good decision! I ended up only landing 6 bass today, hooked 8. One largemouth on the little john, one spot on a football jig out deep, and 4 on the wiggle wart (3 lmb 1 spot). I had two fish come off on the wart, but in cold water when they are barely nipping at the bait, losing fish is just part of the game. They didn't feel big and I never saw them so that's my story and I'm sticking to it! My best 5 went 18.8lbs with a 6.08lb kicker! Makes perfect sense for early prespawn in cold water, not many bites but the few that do it are good ones. I hate to think about what I could have put together if the whole lake wasn't white capping today This fish is number 12 over 5lbs for me this year! The train has come off the rails and shows no sign of slowing down.
  20. 16 points
    So proud of my grandson today! He wasn’t perfect, made a few mistakes, but was still able to pull off ANOTHER state championship for the second year in a row! Hard work all year pays off in the end! Gymnastics Level 5 state Champion baby!!! 😀 (Evan Trace on the left)
  21. 16 points
    Got this fish out back a little while ago on a June bug senko. Saw a swirl against the bank across at the neighbors bulkhead and skipped it over, apparently to a bed .This was the female. Caught the smaller buck a couple casts later in the same spot. Saw another guarding a nest out 5 feet or so from my boatramp.
  22. 16 points
    Antares DC with the Diablo Spec-R
  23. 16 points
    The lowly crayfish is a scavenger cleaning up the lake bottom by eating dead or dieing fish and aquatic vegetation. Crayfish or what we bass anglers call crawdads are found nearly everywhere bass live and are a high protein food source for every specie of Black bass year around. Why do bass, especially the big females, target crawdads during pre spawn? The answer is simple, they are available in large quantities following the cold water period as the water warms above 50 to 55 degrees, the same time big female bass are looking for high protein food to fatten up for the spawn when they fast. Crawdads like to burrow into clay banks or hide deep under rocks or under water wood. There is a crawdad migration when they dig out and start the molting process shedding thier hard shells and bass hunt these crawdads. At no other time of the year crawdads will be more vulnerable to predatation from bass, the cover is sparse and the bass are hungry after the long winter cold water period. Jigs are your best lure to mimic crawdads and working the clay banks with rocks and wood uphill or slightly down hill with a crawdad profile jig is hard to beat. Tom
  24. 16 points
    My lab ended early today and I already had my truck packed just incase. Fished a pond/swamp and had an awesome time! Fish were up in 2FOW which shocked me, (stuff was frozen over less than 2 weeks ago) I had one blow up on my chatterbait as I pulled it out of the water. I also watched one come up out of the grass in 2' and eat my chatterbait close enough to me that the hook set was a boat flip. Also got to cross a couple eyes with a jig on 20lb fluoro which always feels good. Ended up landing 7 bass and they were all over 14" so in WV that is a darn good day. Looks like 2-3" of rain on the way, should be an interesting weekend of fishing for sure
  25. 15 points
    Got a few this evening with my G-daughter Mackayla. She got the first fish on a 4 inch red and green sparkle watermelon senko. I got a couple more about the same size on the Zoom fluke.
  26. 15 points
    In post-frontal conditions just before sunset today, the Megabass Ito Vision 110 did the trick.
  27. 15 points
    It's not really a matter of preference to me. I just don't feel any need to spend over $200 on a reel. I've recently had to raise my ceiling on rods to $250, because they just get higher and higher. I feel it's a bit obscene that we have to put together a $500 combo, and it's viewed as just a "mid grade" option.
  28. 15 points
    I was fidgeting in Church this past Sunday because it was cloudy and drizzling rain ahead of a front passage. The bride had given me free pass to fish after. From a lifetime of fishing ponds, both with conventional and more recently, the fly rod, I've found these conditions to be prime time for big bass. Not to say fishing ahead and during front passages is a sure thing, but the number of big fish I've taken during these conditions has me convinced of its potential. After Church I grabbed an 8 wt and headed to one of my favorite ponds with some Mangums Dragon Tail streamers. They are six inches in length and provide a large profile for bigger spring fish. I've found spring fish to take larger offerings than fall fish. Anyway, after about and hour of "chucking and ducking," a large wake behind the streamer exposed a bass tracking the fly and I immediately dead sticked it, waited a second or two and stripped the line back and immediately felt weight. The fish was fairly close and I was able to get two quick strip sets on her before she knew what was happening and gained control. I don't play bigger spring fish, but hustle them in quickly and release. She was no match for the 8 wt and 16# tippet and I had her to the bank before she knew what hit her. The Boga settled past the 6 and a quarter pound mark. A new personal best for me on the fly rod.
  29. 15 points
    My grandson Aiden turned 11 & is ratcheting up the pressure on Pawpaw! His biggest in the last 30 days, mine aint half that!
  30. 15 points
    Got an hour or so between work stops, so I was near one of the ponds I've fished in that area. 2nd cast on a beat up senko and this one nailed it , ended up with 5 total.
  31. 15 points
    Well I wasn't planning to fish today since it was rainy and in the low 40s (which I guessed would shut them down after a warm stretch). Little did I know that today I would be busting some fat girls in 1-2' of water on a jig! I don't know what these WV bass are thinking, but I'm okay with it. The rain we've gotten over the past week must have warmed up the water really fast. I fished some brand new water today, and it was a good choice! I was feathering a 3/8oz flipping jig through emerging lily pads and I was watching almost every fish that bit come out and smoke the jig. I discovered the bite by complete accident as I had been focusing my efforts out away from the shallow water where I assumed the bass would be. I like it when they prove me wrong! I also caught several flipping the jig in the flooded field pictured below, it was a very unique situation.
  32. 15 points
    Been some wild weather around here the last couple days. Monday was 66 when we launched at 7:30, wind was blowing 30+ from the south, started raining after a couple hours and did so off and on. Wind died suddenly around noon and it felt like someone turned the heat off. Wind switched to straight from the north, and it was 34 degrees when we took out. Had lightning and thunder during the middle of an ice storm that dropped half an inch of ice on everything yesterday. Didn't go in the ice, but we whacked them in all the craziness Monday. Caught fish on jerkbaits, shad rap, traps, spinnerbaits, wart, jig, hair jig, and a shakyhead.
  33. 15 points
    My grandson Aiden has definitely up his game this year! He beat his Uncle Charlie Saturday & smoked me to day! Top picture is today!
  34. 15 points
    I threw her back at the boat launch. Ain't she pretty though.
  35. 14 points
    Blind casting to beds.
  36. 14 points
    Thank You Lord! FINALLY! I caught my first and second bass of 2018. Went to Cross Lake, this past Saturday with my sister and brother-in-law, and fished some cypress trees near the bank. My brother-in-law had a 7/8oz white/pearl/silver Booyah buzzbait with a 3.75" green pumpkin Rage Swimmer trailer tied on and I had a black/chartreuse H2O Express hollow body frog tied on. Within about 15-20 mins my brother-in-law caught a 2lb 12oz bass(not pictured). I hadn't even got a bite yet. So I said if they're biting a buzzbait surely they'll bite my chatterbait. Took off the frog and tied on my breaking bream 1/2oz Project Z with the green pumpkin Rage Swimmer trailer. Within my first 5 casts got my first one when a 1lb 12oz bass hammered the Project Z. She put up a little fight and I got awful close to getting wrapped up around a bridge piling. Was able to keep that from happening. A few more casts later another 1lb 12oz bass clobbered the Project Z. This time she came right on in without much fight at all. I'm off today and plan to go back there in hopes of catching a really big girl. Cross Lake recently started stocking the Florida strain. If nothing else, eventually there will be some big big girls in there. Just hope I'm there catching one of them when the time comes.
  37. 14 points
    Caught my PS today. PS, personal smallest LOL. Went out with my wife for a few hours after breakfast at clubhouse. Caught this on 5" Texas rig Senko. Who know he might be double digits for the next 15 years and I know where he lives. BTW I forgot my scale anybody wanna guess the weight 😂. Sorry, I just wanna be part of the circle but don't have any catch to show.
  38. 14 points
    Pretty tough today. Only gotta couple. Waters way up after being way low about 10 days ago. Got this decent one though
  39. 14 points
    Dang 7 fish, I envy you or I should just move again🤔. Only managed one keeper on spinnerbait. It was my first spinnerbait fish here ever since I've been at it for more than a month. I fish mostly cove area looking for pre-spawn bass and to avoid the 10-15 mph wind where I had a hard time control my Jon boat.
  40. 13 points
    I went back out today to Purtis Creek in east Texas ended up with 6 or 7 small males. Not bad, just no size. Sort of all looked like this one. Brad
  41. 13 points
    Well...was blessed once more with an empty parking lot here in East Tennessee. Arrived at ramp at 7:45 and hit the water. Was pretty cold....36 to be exact and that's not counting the wind chill. This little lake had whitecaps today which made the plastic bite kind of tough. Water temp was 46 I believe. Fished for about three hours and noticed they were really drawing down the lake....which made me nervousfor the ramp I was using so left early. Also forgot my lunch...I like to eat...so came home and touched up three reels that weren't performing to standards and tied some jigs for this weekend. Ended up with about seven fish...three keeps and this one nice one. Tight Lines
  42. 13 points
    Brutal winds on Purtis Creek Lake here in East Texas today, 3/11/18. It was so bad, I was going to leave but then some other kayakers showed up and it gave me the courage to at least take off from the ramp and head to the adjacent cove, fish and hide out from the wind. I worked back and forth along the banks fishing shallow. I ended up using a drop shot and several different small plastics. 7 or . . . was it 8 LMBs, none large, males between 1.5 and 2 lbs. Lots of fun fishing, cussing the wind! Brad
  43. 13 points
    Next Night experimenting with the Ned Rig. This time Green Pumpkin Orange and Molting Craw did some work. 8 LMB including one at 3.2# and a surprise Channel Cat.
  44. 13 points
    First day back on the water after my bought with the flu. Fishing was not great, it wasn't even good. The trout we aimed to catch were smaller than a lot of my swimbaits, bass were slow, only thing really biting well was drum. Thought I'd finally got ahold of a good trout towards the end of the day fishing a 1/80th oz micro jig under a bobber. Turned out to be a 4.25lb largemouth. Not sure why she messed with that tiny jig. It couldn't have hooked her anywhere else in the area it did, smacked her right between the tooth pads.
  45. 13 points
    This is the fattest 3.25 lb bass I've ever seen, of course it had just a fingernail sized portion of a trout tail sticking out of its throat. Without the trout probably 2.25 to 2.5
  46. 13 points
    Caught a chunk today. 4.6lbs, t rigged junebug Yum Dinger. She tried to wrap me around a stump and I had to go in after her.
  47. 13 points
    Everythingthatswims, that is an impressive bunch of bass you got Saturday! Better than I've ever done on a long day on Lake Okeechobee, and with a winning smile to match those handfuls of goodies! Congratulations! Anyway, I fished the bank for an hour today after work, and everybody there loved the taste of my dark blue SK Menace grub. It was sucked down by a beefy bass, then by a beautiful Mayan cichlid, followed by a gorgeous blue tilapia, all within 29 minutes.
  48. 12 points
    4 today, this was the biggest, ~2.5lbs. T rigged junebug Yum Dinger. I was instructed to smile.
  49. 12 points
    Today I skipped a Zoom fluke under the wooden walking bridge you see reflected in my glasses. After I set the hook she was so heavy and motionless I thought I had set the hook into a wooden piling -- until she started moving that big head to and fro, that is. Then I knew I was battling a big ol' beast. I was lucky to get her out from under the bridge with the light rod I was using. .
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    Every two minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer. To show my support and to raise awareness and funds for research, I'll be getting my head shaved on Monday. Look for before and after pics (if you don't have a weak stomach) here sometime late Mon. morning, or you can see it happening on FaceBook as I'll be streaming it live at 10:30 central time. I should say my son-in-law will be streaming it 'cause my hair would be grown back before I figure out how to. Before and after pics can also be seen at stbaldricks.org I'm shavee #952317 Joe Cortesi