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  1. 38 points
    Nice 8lb 13oz winter stud on Stryker 3/8 oz swim jig with keitech swimbait as a trailer
  2. 34 points
    Epic day today out at the hidden spot here in arizona. Biggest bag of my life 30lb 10oz. My previous PB bag was also out here. 27.5lbs. Finally beat that. Epic day. 11 bass caught. Strike king 6xd in chilli craw and an unknown brand my buddy had in tilapia were the tickets today. The picture with my buddy holding the small bass and the big one was one of our serious culls lol. We ended up culling a 5lbr out too later.
  3. 25 points
    I have had a camper at a camper park that is on backwater of the Mississippi river for about ten years now . There was this kid who befriended me because I fished and he liked to fish with me . I bought him a cheap spincast combo one day and he was thrilled . They left a few years ago but we remained friends on Facebook . He is having a rough time with other kids and I just found out his parents are getting divorced. He just graduated mid term .I'm going to make his day and give him good rod and reel that I havent used in several years .
  4. 24 points
    We were on a pretty good school of perch in 30 FOW through the ice... The bite suddenly slacked off and about 2 minutes later I popped this big girl, who ate a 1/12oz spoon tipped with a waxworm! Was quite the battle on a little ice rod and 6lb test. Measured 23", decided we didn't need to bring a scale while ice fishing (WRONG)! Certainly didn't expect a fish like this! I probably should just start targeting panfish because that's how I catch big ones.
  5. 23 points
    My buddy @basshunter0731 and I try to get out every year for his birthday the first few days of the new year. We both had the 2nd off and with the temps going to soar all the way to the low 20's with light winds, we decided to make it happen. To give an idea of how cold it has been, we had planned to go to a different power plant lake, but as we pulled out of my road and I called the gate house, I was informed the lake was FROZEN almost 100 yards out from the ramp and there was no way to launch. A quick about face in the truck (and our hopes of catching much), we headed to the other nearby power plant lake. A good portion of the ramp cove was frozen, but half the ramp was thawed and we were able to dump the boat into the 36 degree water. Of course, since it was -2 outside the boat wouldn't start, so we started trolling towards the main lake in hopes the warmer water would let the motor fire up. The first main lake bank we got to is a rock/clay/sand bank with pretty good depth. I was surprised when just a short distance down the bank I was met to mushy resistance when I lifted my shakyhead rod. A hook set and a few cranks of the ice maker that used to be a spinning reel, and I had my first bass of 2018! Still no dice on starting the motor after we fished that bank to the end, so we made a long, slow troll across to the hot water outlet, where we found no bass, no real desirable fish of any kind, just large black buffalo everywhere. We did both score bookend flatheads on jigging spoons, which Jon brought home for his parents to enjoy for dinner. 3 hours into our day, we were pretty well frozen, as was our gear. We thought about heading home and working on my jonboat, but decided to try one of our most reliable banks. I got bit right away on a shakyhead off the main lake point, but didn't hook the fish. Not far down the bank, another bite and another miss. Next cast to the same spot, another thump, and this time I stuck the fish, and it barely moved. I knew it was a good one, played it carefully and backreeled each time she surged, but it wasn't until she was in the net that I realized how large she was. The scale said 7.43, my 4th largest ever in Kansas. Jon cast back to the same spot and got his first bass of 2018 on a shakyhead. We caught a bunch like this one. Caught fish all down the bank before we ran out of soft water, turned around and right as we got back to the point we started on, Jon bowed up on a hard pulling fish that would not give up. His first big one of the year went 4.90. We thought about making the long troll back to the ramp since the motor still hadn't started, but we'd both missed a few the second pass down the bank, so we really felt like we'd be leaving them biting if we did that. I made a switch to one of my magnum shakyheads with a Rodent, wasn't long before I stuck a good fish that I had to handline out of a snag because my line broke in the reel on the hookset. A few minutes later after I restrung my rod and retied my bait with numb fingers, I made a cast to a rock slide and my line was moving towards deep water. Another immovable fish met my hookset and made the slow trip towards deeper water as I inched her towards the boat. When Jon got the net under her, I thought I might have my second 7 pounder of the year already, but she came up just a bit short at 6.72. We caught several more before we'd had all the cold we could take and trolled about 3/4 of a mile back to the ramp, and actually caught 2 or 3 more in the process. I dropped Jon on the dock to go get the truck and I decided to try the motor one more time, of course it fired up Going to be a tough trip to beat, but I look forward to trying
  6. 22 points
    Hey y'all, just wanted to share this fine specimen I caught yesterday (12/14/17). After not fishing for almost a month, I decided to drive to a buddy's house to fish on his neighborhood lake. Big bass was the agenda, and the arsenal was swimbaits, and also a bulky jig for extra thick cover. This is my first year in the swimbait game, which I have taken semi-seriously. I started the year with a possible PB (no scale handy) on a Mattlures Bluegill. After yesterday, it looks like I get to close the year with a definitive PB, and a true swimbait passion. After throwing the Mattlures for the majority of the day without a bite, I managed to straighten my hook on a sunken branch. I decided to switch to a Huddleston 68 Special ROF 5 to finish my lap around the lake, my first time ever throwing the lure. I had gone all the way around the lake, getting used to the feel of branches and trees with the occasional false hookset. I approached the last spot, a steep point with cover strewn about right by my friend's house, and I decided to try something different. Instead of casting up or down the point (parallel) like I normally do, something told me to try casting across the point (perpendicular). I figured if a big fish was holding there watching lures go by all day in the same direction, maybe something different would trigger it. On my second cast I felt another tap, but something just felt different than the trees I was feeling earlier, so I set the hook. I had the fish moving fairly easily, and wasn't sure of the size until the mouth breached the water. I immediately told myself "Oh crap, this is it. This is happening". I was by myself with no net, so I reminded myself everything I have learned, read, or watched online about how to keep a Huddleston fish pinned. "Keep the fish moving forward. Don't let her turn. Keep the rod bent. Don't stop reeling". As I grabbed her lip, I let out a Ric Flair "WOOO!", then got her on the scale, as my friend came over to check out the commotion. The scale read 8-8 both on the boat, and on the dock, where she was released back go the cold depths. This experience opened my eyes in a number of ways, not only with swimbait and cold water fishing, but also just approaching things differently around big fish, as they didn't get that huge by being the same...
  7. 21 points
    Got in what will certainly be the last open water boat trip of 2017 for me given the Polar Vortex that's about to hit us beginning this weekend. Was able to swing on several, and most came back with fish attached Good news is today was the shortest day of the year, so things are all uphill from now until next summer! A few pics from today...
  8. 21 points
    A little skim ice on the ponds, a cool sunset, and some biting bass makes for a good evening...
  9. 20 points
    I've been catching plenty of 1 to 3 pounders but no big ones for many weeks. Then tonight I pulled this babe out of a hat. From the bank. My stupid scale failed, but the girl couldn't have been less than eight pounds. She was dripping eggs. A friendly and duly impressed golfer, visiting from Canada, snapped the photo for me. Caught her on a 1/4 oz Strike King Heavy Cover Swim Jig with Rage grub trailer.
  10. 19 points
    Hey guys. I'm the the guy that started this thread 10 years ago. I haven't been on this site for quite a few years but this thread was always in the back of my mind and I thought it would be nice to finish this story. It's a good ending to a very bad situation. I still feel badly that I even posted this at all. Dumping my problems on others is not typically my M.O. but without the help and generosity of the guys on this thread, I honestly don't know if I would even be here today. With that said, there is a happy ending. I stuck it out in Oregon until 2011. I stayed until my daughter graduated high school. I raised her as best I could and she turned out to be an awesome daughter and an incredible person. There were many, MANY times that i didnt know how i was going to keep the lights on. She is in college and will get her degree in business administration this year. She also attended a bible college in California and they liked her so well that they gave her a job and is now an employee at the retreat at Murietta Hot Springs for the Calvary Chapel. She met a great guy there and just got married there on December 10th. What a fantastic person she turned out to be and I couldn't be more proud although it saddens me just a little bit that there is now a man in her life that is more important than old dad but it's all good. I'm so proud of her. Anyway, I kept that old Bayliner bass boat until 3 years ago and it served me well. I had to get out of Oregon or I would have just sucked on an exhaust pipe and got it over with. I moved to Arizona in 2011 and that old Bayliner came with me. I needed some warm weather and sunny skies or I would have gone crazy so I am now in east Mesa (about 30 minutes east of Pheonix) and things have gone extremely well for me. I live near two incredible lakes. I'm less than 20 minutes from some great fishing. Saguaro Lake is 18 minutes from my driveway and Canyon Lake is less than 30. I'm working again. At least they can no longer keep me from working any longer. I've worked hard and payed off all my debt and now I was even able to upgrade to little bit nicer boat. I sold the old Bayliner for more than I had into it and I ended up getting a 1995 Spectrum 17 foot aluminum walleye boat that I love. It suits me well. It's not a Ranger but it was affordable and it does the job I need it to do. Mom is still around. She just turned 90 in November. She ended up moving to Arizona as well and had her own place in a 55+ retirement community until 2 years ago when I finally moved her in with me. She is still in good shape and can almost take care of herself with just a little help from me now and then. Anyway, I suppose I've said too much already but I did want to say thanks to all those that participated in this thread. You guys played a big role in keeping me sane in a horrible situation. There are a few guys that went above and beyond with their support and generosity. I don't know how they did it but they sent stuff directly to me to get me back on the water. A big shout out to Fishsticks. He sent a trolling motor that he was using as a back up. That was a great trolly. That is still on the Bayliner and I never had an issue with it. I talked to him quite a lot and he was a great guy. He just had a baby daughter. She should be about 11 years old now. I hope he is doing well. Also, I received a bag with all kinds of lures, a REALLY nice bait caster and whoever sent that even threw in a 100 dollar bill for my daughter. I still have and use that stuff. I'm guessing a guy named fishfordollars sent that stuff but being the great guy he is, he would never confirm that although he didn't deny it either. I see that he hasn't posted anything since 2011. Does anyone know what happened to him? I was blown away by the generosity of the folks on here and I'll never forget it and that's why I'm posting this now. If it wasn't for the people on this site, I don't know where I'd be in life at this point and can't say thank you enough for the help and kindness that both my daughter and I were shown by total strangers right here on bassresource. I did finally start catching some bass and my daughter and I have many fond memories on the old Bayliner and now on the Spectrum. I love my life now and I have you guys to thank for that. Getting through those few years in Oregon, I don't think was possible for me without your help and support. You guys can never know how important your support was to this guy and my daughter and I'll always be forever grateful.
  11. 19 points
    2017 was not a good "big fish" year for me. I caught lots of fish in the 4lb range but only two that broke the 5lb mark. I bass fish a whole lot, I spend a ton of time on the water, and usually I run into a couple big ones throughout the year because of that. Long story short, on Saturday, I caught my biggest bass of 2017, a 6-15. I caught it on a crappie jig on 6lb test, fishing vertically over a school of crappie, in 15FOW. And I hooked her in the pectoral fin (the one beside the gill). I have no idea what happened or how it happened, but I'm almost positive she didn't try to eat a crappie that was chasing my bait, because she was on there when I picked it up off the bottom to bring the jig up into the school. No idea at all on how the hook didn't tear out and we managed to get the fish in the net, but I'll take it! This fish was filled out and pretty too!
  12. 19 points
    Final trip of the year on Christmas Day. An inch of snow the day before, then 20 degrees Monday with 15+ mph North winds. Was curious to see if I could catch one under those conditions. Wound up with 6 Wind died overnight and our high today was 11 deg., so everything locked up on us.
  13. 19 points
    Pretty slow weekend for me again, still waiting for my boat to get back from the doctor so I'm stuck in the little johnboat. Shouldn't complain I guess, 10 minutes into the day and I got this chunk flipping some trees that I normally skip past in favor of more productive water. When you're creeping along you just fish what's in front of you though!
  14. 18 points
    Why would anyone spend $60,000 for car, $70,000 for a boat, $25,000 for a motorcycle, $500,000 on a house.....????? Because they can, and they get joy from doing so. Buy within your means and enjoy the fruit of your labor regardless of whatever price point that may be at.
  15. 17 points
    Felt good to catch this 6lbr today. Been awhile since I been out here to the hidden lake.
  16. 17 points
    Caught a few bigger ones than this but didn't weigh them. Finally connected with a big one and threw it on the scale out of curiosity. 8lbs. even, so it's the heaviest one I've managed to get a weight on. This was a few weeks back, and turns out one of the last fish this year. Let's get em in 18.
  17. 17 points
    Took my cousin Dax bank fishing today. He caught more fish than I did, using a Texas rigged worm. The best part was watching him set the hook like a pro!
  18. 16 points
    I'm glad they found him. My condolences and prayers go out to the friends and family. While I've posted the news article on the site as a matter of protocol, I will not announce it nor broadcast it on our social channels. I don't feel this is the type of thing for soliciting a click in order to drive up our traffic numbers. This is also why I have instructed everyone on the BR staff to refrain from sensationalizing the story, and/or contribute to the spread of rumors during the search for Nik. While there are other bass fishing sites that seek to exploit this story in the name of a dollar, I hold myself and the staff accountable to higher standards. The focus must be on Nik's grieving family, and the bass fishing community, as this affects us all. Some things are far more important in life, and don't deserve to be brought down by gossip tabloids. Again, our thoughts and prayers go out to Nik's family and friends.
  19. 16 points
    Last one for 2017: Enter 2018....
  20. 16 points
    I got out again yesterday around 4. I decided to fish the North east to east side of the lake , which has usually been the least productive part of the lake. Conditions were cloudy , cool , and almost calm.I caught this fish within 10 minutes after starting on the trick worm , and caught a few more before dark.
  21. 16 points
    Got out for a couple hours yesterday evening and caught a few COLD river bass. Water temps are in the upper 30s but it's not that hard to catch them when you know where they live and are willing to go sllllowwwww. They were hitting the bait when it had been stationary for 5-10 seconds. One on a finesse football jig and 4 on a tiny little tube. I think this makes 4 years in a row now that I've bank fished that river on Christmas day and caught bass, somewhat of a tradition now!
  22. 15 points
    I am back at school and caught my first ice bass today after class. My friends and I caught over 50 fish, mainly bluegill but a few bass and crappie as well. Looks like the weather this week is going to make the ice unsafe so this might be the only ice trip for a while!
  23. 15 points
    Try swimming with your cloths on including shoes, you don't fall overboard in a swim suit. Tom
  24. 15 points
    11-11 Green Bass ~ ^^^^^ a 7-5 Brown Bass ~ ^^^^^^^^ and a 35lb Striped Bass ~ ^^^^^^ (not a PB but real sweet fish) A-Jay
  25. 15 points
    Trip to the Rose Bowl fell through at the last minute, so I decided to take my dad out for a quick trip before the big game. Pretty awesome morning... Lots of chubby 2-3 pound spots and a beautiful 5 pound hookjawed rainbow...
  26. 15 points
    Spots were loving good ol' Ned yesterday...
  27. 15 points
    This might be my last bass of year 2017. I've been busy doing honey-do-list. Today finish project quite early, ordered 11 Hybrid tea roses but unexpectedly have to wait three weeks. Got 1-2 hour time to kill decided to head out to the lake with zoom magnum Fluke in white ice. Caught only one decent size. I still have a few more projects to finish up, so I will see you guys next year.
  28. 15 points
    Seriously? With all the nutjobs in this world you're thinking about meeting up to "discuss" your differences of opinions with one of them? It's too easy to block people on the internet or just ignore them to get worked up about it. If the dude is making comments you're seriously concerned about then report it to the site admin, you should have all the evidence in writing for them, or take it a step further and call the local PD from where the guy lives to go talk to him if he's making personal threats. I would not, under any circumstances, meet with someone I was having issues with online to try to work out my differences, there is no good that will come of it.
  29. 15 points
    Merry Christmas to all! Tom
  30. 15 points
    It's simple addition: 4 hours of free time + 42 degree water + nominally clear turbidity + Siebert Finesse jig + Cosmic Chunk trailer = chunky largemouths. First Pic: 4 lb 9 oz Second Pic: 5 lb 11 oz
  31. 15 points
    Got two on the first two docks , both on a 10 inch watermelon seed ole' monster. This one was the better one. Not another bite after that.
  32. 14 points
    This year we are starting a new series of jigs. We are going to release a new custom color each month. This month is the Chris Craw. The series will be available in the Extreme (Trokar) Dredge (Owner Deepthroat) Grid Iron (Owner XXX strong hook) Swim Jig (Mustad Ultra Point) (http://www.siebertoutdoors.com/Chris-Craw-1619.htm
  33. 14 points
    I know there is already a catch pic thread and probably numerous other ways to brag about the best bass you have caught, but I thought it would be cool to have it all in one place. Feel free to post about how you caught it, or just post a picture. I caught my personal best, 4 lbs 9 oz Spot, using a tri-colored grub on a 1/4 oz ball head. I threw it down a rock wall and bam, PB.
  34. 14 points
    One in the profile pic and here's another. She's one of them "mean unpredictable pit bulls" Not!
  35. 14 points
    Fenway & Tucker took me for a walk the other day ~ Afterwords, Tucker told me I did good . . A-Jay
  36. 14 points
    PB smallie at 7lb-6oz & PB largemouth at 11lb-2oz.
  37. 14 points
    YouTube? Most is regurgitation I've learned & have been taught more by members here than YouTube! What's in store for 2018? I know who holds the future & he doesn't have a YouTube channel
  38. 14 points
  39. 14 points
    I'm off from work all week. I always do some home projects and fishing (Sometimes hunting ) the week after Christmas. So I got a good start on the outdoor stuff and quit around 2.30. On the water by 3 or so. Bright , sunny skies , windy , and cool. First 2 hours = 1 fish on a watermelon red super fluke. Worked my way to the south end and decided to fish the windy side. It got completely cloudy by then and colder.Caught 7 along there in the wind on the wat. red trick worm. The bite slowed near dark , so I switched to june bug -same worm. Before I started for home I fished a spot around a point from the wind where they bite good often there right at dark. Picked off 2 more, including this 4 pounder.( 2nd fish picture ) Good way to start a vacation !
  40. 14 points
    Weather has been trash lately. Plus I work retail and during crazy season it’s been keeping me from doing what I love. But it I did get on my inlaws’ farm pond for an hour or so today for some Christmas Eve bass. I hope everyone has Merry Christmas!
  41. 14 points
  42. 13 points
    In my estimation, it takes longer than 47 years.
  43. 13 points
    My fishing buddy, Cassidee, the week we brought her home. She lives for tennis balls, being petted, and relaxing. We also have a cat named Gato (my wife is a Spanish major), that is an outdoor cat. I'm not a big cat guy, so no pictures of him. He's our resident pest control expert in training.
  44. 13 points
    First want to show you the perfect winter boat ramp conditions.....then you get to see some of the fish we caught.....was an amazing day....truly a gift from above.
  45. 13 points
    Expensive gear is not something you need to be a good angler. One thing I will say from experience however is that once you experience fishing with a high end product, you will not want to go back to gear that does just enough to get the job done.
  46. 13 points
    My 1st DD bass was caught Easter holiday at lake Havasu Roads End Camp dock on a live water dog (tiger salamander) 11 lbs in 1957, the bass was released as it was the pet fish according to the dock man. 2nd was in 1958 at lake Sherwood on a jig, the bass was 10 lbs 1 oz. 3rd in 1959 at Livingston's rock quarry lake (private) on a Pikie jointed plug, 12 lbs. Nearly a decade goes by before 1967 when I caught a 14 lb 3 oz Lower Otay on a live crawdad. By 1971 fishing the Florida strain LMB in San Deigo city lakes, I logged 100 DD LMB on crawdads, waterdogs and live mud suckers to 14 lbs 7 oz. I decide live bait fishing for bass to be unsporting and swear off using it. 1971 my PB northern strain LMB 12 lbs 4 oz at lake Casitas on a jig. 1981 I catch a 18 lb 11 oz FLMB at lake Casitas on the same jig as my PM NLMB, this fish stands as my PB for over 12 years when I catch 58 bass between 15 lbs to 17.6 lbs at lakes Casitas and Castiac. March 3, 1993 I catch my 19.3lb FLMB on a jig at lake Castiac, my new PB....24 years ago! Tom
  47. 13 points
    You can tell it's winter once again. We're back onto topics like this.
  48. 13 points
    Lately I've been spending a lot of time fishing a local power plant lake. It has been quite a time, I haven't experienced this sort of stuff on such a large scale before. There is a massive feeding frenzy taking place in the lake, I've fished for them twice now. It seems to be several acres of fish aggressively feeding on shad. They usually sit out deep over 40-50FOW, and there are a LOT of them. You can drop a blade or spoon to the bottom and catch bass in 50', throw a swimbait or a rig for the suspending fish that sit in the 10-20' range, AND catch them on topwater when they come up schooling. It is a mixture of largemouth, white perch, and both hybrid and "regular" stripers. There are also bass in the area pushing bait into the backs of coves, so while I'm out sitting in the middle of the lake, I watch the coves in case the water starts to erupt. The fish don't seem to relate to any sort of structure/contour, they just follow the food. I fished on Monday and on Wednesday. In that time, the frenzy moved about half a mile, pretty crazy stuff! The area where the graph was lit up top to bottom on Monday, was blank on Wednesday.
  49. 13 points
    Went out with a buddy Friday morning for about 4 hours. I caught three nice spots, Only two pictured as I out-caught my buddy 10-1 and he was no longer interested in taking my picture, haha. 1st picture - 2.5 lbs spot caught drop shotting a tree. 2nd picture - 2 lbs spot dead sticking a roboworm
  50. 12 points