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    I've been meaning to post this. I was down on Falcon Lake, TX a few weeks ago when I got this 11.38 lb. bass. Caught on 10" worm, half-ounce tungsten weight, 25-pound flouro. line. Fishing in 28 FOW. My new personal best.
  2. 27 points
    Today's world is different from the world I grew up in as a kid. I'm 35 but the world has changed tremendously in the last 20 years. If you only watched the news you'd think the whole world has gone to hell. Just yesterday about 45 miles southeast from where I currently live and much closer to where I grew up there was a mass shooting. When you reflect on these kinds of things the world seems like a really scary place full of bad people. What the hell am I talking about this on a bass forum for? I purchased a very nice reel from a very nice member of this forum. The communication was great and he even engaged me in some conversation. I thought the questions a little strange but nice enough. When I received my reel the I noticed the heaviness of the box; the reel I purchased is one of the lightest on the market. When I opened the box I found it jam packed with soft plastics, jigs, jerkbait, lipless, etc. This gentleman had no reason to send me all of this stuff but he did out of the kindness of his heart. Gestures like these keep my faith in humanity strong, they take away the negativity. It may be a relatively small gesture in the grand scheme of things but if more people made an effort to do things similarly the world would be a better place. I vow to pay it forward and become more like this man I don't know, with more kind gestures wanting nothing in return. Thank you @BasserJim
  3. 27 points
    Smallie, face was covered to protect identity.
  4. 26 points
    Got on em Monday with the swim jig and keitech trailer. 7.9 a 7.8 a 4.6 a 4 and 3.4 BEST DAY of fishing I've ever had.
  5. 23 points
    Took a trip to BROWN TOWN today!
  6. 23 points
    Hadn't been fishing in a while, until tonight. It's been hot and fish have been in the summer mood. Though the air is still in the high eighties, the shorter days are causing the water to cool slightly. I went out bank fishing on a pair of golf course ponds tonight and caught a dozen 2-4 pounders and a 5 pounder in an hour, most of them from under a wooden foot bridge. It was phenomenal. All of them smashed a green pumpkin chatterbait with a matching trailer. The fish were strong pullers tonight and I think they are becoming activated by the cooling water. We are expecting finally a cold front this week and after that the bass should be actively chasing schooled baitfish and go nuts chasing my collection of jerkbaits.
  7. 23 points
    Best three from today. Water temp is cooling at 63 degrees. B
  8. 22 points
    Broke my PB walleye today on Cheat Lake, WV. I was slow rolling a 1/2oz war eagle spinnerbait and at first I thought I hooked a rock until it shook its head. 30", and 9lbs15oz of MEAN.
  9. 22 points
    Pics from my 2 early bird tournaments the last week of October. Took first at both with my father taking a close 2nd in both. All largies that Saturday (20+lbs) and 26.5lbs of Lake Onatrio smallmouth that Sunday. I NY!
  10. 22 points
    Gotta love the footballs of fall...
  11. 22 points
    Here a couple I recently caught. Still waiting for the bass to start the fall feed.
  12. 22 points
    I wanted to get started early this morning so I got to the smaller pond at 7am as the sun was starting to rise. Didn't get to stay long as it started pouring down and I wasn't really dressed for the occasion. It was a tad chilly out. Got back to the house about 7:45am so I could put my wet clothes in the dryer. Finally the rain let up enough for me to get back out there. Rain was still in the forecast so I dressed for it this time. Glad I did because it rained a bit more. It was ok though it finally cooled down some and stayed that way. Got back to the pond around 10am had my green pumpkin 3/8oz Dirty Jobs Tackle swim jig tied on with a green pumpkin 3.75" Tube as a trailer on my baitcaster and a green pumpkin 3.75" Tube with an 1/8oz shaky head hook stuffed inside it with the line tie eye pushed out the side at the head of the Tube(got the idea in an article on Tubes on this site) tied on my spinning rod. Both were productive today caught 2 on each before I got my swim jig snagged and broke off(gotta replace it soon). Ended up tying on my 3/8oz black and blue Arkie jig with another green pumpkin 3.75" Tube trailer. Caught one on that too, it was by accident though. It had a little mud on it so I dipped into the pond to rinse it. As soon as it hit the water it was engulfed. One handed I pulled it out, did my thing and released it. They were all dinks today, but I had fun anyways. The most fish I've caught in a single outing so far. Still trying to get that big un that I almost had yesterday. It's gonna happen, just hope it's sooner than later.
  13. 22 points
    Had my personal best today on St Clair, 3 fish over 5 pounds and 2 around 4. 23 pound bag and all on Ned rigs.
  14. 21 points
    Thought I'd make an evening trip out for some walleye today, instead I ended up catching a few smallies just after sunset on a yellow perch patterned Rapala shadow rap. The location was a rock flat with a sand transition and a weedbed along each side. Biggest smallmouth shown below, guesstimate on the weight was about 4 1/2 lbs. The others were in the 1-2lbs range. Water temp 9ft down was 61F. And don't be alarmed...that's me in the picture...lol
  15. 20 points
    This fish deserved its own post, I would rank it as top 5 in my craziest fish catches ever. I was on the Ohio River near Weirton, WV, on the WV side. I was walking beside a set of train tracks to go to a spot where my friends and I fish for walleye, hybrid striper, and white bass. It is a pretty good hike so we have to carry in a lot of gear, all of which is packed away. My friend lives in the area and had never caught a bass from the area we walked through, and he is an EXCELLENT fisherman. As usual, my eyes were picking apart the shoreline while we walked, and I spotted a pretty nice largemouth as it cruised up to a weed edge. I didn't have anything rigged up, and the only suitable rod I had with me was a 7' medium action baitcaster with 12lb fluoro. I scrambled as fast as I could to open my bag, get a finesse jig out, and tie it up. Shockingly, the bass stayed put. I was standing on the side of the train tracks at this point, a solid 10' above the water level, and flipped my jig way out in the river. I swam the jig back in to where the fish was, and let it settle on the bottom before I shook it. I instantly felt two sharp taps and set the hook. The fish went nuts, and my buddy somehow slid down the extremely steep bank feet first, and scooped the fish in the net as soon as his feet hit the water! The fish was absolutely gorgeous and weighed 5lbs, 7oz, my biggest WV bass so far, and I am pretty sure that is a large fish for the Ohio River. She didn't look like she had ever been caught before either!
  16. 20 points
    Caught in a public pond at about 10am on black n blue booyah frog. I retrieved so slowly so I was just barely causing him to make commotion next to the two downed trees. Not sure the picture does the justice since I was alone but I estimated 3 something probably. ( feel free to voice ur opinion on size) someone else said over 4 but I don't know This is the spot he blew up on it. Just to the left of the left branch...
  17. 20 points
    Weather not the greatest here in the Omaha area, but I was able to get out for a few hours and catch four (4) bass. Here was the biggest at 4.16 pounds and just short of 19". Caught on a weedless 1/0 wacky hook using a weightless 5" flat dawg worm. This is the biggest I caught this year and it sure felt good.
  18. 20 points
    Today was my last day on the water this season in the Lund Pro-V Bass Boat. Be putting it up for the winter next week - I had a Great Day - but it's still a little bitter sweet ~ A-Jay
  19. 19 points
    Just returned from another adventure packed trip to famed Lake Baccarac in Mexico. I had the distinct pleasure of sharing it with good friend (and one heck of a stick) Jeff Howell. One aspect of this trip that was a little different was that we were part of a group of 16 other like-minded Bass fishing fanatics, none of which neither Jeff nor I had ever met. Meeting and getting to know them all for the first time at the lodge was pretty cool as they were coming from all over the United States. All serious enough anglers willing to make the commitment of time, effort & travel required to fish this unique & very special place. Perhaps more importantly all very pleasant, down to earth & super fun people to be around. Everyone had a great time & huge bass were not in short supply. Fishing together at the Famed Lake Baccarac Lodge, we were all treated to just about all the big bass fishing action we could handle. Situated smack dab in the middle of some ridiculously picturesque mountain terrain, Jeff & I could not help but admire. The stunning mountains & cascading valley views filled every picture & video with a backdrop that looks so good sometimes it’s hard to believe it real. As one could expect, the very warm (and sometimes pretty hot) sub-tropical climate required complete sun protection & frequent hydration and we were on it. As is always the case, the accommodations, food & staff at Lake Baccarac Lodge were fantastic. Our guide for this trip, as well as several previous adventures, was Manual Salazar. The man is about as good as it gets. Watching him work his big bass locating magic is worth the price of admission and why he has been one of the top guides in all of Mexico for many years. And then there’s the fishing . . . . . . In reality (which this place doesn’t seem to be part of) there’s no way for me to accurately describe it. Words like outrageous, and magical come to mind, but even they doesn’t come close to scratching the surface of what routinely goes on here. I suppose the simplest & perhaps the best way I could come to offering a glimpse of what it’s like to spend a week at Lake Baccarac – is to say that for any serious Basshead, this place is where Jurassic Park meets Disneyland. Bite was deep all week with the biggest fish coming from 15 ft down to as deep as 40 ft. A few guys were even fishing deeper. Big jigs, worms, spinnerbaits & swimbaits all took turns being "the Bait" My largest this trip came in at 10lbs 2 oz - she ate a 3/4 oz jig with a Magnum fluke trailer - there were several 9's, quite a few 8's a ridiculous number of 7's and we never count 6's & below. This trip may have featured the largest 'average' for us as there were many more big fish this week. Crazy place this Lake Baccarac - already planning the next one. It's been said many times, if you ever get an opportunity to go - I'd highly encourage you to seriously consider it. This one just like previous ones, was quite an experience. A-Jay https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1546112775468580.1073741841.100002096185350&type=1&l=4dbafe711c
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    Had a couple good days on the water this weekend. Was supposed to fish a tournament on Lake of the Ozarks Sunday, but I had some steering issues with my outboard that made it unsafe on that rough body of water, so we opted to fish nearby Stockton Lake and had a good time landing largemouth, smallmouth, spots, (and maybe a meanmouth), drum, and several walleye. My fish that I think might be a hybrid (meanmouth). A little largemouth that ate my BIL's wart about as deep as it could. 1 short of our 2 person limit of 'eyes. All but one ate the white jerkbait, the oddball ate an A-rig. Monday was a solo trip to Lake Shawnee in Topeka, KS. The fish were on fire there, once I found them. The same white jerkbait did most of the damage, including a 3.81, 4.11, and 4.46 pound fish. Also had some bonus trout, including one rather large individual that kept eating my wart. Wouldn't be a trip to this lake without some drum too. The video ended up being pretty lengthy, even after deleting well over half the days videos. Even with missing several catches for whatever reason, usually forgetting to restart the camera from the previous catch, I had 78 videos of fish catches from the day, not too bad for the second week of November
  22. 19 points
    Spent the day on the water with @kickerfish1 on Monday. Wind got too strong for the first lake and the fishing was less than spectacular. Water was much colder than expected at the second lake but fishing was really good. Caught several little ones right near the ramp before we went to the area that I thought the bigger fish would be. I believe it was my second cast when I caught my first over 5 for the day. Got to the next bend in the creek and caught my new lake PB of 6.06lbs. We fished up the creek until the water got down below 47 before turning around and fishing back out. Stuck my second over 5 right where John's dad had caught a solid fish on the way back. One of my best days on the water all year for quality fish. I had to go back and give it another try after that day, but the cold night and lack of sun killed the river bite. Caught a ton of fish on a tube, including a rare fat spotted bass, so it was still another really fun day. Great fishing for dirty water and sub 50 degree water temps.
  23. 19 points
    Hit the spot very early morning for some top water, jerkbait and hudd 68 weedless. Got a good size one on WP100 today, it was a very long time since my last WP bass and also was the first bass on this loon. Yesterday got also only one hit on LC pointer. I start wondering why I only caught one bass a day lol. And for entertaining to your Guy especially for @A-Jaylol
  24. 19 points
    Nothing much going on with me, caught some here and there mostly on wacky rig zoom finesse worm. This morning started with top water, no take at all WP110, rebel popper and bubble walker, switched to Fluke and chatterbait still nothing. Finally got two on dropshot and one on wacky finesse worm. Add another one on wacky rig this morning.
  25. 19 points
    untied the little johnny and set out after them around zero dark thirty this morning. an approaching cold front had me anticipating a good bite, but swt’s had dropped 8-10 degrees in the last week. my usual schools of spotted bass and shad had vanished, so i hit the brush piles....didn’t catch that many today, but some good ones were biting Zoom worms and lizards. life is good.
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  27. 19 points
    Well it wasnt a monster, but Dad finally caught a bass in my boat. It took three trips, but he finally did it. Havent seen him smile like that very often, really cool experience.
  28. 18 points
    Today was the last day for my boat in WV for this year. I'm taking it back home for thanksgiving and leaving it there so my brothers can exploit some fish this winter. My friend and I caught a bunch of bass today, we found a school of them on some brush in 40' and got to work on them with ned rigs! It was an interesting bite for sure, they wouldn't eat the 1/6 neds so we were using the 1/10th size and letting them fall FOREVER to reach bottom. It was a huge shift from the slow rolled spinnerbait bite we have been on for the past couple of weeks, but the water temps are dropping, and the lake is being lowered to winter pool at a fast rate, so the bass don't want to be on the banks anymore. 47 degree water today.
  29. 18 points
    Nabbed a 12lb limit in 2 and a half hours this evening. Water temps ranged from 42-47. Blade bait, ned rig, and a slow rolled spinnerbait.
  30. 18 points
    @npl_texas you’re very welcome. Like I said, I was out of packing peanuts and couldn’t let that nice reel just bounce all around in the box. It was some stuff I had laying around that doesn’t really any longer suit the type of fishing I prefer to do (I’d much rather be finesse fishing). I’ve had many random acts of kindness gifted upon me over the years, and I try and pay that forward as often as possible. Both because I’m able to do so, and because I have a 2 year old little boy who I’m trying to lead by example. He’s still a little young to catch on, but I’m trying to stay in good practice. Hope you enjoy the reel and the baits and have a great holiday season.
  31. 18 points
    Had a totally insane day today! My friends and I did a little exploring, and we found a spring creek with a network of beaver ponds, all of which is loaded with bass, who seemed to have never been fished for before! We caught well over 100 fish, triple hookups were common, the water was clear and the bass were gorgeous. The creek never gets wider than 20' across, and no deeper than 5'. All the damage was done with a ned rig but I'm sure they would have eaten anything. Biggest bass was the 4-13 that I am holding, and our best 5 were somewhere in the neighborhood of 17-18lbs.
  32. 18 points
    Was able to finish out the regular tournament season on a hot streak with two wins and 3rd. No pictures from a win on the Potomac since the fishing was tough and I didn't expect to win with a small limit. Took 1st on Conowingo with a decent limit of smallies on spinnerbaits. Finished up with a 2-day tourny on Deep Creek...Got 3rd with a mixed bag of SM/LM, mostly on jerkbaits.
  33. 18 points
    Took my buddy Bill fishing yesterday. First time fishing in 28 years, first time ever bass fishing. He had liver failure and got a transplant earlier this year and is doing well. This was his first bass ever (the little one) and the bigger one he said was the biggest fish he had ever caught in his life. Anyway, by the time we got to mid afternoon he was asking how much money I had in the boat, trailer and motor and was thinking out loud about getting one in the spring. I think he had a good time. It was the best day fishing I have ever had.
  34. 18 points
    Another few hours on the lake. Y'all ever have one of those days where you just feel like you'll get bit every cast? Thats how I felt. Ended up with 16 , but I lost more fish than normal . This was mostly because the fish were so active they would almost immediately hit the worm and swim off in any direction faster than normal. Caught probably 10 or more in blown down trees and limbs from Irma. Only had a couple lucky strike worms left , and I quickly used them up. Ended up using old manns ribbon tail worms in purple flake from the 80's and they loved them. Ended up with a 6 inch manns black screw tail worm on for the pictured fish. Fall bite is ON !!? Really nice fish there Dwight.
  35. 17 points
    I guess this is what a fish on a fall feeding binge looks like... Structure, breaks and breaklines.
  36. 17 points
    Had a half hour to fish today between work and sunset, so I raced over to a local pond. The bass were going nuts all over the place chasing little fish. I threw out a Menace grub and caught about ten 1-2 pounders in 15 minutes. I then tossed the grub to a wooden retaining wall and something big grabbed it, but I lost the fish on the hookset. I tossed to the same spot, and same result! Third time I had him, and after a spirited fight -- he was pulling out drag on 17 pound fluoro -- I landed, to my great surprise, this huge blue tilapia. Must have been at least 5 pounds. I should have weighed it but it didn't occur to me at the time. The gash in its flank may have been from one of my prior hooksets. It is unusual for tilapia to bite a lure, so my guess is that the fish was defending a bed and not trying to eat it.
  37. 17 points
    Caught this morning around 10:45. Hardly any bites rest of the day. 3.6lbs, short and stocky. T-rigged black/blue Yumdinger. Interesting dorsal, or lack thereof.
  38. 17 points
    My last scheduled tournament of the season was last weekend, the FOBA Classic on Lake Gaston. This lake has really changed over the past several years with the spotted bass population finally reaching 'tournament quality' size. The LM fishing was pretty tough, so the majority of fish weighed in overall were spots, I'd guess at least 75%. I was one of the few that got on a LM pattern and weighed 4 LM and 1 spot on the first day and then 2 LM and 3 spots on the second day. Weighed 9-0 on day 1 and 11-12 on day 2, which was good enough for second place...But only 3oz behind the winner . Only two patterns for me...Covering A LOT of shallow water with a spinnerbait for LM's and fishing a Vision 110 on points for spotted bass. On day 2 I had to give up on the LM pattern after getting only 2 fish by noon, spent the rest of the day targeting spots, worked out OK but I wish I would have pulled the plug sooner - might have had time for 1 more cull . Oh well, still fun and getting paid is never bad!
  39. 17 points
    We've had some very cold temps the last week, 10-20 degrees below average temps for this time of year. It seems to really have the fish feeding. Monday had the 5th day of the year with north of 100 fish put in the boat, including 2 largemouth bigger than I'd ever seen from this lake. Mine went 4.5 on a jerkbait, my buddy's was 5.5 on wart. Also caught smallmouth, white bass, crappie, warmouth, bluegill, trout, and drum. Tuesday we went in search of wipers at a small, local lake and it seems we were still a few degrees too warm for them with 50 degree water. I caught our only 2, a pair of 6.5lb bookends. We went down the banks looking for lures and throwing warts after we gave up on the wipers. Caught several bass and found 26 baits, which wasn't as many as I expected but not too bad. My buddy had the big bass of the day with a very solid fish for this particular lake.
  40. 17 points
    Went tonight to the Horrendous Pads with my brand new flipping stick, a Dobyns Champion XP DC766FLIP that arrived on my doorstep last night. This fish was my only bite but it was a good one. I was impressed with the new rod -- much more sensitive than my other big stick. It was easy to pitch the hefty jig accurately and I was able to control the fight. The fish tried to wrap me around the leaves but I was able to lead her out of the nasty stuff nose first. Also, I think a heavy weed guard on a jig helps get fish out of thick pads.
  41. 17 points
    Last weekend in Northern NY was incredible. These were my biggest five of a 70 fish Friday with my dad. Just under 20lbs and Dad had 18.5. We fished ABA early bird tournaments Saturday and Sunday which were even better. I'm at my max for pics so I'll have to make a separate post.
  42. 17 points
    After redoing the transom, painting trailer and outside, scrapping the inside, re-riveting the leaks... Finished-ish Boat First 5+lb Bass in the Boat...no smiling allowed
  43. 17 points
    My personal best this year. Beautiful bass pushing 18 inches. A little over 3 lbs. Caught him on a watermelon/red flake senko.
  44. 16 points
    Recently I posted about trying to help my soon to be 12 year old son get his PB and how he can be a bit stubborn at times. The post was all in fone, but the quest to help him get his PB is real. What started off poorly for him yesterday ended up being a great day. My son had a half day of school yesterday and to celebrate that time off he wanted to go to the ballpark and work on some pitching for a while and then go fishing. But as we're about to leave he tells me, "Daddy, I think I left my pole at the lagoon last week." Dad is not happy. I just bought him a new reel a few weeks ago. We fished with friends last week and in between fishing and the kids goofing off he forgot his gear. So after his bullpen session we head back to the lagoon and sure enough his rod and reel are gone. Lucky for him he does chores for a number of our elder neighbors and he has the money to buy his own replacement. In the meantime, I give him my Pflueger President /Ugly Stick combo to fish with and this time he immediately puts on the spinner bait I told him to fish with the other week. On his fourth cast of the day he gets a strike and he can tell it's not like any fish he's hooked before. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" "I've got one! I've got one! A BIG one!" At this point the fish is really fighting and he's having a hard time reeling it in. Now a little panic starts to set in. "I don't want to lose it! Daddy, Can you help?" He's got to learn to land his own big fish so I tell him to take his time and keep tension on the line. I know there's 50 pound braid on the reel because I had been using that rod for frogging. He gets it close enough to shore where he can get a fleeting glimpse of the fish in the stained water. His eyes get real big as the fish tries to run parallel to the shoreline and then tries to dart back to the deep but he keeps the tension on and the fish has nowhere to go. Unfortunately for us, our net broke earlier in the summer and I have not replaced it yet so now Matt has to land this fish on the bank without a net. He gets the fish near the bank and steps forward to try and grab it - the line slacks. For a fleeting moment that fish must have thought it found freedom and it picked up speed and breached the surface almost coming eye level with my son at the shoreline. "She's a HAWWWWWGGGG!!!" he yelled. Thankfully he had set the hook deep and he landed his personal best. The look on his face (and probably mine, too) was priceless. It weighed in at 5.8 pounds and as he pointed out right away that was 0.05 pounds better than my biggest catch this summer. He once again declared himself the "Fishing Champion". That's OK, I'm happy to turn over my title to him. For me, this is what fishing is all about.
  45. 16 points
    Hadn't gotten the boat out in a while, but I finally have my college things at bay and had some free time this afternoon. Water from the river had pushed down into the lake with recent rains, 48 degrees at the ramp! Found some 55 degree water and got to work slow rolling a spinnerbait
  46. 16 points
    Tough fishing yesterday. Some dinks and a couple 2-2.5# fish.
  47. 16 points
    Fall is finally here in AZ. This 4 lb bass took a Zoom Trick Worm - Candy Bug - tail dipped in Spike It Dip-N-Glow in Chartreuse/Garlic in a foot of water right off the bank. She was busting shad near an inlet Some fun metro pond night fishing!
  48. 16 points
    I managed to get out to a pond very early on Saturday morning. A black jitterbug was the key until the sun came up.
  49. 16 points
    Got out on Lake Menderchuck for what will be my last trip in the Lund Pro-V Bass Boat for this 2017 season. Day started out a little late for me as we lost power over night which jacked up my alarm clock so my departure was slightly delayed. Conditions started out cool & relatively calm and as the morning progressed air temps seemed to cool a bit as the winds picked up. Water temps dropped a few degrees to an average of 52-54 I’d say. Water remained uncharacteristically colored but this seems to keep the bait shallow and has the smallies more willing to come into & more importantly stay & feed in that skinny water longer. It’s all about accessibility. I hit the first point with some topwater. The Popper got no interest so I switched up to the Rage Bug / swing head deal that’s been killing it for me for the past several weeks. Smallies were on it early & often. As it turned out, it was The Bait / presentation all day. And what a day. There were two main lake points I fish and switched back & forth from all day. They are about 2 miles apart. I’d fish one for 30 minutes or so & then run over to the other and do the same. I took several nice fish on both repeatedly all day; gotta love spots that reload. Sometime around midday I hit a decent school and the bass started coming fast & furious . . . limited out a few times. I had a dynamite day that included several keeper & fun sized smallies plus a couple of fatties that this time of year often yields. Although I stayed until dark, the most productive part of my day ended up being behind me. And then it was over. The end of this trip marks the end of the Lund’s 2017 season. It was my first full season of fishing from the Pro-V and I could not have been any more pleased. As she hibernates over the winter, I’ll be pleasantly reminded of the great fish she helped me get on and will be anxiously awaiting the coming of soft water next spring . . . A-Jay
  50. 16 points
    Here's another picture from yesterday. Only if all fishing days were that good but it's what keeps us going right?!