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    I caught this one at one of our conservation area lakes. It hammered a green Freddy b. This lake is covered in Lilly pads, and has all sorts of aquatic vegetation. For me it's one of the best places in the world for frog fishing.
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    All about the Top Water today! Some good fish. MegaBass Pop-X did most of the damage. A few came on spinnerbaits as well.
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    This is what i'm talking about! I wanted to get a weigh on her but forgot my scale at home. I used: 5'6 M baitcaster with #10 mono. Along with a 3/0 Gamakatsu EWG, Egg sinker and a Big Bite Baits Real Deal Craw in Green Pumpkin and had it texas rigged. I had a huge turtle try to eat it too but he only ripped the plastic and i was able to get the hook away from it.
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    Pretty good jig bite the last couple days. Only fished a couple hours each day because I worked midnight to noon before I could go, but they made it worth the effort. Got a couple more on the Fruck yesterday too. Actually followed up a missed jig bite with it and got the fish to come back and eat the Fruck. Not something I'd suggest trying often, but it worked out for me the one time I tried it yesterday.
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    A buddy and I had a 70-fish Day combined (all LM Bass) recently fishing in kayaks. We both caught fish in excess of 21 inches (5 - 6 1/2 Lb. range) and lots of 3 pounders etc. We were fishing coontail and slop and so there was a lot of hard cranking and lifting. We used everything: frogs, toads (Ribbits), Yum Dingers, Power worms, whopper Ploppers, buzzbaits, and even a few crankbaits and spinnerbaits on the edges. When the day was over we both had sore wrists and elbows and scratched up fingers and thumbs. It took about 48 hours to fully recover from the soreness but it still felt gooood.
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    An Australian Bass and its close cousin the Estuary Perch from a hot bite the other night.
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    Finally got one on a Magnum Squarebill (or as I like to call it “the Mondo”).
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    Second best of the summer on the frog. Mid day 90 degrees and full sun. Absolutely choked it and I had to horse her through 20 feet of thick vegetation. Went for 4.63, snapped a few shots and she was on her way. Update: Went out in the kayak for round two and caught a 14 incher, on a frog again. I’m on a frog kick here in Virginia!
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    Got this big girl on a jig, between a dock and a pontoon on a hoist. What a crazy fight, considering I had about 8 inches to work with between boat hoist and dock. It pays to spend the dough on Sufix 832! Close to my PB, it went 22". I put her back, of course.
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    Got my first decent fish in awhile and a few of her friends this evening. They were all over the small June bug yum dingers.
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    Had some pretty good bites this weekend.
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    Caught these last Saturday in Minnesota flippin pads and swimming jigs. Had a 22lb bag between the 2 of us
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    Finally caught a nice size bass just a minute ago tonight. It was pretty slow the whole week caught a few keeper sizes here and there mostly on my friend Abu Blackmax3 after being cleaned to test if the reel work properly and he cannot blame me that I fixed him a broken reel. Anyway got back from work little late and only got 10-15 mins to fish before report to my wife, end up spent almost 30 mins LOL. I found a new trick to me to get suspended bass to bite my Zoom Magnum Fluke but it really hard to detect those bite at night when I cannot watch the line (strike on the drop). Anyway got this one and lost one fishing the same way using blackmax3.
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    I hope this pattern continues through the Sunday tournament
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    My PB, caught it on my honeymoon a few weeks ago.
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    Happy Father's Day to all the dads on here and also to all the moms who have to be daddy too, if there's any on here. Well for Father's Day, today, My niece, Amber, her husband Jacob, their 2 kids Brantley and Ariel and my brother in law Warren all went to Cross Lake this morning to do some fishing from his boat. We had lots of fun, got a few bites with nothing to show. Got to try my new baits. Threw the prop frog, had a blowup, but somehow he missed it. Threw my chatterbaits, nothing doing again. So I threw my new 3/8oz green pumpkin swinging swim jig with a bama bug Rage Craw trailer it got bit but the fish came off. My hand was wet and slipped when I set the hook, had him hooked for about a second or two but couldn't keep my hand dry enough to quit slipping. Was a nice one, definitely had some weight to it. Oh well, we can't catch em all...lol! Stayed with that bait since it got hit the hardest and it was smashed by this 3lb 3oz hawg. That's Brantley my great nephew in one of the pics holding her up. He's 5 years old and thought it was totally awesome. Wasn't long afterwards, everybody but me wanted to leave and go home. Needless to say, I was out voted. Hope you fathers caught a hawg or better today! God Bless! 😎
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    Knowing the signs of trouble and what to do can make a difference. A-Jay
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    Used Sexxy shad 5XD to catch these Bass. All with in 1 week..
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    But I'll never know. Decided to stop by the little river in the town just north of the house about 10 minutes after work this morning. Loaded with gar and when the river gets low, they're really aggressive. I know most shun gar, but they're hard fighters, aggressive, and very acrobatic, on top of the fact that they're dang near impossible to hook. I was fishing a 6' 8" M/F Mojo with a 30 size Pflueger when I got that telltale sharp tap of a gar's beak slapping my grub. When I set the hook, it moved really slow, kind of started wondering if I hadn't missed the fish that bit and snagged a different fish, which happens because of how stacked up they get at times. A normal fish down there is 28-36 inch range, but when I saw this mammoth longnose gar's body, I seriously thought I might have hooked a rogue alligator gar that had somehow found it's way up the river. It was gigantic, I was positive it would swim into one of the 2 log jams pushed up against the concrete walls, but when I was able to slowly finesse it away between leaps and wild tailwalks across the small pool, I started to realize I had a real shot at landed this monster. I grabbed my grippers that were attached to my scale from my open bag and walked to the most opportune spot to try and beach it, really wishing I had a pair of gloves like I normally would so I could just grab the beak. The fish made several more slow, determined runs and at one point stopped and did some massive headshakes that resulted in my line being between it's teeth, I knew the clock was ticking on my 8lb leader then. One failed attempt to clamp the grippers on it's beak, then I lead it to shore once again and clamped further back and drug it onto shore, I could not believe the girth on the fish. I've never seen a gar look fat before, but this looked like a giant muskie's body with a gar head. I had a tape with me, it went right at 53" long. Tried to get a weight, wouldn't open it's mouth, so I tried to pry it open with pliers despite knowing it was a bad idea, and I was right. One huge headshake and I was dripping blood all over and just as fast the fish had propelled itself back to the water and bolted off. The pictures are terrible because they don't really show how truly massive the fish was, but it gives a little idea anyways if you take into consideration the size of the objects around it. It was as big around as my leg with scales the size of nickels.
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    ^ Previous [June 20, 2018] Today was an example of the power of "PMA". It was a Wednesday, Jeremy and I got off work and met up at his place for an after work fishing trip. We launched the boat at 2:30pm, and headed to our first spot. It was shallow, water temp ~70F, we could see bass all over. We both were catching little ones left and right, and having a great time. Then there was a moment where I turned to look behind us and out of nowhere there was a guy in a bass boat on his trolling motor that came right up to us, like less than 30ft away... At first it was all cool, and he asked if we had caught anything. So we told him yeah been catching little ones... Then he proceeds to go right around the back of us, and cut right in-front of where we were headed. Once he gets like 50ft away, he starts up his big motor and just has it idling as he stands on the trolling motor and drives down the next 1/2 mile of shoreline that we planned to fish not even making a single cast... Jeremy and I both look at each-other and are like... "Well, that was rude..." What happened next was - we both continued fishing the shoreline that the dude just cruised through - like nothing had ever happened... (I just checked the time stamp on my images) Less than 5 minutes after that guy cut in-front of us Jeremy makes a cast and hooks into his "fish of the day"... We both continue catching them just like before, Jeremy even breaks his one day total record today catching 30+ bass. Two hours after his catch, I make a cast with a lizard to the outside edge of a log parallel to the shoreline and nothing, I then make a second cast over the log to the inside edge between the log and the shoreline and hook into my "fish of the day"... While I was in the process of landing my "fish of the day", Jeremy doubled up with a nice 3lb 05oz Largemouth. Fishing was so good we didn't arrive back at the ramp till 8:00pm. (We have to be up at ~3:30am for our work schedule.) We both made it work, so good times... Looking back on this day, we could of easily got frustrated and moved to another location and missed out on all of this. Instead we kept positive and continued on with our original plan we had from the start and it payed off. There has been countless times over the past 3 years from when I first learned Positive Mental Attitude from Gerald Swindle that it has saved my fishing day. Whether you choose to believe it or not, PMA is indeed a powerful tool in the tackle box. WolfyBrandon
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    Been a minute since I hit the pond. Lipless crank and black/blue Dinger still getting it done.
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    Saying goodbye to a good friend stolen from us way too soon. She was a mom, sister, and friend rolled into one that once gave a skinny 21 year old who wasn't very sure of himself the confidence to stand up for himself and that he was able to do the job. She was a mother to any child in need and impacted so many, fly high TK.
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    With the temps rising, the midday bite has fallen way off. So I’m hitting it in the morning with success. 7 this morning on the black/blue and junebug Dingers. Largest went 3.2. I was catching them in twos, on almost back to back casts. And this one(top middle of the collage), was just mean. He smashed the bait, and fought like Ali. Then I discovered a potential reason why—obviously some eye trauma(not caused by me).