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  1. There are a ton of different ways to do this. I do not have the front compartment battery. I have all my graphs and accessories pulling from a Ionic 125. I ran 8ga wire to the bow and then another run to the front. each run is hooked up to a blue sea fuse box. From there I ran 10ga on the bow to the graphs wires. Its probably over kill but who knows what will get expanded down the road. I built it so I can expand if needed and fuses are simple to change.
  2. I love my Phoenix 721 Pro XP. Fast and fishes awesome. Only complaint is I should have bought it years ago.
  3. It can be done but it will need the dangerous goods markings.
  4. Thank you Cgrinder. This is correct.
  5. Same stuff I've been using for Frogs and various other things.
  6. Starting today everything on Siebertoutdoors.com is 10% off. Use code july4. Sale goes from today until July 8th 2024 http://siebertoutdoors.com This includes are sale items. These are sale price minus the 10% off when the code is used.
  7. I'm itching to find out. I've got piles of work to do before I can give it a test. I'm sure it would launch a trap.
  8. I'm planning on using it for small paddle tails, some heavier ned fishing, senkos, and those typse of baits. LOL, Not even close. I might have 15. I bet you have more then I do.
  9. I'm kicking it around. Probably so.
  10. Well. This just showed up. I haven’t used it yet but so far I’m highly impressed.
  11. I’ve got one of the older St Croix Legend Extremes. I really like it.
  12. My kids have been catching them by the dozens. They are everywhere in our back yard.
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