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  1. The one we went through a few years ago was really cool but all it did is get darker for a few minutes and then light again. To me it is worth experiencing. Watching the sun go dark and seeing a black moon in the middle of it was cool. We are on the path of this one too and I'll watch it again.
  2. My favorite hook is an Owner Cutting Point. I use them on a lot of my jigs. They also have worm hooks and stuff with a cutting point. Like said above not all of their hooks are cutting point. There was also another company called X Point but I dont know if they are still around or go by a different name now. That was a few moons ago when I used them.😁
  3. I'm running close to what you have. I went with 3 50ah ionics. If need be i can switch it to 24v and I can use a regular 12v charger. I also went with a 125ah ionic for all my graphs and accessories. I do run a lead acid battery for starting because Merc doesnt recommend lithium for my model of 2 stroke.
  4. I've got several of the older blueish ones. Great rods. I really like them. I've got the same one you do and I use it mostly for T rigs and jigs. You could use it for alot of other presentations too but I dont.
  5. Is the transducer coming up out of the water when you hit over 2k rpm?
  6. This. What you will have to watch out for is draining your battery so far down you get stranded. I have all of my graphs and stuff on its own battery and also independently wired through a perko switch. None of my electronics run through the console power switch. Also, one thing that was mentioned above is you could possibly get interference if its hooked up to your starting battery.
  7. I have several packs of weights I need to move. These are all Black tungsten flipping weights. 10pk only. $4 for shipping. Free shipping on $40 or more. Black 3/8 4 packs of 10 $12 per pack Black 1/2 7 packs of 10 $15 per pack
  8. I just received in the new Rage Hawk. https://siebertoutdoors.com/products/ols/products/rage-hawk Rattlin Rage Craws https://siebertoutdoors.com/products/ols/products/rage-tail-rattlin-rage-craw
  9. I guess I'm an old timer. Been here since April 2005.
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