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  1. I've been considering the same thing. I just wish I had more room in the garage. Let me know how you like that step. Its the same brand I was looking at.
  2. I did it years ago in an open pour. I used a super soft belly and a medium top. It poured fine and held together but it stiffened up the baits. Manns made a bait years ago called the hard nose which was exactly what you are trying to do. I went as far as a senko formula belly and regular top for weight. It worked good too.
  3. In celebration of Memorial Day we are running a 10% off all in stock items. Use code USA10 at checkout. Sale ends May 31st 2023. siebertoutdoors.com
  4. Wow. Quite the list. Everything I was going to say I found on there.
  5. I attached mine a few inches up. I do not have any issues but I have mine on a ghost.
  6. zertec works good for me. I feel your pain. My allergies have been terrible this year.
  7. I remember all that going down. Fun times. Kent is a great guy. I've had the pleasure fishing with him a few times.
  8. Last day for the Zman super sale will be Sunday. 5-21-23
  9. I've moved more to the sun protection clothing but I do still use sunscreen. Mostly Coppertone sport. Reason. Thats what the wife buys.
  10. We offer weedless Tungsten Ned heads, offset tungsten, and offset ned heads.
  11. Dont get mad when she puts a whoopin on you. Happens to me quite a bit. 😁
  12. Running a huge Zman sale right now. Roughly 30-50% in stock items. https://siebertoutdoors.com/products/ols/categories/zman
  13. Its crazy how little that ghost uses. I dont run it on high speeds usually. With about 120lb I usually keep it at about 4-5 setting.
  14. 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 are by far my biggest sellers. My tackle box has 1/8-1oz in it.
  15. I really like the idea but I cant program the site to do that. I just marked all of my Zman down a lot. Roughly30- 50%.
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