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  1. Ya might wanna look into saltwater fishing! I ain't talking Croakers & Hardheads!
  2. That right there taught me to buy plastics by the 100s! It also taught me color matters, seen em get on a particular color & when ya ran out...go to the house.
  3. Berkley Big Game 15# for light to moderate cover. Sufix 832 50# for everything else.
  4. North end of Toledo Bend is shallow offcolored water, that warms fast. South end of Toledo Bend is substantially deeper, clearer, warms slowly. Kinda like eating em to!
  5. 43 double digits in 87 days! That's insane 😉
  6. Someone please verify this! This is the 48 double digit since May last year. I count 43 since January 1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02RCh65BL3fF65T8njTWJn7HuTN5js4pEUDwHsHbCS5ymWn2RuLcwLYjndVhJb6ZaJl&id=100064454785199&mibextid=Nif5oz
  7. Same with a swim jig, casting, flipping, or pitching jig.
  8. I do both year round depending on where the bass are located on the structure. Generally I prefer fishing uphill, I believe I stay in contact with the bottom better.
  9. Terry Oldham's EyeMax, Hackney Fluorocarbon Jig, & Siebert Outdoors Grass Jig While crawfish do in fact move around on the bottom, until a bass approaches, then its fight or flight. Flight is the crawfish's first defensive move. It flip it's tail lifting it upwards & backwards. It does this 3-4 times in rapid succession. Understand that upward & backwards motion isn't nearly a pronounced as I'm doing.
  10. One of the reasons I love Toledo Bend is I can start pre-spawn fishing in Mid-January on the north end. At 65 miles long I can follow the pre-spawn south until the first week of May. Pre-spawn bass are way easier to catch than a bass on the bed.
  11. I don't own a football jig Movement without movement 😉 I need to add a little more details. Even when my Texas Rig or Jig-n-Craw is sitting "still" on the bottom, I will shake it in place like you would a Shaky Head. I'm imparting movement (action) with out the lure actually moving forward. Even with the short strokes I'm not covering much distance. All this can be done faster if necessary, it's about establishing a rythm.
  12. Always 2 combos, the second maybe for no other reason than back up. Lots of times I will have 3-4 combos in my little Rogue along with 7 plano 3700 boxes. Depending on how far I have to walk from the Rogue I will carry both rods & my attack bag.
  13. I work a jig the same way I work a Texas Rig which is Ole School with the only difference being the hops are smaller. 1) Make a long cast 2) Strip 3 or 4 arms length of line, this will assure a vertical fall 3) Count the bait down, 15' of water count to 20 to make certain the bait is on the bottom, do it in your head if need be 4) Pause a good 30 seconds after the bait reaches bottom 5) Lower your rod to the 2 o'clock position while reeling slack & feel for anything unusual 6) Move the rod from 2 o'clock to 1 o'clock in three motions 7) Pause 30 seconds & feel for anything unusual 😎 Repeat 5, 6, & 7 all the way back to the boat Some times I'll simply drag the jig along the bottom really really slow
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