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Community Answers

  1. Couple of bucks per comic. If you have kids they would be a great start to collecting
  2. Customer told me about a company he invested in as a startup years back..surecan. works great, it'll be your go to can.
  3. This won't work with led lights?
  4. The upside is at least you don't have to worry about that eye any more
  5. Sediment for sure. Have a trusted plumber flush your lines
  6. So you drove a truck and you were a lot lizard, very diverse.
  7. Plus he's equipped with the "angry inch"
  8. It's an exhibition because no boxing association will sanction it due to Tysons age. Doesn't really make a difference as far as quality of fight, neither guy wants to lose.
  9. I dont think I've been a member long enough to know what a redline robert is.
  10. I miss tom. He and I fished up my way a couple times, great guy. I speak to @redlinerobert and @fishchris, both doing well.
  11. It's absolutely not written off but instead rolled into the cost of goods. No business is taking a loss to allow you to use your card. You're paying higher prices for goods and interest to the credit card companies.
  12. Understood, just threw me as its neither new or a movie so I was searching for a new movie...fruitlessly.
  13. Got it. Not a movie, the miniseries that was out a year and a half ago.
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