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  1. There are probably more studies showing cursing linked to higher intelligence than lower. Lower intelligence people cursing is a stereotype.
  2. Its meant to be drunk from a paper bag under a bridge. Its garbage.
  3. I think you're mistaking whats going on now for price gouging, its really not. Its pretty much unprecedented in our lives that the pace and scope of goods has risen so high and so fast. I own 2 businesses and know many other business owners. Restaurant owners are especially being squeezed.
  4. Do you honestly not know the reason for the increase? You expect a business owner to eat those costs?
  5. When I bought mine it came with a soft nylons pocket holster
  6. Lcp2 is a great pocket carry.
  7. Jesus christ thats creepy
  8. Good bourbon ain't cheap and cheap bourbon ain't good
  9. Lcp2 has the better trigger, its a little lighter, sights are slightly better and the rack stays back after the last round. I highly recommend the 7 round mag with the little pinky hold on the bottom. True but thats why mine is loaded with home defense rounds. Better stopping power for when I need it.
  10. I'm with you, I dont like it but my wife loves it.
  11. @jfrancho best of luck in your transition @12poundbass welcome
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