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  • Birthday 04/29/1986

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    Gardner, KS
  • My PB
    Between 10-11 lbs
  • Favorite Bass
    All three
  • Favorite Lake or River
    Kansas:Largemouth-La Cygne, Smallmouth-Milford, Spots-Wilson State Lake.
    Missouri:Largemouth-Hazel Creek Lake, Smallmouth-Elk River, Spots-Table Rock

  • Other Interests
    bowfishing, lure making and hunting. "If today is to be THE DAY, so be it. If you seek to do battle with me this day you will receive the best that I am capable of giving. It may not be enough, but it will be everything that I have to give and it will be impressive for I have constantly prepared myself for this day. I have trained, drilled and rehearsed my actions so that I might have the best chance of defeating you. I have kept myself in peak physical condition, schooled myself in art of living and have become proficient in the application of surivial. You may defeat me, but you will pay a severe price and will be lucky to escape me. You may kill me, but I am willing to die if necessary. I do not fear Death, for I have been close enough to it on enough occasions that it no longer concerns me. But I do fear the loss of my Family and would rather die fighting than to have it said that I was without Courage. So I WILL FIGHT YOU, no matter how insurmountable it may seem, and to the death if need be, in order that it may never be said of me that I was not a Warrior." Steven R. Watt "One Warrior's Creed"

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    Multispecies angler, hunter, lure builder, proud dad and husband. 

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