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  1. I was curious as well so I bought a few different packs. Went out with a buddy and his kid recently. The kid was hung up after I had cast. I put my rod down to help him and my buddy says your line is moving. Grabbed it and had a keeper bass. So to see if it was a fluke or not, I dead sticked the Drifter Minnow the rest of the day. Very unscientific but I ended up catching more than my buddy for the day about 2-1. He was on the TM so we did move around so maybe not true dead-sticking but I did not impart any action myself. Man I was bored! These were all post-spawn off-shore humps we were fishing.
  2. Made mine from the $12 Sterilte container at Walmart. It's the one with a handle on the lid. Run 2 or 3 pieces of 1/4 in all thread fastened to the sides with cap nuts. I can hang baits up to 11 inches.
  3. We are mostly post spawn here and the bait has worked for me as the fish move out to 10-12 feet. But it's cousin the Sleeper Gill has been the dominating bait of choice.
  4. I just use the cheap bell sinkers from Wally World. It doesn't hurt so bad when you lose one.
  5. Mine was straight. I would ask for an exchange.
  6. I really like them - especially the dual hook holes so you can Wacky or Neko.
  7. Owner and Gammy both offer offset weedless heads.
  8. Double post. My apologies. Mods - please delete.
  9. Could someone please share a source for grips around 20 - 23"? Cork preferred but will look at all options. TY
  10. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/The_Butt_Dial_Fishing_Line_Tracker/descpage-BUTTDIAL.html
  11. Not knowing the lake makes it a crap shoot, but the lakes I fish in May call for crankbaits and 6 in swimbaits. And maybe a big top water in the AM. If there are mats of vegetation, I would also have a frog tied on.
  12. When Spearpoint Hooks first hit the market, for S & G's I ordered a sample pack. The first one I tried was the drop shot hook and I haven't used another one since. Each of their hooks has me switching as I need to order. It really does pin them. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Spearpoint_Performance_Hooks_Fury_Flip_Hooks/descpage-SPFF.html
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